Monday, January 18, 2016

POISONING THE WELLS: EVIL Jew ROTSCHILDS and ARMIES of "undead" Jew billionaires, bureaucrats, & WAR-LOBBY APPARATCHIKS _GIVE SUBSTANCE_ to 2,500+ years of "anti-Semitism"... by POISONING PLANET EARTH & the entire human race !!

Evil Jews running the "United" States government have set up and run BIO-WAR labs in former 'Soviet' republics... to continue their demonic agenda of perpetrating mass-murder "ethnic cleansing" genocide against any and all peoples in the region... as the evil, Jewish controlled corporate mass-media propaganda system in America  INVERTS REALITY by portraying
BIO-WAR MASS-MURDER & genocide as "public health"...   

even know that the BIO-WAR LAB named after him in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2012
 IS DESIGNED by demonic, billionaire & "internationalist" 'Neo-Con' JEWS... 
to PERPETRATE 'ethnic cleansing' MASS-MURDER in the region? 
BILLIONS to fund BIO-WAR mass-murder... 
financial CRUMBS for the American people.
THOSE are the PRIORITIES of the evil,  
JUDEO-HIJACKED "U.S." government


  "POISONING the wells" - in a  National Geographic history documentary video we post below, portraying the horrors of the "Black Death"  (bubonic plague) that swept Europe killing one-third of the population in the mid-1300s,  we capture a couple of  classic scenes (stills) that depict hundreds of years of  classic  "antisemitism"  in medieval (and more modern) Europe;
"antisemitism" that always sought to  portray Jews as a malevolent and evil influence 
 within Christian European society,  which in medieval Europe was already insular, racist and brutal  against neighboring Christian peoples &  states - neighbors, potential  adversaries, dubious allies, and sworn enemies alike. 
   Unfortunately, over the past 2 decades we have learned that far, far, far from being the  passive,  law-abiding, tolerant, meek and mild people that Jews have portrayed themselves as ever since 
"the holocaust"  genocidal racism directed against Jews during World War II,
not only are Jews ferociously racist, intolerant, brutal, and murderously genocidal 
 in their own racist, apartheid, and brutally segregated state (israhell)...
   ...but the hard-core, fundamentalist. Talmudic Jews have  _ALWAYS_  hewed to this racist
"chosen"... "by g-o-d to exterminate the neighbors"  ideology and mass-murderously racist tribal ethnicity.

 And not only have the wealthiest  Jewish financiers maintained loose  (informal)  but strong & pervasive alliances among themselves across the entire "Jewish diaspora" - strong Jewish "nation within other nations" bonds that easily stretch across even warring empires' borders

...but that these wealthiest of  Judeo financiers have participated in and profited from the brutal  SLAVE TRADE, the buying and selling of chattel human slaves,  for an unbroken stretch of 25+ centuries ever since the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem in 587 b.c. and forced the Judeo 'elites' in to exile in Babylon (where they were freed, and returned to Jerusalem in 539 b.c.  by Cyrus the Great. - to resume the very slave-trading dehumanization of their neighbors that they so detested when they were similarly treated by more powerful empires.) 

U.S. Taxpayer funded 
the evil JUDEO COMMISSARS  reign of  terror 
"The RED TERROR"  ('Communism' ) 
CONTINUES TODAY  in the butchered lands of the former 'Soviet Union' under the guise of  "NATO security"
 via the evil  JEWS'  hijacking of the  U.S. government...  

The evil Jews'  SLO-BURN  WAR of  GENOCIDE by attrition
against the OCCUPIED
, brutalized, & mass-murdered  people of PALESTINE...

CONTINUES unabated, with billions of  dollars of   U.S. Congress appropriated,  CIA
& military "Black Ops"  BIO-WAR FUNDING in GEORGIA (former 'Soviet' Republic)
...against not only the CHRISTIAN peoples of  Georgia... but this insidious,  JUDEO run
is also the template for their "dealing with"  RUSSIANS... UKRAINIANS, SERBS... and ultimately  
the people of  WESTERN EUROPE 
 (and including AMERICA, Africa, China, and Asia) as well!  
 As hard as we try, we can barely find words to fully capture, express, and condemn  the DEMONIC EVIL &  HORRORS  that the insidious,  evil Jews 

who have HIJACKED America  and the western world continue to inflict on us 
 (the people of America and the world) using our own best impulses - 
billions of government dollars for  "public health"
to KILL us in ever larger numbers!   
Jews - wealthy, powerful, clannish, billionaire and multi-millionaire & government 'elitist' jews - regard the U.S. Congress, U.S. Treasury, and U.S. government budgets as their own private playground, as their own private sand-box... and regard the former 'Soviet' Republic of Georgia as their own private BIO-WAR TESTING LAB,  with native Georgian people treated as no more than GUINEA PIGS in the demonic Judeo driven 'Neo-Con'  Judeo supremacist wars and coups to subvert, extort, enslave, and annihilate - exterminate - everyone in the region,
    the same way the demonic Jew ghouls think they are clever waging their slow-burn war of attrition genocide against Palestinians in full view of the world  - Islamic and Christian Palestinians -  in occupied, brutalized, subjugated, enslaved,  death-camp Gaza & Palestine....

The EVIL judeo WAR ON HUMANITY is  ONLY made possible by 
as "public health" research facilities in far-off, unsupervised Georgia.
who use OUR money to whip-up
BIO-WAR across the planet!