Thursday, February 4, 2016

JEWS ARE INSANE.... JUDAISM IS INSANITY. It is an open question whether HUMANITY WILL SURVIVE the Coming GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR the JEWS _MUST_ Push America & Europe in to, to COVER-UP their MOSSAD 9-11 attacks & CREATION of 'ISIS' proxy Terrorism as a means to perpetrate Genocide Treason & Treachery....

Judaism is based on myths... most of which are toxic, pollution for the mind and soul.
 We will try to outline and detail how these awful - misogynistic, racist, genocidal, anti-humanity. advocate treachery, deceit, lying, mass-murder, and even mass-rapes (!!)  - myths originate right there in cold, cruel black & white in the pages of the Hebrew, so-called "holy jewish bible in upcoming posts.   But for now,  IT IS JEWS who are pushing, pimping, promoting and demanding that we follow
THEIR 9-11 MYTH:  that the World Trade Center towers collapsed on 9-11 only because of the impact of  2 hijacked airliners and flames, jet fuel exploding,  and subsequent "office furnishings" fires from thousands of gallons of jet fuel burning exploding or dousing the floors below... the JEWISH OWNED CORPORATE MEDIA _MYTH_ is also the official U.S. government myth:

On the eve of  the 9-11 2001 terror attacks,   all  of the U.S. "major" corporate media networks...
were OWNED by ZIO-NAZI (judeo supremacist, Israel over America) JEWISH TRAITORS...
who ALL WORKED AS ONE to COVER UP & LIE to 300 million American people 
about the OBVIOUS FLAWS in the U.S. government's awful 9-11 story "narrative."
 Fortunately, this chart was put together by a courageous and patriotic
JEWISH raised  Marine Corps combat veteran & former
 U.S. Army War College DIRECTOR - Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Phd -
so all those ZIO-NAZI TRAITORS who scream "ANTI-SEMITISM!"
can go jump into  
one of those thousands of barrels of  sarin poison gas 
they are helping to ship to ISIS terrorists to mass-murder civilians in  in Syria...  

  BUT THESE _MYTHS_ are LIES:  the WTC towers did NOT collapse from airliner impact, nor from the initial explosion of  jetliner fuel,  nor from fires in floors below.
    And this EVIL, PERVASIVE MYTH that so many people insist on believing is even more egregious,  is even more of an in-your-face LIE when it comes to theses huge, massively reinforced buildings turning to dust:   EVEN THE FLOORS IN THE IMMEDIATE airliner IMPACT & jet-fuel explosions area   DID NOT TURN TO DUST,   but those who push the 9-11 myth   INSIST and DEMAND that we believe   that CONCRETE & STEEL FLOORS 50 stories down TURNED TO DUST...
because of OFFICE FURNISHING FIRES, as the government's NIST maintains?! 

and attacks  on America's genuine national security, 

We  all saw the videos of the 2nd hijacked airliner slamming in to the North Tower:
 ...much less those floors 70 stories below!
neither airliner fuel, nor office fires, nor force of gravity turned 
tens of thousands of tons  of heavily reinforced concrete & steel 
to DUST in the 9-11 attacks... 

is either DELUSIONAL... or a LIAR !! 

 while DEMANDING that we Americans must  simultaneously spend trillions of  dollars "fighting terrorism"!!  

photos taken from air capture the world trade center towers being TURNED TO DUST
 as they collapsed catastrophically on 9-11 2001.  These massive outpourings of  concrete dust 
were _not_  caused by compressed air escaping as higher floors "pancaked,"  impacted on floors below them...
as we were all led to believe by lying government agencies & corporate media toadies in the months
& years after 9-11
 (including to the present, to this day)

 Stills (screen snips) we captured from the youtube "9/11: Mysteries Demolition" video illustrate the _real_ cause of the twin WTC towers collapsing catastrophically on 9-11 2001:  
MASSIVE 'THERMITE' explosions blasting out of the building, white-hot flames blasting out  from tons and tons of pre-placed explosives  that leave no smoke... hot burning high explosives 
that had the force and power to "dustify,"  turn heavily reinforced concrete & steel to dust.  

(left)  a dirty orange  fireball  spurts out, signaling the first explosion(s)
of  a MASSIVE WAVE  of  THERMITE   EXPLOSIVES being detonated,
 tons & tons & tons of  of explosives that were pre-planted,
 jam-packed in to   every 3rd or 4th unused floor of the doomed buildings...

To believe (much to less to insist or demand) that 
all this energy required to TURN CONCRETE to DUST (right)
 is nothing more than compressed air escaping from "pancaked" floors 
 simply idiotic... beyond mythical, beyond delusional, bordering on insane


You can't claim that your tribe/clan is 'smarter than other people'  
if you believe in fairy-tales, myths, delusions, and lies 
such as  "compressed-air & office fires 
can turn massive concrete & steel buildings to dust"


 "They will go big..."

We were up late last night, trying to write up one of three or four different posts we had started,
 but kept getting stuck as each new post started sprawling out in to incoherent oblivion
(because there is so much material to document each horrifying idea or concept, that it becomes impossible to stick tightly to the main theme without several drafts and redrafts for each one).   

Then, late at night, as we were trying to finish up at least one of those several posts:
"The RED TERROR IS HERE" citing Paul Craig Roberts compilation of
"Open season on Americans: POLICE KILLING AMERICAN citizens";  or
 "JARED DIAMOND as a Textbook Example of Jewish Double-Standard Murderously Hypocritical INSANITY";  or a post on either George Soros'  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE or
Adam Szubin being groomed as the latest, newest "chosen" apparatchik of the Jewish takeover of America...
...then late at night the grim, horrible reality hit us:

the  _next_   Judeo,  Mossad  "FALSE FLAG" attack 
on America will be huge
9-11 will be considered a mere warm-up act compared to what "they" have planned for us next:
this desolation, this city blasted to hell & poison-gas
by AMERICAN military & CIA + ISRAEL created (Saudi & Turkey recruited)
"isis" terrorists in Syria will be what AMERICAN CITIES look like after Mossad terrorists
and U.S. government traitors detonate a dozen nuclear bombs across America...
as they are surely planning as we speak

the  JUDEO  ELITES  can NOT  ALLOW  AMERICANS to come to their senses 
and realize that 9-11 was a Mossad & U.S. gov't. traitors  "false flag attack" as it surely was...

so to prevent this (from their p.o.v. horrifying reality) from coming to pass,   they MUST keep millions of Americans off-balance, terrified, traumatized, mentally disabled, shocked, dependent on the government,  and above all  passive as
they roll out their overt police dictatorship rule,
what we call "the (new) RED TERROR" run by "the Judeo commissariat" 

    and the only way they can do that

 ...achieve complete,   absolute, total (judeo) control over the U.S. government and over America's social institutions without provoking a titanic backlash that identifies them - JEWISH TRAITORS and a foreign nation's MOSSAD secret police as the power ruling over millions of  us Americans -

is by "going big" -

THE NEXT  MOSSAD 'false flag attack'
on America WILL BE HUGE...

 and will result in
the SIMULTANEOUS NUCLEAR bombings of  at least a DOZEN different American cities -
to be blamed on Russia, Iran, and domestic ("white" American) terrorists, of course.

the Jewish commissars run 'Soviet Union'  government-by-terror style government:

police, military, courtrooms, prisons, & government agencies waging
WAR AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE is already here: 

 Paul Craig Roberts' latest post documents "open season" POLICE KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS with IMPUNITY;  and the more grisly factor behind this murderous new reality is that JUDGES, LEGISLATORS, press & academics, and ALL government agencies -  even local dog catchers! - all  WORK FOR A FOREIGN POWER -
 the centuries-old JEWISH global SLAVE-TRADING & loan-sharking 'internationalists'   
Americans be damned   (and sold down the river in to gulag  death-camps or slavery by the trainloads)....
 "Government in America REEKS of LAWLESSNESS and VIOLENCE,  whether it is POLICE SHOOTING DOWN [American] CITIZENS on their streets and in their homes or THE MILITARY KILLING and DISPLACING MILLIONS of Muslims in WASHINGTON'S  [JEWISH, 'Neo-Con' instigated]  ATTACKS on SEVEN COUNTRIES."
 Paul Craig Roberts Feb. 1 2016 

No...  9-11 was probably  _not_  a  "suitcase"  Nuclear attack...

but the next  MOSSAD,  israel  jews + U.S. government traitors 

"FALSE FLAG" attacks  WILL be 
 pre-planted NUCLEAR WARHEADS going off...
probably in A DOZEN U.S. CITIES at the same time
(blamed on IRAN, RUSSIA, & "white extremists" of course) 

and thus allow them to assert their demonic
(judeo) "Commissariat"  POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP,
 complete with DEATH CAMP gulags, bio-war,  and mass starvation,  
with minimum resistance from terrorized & traumatized Americans...  
PEACEMAKER - george clooeny & Nicole Kidman fight against terrorist who wants to destroy NY with a 'suitcase' man-portable nuclear weapon
The 1997 movie "The Peacemaker" starring George Clooney & Nicole Kidman featured two American military/intel
operatives trying to thwart a Serbian terrorist from taking revenge on America (for the brutal US instigation of the Serbia/Bosnia/Kosovo war that wiped out his entire family) by destroying New York with a "suitcase" man-portable nuclear weapon detonated from a NY  sky-scrapper. The technology to create man-portable nuclear weapons has been around since the 1950s... the latest versions are genuine "thermonuclear" fisson>fusion weapons, i.e. 'H-bombs'....
"man-portable nukes" have been around since the 1950s... useful to have in your back-pocket
 to fight off hordes of  ungodly Chi-Coms in Korea... or those coming through Northern Minnesota, or 'Soviet' armed Cubans and Latinos coming up through Florida & Mexico!
For an almost hilarious breakdown of America's "man-portable nuclear war" 1950s tech, tactics, testing, & public-relations folly, see Alex Wellerstein's "King of the Wild Frontier"

 post at his "nuclear secrecy" blog  & related  
" Five Men Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb Test" post. 
But the israeli, Mossad,  jewish terrorists secret service assassins hardly need "suitcase" or 'mini-nukes' to pull off a massive series of  nuclear terror bombings in America:  former American military,  'intel', and nuclear weapons career experts at VT have stated that America's entire nuclear industry, administration, and nuclear arsenal have been "compromised," corrupted, and subverted by Jewish (israel, Mossad) agents and their "Hollywood accounting"  "whoops! we've 'misplaced' a hundred nuke warheads!" fraudulent audits and control procedures;   and that the Jews (Mossad) have already hijacked entire trainloads of  U.S. military nukes (usually by having them prematurely written off;   classifying them as "obsolete" and then shipping them to Israel instead of decommissioning & processing  the (now stolen) nuclear core materials)  

The entire U.S. military, "defense industry" ("military-industrial-congressional-media-finance-academia complex),  policy establishment & WAR MACHINE are all one jewish owned lake... or  toxic, contaminated, radioactive pond!  Reagan SecDef Caspar Weinberger (seen with future Israel Prime Minister & then defense minister Sharon) & Clinton's Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen (2nd from right) were both Jewish... and current SecDef Ashton Carter has blood on his hands from the "ISIS" TERRORIST WARS against SYRIANS, LIBYANS, IRAQIS, Egyptians, and millions of other civilians in the Mideast on the demonic Jews' hit-list .. if he doesn't have blood on his hands
from being an  INSIDER in the  MOSSAD 9-11 3,000 Americans killed terror op...  
For a military insider veteran's view on how  then Secretary of Defense BILL COHEN ordered military members to take anthrax "vaccination" shots  (= bio-war guinea pigs!) that led to suffering for thousands of military families... and to the massive benefit of all those who "invested" in a vaccine producing company just before the contract was awarded, see here -


After weeks & months worth of researching,  we have come to the horrific conclusion that the NY World Trade Center Towers were brought down, totally destroyed, NOT  by small nuclear devices as we had originally believed;  but instead we have come to the grim realization that the buildings were  demolished by a murderous cocktail of previously placed explosives -  planted by MOSSAD explosives experts posing as cable installers, elevator repairmen, or  security network installers in the buildings with the complicity of the buildings owners - LARRY SILVERSTEIN and FRANK LOWY -  whose selection of the SECURITY COMPANY for the building complex was essentially a MOSSAD FRONT (company).
   WE MUST CONFESS that for the first ten years after 9-11 we simply could not believe that the conspiracy was so large that it would have employed dozens of people - in the World Trade Center complex, in the U.S. military, in the CIA, in the Cheney-Bush-Libby (wolfowitz, chertoff, mukasey)  White House & other agencies of the U.S. government - so we discounted those who claimed that "Building 7" **   was a textbook example of  building demolition, i.e. pre-planted explosives. 
**(also known as the Salomon Brothers tower, owned by Larry Silverstein long before he received the WTC complex lease mere months before 9-11 2001 attacks) 
     We deeply regret that it has taken us almost 16 years to come to grips with this horrible reality,
 that 9-11 was indeed a MASSIVE conspiracy, with DOZENS of "in the know" 
traitors in the building complex and in the U.S. (much less Israel) government
who spent weeks prior to 9-11 wiring the buildings for PREMEDITATED MASS-MURDER -
for explosive demolitions that would kill 3,000 Americans that day, as Christopher Bollyn and other
courageous researchers have researched &  uncovered.


Zio-Nazi INSANITY has turned the (late) United States of America
which at least once held out the ideal of freedom & democracy -

into the GREAT SATAN,  
a Jew-Nazi "GOLEM"  
** ("golem" = a created-from-clay Frankenstein monster of  medieval jewish lore)  

bent on MASS-MURDER, GENOCIDE, and  global extirpation under demonic Zio-Nazi judaism's  inherent & seething "CONTRADICTIONS" 
INSANITY = "CONTRADICTIONS":   judaism is INSANE  because it
demands  LOGIC TWISTING HYPOCRISY on each & every issue - 

(in particular, SLAUGHTERING THE NEIGHBORS on one hand
- then celebrating those slaughters, massacres, plagues, & genocides for generations on end -
all  while WAILING about "persecution" on the other...)

"I admire what you do. If we all live 20 years more without a thermo-nuclear war destroying everything, you and a few other brave individuals will definitely be appreciated and remembered for what you have done as the world's greatest heroes."