Wednesday, December 2, 2015


(editor's note:  This op/ed / analysis falls in to the "we'd rather not publish it" category - revealing a bit too much about our sources and the chain-of-events perhaps helps those who are perpetrating those  crimes against humanity to  isolate, neutralize, or eliminate the past obstructions to their vile plans,   in their next round of intentionally instigated mass-murder chaos, destruction-of-nations, and warmongering.  But unless the American and European publics WAKE UP to the TERRORISTS & TRAITORS and cannibal, carnivorous WAR PROFITEERING GHOULS  in their midst, we are all doomed anyways.  So here's giving thanks that we have AVERTED global extirpation - for the moment -  and here's hoping we all - those who are paying attention and those who are still clueless - continue to push back the forces of evil, treason, treachery, mass-murder, genocide, and  destruction-of-nations contempt & loathing for humanity...) 

Gordon Duff is the world's foremost journalist at the moment, hands down, bar none, and he is a living human treasure for having bought humanity a brief  moment of breathing space from WORLD WAR III  breaking out over these past few critical weeks.
  The vast majority of  Americans, Europeans, and even most of the most expert of journalists, reporters, and strategic analysts  are completely unawares of  how narrowly we humans dodged World War III breaking out this past month,  of course:  until a few weeks ago, SYRIA was about to be CRUSHED by a massive pincer of  fresh SAUDI & TURKEY supplied "ISIS" terrorists invading from the north, in coordination with ISRAEL,  U.S. (CIA), Jordan, and other freshly recruited and supplied terrorists attacking from the South, from Israel controlled territory in the Golan Heights and from Jordan, etc.  The Jew Nazi mass-murderous, genocidal Zio-Nazi pigs at The Jerusalem Post even published a (slightly) premature article gloating about their "ISIS"  Zio-Nazi proxy terrorist destruction of Syria, because  Jews believe that Abraham settled in Syria back some 4,000 odd years ago,  and that they are thus ENTITLED to MURDER ANYONE  to "ethnically cleanse" Syria and annex it on to Israhell.  

  Not only was Syria about to be  CRUSHED, DESTROYED - unleashing a wave of MILLIONS of terrified refugees and "sleeper cell" ISIS TERRORISTS   FLEEING TO EUROPE -
 - but the Jew-Nazi demonic traitors, the billionaires and their powerful multi-millionaire government & media whore apparatchiks running the U.S. & European governments,
   were having their NATO and U.S. military puppets and proxies
send CONVOYS of  combat ready U.S. and NATO MILITARY UNITS to  the Russian border in the Ukraine...  they, the billionaire Jew-Nazi financiers behind all this metastasizing global terror, mass-murder, and looming war with Russia, were positively giddy with Satanic delight, counting their soon-to-be-collected TRILLIONS of dollars in WAR PROFITS.
 (If the Iraq war cost the American taxpayers $3 trillion - that estimate now ramped-up to $5- or $7 trillion... just imagine how much it would cost us to try to destroy Russia and the Russian military! OUR "costs" of course are THEIR "profits"!!

Into this nightmare holocaust of  unfolding  Zio-Nazi instigated WAR against RUSSIA & IRAN following on the immediate and looming total destruction of Syria, the courageous Mr. Gordon Duff and the team from Veterans Today, including his fellow Senior Editor at VT Mr. Jim Dean were tireless in confronting the HORDES of ISIS TERRORISTS butchering their way through Syria...

   ...and more to the point, CONFRONTING  via good reporting and investigative journalism the NATIONS and GOVERNMENTS who were funding, supplying, training, recruiting, and supporting these WAVES of  demonic TERROR armies sweeping across Iraq, Syria 
(and Egypt, Africa, and elsewhere) 
- namely the SAUDIS, Qataris, Kuwaitis, TURKEY, and their ISRAEL, NATO,  and U.S. government puppet-masters!  
The VT  team flew to Iran, they flew right in to the war-zone of Syria - risking their lives - reporting on the waves of mass-murder terrorism engulfing Syria,
and exposing for all time just who it was behind 
     ISRAEL, the JEW WAR LOBBY, & all their legions of "undead" TRAITOR POLITICIANS and media-whores 
in U.S. and European capitols!     

by the terrorist-funding government perpetrators in America and Europe, by the media whores, and by the people of America and Europe, of course... 

   until, at the very last moment, as the SAUDIS & TURKS were COORDINATING their LAST-PUSH  invasion  DESTRUCTION of Syria plans with Israel,
the stream of REFUGEES from IRAQ & SYRIA risking their lives to get to Europe to escape the JEW INSTIGATED "ethnic cleansing" of Syria  TURNED IN TO A FLOOD - Europeans were OBLIVIOUS to the cost and consequence of the DESTRUCTION OF SYRIA until that moment!

 It was only at THAT MOMENT  that EUROPEANS WOKE UP to the fact that the United States "war on ISIS terrorism" in Syria WAS A SHAM!!  

The god-damned American officials WEREN'T FIGHTING 'isis' TERRORISM - THEY WERE THE TERRORISTS!  And they were UNLEASHING and prodding  WAVE upon WAVES of MILLIONS of terrified refugees IN TO EUROPE! 


   Into this brief moment of public lucidity and sanity RUSSIAN PRESIDENT  Vladimir Putin stepped in and SAVED EUROPE from a tide of  MILLIONS of terrified Syrian, Iraqi, and other Mideastern refugees - he committed the Russian air force to a MASSIVE  BOMBING CAMPAIGN that stunned the ISIS terrorists who had   PREVIOUSLY been PROTECTED by AMERICAN "drone" aircraft BOMBING SYRIAN ARMY and government (electric, water, transportation systems etc.) POSITIONS!!

   Well, all our above bloviating and explication just to set up our today's  news catch:

   the JEW NAZI TRAITOR PIGS in America and European capitols were FORCED TO BACK-PEDAL...  they were forced to distance themselves from their TERRORIST PROXY mass-murder armies.

 But that hardly means the insane Jew-Nazi warmongers have given up on their nightmare fantasy - so nearly achieved just a week or three ago - of the DESTRUCTION of Syria  and  WAR AGAINST RUSSIA.
   So we post Mr. Duff's latest ground-breaking reporting here:  The ZIO-NAZI controlled media is ACCUSING RUSSIA of BOMBING  "Doctors without Borders" HOSPITALS whenever it destroys an "ISIS" terrorist oil-stealing or weapons supply convoy! 

(and Syria, and Iran, and Palestinians... ANYONE who stands up them) 
 for decades now, and they aren't about to let something as simple as the TRUTH stop them.
Hell,  they - the U.S. & Europe corporate media whores - WHITEWASHED the INTENTIONAL U.S. BOMBING of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan OUT of the news.. and now they are simply FABRICATING the OPPOSITE tack,
ACCUSING RUSSIA of doing what the U.S. actually did!

    The one shortcoming of Mr. Duff's reporting and investigative journalism is that he still doesn't quite realize that  DESTRUCTION OF NATIONS  _is_ the  JEWISH IDEOLOGY: the more Jewish, "religious" you are, the more you believe the Hebrew bible is the absolute, divine word of  G-O-D.

     But the problem is that not only do fundamentalist Jews believe all this mass-murderous clap-trap... but so too do manipulated secular, "moderate," and even non-religious Jews in America (and Europe) now go along with and SUPPORT
(with votes and donations to the most radical of politicians, and with vapid, Zio-Nazi op-eds and commentaries)
   this insane "ALLIED with SAUDIS and AL QAEDA to TAKE OVER THE MIDDLE-EAST, DESTROY EUROPE & RUSSIA, and start World War III" insanity.

   Moreover, Judaism is not only a religious belief system, it is an ETHNIC and NATIONALISTIC identity: the more Jewish one becomes, the more they regard themselves as A NATION WITHIN a nation... as a NATION APART from their neighbors!

  This ethnic chauvinism (bordering on treason)  becomes even more ENTRENCHED when one realizes the PROFIT FACTOR:   since the Jew billionaires TOTALLY CONTROL the FLOW OF MONEY in America - from top to bottom, they are trying to have their government apparatchik whores MAKE US FILE STATEMENTS for withdrawing more than $5,000 lousy dollars from OUR OWN bank ACCOUNTS! -   SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE of  the ZIO-NAZI "nation within a nation" agenda is  very EXPENSIVE, while SWIMMING WITH the Zio-Nazis tide of  "a nation OVER AND ABOVE America"  is VERY, VERY PROFITABLE - just ask Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Dick Cheney,  Liz Cheney, the Bush family, the Clintons,  or anyone on Wall Street or in the orbit of the Obama White House!!

Gordon Duff:  MEDIA WHORES in England  _FABRICATE_a story of Russian or Syrian jets Bombing a Doctors-Without-Borders hospital... in order to CONTINUE the Zio-Nazi,  GENERATIONAL,  MASS-MURDER Judeo JIHAD AGAINST RUSSIA (Syria, Iran, & etc.) 


UK Guardian FABRICATES a Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombing story

Newspapers that published hoaxes like this used to be crucified...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today’s Guardian published one of the most blatant propaganda pieces we have seen in the past few weeks and, based on the deluge of insanity the press has been carrying of late, this is a broad but well considered statement.  We are talking about today’s supposed “barrel bombing,” and it is always “barrel bombs,” nobody uses planes or real bombs anymore, always at the heart of anti-Damascus propaganda.  What makes today’s story noteworthy is that we are finally forced to deal with an NGO that has long been one of the most powerful fronts, according to our sources, for worldwide organized crime.
We are talking about Doctor’s Without Borders, where local doctors from the US and around the world help the poor and disadvantaged.  None of those decent and often heroic volunteers is aware of the darker side.
We have long been asking ourselves, why is there an MSF or “Doctors Without Borders” makeshift hospital at every ISIS command center?  This isn’t a coincidence or simply altruistic “human shield” activity, it is something far darker with ties to the intelligence agencies and complicit governments that are ISIS.  We are talking about Turkey and Saudi Arabia which means we are really talking about Israel.
Following MSF in Iraq and Syria, nearly every American, Russian or Syrian air attack on an ISIS headquarters has managed to destroy some kind of clinic or hospital in stories that are always laundered through the same outlets, Reuters [owned by ZIO-NAZI arch-terrorists the ROTSCHILDS] being foremost.
The Guardian in their “front page expose” fails to give any source and uses an old stock photo furnished by the Syrian Army.  Their source,the unnamed human rights group is actually the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, a single individual, long debunked as a CIA front, a man who lives over a noodle shop in Coventry who simply makes it all up.... (continued) 

sources, citations:

SYRIA is the bible setting for not only the death and burial of  Abraham and Sarah... but of JACOB fleeing his brother ESAU into the arms of  his uncle Laban, and then, 20 or so years later, fleeing from Laban in Syria back to the lands now ruled by Essau (after their father Isaac died)!!
    (Typical Jew sniveling, wot?!) 

  It is because of bible verses like these that FUNDAMENTALIST JEWS believe they are ENTITLED to ANNEX SYRIA ON TO ISRAHELL... no matter how many people they kill, and no matter that millions of  terrified refugees fleeing their mass-murder "ethnic cleansing" will overwhelm Europe and destroy European civil society and social stability - WHILE the GOD-DAMNED JEWS in the corporate media  in America, Europe, Israel, & across the world  LECTURE OTHER NATIONS TO TAKE IN REFUGEES, while ISRAEL will never take a single refugee for the TERRORISM, MASS-MURDER and ETHNIC CLEANSING that THEY PERPETRATE!! 

 "destruction of nations without decency of declaring war" TREASONOUS agenda.

  ABRAHAM NEVER EXISTED,  MOSES  NEVER EXISTED,  ANY bible stories from before the time of  King Saul and King David are  MYTHS
(most of those myths STOLEN from the SUMERIANS, Babylonians, Akkadians, or Eygptians)
  so Jews who believe they have a right to HIRE TERRORISTS, MURDER PEOPLE and DESTROY NATIONS based on what they read in their bible and Talmud  ARE AS INSANE  and mass-murderous as  ADOLF HITLER making up the myth of "Aryan supremacy" to justify conquering Europe, Russia, and the world... 
and more to the point, the are  TRAITORS and civil society DESTROYING TERRORISTS in their own (current) 'home' countries, whether in the (late) "United" States or in Europe (Canada, Australia,etc.)  THOSE who DESTROY CIVIL SOCIETY, SABOTAGE economies by serial FRAUDS, and who SUBVERT national security by HIRING TERRORISTS should be REGARDED AS TRAITORS AND TERRORISTS themselves -  
 they should be dealt with as "extremists" in Jew-Nazi traitor hypocrite  Debbie Wasserman Schultz's quaint terminology...  
bible verse captures both fundamentalist Jews' insane self-righteous lust to DESTROY Syria (killing EVERYONE there) and  then to ANNEX Syria on to their infernal, "commanded by g-o-d  to destroy nations and rule the world" little demon Jew war state;  and as well contains an excellent example of  the glaring "ARCHAIC POLYTHEISM" that is  inherent in... is saturated, sprinkled, infested, embedded, and pervades Judaism any time you scratch the "one true god" surface...
(including of course that most demonic of themes.... HUMAN SACRIFICE:. what else would you expect from a tribal 'nation' of  millions of people who claim their are distinct from "others" and  who every single  year gather together to CELEBRATE the KILLINGS of  Egyptian boys, infants, and young men, the so-called "KILLING the FIRST BORN" plague of the evil bible's  Exodus story & PASSOVER _celebration_.
Genesis 31:19-20  19 Now Laban was gone to shear his sheep: and Rachel stole the teraphim that were her father's.20 And Jacob stole away unawares to Laban the SYRIAN, in that he told him not that he fled.

 If  you  dispute our contention that the Jewish, Hebrew bible just STOLE the myths, legends, and oral traditions from the people around them, and from the people who had come thousands of years before  Hebrew and Judaism even developed as a separate language and tribal identity (around 1,200 B.C., about the time that Pharaoh Ramses the Great battled the Hittites as the battle of Kadesh),
 pay notice to the first line (Genesis 31:19) in our above "LABAN the SYRIAN" quote:

RACHEL _stole_  her father's  (Laban's) TERAPHIM - quaintly translated as "images" in the King James version of the bible,    
         but more commonly known as  IDOLS!
This isn't just any woman in the bible.. this is RACHEL,  WIFE of JACOB and MOTHER of  JOSEPH!-    "JACOB" as in SYNONYMOUS with "ISRAEL" !! 
     Rachel is second only to SARAI ("Sarah")  in MATRIARCHAL IMPORTANCE to Jews - SHE is where JUDAISM SPLITS, her favored son JOSEPH from his  "non-Jew IDOLATOR" of  the brutish brother Esau  and Esau's damned and condemned (for NOT being Jewish!) tribe...


     This is just one of many glaring examples (if  you know where to look for them) of  ARCHAIC POLYTHEISM - aka IDOL WORSHIP by patriarch & matriarch Jew heroes & heroines -  in the "monotheist" Jewish bible!

The Jews who wrote the bible and who STOLE most of the myths, legends, customs, and oral traditions from the people around them and from the people who came before them,
   those PLAGIARIZED stories  incorporated in to the Hebrew  bible,
COULDN'T HELP but have a touch of  RESPECT for the GODS that suffused and surrounded their lives.. which is why ARCHAIC POLYTHEISM is so saturated in the Jewish bible.

  So IF you had a MAGIC TIME MACHINE and could go back in time and HELP THE JEWS  _EXTERMINATE_ all the "IDOLATERS" around them
(you know, that whole,  blood-drenched, "ordained by g-o-d  to CONQUER  the IDOLATERS in the promised land" bit that is the dark demonic core of every black little jewish heart)
    as they believe is they are commanded by g-o-d to do...

well, you'd HAVE TO ELIMINATE RACHEL and HER FAMILY... which would mean
  (if the bible's historical time-line were true and not entirely based on fiction) 
   that  THE ENTIRE TRIBE of JUDAISM would "poof" DISAPPEAR, vanish!!

wouldn't that be a shame!


IRAQ & Afghan wars COST US taxpayers $3 TRILLION... = ZIO-NAZI EXTORTION,
 where "WAR PROFITS" are the "modern" Jew financiers equivalent of the eternal, infernal SLAVE TRADE, where SLAVE CATCHERS got paid good money for all the "chattel" slaves they captured...
... after those who resisted in a village in Africa had been WIPED OUT, MURDERED, butchered, destroyed...  the survivors captured and treated as animals, as sub-humans, as property of the slave traders and their vile, evil financiers. 
 So it is today with EVELYN, JACOB, and David de Rotschild.... THEY SIT LIKE VAMPIRE DEMONS  COUNTING their BLOOD MONEY "profits"  as the stupified people of America and Europe  PAY BILLIONS (trillions) in TAXES to MURDER PEOPLE all over the world....

ROTHSCHILD (David de) BLAMES ASSAD for the clearly  JEWS Instigated
 'ISIS'  MASS MURDER terror bombing attack in France this past November!
At this point, YOU HAVE TO BE  REALLY, REALLY STUPID NOT to know that ISRAEL is the PRIME BENEFICIARY -  and PRIME INSTIGATOR - of all this "ISIS" terrorism - which means they (the entire Zio-Nazi Jew War lobby, both in America & Europe)  are  MASS-MURDEROUS TERRORISTS & TRAITORS !! 

  Gordon Duff himself reports on the grim, hard facts:  The U.S. GOVERNMENT, at the instigation of the INSANE TRAITOR JEWS  running America, HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING ISIS TERRORISTS such that the "terrorists" are not just a few "terror cells" running around planting bombs... they are well armed with sophisticated weapons including the latest U.S. anti-tank and ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILES, with huge bases and supply lines stretching deep in to TURKEY... and supported by BILLIONS of dollars from  SAUDI ARABIA, Qatar, the CIA, and other Jew-Nazi billionaire proxy terrorist funding fronts in the insane "CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS" where the JEW NAZIS have the CIA and NATO ALLIED WITH "ISIS"/al Qaeda/al Nusra TERRORISTS... to destroy NOT ONLY RUSSIA, but EUROPE AS WELL!

  Mr. Duff is ACCUSING NATO  HIGH COMMAND and POLITICIANS with BEING ACCOMPLICES to the TERRORIST DESTRUCTION of EUROPE!  And he has the horrifying FACTS, truth, logic and inescapable grim reality on his side!

Gordon Duff Exposes & Outlines the "U.S." government, CIA +  al Qaeda
 (= "ISIS," al Nusra", etc.) "ISLAMIC INVASION"  Terrorist WAR to DESTROY EUROPE - with the COLLABORATION of the TRAITORS in NATO High Command & NATO political offices, and with the BRIBED and TREASONOUS  COMPLICITY of  EVERY political ruling party in Europe!

 AQIS, al Qaeda in Syria, is primarily made of CIA recruited foreign fighters, flown into Turkey, trained by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and under continual logistical support from Erdogan’s Islamist regime in Ankara.

 ...Russia is really lying, it isn’t honest, bombing al Nusra and calling them “ISIS.”
Al Nusra is ten times worse than ISIS. With heavy artillery and mortars, an endless supply of ammunition from Turkey, truckloads of modern American arms, Stinger and TOW missiles, safe haven bases across Turkey and endless financing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, al Nusra has engaged in systematic slaughter of the Syrian people.
   Russia’s interest in al Nusra is based on their partnership, with the extremist groups in Ukraine. Al Nusra jihadists, up to 3000, are currently serving in Ukraine and are responsible for most of the violations of the Minsk peace accords. The Kiev regime has openly sided with al Qaeda and, in doing so, is benefiting from the CIA’s open coffers, containers of cash used to prop up the Kiev regime while buying the governments of Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan, all of whom have provided major home bases for al Qaeda terror groups aimed at Western Europe.    This is “Gladio Two.” All of the refugees moving toward Europe are from areas of Syria under combined Turkish – Al Nusra/al Qaeda control. Gladio Two is, we are told, tasked with exploding the Euro Zone and setting up rightist “neo-nationalist” governments across Europe. Then again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, does it?