Tuesday, January 26, 2016

KERRY, HILLARY, vp BIDEN, JOHN McCAIN, and ENTIRE "U.S." Republican and Democrat 'leadership' COMPLICIT in POISON GAS ATTACK that MASS-MURDERED SYRIAN CHILDREN in September 2013....

CHILDREN MURDERED in Gouta,  SYRIA.... by U.S. CIA supplied  SARIN POISON GAS provided to ISIS TERRORISTS via TURKEY.... under the tender mercies of  U.S. Secretary of State JOHN KERRY,  vp JOE BIDEN, CIA Director John Brennan, and with the complicity of  HILLARY CLINTON, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  JOHN McCAIN, LINDSEY GRAHAM,  JOHN BOEHNER, and all the top layers of both the Rethuglican & Demorat 
"will MASS-MURDER for AIPAC, jew money" treasonous 'leadership'...  
 IF THEY would ORCHESTRATE the mass-MURDERS of  SYRIAN CHILDREN with POISON GAS... what makes anyone think they would SPARE AMERICAN CHILDREN the same fate? 
(from left: "U.S." secretary of state john kerry,  Turkey president Erdogan, "U.S." vice president joe biden; israeli genocidal prime minister 'KING BIBI" netanyahu  in above photo lineup)  

independent reporters  traced the [SARIN POISON] GAS to the former National Reference Laboratory, now the "Lugar Labs" in Tbilisi, Georgia, built by Bechtel Corporation. Smuggling
 [via Turkey to 'ISIS' TERRORISTS IN SYRIA]    was done by Bechtel & British Petroleum trucks, and coordinated with Ukrainian & Turkish security personnel”  

 The ISIL (also known as Daesh) [or 'ISIS'] is the bastard child of the US’s drive to achieve regime change in Syria, it said. To that end the US and its allies instigated an armed insurrection against the Syrian government.Though protests — many of them violent — began in 2011, it was in 2012 — after the Geneva Peace Conference — which the US wrecked by insisting President Assad stand down — that the major fighting began, with a rebel offensive against Syria’s two biggest cities: Aleppo and Damascus.The offensive failed. The Syrian government survived, retaining control of Damascus and half of Aleppo.Defending these cities and the populated coastal core of Syria however forced the Syrian army to withdraw from large areas of Syrian territory, most of them desert.
In 2013 the military balance shifted back to the Syrian government.
The US response was to try to use a chemical attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta as a pretext to bomb Syria. When that failed because of strong opposition from Russia and US public opinion it stepped up support for the insurgency.Weapons, money and fighters poured in, and over the course of 2014 the military balance shifted back to the rebels again. The main beneficiary was the organization that now calls itself the ISIL.
This began as the Iraqi branch of the global jihadi terrorist group Al-Qaeda. It took advantage of the vacuum created by the Syrian army’s withdrawal from Syria’s desert regions to expand into Syria and to establish itself there.

Artist DAVID DEES brilliantly captures the horrific treachery, treason, corruption, and mass-murderous tendencies of the "Democrat" party 'leaders' and their  Israel government
"will murder for money" racist, genocidal,  anti-humanity paymasters...