Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Judaism is "a WICKED IDEOLOGY" that PIMPS & PROMOTES DECADENCE, SELFISH NARCISSISM, CORRUPTION, and DEGENERATION of moral society... (because SLAVES have NO RIGHTS, dignity, nor right-to-life!)

     "Hollywood insidiously propagandizes us to believe non-truths, to worship anti-heroes, and to acquiesce to a world of increasing decadence and despair—a New World Order."

The good news is that the RAW EVIL and PURE HORROR of the Jewish ideology,
the Judeo Supremacist agenda,  is starting to become increasingly obvious,
and more people are starting to take notice. 
  The bad news is that you can not look on all these horrors & atrocities of fundamentalist Judeo Supremacy  without agreeing with 25 centuries of the most fervent "anti-Semites"  - including Hitler & the Nazis -
     because the pure, raw core of  Jewish ideology
  is  the  annihilation, total EXTERMINATION, and GENOCIDE of  ALL their neighbors... 
not merely as ruthlessly and efficiently as possible,

- fundamentalist Jews ASPIRE to be TERRORISTS!

as the Hebrew, jewish "holy" bible boldly  asserts in blood-drenched verse after verse 
after bloody, blood-drenched verse;  page after bloody page after bloody
 murdered & disposed-of humans page. 
Hebrew 'prophet' Samuel HACKS a PRISONER TO DEATH.

(except when they need SLAVES to do their work for them)

  And since the "moderate," secular, and non-religious Jews  do NOT stand up to their GENOCIDALSADISTIC, and EVIL  Zio-Nazi coreligionists,  the task falls on those of us who are paying attention!


Most people are familiar with at least the outline of the  Bible's atrocious "EXODUS" story:  
...that the Jews under Jacob & his sons went to live in Egypt
(because the evil Jew G-o-d sent a drought / a FAMINE on their homeland back in Palestine, forcing "his people" to RUN TO EGYPT SEEKING MERCY !!) and after several generations in Egypt, the Hebrews came to be a large ethno-centric minority that the Egyptians came to view as a threat; so the Egyptians
enslaved the Hebrews, and even ordered the killings of   Jewish male infants...
which led "G-o-d" to send Moses back to Egypt   (he had fled Egypt after murdering an overseer) whereupon "G-o-d" then sends A SERIES OF PLAGUES to terrorize the Egyptians to release the Jews;  who flee Egypt, spend the next 40 years in the desert, then descend on the inhabitants of their  former homeland (the Canaan Valley/Palestine)... like a plague of locusts!   
where the Jews promptly MASSACRE everyone they can  get their hands on!  

     What most people DON'T know,
 is that  having spent  all those  "EXODUS" chapters WAILING 
about the cruelties &  evils of  being ENSLAVED by the Egyptians....

 ... the Jews, now that they had their own kingdom... 
proceeded to ENSLAVE ALL THE NON-JEWS among them,  and force them to...
build SOLOMON's  temple!  
 2 Chronicles 2:17 Solomon gave orders to build a temple to honor Yahweh, and for a palace for himself.
 Solomon took a census of all the foreigners living in Israel, like the census his father David had taken.  There were found to be 153,600 foreigners. Solomon made 80,000 of them stone cutters in the hills. He made 70,000 of them bearers of burdens.
 And made 3,600 of them overseers to compel the people to work.
  As we can see from the above quote, the JEWISH IDEAL
from a ruler, Solomon, regarded as the epitome of  jewish power & wisdom
(who didn't have to wage constant war as his father David did) 

was to act as a brutal and ruthless developer - 
-  build what you want... with SLAVE LABOR!    

And as if this horror - JEWS WAILING about the EVILS of SLAVERY... then PROCEEDING TO ENSLAVE ALL THE FOREIGNERS in their own god-damned kingdom!

- wasn't  bad enough, let's go back and revisit the EVILS the  poor, hapless Jews allegedly 
endured while in Egypt under cruel Pharaoh's ruthless rule:
Exodus 12:35-3635 Now the Israelites obeyed the orders of  Moses; and they  DEMANDED [EXTORTED!] of  the Egyptians articles of silver and articles of gold, and clothing. 36 The Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians [the EGYPTIANS were TERRORIZED], so that they gave them what they asked. And so they [the HEBREWS under Moses]  PLUNDERED [DESPOILED!] the Egyptians [of those things]. 
What we see in the above 2 bible sentences is... 
"GIVE US your GOLD, SILVER,  (food, clothing, & anything else of value) - or we will hack you to death!  

   The ENTIRE  Moses "EXODUS"  story is a PURE FICTION NARRATIVE - there was NO massive  "Exodus"
of  Hebrews from  Egypt anywhere around the time-frame the bible alleges;

and certainly not in the numbers the bible alleges!   

 The 'Exodus'  story is a Hebrew ORAL MYTH that is  probably based on
the  EGYPTIAN EXPULSION of  the  SEMITIC  'HYKSOS' conquering invaders 
who were finally routed, after RULING EGYPT for about 150 years,  by the Pharaoh  Ahmose around 1565 B.C.  

  What is important here is that these SEMITIC  HYKSOS conquering invaders were EXPELLED - after ruling Egypt for 150 years - but ONLY as far as Syria, what is today called Palestine - 
 where this still cohesive & powerful people SETTLED among the other cities, kingdoms & peoples in the area.  
Ahmose I, Founder of the 18th Dynasty and the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt  
The founder of this [18th]  Dynasty is less well known to the general public, but unquestionably of major importance to Egyptian history. He was Ahmose I, during who's reign Egypt was finally and completely liberated from the Hyksos. Various scholars attribute different dates to his reign, but he probably became ruler of Egypt around 1550 BC at the age of 10, and ruled for a period of around 25 years before his death (examination of his well preserved mummy suggest he was about 35 when he died)..
 The JEWS AROSE from this MELTING POT in Palestine that included not only HITITES 
(Bathsheeba, the adulterous wife of King David and mother of King Solomon, was MARRIED TO A HITITE before David seduced her - and murdered her husband by military commands), 

...Egyptians, and other tribes (e.g. the Philistines, various other Syrian tribes)... but including  SEMITES from the east,  INCLUDING the  HYKSOS who had lived in Egypt, to the west,  for nearly 200 years!  

  The JEWISH SCRIBES, priests,  and "elites" WRITING, COMPILING the  Hebrew bible while in ENFORCED EXILE (a generous form of slavery) in Babylon after the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem 587 B.C.   wrote up their tribal "origin myth"  - the Adam to Abraham to Moses stories - that papers over this real, "melting pot"  origin of Jews,
 to create a "PURE BLOOD" entirely mythic & fictional founding myth 

  ...that STEALS CREDIT from others, and that posits  RELENTLESS CONQUEST & GENOCIDE in the name of "chosen" "PURITY"!!  

  As we know from Hitler & the Nazis, an AGENDA of  EXTERMINATING EVERYONE ELSE on the basis of  alleged "RACIAL PURITY"  is  PURE EVIL !! 

So as we see, the BIBLE encodes the  JUDEO SUPREMACIST ideology...

and then orchestrating the Jews to violently GRAB THAT WEALTH FOR THEMSELVES...]
either by the MYTHICAL DAVID & JOSHUA  allegedly conquering neighboring tribes by force and military guile
or (more realistically)   by ENSLAVING  the people who live around and among them...

...or, when they are living in other countries,
 SCHEMING among their "elites" to EXTORT  the wealth from their hosts once they, the  Jews,
 have resided (portraying themselves as peaceful, law-abiding allies) among a clueless host peoples!

which is simply  the  CONQUERING IMPERATIVE of  cities, tribes, and kingdoms of the Ancient Near East ("Mesopotamia," Sumer, Akkad, & etc.) 
 to CONQUER and MASSACRE their neighbor, rival, and "enemy" cities...

 but with the insidious  JUDEO  addition of  CONQUERING & DISPLACING people

from WITHIN a targeted nation,

   by POSING for several generations as friends, loyal subjects, and allies...

   until the Jews have AMASSED enough wealth, power, & population to EXTERMINATE their hosts!
= an encoded, programmed, premeditated agenda of
=  EVIL !!  

Close Encounter with the Khazarian Mafia in Hollywood—
Interview with Director Merlin L. Miller By Jonas E. Alexis on March 16, 2016 
   "Hollywood insidiously propagandizes us to believe non-truths, to worship anti-heroes, and to acquiesce to a world of increasing decadence and despair—a New World Order." 
Merlin L. Miller is an independent film director, writer, and producer. He was the 2012 presidential candidate for the American third position party. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army where he commanded two units.Miller’s former classmates at West Point included former C.I.A. director David Petraeus, former National Security Agency director Keith Alexander, and the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Demsey. Miller is the author of the new book Eagles Are Gathering
Alexis: We will discuss Petraeus and others next month. Let us discuss some of the major themes of your book. You write:
“To do business in Hollywood, one must play by unwritten and unspoken rules, but the rules nonetheless. The first and foremost rule is to always support the Jewish-Zionist agenda. Their definitions of political correctness are usually anathema to traditional American values, and this destructive reality has been well hidden, but is increasingly coming to be recognized.”[1]The Jewish writer and talk show host Michael Medved, who is now a Neocon, said the same thing almost more than twenty years ago in his book Hollywood vs. America. He makes the point that during the 1980s, PG films
Based on facts like these, the million-dollar question is why doesn’t Hollywood primarily produce G or PG rated films, since that is where the money is? The answer is quite simple—since Hollywood is largely controlled by a wicked ideology, there comes a point where money does not matter anymore. Making money is less important than weakening the moral order.[3]  
...This pattern did not stop in the 1990s. Medved’s frustration with Hollywood is understandable, but the point here is very clear: 
Hollywood is primarily governed by an ideology that invariably leads to a deep-seated HATRED  of the moral and political order and any culture [OR PEOPLE!]  that has adopted that order 
 [or HATRED of  anyone that RESISTS that Judeo SUBVERSION and "slaves are chattel with no rights" - including EVERY DEGRADING FORM of  SEX SLAVERY, DEGRADATION, &  DEHUMANIZATION  
(see the SODOMIZING of PRISONERS at Abu Ghraib or any others of the   JEWISH 'Neo-Con' RUN  'American' CIA GULAGS prison/torture centers.]
This has not changed since the 1920s, when Henry Ford noted that “as soon as the Jews gained control of the ‘movies,’ we had a movie problem, the consequences of which are visible.” [cont'd]