Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We present 3 of ALEX JONES' _BEST_ ever rants: "WHO it is running the ever METASTASIZING TERROR WARS," & WHO is running America in to the sewer of ECONOMIC SABOTAGE serial Financial RAPES; and WHO it is that lusts for RED TERROR mass-murder "depopulation" genocide...

Alex Jones'  best-ever rants:
We've listened to a lot of  Alex Jones videos over the years, and these 3 hands-down are the best:
in just over an hour of viewing, you will be "up to speed" as to just how perverted, sadistic, genocidal, mass-murderous, treacherous, treasonous, and downright insane "the ruling class elite" who run America, Europe, and the world are...
(The only thing left out is that almost _all_ of these WAR ON AMERICA and WAR ON HUMANITY _atrocities_ are SUPPORTED by  EVERY  jewish temple and Jewish community group (much less high-powered, billionaire funded Jewish lobby & interest groups!)  in America.... because,  cut through the centuries of  well-honed Judeo  deceit & cultural  facade of  blending in to their latest host  nation, tribe, kingdom, or empire,  JUDAISM is essentially about  KILLING  of non-Jews.)  

First,  in a short, 5 min. rant Alex Jones cuts through his own decades worth of  EQUIVOCATING and spills the beans on JUST WHO is RUNNING AMERICA'S WARS,
and who it is running the AMERICAN ECONOMY INTO THE SEWER with serial "INSIDER TRADING"  'legalized' FRAUDS and serial financial attacks; 
and who it is  rampping up the intentionally mass-murderous RED TERROR police-state  "terrorize, enslave, torture, humiliate,  torture, & exterminate the sub-humans"  dictatorship atrocities in America....
 note: while our 2nd video, "U.S. Secretary of State JOHN KERRY appears downright  SATANIC in Senate Hearings calling for the BOMBING of Syrians"  seems to be completely outrageous, unhinged,  over-the-top,  and completely "conspiracy theory"... it's actually our  THIRD video, a quite, calm, academic discussion with 'Neo-Con' INSIDER, HARVARD & U. Chicago professor Dr. Francis Boyle - groomed in the same academic system as HENRY KISSINGER and other uber high-ranking Neo-Cons -  that is far scarier, far more outlandish, far more horrifying, & far more "conspiracy theory"... pay attention to the names, dates, places and programs Dr. Boyle discusses... these are the people who want to kill you & your family, want to destroy your community, and who want to subjugate & destroy your nation...  

 Alex Jones finally exposes Zionist control over America:

Alex Jones:
 "U.S. Secretary of State JOHN KERRY is downright SATANIC"
 in Senate hearings in late 2013 where he called for open and unending powers  to BOMB SYRIANS...
 the same way the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz  Neo-Con 9-11 treason crew BOMBED  IRAQIS,
 turning Iraq  in to mass-murder nightmare catastrophe,
 and the same way NATO  BOMBED LIBYA in to mass-murder hell-hole..


Although discussed in a remarkably cool, calm,  and detached manner by the normally easily excitable Alex Jones, this interview with Harvard and U. Chicago PhD professor Dr. Francis Boyle is the most horrific, outlandish, horrifying information you will ever see or hear...
unless a global natural catastrophe arrives...

 Entering into The Age of Darkness with Dr. Francis Boyle


  bonus:  Catherine Austin Fitts - herself a very restrained, calm financial expert and former assistant-cabinet level U.S. government official   _confirms_ Dr. Francis Boyle's  above nightmare scenario:
   "WTO Policies being implemented [to choke and destroy economies and communities]... 
the rounding up of INNOCENT PEOPLE in American communities STUFFED IN to PRIVATIZED PRISONS...  food supply manipulation" [including intentionally poisonous foods and vaccines]..."
 [all mean that  the "elites" who run America are genocidal, mass-murder psychopaths;
 serial traitors,  economic saboteurs, and pathologically lying terrorists]