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SCALIA - ROT IN HELL you CHILD RAPING, AMERICA SUBVERTING, GOVERNMENT PERVERTING, Blackmail, Extortion, Bribery + Economic Sabotage & global terror wars Perpetrating ZIO-NAZI TRAITOR !!

America degenerating  TRAITOR  PIG  fiend from hell!! 
  This horrific story illustrates  not only how,  yet again, the 'American' corp. media INVERTS REALITY, portraying a MONSTER CHILD ABUSER as "a paragon of conservative values" 
and, indeed, how "CONSERVATISM" means NOTHING but the ability of...
the JEW BILLIONAIRES behind "the Federal Reserve" global fiat-money BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY, EXTORTION, SUBVERSION & PERVERSION cartel to  WHIP UP VAST SUMS of money out of thin air... 
to BUY UP  EVERYTHING on planet earth;  to buy ANYTHING of  real value:
 all  (real) wealth;  all resources;  all assets, ALL POLITICIANS and "law enforcement" hacks - and as well  the ability to buy up the media, and to portray  the INSIDIOUS FOREIGN INVASION / SUBVERSION of America 
(by "money") as  "freedom of speech" & "Free Market Capitalism"  

the HORRORS an ATROCITIES of which Salia's reputed participation in 
a world-wide  predatory "pedophilia"  ring -
 - serial CHILD RAPE   mob! - 
 is only "unbelievable" because  the relentlessly LYING, 
Jewish owned & controlled U.S. corporate media
 persists in presenting American society as a "moral" & "equal rights" based system
In  fact, the  ENSLAVEMENT, RAPE,  violent mutilations (castration) and systematic MURDERS of CHILDREN was NORMAL BUSINESS in the ancient world...
i.e.  the SLAVE TRADE in child slaves & EUNUCHS

...and that disgusting, SADISTIC way of life is insidiously  pervading America yet again,
pimped, pushed, & promoted by the foreign "money power" and their "un-dead" 
armies of media, government, political & financial  whores...  

 Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama.   
It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.
[opening the door for EVEN GREATER BLACKMAIL & EXTORTION CONTROL over the U.S. president - congress, senate, & government - by the foreign "money power" centuries old LOAN-SHARKING,  SLAVE TRADING, & imperial conquests financing cartel]
 Sources say that Scalia was the single actor behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton. President Obama was aware of this and had ordered the FBI to set out traps for Scalia. We will now outline the downfall of Antonin Scalia. Yes, this is a story of secret societies, operating worldwide and ritual Satanic child abuse that permeates Washington....
[ VT Editorial note: Revelations on the Allan case [CHILD RAPE "pedophilia" indictments] , which led to Scalianow lead to the entire Koch network, including the Federalist Society, said to be operating not simply in law schools but America’s high schools as well, and into the Heritage Foundation. We don’t know when it began, maybe at the Presidio under Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set or before. We do know it has victimized thousands of children around the world, not only in America but channeling children through Belgium and the Netherlands into sexual slavery and death. 
What is it that makes the powerful desire what is so hurtful and obscene? When we ignored the Franklin Coverup, we opened ourselves to this… G.Duff ]

 Although Sr. editor Gordon Duff and owner & producer Alex Jones detest if not despise each other, 
they both agree on the "FRANKLIN COVER-UP" - 

 - that POWERFUL officials in and around the BUSH Sr. White House 
ran a criminal cartel CHILD PROSTITUTION RING -
 -  that even engaged in "exclusive" late-night visits to the White House, 
where (presumably) older men engaged in sex acts with their young victims. 

    What neither Mr. Duff nor Mr. Jones will mention is the GREATER JEWISH PALL
 over all this rampant criminality:  

    the JEWISH "elites" CERTAINLY OWNED the  SULZBERGER NEW YORK TIMES & MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST at the time -  the undisputed 2 most influential "news" organizations in America at the time (and still today) 
- not to mention JEWISH CONTROL of all the other corporate media networks as well -  

 - and it was THEY who decided to "HUSH UP!"

     Furthermore,  COMPARE & CONTRAST the (jewish controlled) corporate media HUSHING UP the FRANKLIN SCANDAL... 


_every_  charge anyone could concoct against Bill Clinton throughout his presidency 

   - an effort so intense & pervasive, that they IMPEACHED President Clinton solely on the basis of   a "HE SAID, SHE SAID" affair BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS 
- NO crime was committed!   
(besides a massive, millions of dollars & terrorizing of witnesses  federal prosecutor empowered "perjury trap") 

  It was by THIS MEANS of HARASSING the BILL CLINTON presidency that  the JUDEO "financial elites" were in a position to FORCE  Clinton to take Harvard/Goddamn-Sachs 

 Rubin's protege in "RUBINOMICS" serial, nations-gutting FINANCIAL FRAUD,  
Citi-'bank' BAILOUTS SWILLING  junior fraudster JACOB LEW,
 is now  current U.S. TREASURY SECRETARY, while  the also very Jewish JANET 
"I didn't see the MARKET COLLAPSE coming" YELLEN is the current FED CHAIRMAN.

 THE ONLY reason  YELLEN and LEW are in their positions is because they are part of the JEW EXTORTION (FRAUD!) MOB...

and all the other RUBINITE FRAUDSTERS were able to ram 
down President Bill Clinton's  & America's throats  was because 
the SERIAL "whitewater > paula jones > monica 'scandals'

sapped so much of  embattled  president Clinton's time & energy that he could no longer think straight 
(and he desperately needed the JEW MONEY that GODDAMN-SACHS,  Citi, and other financial terrorists/rapists would give to 'Democrat' candidates if  Clinton went along with their  economy-gutting, pensions looting, small investors trashing schemes.)  

The nominally "right-wing CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN" Scalia was actually just another bought & owned player... of the  global jew loan-sharking & slave-trading mob,  who set upon a
TEN YEAR CAMPAIGN to DESTROY the CLINTON genuinely "liberal, progressive, Democratic" presidency...   so to bring the WOLFOWITZ, LIBBY,  CHERTOFF, MUKASEY, ZACKHEIM crowd back to the fore of  running the White House and War Department as Israel's private colony - (AS they had been "the POWER BEHIND the THRONE" of the Bush Sr. presidency

with 9-11,  Zackheim's infamous "$2.7 TRILLION MISSING" from DoD accounts;  and the AFGHAN, IRAQ,  and other 'PNAC'  WARS  ("take out 7 nations in 5 years") soon to follow. 

The infamous "PNAC"   evil JEW WAR LOBBY agenda: 
"take out 7 nations in 5 years" 
made possible ONLY by the 8  year, ZIO-NAZI campaign to destroy the Clinton presidency...
human rights, and  lives of  tens of millions of  victims be damned 

  Those who can't see this very simple pattern, that the TEN YEAR CAMPAIGN "the Hunting of the President" to GET CLINTON was part of a  100 year effort to INFILTRATE, SUBVERT, and USURP the United States of America - have no business writing political or international commentary!  

  (btw,  we contacted "Hunting of the President" co-author GENE LYONS in the late 1990s - as the string of articles that led to the book were being written -  to mention that there seemed to be a VERY JEWISH flavor under-girding the relentless political campaign  against  "the hunting of " President Clinton... and Mr. Lyons vituperatively  told us we were being "anti-semitic" - even though we donated to several Jewish Democratic candidates in those years!!) 

a  man demon from hell with NO principles:
because SLAVES HAVE NO rights !!

Scalia's  IN YOUR FACE  CORRUPTION  and TOTAL SUBVERSION of the ENTIRE  U.S. legal system ("criminal justice" is an oxymoron here) would be impossible....

both of which - Democrats and corp. press/media - are WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARIES of the Jewish,  ZIO-NAZI loan-sharking  & SLAVE TRADING global "conquest by infiltration & subversion" mob...
AIPAC GIRL" Nancy Pelosi - handed America's Economy over to the
and continued to HAND AMERICA's "Foreign Policy" = WARS & MASS-MURDER
would be IMPOSSIBLE  if


with the ZIO-NAZI anti-humanity  SUBVERSION

 - the 
 complex  & WAR  (mass-murder!) PROFITEERS 
 as their Scalia, Gingrich, Romney,
 Hastert, Boehner, McCAIN Rethuglican  

partners-in-crimes,  subversion, corruption,  bribery
, extortion, degeneration... and
 America terrorizing, 9-11 whitewashing  


This will be the longest and most complex post we have ever written
(which is saying a lot!); and, as ever, we apologize that we can not do the topic justice, we can not cover all the bases, all the important facts, twists, and interconnected issues on one commentary...
But today we are seizing on Gordon Duff's insightful & incisive reporting on Supreme Court 'Justice' Antonin Scalia's death as being a murder at the hands of his own "pedophile" international child-raping mob to go even further than we went on our previous post: where we summarized an entire lifetime of  reading, writing, historical research, and frantic outrage as we uncovered the horrible facts after looking in to the grim under-belly of American finance,  power, and overseas power projection
(wars! aka "international relations" aka "foreign policy" aka "world strategic balance of power")
over the past century.
  In the past we have repeatedly  made the case that ALL major institutions & organizations in America and in the "Western World" have been subverted, corrupted... seduced, perverted, degenerated,  insidiously hijacked, taken over, and CONTROLLED by the global "MONEY POWER"  and their many (proxy) agents in U.S. and Western governments, in finance, in academia, in churches, temples, and other institutions of  social control - including even labor unions and of course the entire corporate press/media -
  and of course  we have long maintained that "the Money Power" was created and  is controlled by Jewish billionaires (which is to say, Rotschild trillionaires).

  In our previous post, we explained that the ENTIRE CATHOLIC CHURCH and its "leadership" (sic) hierarchy are a  WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY of the INSANELY EVIL "money power" = ZIO-NAZI FINANCIERS and global death cult - Judeo-supremacist LOAN SHARKING SLAVE TRADERS, who  whose currency for over 25 centuries
(for at least 100+ generations)   has been human lives:  ruthlessly, remorselessly, cruelly EXPENDED, bought & sold in large quantities, worked to death, left to languish in SLAVE PENS until perishing of  disease, malnutrition, stress, or just plain tortured, whipped, or beaten to death  human lives - and we proved that the CATHOLIC CHURCH is SUBSERVIENT to the ZIO-NAZI agenda by showing that  CATHOLIC BISHOPS IN SYRIA ACCUSE the U.S. government of  COLLABORATING with "ISIS" TERRORISTS in the massacres and "ethnic cleansing" MASS-MURDERS of  not just  Orthodox Christians in Syria,  but CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA... and the entire CATHOLIC CHURCH  'leadership' all the way to Pope Paul in Rome  DON'T CARE that CATHOLICS ARE BEING MURDERED in Syria... much less that ISRAEL and the Zio-Nazi puppet U.S. government are the perpetrators orchestrating this MASS-MURDER of  CHRISITIANS and Catholics !!!

below:  the DEGENERATION of American "civil society" and our government:  RELIABLE REPORTS indicate that even America's sacrosanct  NUCLEAR WEAPONS SECURITY protocols "have been breached" - that the management of and accounting of  AMERICA'S NUCLEAR WARHEADS arsenal is ENTIRELY IN CRIMINAL HANDS
(with Israel's "Mossad" secret police/military agency having STOLEN HUNDREDS of vital nuclear weapons components - including plans, highly technical "triggers" and even entire nuclear "pit" uranium or plutonium processed bomb cores from U.S. stockpiles - and that the Israel mass-murder terrorists COULD NOT ONLY DETONATE a nuclear device in America's cities.... but they  PLAN TO DO SO, to blame on other parties, to justify their END-GAME, the overt implementation of  "RED TERROR" Zio-Nazi DICTATORSHIP in America;  the rounding up and mass-executions of  tens of thousands of Americans.)

(note: and don't agree on much... but they DO both  agree that America's nuclear security and nuclear weapons have been completely corrupted
and they both know by whom!   

Yet  both FAIL to mention that NONE OF ISRAEL'S CRIMES against America would be tolerated WITHOUT  STEADFAST 'American'  JEWISH COMMUNITY SUPPORT for those crimes, atrocities, and treasonous activities... even though 9-11 will be  but a PRELUDE to the MASS-MURDER DEATH TOLL if the Zio-Nazi agenda isn't  CONFRONTED IMMEDIATELY 

 ..before they DO  perpetrate a "FALSE FLAG" NUCLEAR ATTACK on major American cities 

genocidal malevolance over and upon the American people. )

to be 
As the cartoon portrays,  Syria would be the stepping-stone to the IRAN WAR...
and IRAN WOULD HIT BACK AGAINST the demonic, genocidal Jews 
so hard that the Jews (israel) WOULD respond with NUKES...
which would mean WORLD WAR III.

In the meantime, Persian Gulf super-tanker OIL TRADE would CEASE...

which is ALSO what the DEMONIC JEWS are HOPING FOR! 
They would then
light-off a few NUKES HERE  IN AMERICA
 and  then IMPOSE 

 here in America.. 
"Soviet Union," 40-60 millions MURDERED by Commissars
 in the first half of the last century !!!

SOME GOOD NEWS from America's  military leadership at the Pentagon, DoD:
  THEY AVERTED  WORLD WAR III (the U.S. bombing, & invasion of Iran) in 2007 when 9-11 TRAITOR  DICK CHENEY tried to get them to attack Iran,  and COURAGEOUS  OFFICERS in the military REPEATED THEIR CONFRONTING the ZIO-NAZI  global death machine, by
"REFUSING TO BE AL QAEDA's AIR FORCE" as the JEWISH RUN OBAMA White House attempted in August of 2013 (using the "FALSE FLAG" premise of  "Syria using Poison Gas on its own people"... when in fact the WHITE HOUSE & CIA  PROVIDED the POISON GAS to TERRORISTS in Syria to BLAME the Syrian army to  get the EXCUSE to INVADE SYRIA... and KILL MORE SYRIAN CIVILIANS for the DEMON-SPAWN TRAITOR JEWS !!!) 


The basic premise of the above Washington's blog article - that a handful of COURAGEOUS U.S. military officers  RESISTED  POLITICAL DEMANDS that they BOMB SYRIA with NO declaration of war - for the GENOCIDAL, DEMONIC JEWS! - 
   is repeated in the below article - that COURAGEOUS U.S. MILITARY OFFICERS in the PENTAGON, DoD  REFUSED   9-11 TRAITOR then Vice President DICK CHENEY's DEMANDS that  THEY BOMB IRANIAN TROOPS... to START THE IRAN WAR which would be PRELUDE to WW III... 
  The AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP, and  stop DEPENDING ON BLIND LUCK and the actions of a few  career-suicide brave individuals to PREVENT WW III - or ANOTHER ROUND of  ISRAEL, JEWISH, MOSSSAD  FALSE-FLAG TERROR ATTACKS from going off here in America -  THE NEXT ONES WILL BE NUCLEAR, and WE WILL all be eating highly radioactive food & water !!! 

mass-murder WAR PROFITEERS, 
is a career dead-end,  thankless task...   
you DO NOT GET PROMOTED if you stand up to the evil Jews, 
which means over time, NO ONE but THEIR LAP-DOGS  
- like GINGRICH, ROMNEY, McCAIN, RUBIO, KASICH, CRUZ,  and their in-uniform clones - 
are left in command positions in the U.S. military. 


In an insightful (but somewhat tangled and all-over-the-board) commentary,
Gordon Duff calls murdered U.S. Supreme Court 'justice' Antonin Scalia THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD - and explains that Scalia, the "chosen" leader of the ABJECT CORRUPTION of the U.S. judiciary - has turned the U.S. legal system & government into a tool of pure evil,  the rape and murders of young children as a bribery & extortion tactic that was so powerful....
 it could LYNCH a SITTING U.S. President (Bill Clinton and the Whitewater>Paula Jones>Monica serial scandal-mongering)
 DEFY the will of  millions of Americans in the Stolen Election of 2000,
and  TREAT tens of MILLIONS of Americans the way they treated child sex-slaves...
as terror-stricken souls to be used and destroyed....
a  man demon from hell with NO principles:

a member of a DEATH CULT that
RAPED child victims and often MURDERED them.  
  who had NO alliegince to ANYTHING 
but MAMON:  TERROR, money, blood-lust, 
and craving for power over humans...

SCALIA, OPUS DEI - 'INFALLIBLE' mother church = SLAVERY & MASS-MURDER DICTATORSHIP  (for ALL of humanity... just like ZIO-NAZI JEWS !!) 

below illustration:  POISON GAS - just ANOTHER TOOL of MASS-MURDER 

once again, Gordon Duff is  light-years ahead of  any other media "reporting" anywhere in world...
as the ZIO-NAZI "isis" TERROR ARMIES DSMANTLE the Mideast, Africa, Ukraine...
and next up AMERICA & EUROPE

 below:  Ray Camens comes close to sounding like us here at TheJewishWars!

Power to the American People to Stop Nuclear WW3 in the Middle East and Chaos in the US   

By GPD on February 28, 2016
If we really are the most intelligent species, is this the legacy and the world we want to leave to future generations?
As the NWO Hawks and Holy Crusaders in the US continue to implement their Greater Middle East Project with their Zionist puppet-masters in England and Israel, its business as usual with Muslims killing each other and everybody else by the millions and yet more multi-multi-billion dollar revenues in arms. In the USA they are keeping the ignorant masses busy with flashy election campaigns, where no matter if the Republicans or the Democrats come out in front the NWO wins and the People of the US lose.
The GME Project has two objectives: The first is dividing and dominating countries in the region, and taking possession of their energy and valuable resources. The second and paramount reason is attaining the Holy/Promised lands as part of the End of Days and the Second Coming. 
EU countries to the West are under control, but the East needs to be "redeemed"
EU countries are under control, but the greater heartland around Jerusalem needs to be “redeemed”
Anywhere Abraham and his flock went, all the places that Jesus and his disciples visited and the realm of Christian Byzantium are Holy Grounds to be recaptured. Keep in mind that given its prominence in the Bible, Damascus in Syria may be their second most important city after Jerusalem.
The only problem is that there are hordes of Muslims and other unruly folk who inhabit these lands. So why not agitate them, pit them against each other and have whole countries running with the blood of heathen? And while they are at it, throw in the Coalition and the Shanghai 5+ you have the makings of WW3 as part of Armageddon.
This may sound like conspiracy but it is very much reality to some very powerful Christian Zionists who believe that a nuclear war must take place for the world to be finally rid of sin. Of course, they themselves will be whisked away in time by their Messiah to a prime location in the Kingdom of Heaven. To be on the safe side though, the unmentionably rich and their diabolical Holy men have built palatial deep-earth bunkers in remote locations. No doubt they have the financial means to do the same at the bottom of the oceans and even in space.
So the Dark Leaders of the Apocalyptic Pact are acting out their “missions as the chosen” (by God or Lucifer take your pick) and their contorted Messianic prophecies unfold by their own doing.


  While CONSORTIUM NEWS - which once proclaimed their "INDEPENDENCE" from Washington's CIA controlled corp. media propaganda megaphone...
 now  HAS THE (zio!) NAZI GALL to  headline the question "SHOULD U.S. ALLY WITH  Al Qaeda In Syria?" - apparently FORGETTING, along with 350 million other stupified Americans,
that the bush-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ  NEO-CONS  USED the "THREAT of AL QAEDA IN IRAQ" as an.... EXCUSE to INVADE IRAQ and kill (or violently truamatize, displace, and poison with toxic DU and other carcinoginic toxins in air, water, and ground) tens of millions more !!!

 NO!  Mr. Parry - YOU ZIO-NAZI  SCUM!   WE SHOULD NOT  "ally with Al Qaeda in Iraq" JUST BECAUSE the ZIO-NAZIS  toss you a lousy  $50,000-$100,000  (from their faux "liberal demorat" side)  to "see things their way" !!
  YOU ARE PIMPING  GENOCIDE and WORLD WAR III, you stupid retard !!

"But are the majority of the American People aware of this and more importantly can they wake up out of their stupor to restore some dignity to their country and to the world? "

While Consortium "News" is still bitching,  whining & wailing about...President Reagan...
who SURVIVED a  BUSH family friend's ASSASSIN'S BULLET & who, along with Gorbachev,
 the SAUDIS - the "chosen" (by Rotschilds Britain-ruling Zio-Nazis) despots to control the vast Arabian peninsula - ARE JUST OPENLY COMMANDING TERRORIST ARMIES to INVADE SYRIA... and KILL, ETHNICALLY CLEANS, perpetrate genocide against EVERYONE there... 

SCALIA MURDERED by... his OWN 'secret' CHILD RAPING & MURDERING society !! 

"LYNCH MOBS" are just another way of saying "TERRORIZING a subset of the population" -
By now, it must ALWAYS be stated...
that NO ONE, not NAZIS, not KKK,
not Southern slave owners,  NO ONE is MORE RACIST than fundamentalist Jews are... their BIBLE TELLS THEM to EXTERMINATE EVERYONE AROUND THEM...
INCLUDING their (Egyptian, Midianite, & etc.) FORMER ALLIES  

Once again  Gordon Duff, the editor at Veterans Today, 'scoops' the entire planet, and demonstrates that he is, for now, the world's premier journalists, not just in international reporting (helping others try to stop or defeat the ISRAEL, SAUDI & TURKEY, U.S.A, NATO, Britain, France & etc.  TERRORISTS and the rest of the world!)  stomping lies and disinformation where others fear to tread, making all other news outlets look like the house-broken puppies and fellatio-giving prostitutes that they are:  no

In a previous post, we posted a quote by FBI Director  J. Edgar Hoover that, while sounding so outlandish as to be a concocted "conspiracy theory" or apocryphal (made up) quote, dovetails closely with a quote by President Woodrow Wilson that we know to be authentic.  Now, thanks the the humanity saving reporting, research, and investigations at Veterans Today, we can outline and define that horrible, horrific "rabbit hole" that is actually a RAT HOLE of  horrific behavior by global "elites" - but unlike Veterans Today we will make one last connection,
we will connect one last pair of dots:  the EVIL, ATROCIOUS, HORRIFIC  _CHILD KILLING_ behaviour of the "global elites" and their Sadistic, satanic themed sex, murder, rape, and child-rape & murder ORGIES, while abhorrant and horrific..
   are merely an IMITATION of the  myth/legend of the  JEW GOD, YAHWEH...
 who, if bible stories and logic are to be believed,  COULD AT ANY TIME  UNDO  the curse on humanity... _HIS_ CURSE on HUMANITY - but instead, according to both CHRISTIAN & JEWISH doctrine,  "GOD  CURSES HUMANITY - and causes tens of thousands upon millions of CHILDREN to SUFFER AWFUL, HORRIBLE DEATHS (whether from natural causes like diseases, famines, accidents, and all the other forms of "normal" child mortality;  or those DEATHS of CHILDREN _specifically_ caused by "adults" i.e. MURDER & VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN, whether WARS or  "random" social brutality (killing of children in gang fights on streets) - of the even more sinister PREMEDITATED murders of children -
ULTIMATELY  reflect, echo, and REPLICATE the "BEHAVIOR" of the  JEWISH GOD, YAHWEH, who, according to the bible's awful  "EXPULSION FROM EDEN" story,   CREATES AN ENVIRONMENT for humanity where the DEATHS - AND MURDERS BY VIOLENCE - against CHILDREN are a ROUTINE part of life (and death) for the greater whole of humanity.

SO - WHEN PEOPLE PRAY to GOD in hell - they pray for SPECIFIC improvements...
but never/rarely for a RELEASE from GOD'S (alleged) "DAMNATION" of ALL HUMANITY !!!

 Secret Sex Magick Rituals of the Illuminati 
 Published on Feb 19, 2015 "Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies... while preaching a doctrine that the best way to imitate God was to cross every boundary, transgress every taboo, and mix the sacred with the profane."


at JOHN POINDEXTER's 'ranch' in Texas 
when FBI showed him dossier of pictures and timeline of his
predatory, murderous pedophilia
 Justice Anton Scalia was found with a pillow over his head. Was he murdered? I don’t think anyone will really ever know the truth, but he hasn’t been the first- nor will he be the last. Was his death supernatural? Did the Grim Reaper suddenly appear and claim him? He is, no doubt, dead as a door nail- but how did it happen? I have an idea.a


JEWS and FREEMASONS in EUROPE - although Jews were heavily involved in most Euro.
Freemasonry Temples, they were actively excluded from German ones... (BUT!)



HATE MONGERING LIAR !!   ALEX JONES WELL KNOWS that the SAUDIS are PUPPETS of "the Money Power"  and the MOMENT  US (Brit, Fr., nato) SUPPORT for the Saudis withdrawn..
they would be DEVOURED like a small deer by a pack of ravenous wolves (Turkey, Persia, Russia, Iraq... NO ONE is WORSE than  the evil saudis - which is to say, their EVIL JEW MASTERS !!)

 The Truth About Islam
 The problem isn’t “radical Islam,” the problem is just Islam
 Paul Joseph Watson Prison November 23, 2015

 (see Under Sign of Scorpion re JEWISH MASSACRES  preceded Mohammed's "visions")


America’s Plan B: Supporting Terrorists Till the Bitter End

Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan have voiced increasingly hawkish views toward Moscow in recent White House meetings, calling for new measures to “inflict real pain on the Russians,” a senior administration official said.

by Martin BergerNEO: 
At a time when the international community is looking forward to the possibility of putting an end to the bloody conflict in Syria that has dragged on for years, while putting their hopes behind the agreement that was achieved between the US and Russia on February 22 regarding the cessation of all hostile activities in Syria, certain forces in the United States carry on banging the war drum.
As it has been pointed out by the The Wall Street Journal:
Defense Secretary Ash Carter; Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan have voiced increasingly hawkish views toward Moscow in recent White House meetings, calling for new measures to “inflict real pain on the Russians,” a senior administration official said.
Moreover, those gentlemen are somehow convinced that Moscow will break the ceasefire, so they have formulated a “Plan B,” that will imply the strengthening of their support  to extremists and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia.
Of course, one could only be amazed by such behavior from Washington’s “hawks” if one did not take into consideration the evidence exposing their direct involvement in the continuous aggravation of the situation in Syria, which makes them directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians. Those actions would for sure  present the perfect subject for a careful investigation of an international tribunal.
In particular, according to the facts presented by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Nathaniel Barr in the Daily Beast, the CIA is now assisting the terrorist organizations that the United States has been allegedly fighting for 15 years. This program was launched in 2013 to further aggravate the armed conflict in Syria. According to this publication, at least one of these CIA-backed groups severed its ties with the CIA and joined a listed terrroist-led coalition, Later, Associated Press reported that CIA-backed groups are gaining ground in Syria, “fighting alongside more extremist factions.”
The article concludes:
Analysis of the geography of “moderate” rebels’ gains during this period and reports from the battlefield demonstrate that CIA-backed groups collaborated with Jaysh al-Fateh, an Islamist coalition in which Jabhat al-Nusra—al Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate—is a leading player…
At this point it is impossible to argue that U.S. officials involved in the CIA’s program cannot discern that Nusra and other extremists have benefited. And despite this, the CIA decided to drastically increase lethal support to vetted rebel factions following the Russian intervention into Syria in late September.
The authors are convinced that now it’s more important than ever to organize a public debate in the US about the role that the CIA played in the Syrian conflict and the considerable strengthening of radical groups.
It would be no less interesting to take a look at yet another investigation of the criminal role American intelligence agencies played in the inciting of the Syrian conflict that was published in The New York Times.  The authors, Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo described in detail how the United States was using Saudi money to provide radical militants in Syria with lethal weapons. Yet, this is but an episode in the continuous and vicious cooperation between Saudi and American security agencies that lasted for decades. The alliance was in place during the Iran-Contra scandal, the hidden fight against Soviet troops in Afghanistan and countless proxy wars in Africa.
These forces are actively involved in the Ukrainian conflict, openly opposing any form of peaceful settlement, pushing all the blame on Russia while Turkey is pulling the strings behind the stage and sending radical mercenaries to Ukraine.
Therefore, one shouldn’t be surprised that this Plan B will be put into action regardless of the facts surrounding how the parties actually observe the agreements reached or even before it’s imposed. It would be safe to assume that the CIA will be put in charge of the operation, funded with the money provided by Saudi Arabia, therefore we can await provocations and misleading articles about how it is Russia who is continuing with provocations, not these forces hidden in plain view.
That is why today the international community is tasked with preventing the failure of the recent agreement between the leaders of the US and Russia by exposing those “hawks”, namely the CIA, the Pentagon, and Saudi intelligence services.
Martin Berger is a Czech-based freelance journalist and analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.


below: WHO ORCHESTRATED the RAPE of  EAST TIMOR in the late 1970's...

  the GENOCIDE against East Timor's  entire CHRISTIAN population  in the period after PUPPET  President Ford 
took over from the disgraced "Whitewater" Nixon presidency??! 

Why,  HENRY KISSINGER and ALL THE  INSANELY LARCENOUS, hateful, jealous, thieving, lusting  
"ENTITLED by g-o-d to RAPE & MURDER" 
"money power"  JEW financiers BEHIND HIM, of course !! 

The rape of East Timor ‘sounds like fun’

This was greeted in the Western press as “a gleam of light in Asia” (Time). The BBC’s correspondent in South East Asia, Roland Challis, later described the cover-up of the massacres as a triumph of media complicity and silence; the “official line” was that Suharto had “saved” Indonesia from a communist takeover.
from RT: 
© Dominic Ebenbichler
Secret documents found in the Australian National Archives provide a glimpse of how one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century was executed and covered up. They also help us understand how and for whom the world is run.
The documents refer to East Timor, now known as Timor-Leste, and were written by diplomats in the Australian embassy in Jakarta. The date was November 1976, less than a year after the Indonesian dictator General Suharto seized the then Portuguese colony on the island of Timor.
The terror that followed has few parallels; not even Pol Pot succeeded in killing, proportionally, as many Cambodians as Suharto and his fellow generals killed in East Timor. Out of a population of almost a million, up to a third were extinguished.
This was the second holocaust for which Suharto was responsible. A decade earlier, in 1965, Suharto wrested power in Indonesia in a bloodbath that took more than a million lives. The CIA reported: “In terms of numbers killed, the massacres rank as one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century.”
This was greeted in the Western press as “a gleam of light in Asia” (Time). The BBC’s correspondent in South East Asia, Roland Challis, later described the cover-up of the massacres as a triumph of media complicity and silence; the “official line” was that Suharto had “saved” Indonesia from a communist takeover.
“Of course my British sources knew what the American plan was,” he told me. “There were bodies being washed up on the lawns of the British consulate in Surabaya, and British warships escorted a ship full of Indonesian troops, so that they could take part in this terrible holocaust. It was only much later that we learned that the American embassy was supplying [Suharto with] names and ticking them off as they were killed. There was a deal, you see. In establishing the Suharto regime, the involvement of the [US-dominated] International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were part of it. That was the deal.”
I have interviewed many of the survivors of 1965, including the acclaimed Indonesian novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer, who bore witness to an epic of suffering “forgotten” in the West because Suharto was “our man”. A second holocaust in resource-rich East Timor, an undefended colony, was almost inevitable.
In 1994, I filmed clandestinely in occupied East Timor; I found a land of crosses and unforgettable grief. In my film, ‘Death of a Nation’, there is a sequence shot on board an Australian aircraft flying over the Timor Sea. A party is in progress. Two men in suits are toasting each other in champagne. “This is a uniquely historical moment,”babbles one of them, “that is truly, uniquely historical.”
This is Australia’s foreign minister, Gareth Evans. The other man is Ali Alatas, the principal mouthpiece of Suharto. It is 1989 and they are making a symbolic flight to celebrate a piratical deal they called a “treaty”. This allowed Australia, the Suharto dictatorship and the international oil companies to divide the spoils of East Timor’s oil and gas resources.
Thanks to Evans, Australia’s then prime minister, Paul Keating – who regarded Suharto as a father figure – and a gang that ran Australia’s foreign policy establishment, Australia distinguished itself as the only western country formally to recognize Suharto’s genocidal conquest. The prize, said Evans, was “zillions” of dollars.
Members of this gang reappeared the other day in documents found in the National Archives by two researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Sara Niner and Kim McGrath. In their own handwriting, senior officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs mock reports of the rape, torture and execution of East Timorese by Indonesian troops.
In scribbled annotations on a memorandum that refers to atrocities in a concentration camp, one diplomat wrote: “sounds like fun”. Another wrote: “sounds like the population are in raptures.”
Referring to a report by the Indonesian resistance, Fretilin, that describes Indonesia as an “impotent” invader, another diplomat sneered: “If ‘the enemy was impotent’, as stated, how come they are daily raping the captured population? Or is the former a result of the latter?”
The documents, says Sarah Niner, are “vivid evidence of the lack of empathy and concern for human rights abuses in East Timor” in the Department of Foreign Affairs. “The archives reveal that this culture of cover-up is closely tied to the DFA’s need to recognise Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor so as to commence negotiations over the petroleum in the East Timor Sea.”
This was a conspiracy to steal East Timor’s oil and gas. In leaked diplomatic cables in August 1975, the Australian Ambassador to Jakarta, Richard Woolcott, wrote to Canberra: “It would seem to me that the Department [of Minerals and Energy] might well have an interest in closing the present gap in the agreed sea border and this could be much more readily negotiated with Indonesia … than with Portugal or independent Portuguese Timor.”
Woolcott revealed that he had been briefed on Indonesia’s secret plans for an invasion. He cabled Canberra that the government should “assist public understanding in Australia” to counter “criticism of Indonesia”.
In 1993, I interviewed C. Philip Liechty, a former senior CIA operations officer in the Jakarta embassy during the invasion of East Timor. He told me: “Suharto was given the green light [by the US] to do what he did. We supplied them with everything they needed [from] M16 rifles [to] US military logistical support … maybe 200,000 people, almost all of them non-combatants died. When the atrocities began to appear in the CIA reporting, the way they dealt with these was to cover them up as long as possible; and when they couldn’t be covered up any longer, they were reported in a watered-down, very generalised way, so that even our own sourcing was sabotaged.”
I asked Liechty what would have happened had someone spoken out. “Your career would end,” he replied. He said his interview with me was one way of making amends for “how badly I feel”.
The gang in the Australian embassy in Jakarta appear to suffer no such anguish. One of the scribblers on the documents, Cavan Hogue, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “It does look like my handwriting. If I made a comment like that, being the cynical bugger that I am, it would certainly have been in the spirit of irony and sarcasm. It’s about the [Fretilin] press release, not the Timorese.”
Hogue said there were “atrocities on all sides”.
As one who reported and filmed the evidence of genocide, I find this last remark especially profane. The Fretilin“propaganda” he derides was accurate. The subsequent report of the United Nations on East Timor describes thousands of cases of summary execution and violence against women by Suharto’s Kopassus special forces, many of whom were trained in Australia.
“Rape, sexual slavery and sexual violence were tools used as part of the campaign designed to inflict a deep experience of terror, powerlessness and hopelessness upon pro-independence supporters,” says the UN.
Cavan Hogue, the joker and “cynical bugger”, was promoted to senior ambassador and eventually retired on a generous pension. Richard Woolcott was made head of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra and, in retirement, has lectured widely as a “respected diplomatic intellectual”.
Journalists watered at the Australian embassy in Jakarta, notably those employed by Rupert Murdoch, who controls almost 70 percent of Australia’s capital city press. Murdoch’s correspondent in Indonesia was Patrick Walters, who reported that Jakarta’s “economic achievements” in East Timor were “impressive”, as was Jakarta’s “generous”development of the blood-soaked territory. As for the East Timorese resistance, it was “leaderless” and beaten. In any case, “no one was now arrested without proper legal procedures”.
In December 1993, one of Murdoch’s veteran retainers, Paul Kelly, then editor-in-chief of The Australian, was appointed by Foreign Minister Evans to the Australia-Indonesia Institute, a body funded by the Australian government to promote the“common interests” of Canberra and the Suharto dictatorship. Kelly led a group of Australian newspaper editors to Jakarta for an audience with the mass murderer. There is a photograph of one of them bowing.
East Timor won its independence in 1999 with the blood and courage of its ordinary people. The tiny, fragile democracy was immediately subjected to a relentless campaign of bullying by the Australian government which sought to manoeuvre it out of its legal ownership of the sea bed’s oil and gas revenue. To get its way, Australia refused to recognise the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and the Law of the Sea and unilaterally changed the maritime boundary in its own favour.
In 2006, a deal was finally signed, Mafia-style, largely on Australia’s terms. Soon afterwards, Prime Minister Mari Alkitiri, a nationalist who had stood up to Canberra, was effectively deposed in what he called an “attempted coup” by “outsiders”. The Australian military, which had “peace-keeping” troops in East Timor, had trained his opponents.
In the 17 years since East Timor won its independence, the Australian government has taken nearly $5 billion in oil and gas revenue – money that belongs to its impoverished neighbour.
Australia has been called America’s “deputy sheriff” in the South Pacific. One man with the badge is Gareth Evans, the foreign minister filmed lifting his champagne glass to toast the theft of East Timor’s natural resources. Today, Evans is a lectern-trotting zealot promoting a brand of war-mongering known as “RTP”, or “Responsibility to Protect”. As co-chair of a New York-based Global Centre, he runs a US-backed lobby group that urges the “international community” to attack countries where “the Security Council rejects a proposal or fails to deal with it in a reasonable time”. The man for the job, as the East Timorese might say.
The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


  WHAT SEEMS 'COMPLEX'  is actually very simple...

and a reversion to standard business practices, "BUSINESS AS USUAL"  of centuries past:
   the GLOBAL SLAVE TRADE in  human chattel - SLAVES doomed to be WORKED TO DEATH, tortured, beaten to death, or to just die of disease and malnutrition in horrific slave pens -
 JEW SLAVE TRADERS created  "CONCENTRATION CAMP" conditions for their enslaved victims EVERYWHERE THEY OPERATED !!

JEWS were involved in some substantial portion of the European, Near East, North African, and Mediterranean SLAVE TRADE,**  some historical researchers claim that Jews held a dominant role in that trade, which expanded to truly global proportions when European navigators learned to sail around the world and started colonies - and slave plantations - around the world,  which greatly increased the need and profits from vast quantities of  human chattel to be worked to death... which the Jew traders were more than happy to provide.
**(Jews may even have had a prominent role in financing or purchasing slaves in 
 the sub-Saharan African slave trade,  which is usually associated with ARAB slave trading caravans....  but we know that Jews and Christians were prominent in Arabia prior to the time of  Mohammed and his  'revelations'  he wrote up in the Koran;   and today in the  ZIO-NAZI,  JEWISH-SAUDI TERROR ALLIANCE in Syria we see how easily these SEMITIC COUSINS and nominal  "eternal" generational  ENEMIES will  MAKE AN ALLIANCE when it is to their mutual benefit.)  

SLAVE TRADE Jewish RADHANITE slave-trading routes mideaval era - wiki
 As much as the evil Jewish bible pours hate and Scorn on Babylon - "that harlot" -
about EVERYTHING the  Babylonians had achieved
(just as the entire "Exodus" story is one long diatribe of  JEW ENVY, LUST, HATRED, and JEALOUSY  over everything the EGYPTIANS had accomplished) 
- including literacy, cultural sophistication, sophisticated business practices that enabled far-flung trade routes (including finance & insurance) -
 and as insanely ironic as it may appear at first glance.... JEWS TODAY are nothing but the envious and resentful HEIRS of  everything the Babylonians achieved, including those far-flung trading routes and a society where "ELITES"  RULED OVER ARMIES of  SLAVES... SEX SLAVES, and other disposable workers..

 Adalbert of Prague accuses the Jews of TRADING in Christian slaves...
here a JEW SLAVE TRADER presents SLAVES to King Boleslav I "the cruel"... 
Today, when AMERICAN PROSECUTORS (or police, or judges) use KNOWINGLY FALSE testimony or evidence to WRONGFULLY CONVICT an innocent person in America's increasingly CRIMINAL courts.... they are merely participating in the ancient trade in HUMAN CHATTEL.... SLAVES...
they, America's SERIALLY LYING  PROSECUTORS & JUDGES, are merely "UNCONVICTED" CRIMINALS  themselves !!

RUBINOMICS - REPEAL of GLASS-STEAGALL 1999 led DIRECTLY to "deregulation" and the INTENTIONAL LOOTING of  critical financial markets ECONOMIC SABOTAGE ...
and then to   'BAILOUTS', the DIRECT EXTORTION of  TAXPAYERS (funds) to BENEFIT of  the already wealthy "elites"... =  financial/economic ENSLAVEMENT,
 =   BUSINESS AS USUAL... resumption of  the SLAVE TRADE !

ans. - because SLAVE OWNING JEWS
 don't give a god-damn
 about the rights or concerns of  slaves! 
And Jews pride themselves on BEING RUTHLESS,  REMORSELESS... just like their evil g-o-d "Yahweh" who KILLS, KILLS, KILLS, and kills again all through the sordid, sadistic, sinister,  blood-drenched, relentlessly genocidal and dehumanizing pages of the Hebrew,  jewish bible...
Truthout / CC BY-NC 3.0
As Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin put in place all the pieces that set up the economy for the disaster that we are now living through. He pushed legislation that weakened regulation of the financial sector; he cheered on a stock bubble that eventually grew to $10 trillion and he established an over-valued dollar as a matter of official policy.
He then left to take a top job at Citigroup where he was able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. He earned well over $100 million in the decade after he left the Clinton administration. In the fall of 2008, when Citigroup was saved from bankruptcy with a taxpayer bailout, Rubin quietly slipped out the back door (with his money), resigning from his position at Citigroup.
It may not seem just that someone like Rubin would be allowed to live out his life in luxury after the policies that he promoted and personally profited from led to so much suffering for so many people. But that is the way things work in the United States these days. However, what is even more infuriating is that he doesn’t seem to have any intention of going away. He is still pontificating on the economy and desperately trying to rewrite history to exonerate himself.


 ALL THREE are nothing but invitations to PURE FRAUD !! 

"Derivatives" are nothing but increasingly complex OPTIONS... and OPTIONS are NOTHING BUT financial GAMBLING in the first place!
(controlling 100 shares of stock with only 10% of your money)  
(Something the Jewish owned corp. media never informs stupified American TV viewers and 'news' readers)
TALMUDIC JEWS (fundamentalists)
the wealthy, insular, insulated,
 and powerful ones
wealthy jews tend to... have the luxury of  EMBRACE Jewish "chosenness"
 even more than working-stiff Jews do) 

- BELIEVE they are ENTITLED to DEFRAUD the "goyim" around them... it says so right there in the bible!  "THOU SHALT MAKE SLAVES of the  peoples of the nations around you... and of those who  live among you
(FOREIGNERS who LIVE AMONG JEWS are INVITING their Jewish neighbors to KIDNAP & ENSLAVE THEM... and their family members/ children!!

Rubin & some of his "Rubinites" fellow jew criminal thug
at GODDAMN-SACHS, at CITI-'bank', at the FED, in the SEC...