Wednesday, January 6, 2016

JUDAISM and Jews' HATE for humanity... distilled to a 40 minute video!

Today,  January 6th, 2016, we have a treat for our readers! 
A short, 40 minute video that captures the essence of
"massacre thy neighbors" Judaism in just the first 7 minutes of that video!

In particular, the BRUTALITY that king Sargon  (and other kings & would-be emperors)  exerted OVER ALL PEOPLES  within conquest distance of their armies in the region..., still today,  the fundamental essence of the Judeo,  jewish 
"CHOSEN"... "to CONQUER, ENSLAVE, & EXTERMINATE the 'goyim'..."

agenda that is driving the entire "modern" empire of  America, Western Europe (NATO)...  
Britain, France,  ISRAEL & their SAUDI, TURKEY,  QATAR (etc.) 
"ISIS" terrorism  mass-murderous hordes of  mercenary proxies 
(to global world nuclear annihilation) as we speak... 

The Kings: From Babylon to Baghdad 1

  In a recent article at VT,  JEWISH SUPREMACY & JUDEO-HATE  exposing Jewish born & raised writer Gilad Atzmon explained that Judaism is not really a SPIRITUAL system... nor is it even a BELIEF system...

     but that JUDAISM is a COMMAND system
an authoritarian set of rules 

whipped up by a ruthless elite with the purpose, with the intention of "tripping people up,"
designed to   "catch" people in shortcomings, in falling short.  
IF you are found to "have fallen short"  in ANY of the rituals, observances, stipulations, or other forms of rules... 

  _EXACTLY_ as  not only did Moses HAVE AN OLD MAN STONED TO DEATH for gathering fire-wood to light a fire to avoid freezing to death on a cold desert knight...

  but in another instance the bible reports that 2 HIGH PRIESTS 
(Aaron's grandsons?)  were INSTANTLY cremated,  BURNED ALIVE 
by a lightning-bolt from "G-O-D" for some failing or wrongdoing while they were on the high altar... among many, many examples of a brutal "g-o-d" and his brutal Judeo leaders 

MURDERING PEOPLE for the least of  offenses...  including, of course, 
the bible GLEEFULLY  reporting the Jews MASSACRING ENTIRE PEOPLES 
whose only offense was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... 
to possess lands  that the covetous, insanely jealous jews wanted to take for themselves.  

  This Jewish CONTEMPT for humanity  was of course repeated  when 
the  Catholic Inquisition degenerated to a ORGY of MURDER and TERROR that could have innocent  victims brutally & sadistically TORTURED & KILLED for the merest of infractions
- for merely not observing some saint's day - out of hundreds of saints! - 

 except that Judaism came long before Catholic Christianity... and the Jews, still stuck in their bronze-age fantasies of  world domination and world-view that viewed all other peoples as not even human
  are even more cruel, ruthless, and inhumane than the brutal Inquisters were, who were,  at least nominally, pledged to the notion that "all humans could confess their sins & seek salvation in Christ." 

Although this is map (from the video) is of  the ASSYRIAN empire at its height,
just shortly before Assyria itself was conquered and dismembered
by a huge coalition of  "multi-national" kingdoms and empires...
(including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Medes, and what was left of the Hittites)
 much of the core of this empire was based on that of  KING SARGON
from  nearly 1,000 years earlier
...  and is quite obviously
THE SAME TERRITORY that  mass-murderous, genocidal JEWS
COVET TODAY in their "GREATER ISRAEL" racist treachery & insanity.  

from the accomplishments of  imperial domains achieved 3,000 years ago,

 in the  history of  the Akkadians, Egyptians, Hittites, Babylonians, Medes, &  Persians.... 
but Jewish bible-writing scribes just up and STOLE 
"the baby placed in a basket  set adrift on the river" 
biblical story of  MOSES' alleged birth 
from the legend of  King Sargon's illegitimate birth by a Temple priestess
who was forced to set her baby adrift on the river...
1,000 years before Moses is alleged to have lived!   

"KINGS: From Babylon to Baghdad" 
(actually, "Kings from pre-Babylon Sumer & Akkad to the modern era") 
 is a fantastic video that captures and distills the essence of "modern" Judaism
 and of _all_ modern nation/state empires  on so many levels.

To begin with, the FIRST EMPIRE that KING SARGON conquered around 2,000 B.C. is still the prototype of all empires ever since
(with possible exception of China and "New World" Central & South  American empires).

 Geographically, the territories that Sargon captured are still the CORE of the lands that Jews demonically covet and lust after, 
as part of their "Greater Israel" blood-lust schemes, today.  
And the problems of empire:  supporting, supplying, controlling,  and feeding  voracious standing armies, in a vast sea of people who don't like bowing down to foreign overlords - 
  is still the central problem of  all empires that have existed ever since.
Sargon's armies (top) would  seize food to feed themselves...
by staging MASSACRES and RAIDS
 to STEAL grains from storehouses at each harvest season (bottom)
...from the peoples and cities within his own empire!
IF you weren't part of the army... or Sargon's Akkadian elite...
you, your family, and your community were S.O.L. !!!  

TODAY, if you aren't PART of  the JUDEO 'elites' - 

or one of their  armies of  hired thugs, toadies, & wealth-stealing commissars 

& apparatchiks -  you and your family are probably SOL, too! 
Heck, even if you ARE a member of the U.S. military in service to the Jew Mob's insane wars against humanity... you are STILL probably "S.O.L.," the first time you are ordered to "clear" a building that has been shelled to rubble by your own guns'  "DEPLETED URANIUM" ammunition... 
which you body will absorb the moment you enter the recently shelled & blasted "hot zone"  area (for a lifetime of health debilitation). 


a note about our sources:   Some of these short videos are fantastic sources of information.
  That's because a well produced history documentary often uses video interview clips from several,  three or four or more,  well known historians, usually from authors who have written books that have been well received within the field.  If you've spent a few years of your life writing a book about King Sargon, or on the "Mesopotamian" Sumerian kingdoms and city-states, you probably know something about the subject, and in a short video interview  (with decent editing) you will probably try to convey some of the info you consider most vital to the viewers....


   Two more videos detail 
how  THE ENTIRE  JEWISH Hebrew 'holy' bible narrative is SHEER MYTH and LIES:  

   how far, far far from the Jews under Moses & Joshua being feared as mighty warriors who had humiliated & defeated Pharaoh's army, which was allegedly drowned in the Red Sea during Pharaoh's  pursuit of  the fleeing Jews in the bible's  _fantasy_ "EXODUS" narrative
 in fact the EGYPTIANS  KEPT METICULOUS RECORDS of their armies...  
a good 300 or 400 years -   or  thousands of  years! - 
  _before_ the ALLEGED "Exodus" occurred! 
  - and the likelihood that the Egyptians  "forgot" to mention a huge war-tribe of Jews stomping through their territory is... zero, zip, NONE

 And even if  you (fantastically)  want to back-date Moses and "g-o-d's" 
alleged reign of terror against the Egyptians to before the time of  Thutmose III...
well, then you run in to the WELL DOCUMENTED histories of the  brother Pharaohs  Kamose & Ahmose... 
who fought a fierce war to LIBERATE EGYPT from HYKSOS, SEMITIC OVERLORDS, 
 which battles saw Kamose  and their father    Seqenenre Tao killed by the Hyksos invaders /  conquerors /  occupying overlords in approximately 1558!   

1558 -   Seqenenre Tao killed in battle OR  EXECUTED by HYKSOS, Semitic invaders
1539 - Seenenre's son AHMOSE  succeeds in destroying the Hyksos capital in Egypt... 
and driving the hated Hyksos survivors back to what is today  Syria-Palestine...
...where  the Jews would  originate a few centuries later! 

1482 B.C. -  Thutmose III defeated the Hittites in the great Battle of MEGIDO...
1274 - Ramses II at the Battle of Kadesh,  Ramses would rule for another 70 years...

meaning that   MOSES COULD NOT HAVE led "the Exodus" of Jews anytime before the 1,200 BC.... the ENTIRE  "EXODUS" bible story IS PURE FICTION!

  The ENTIRE 'holy' (sic) bible EXODUS narrative, 

   As is the bible's  JOSHUA'S CONQUEST of  the Canaan Valley "promised land" narrative
PURE MYTH,      pure Jewish LIES  made up by a small, minor tribe to justify in their own minds their imperial pretensions to be the supreme, ruling  empire of the region..

Proud Egyptians courageously fought to save their homelands
- here Thutmose III -  from FOREIGN CONQUERORS & rulers...
of the Egyptians attempts to paint ALL their accomplishments 

 MASS-MURDEROUS,  humanity-loathing 'bible' narrative!

TWICE bible patriarchs - both Abraham _and_  Jacob -
are said to have visited  and lived in Egypt...
NOT ONCE  do they mention the mighty pyramids!
A dagger - of extreme quality for the era, denoting it is quite probably authentic 
bears the name AHMOSE I on it - the dagger of   _the_ Pharaoh
 who EXPELLED the HYKSOS  _semitic_ conquerors from Egypt.
The JEWS CLAIM that 60,000 or  600,000 Jews fled Egypt
hundreds of years later during the "Exodus"..
 leaving not so much as a pottery-shard of evidence?!

based on JEALOUSY, ENVY,
what other peoples have created & accomplished! 

Battle of Kadesh: Ramses II vs the Hittites, 1274 B.C.  (screen capture) 

Battle of Kadesh: Ramses II vs the Hittites, 1274 B.C.  - 

EGYPT - Thutmose III fights Syrian rebel princes 
at the Battle of MEGIDO,  1,482 B.C....
    NO  sign of  any  "mighty, feared Jewish kingdoms" here...
   nor for hundreds of years before... or after !!