Sunday, December 20, 2015

CHRISTMAS 2015: we Americans may yet *REJECT* the evil JEW BILLIONAIRES instigated, JEW WAR LOBBY + millions of government, finance, & press-media APPARATCHIKS SUPPORTED genocide extirpation Wars... AGAINST AMERICA & humanity... but TIME IS RUNNING OUT

"They" think that you are stupid... and "they" want to keep you, your family, your community, and your entire region & nation stupid: ignorant, clueless, uninformed, powerless, terrorized, traumatized, emotionally drained and too psychologically spent to resist their evil agenda... 
   ...exactly as slave owners -  INCLUDING JEWISH slave-owners in the antebellum South -  OUTLAWED teaching literacy to slaves, because they wanted the slaves to be ignorant, docile, servile, easily terrified, and uninformed.   

    The GREAT EVIL,  the GREAT SATANIC MAJESTY of "their" system today...

 is that tens upon hundreds of millions of Americans and Europeans are led and willingly  march to their own doom,  like sheep led to the slaughterhouse,  by a relentlessly lying corporate media propaganda system that is  so PERVASIVE, so omnipresent, so persuasive -

 - that 15 years after the 9-11 terror attacks destroyed the New York World Trade Center towers,  millions of Americans still believe the government's totally lying narrative that "fires from office furnishings" and gravity, alone,  turned  two 110 stories concrete and steel towers - among the strongest, most reinforced buildings ever built - in to dust.
 9-11 false-flag terrorism; FRANCE'S recent TERROR ATTACKS,
the NORWAY summer-school  massacre,   serial shooting-massacres in America; 
wars against Christians in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, the Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, & Africa...  
+ ECONOMIC DEBT SLAVERY wars against the people of cyprus, greece,
 iceland, portugal, (france, britain, america, etc. etc. etc. etc.)     
Pathocracy: the love of death, killing = infernal greed, sadistic hate,
 & insane destruction of their own ecosystem (habitat)...

Both presidents Wilson and President Kennedy spoke out against
the ruthless, sabotage treachery of  "the money power" financiers...
and both were assassinated (Wilson poisoned) shortly thereafter.  The "money power" billionaires claim to trace their lineage directly back to camel, sheep, & goat herders;

 slave-traders, merchants, and money-lenders who got their start in the  ancient Near East,
 between Egypt,  Babylon & other empires, some 30 centuries ago... 
 over twice as long as "Muslim slave traders" have been around... 

 we hope to examine the assassinations of American presidents in future posts, but here's a clue: 
 'some people' feel that they should be given "a FREE PASS" to OPENLY DISCUSS assassinating sitting U.S. presidents, today... even as they are so quick to
 LABEL other people as "extremists" aka "terrorists" !!!

 not in Syria, Iraq, or Libya,  but by JEWS in ISRAEL!   
 Supported by the U.S. Christian taxpayers funded evil, 
Israel, judeo-supremacist military.  Note the caption to the picture: 

"A JEWISH PRAYER calling for 
was painted on the wall of the terrorists destroyed church.
American Christians need to wake up to the notion that the ZIO-NAZIS

the hard-core Jew fundamentalists who run Israel _and_ the U.S.A. 
 consider CHRISTIANITY to be IDOLATRY... the equivalent of devil worship.  

The 9-11  terrorist attacks:
   by MOSSAD, 

is just an initial salvo of the  insane Jews'  increasingly "hot" judeo wars
 against those they perceive as "idolaters"...  =  AMERICAN CHRISTIANS !! 
(what we call "the Red Terror"  war against humanity,  has ancient judeo roots
"They" think you are stupid... and that you can be propagandized & mind-controlled to believe that "office fires" & the force of gravity alone 
would turn millions of tons of concrete & steel,  from 110 stories of some of the strongest buildings ever made...   
in to concrete dust.   
 Our below video-stills illustrate that turning concrete to dust could only happen from one cause

tons and tons and TONS of  very high-energy high-explosives placed in those buildings long before the 2 airliners impacted them. 

  (Those explosives set off by computer sequenced, radio-controlled detonation from the adjacent
 'Building 7' aka Salomon Bros. tower... which is why it had to be brought down, to hide the evidence.) 

 IF YOU WILLINGLY BELIEVE that "office fires" - the U.S. government's N.I.S.T.
National Institute of Standards   OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT STORY! -
or gravity (or even jet-fuel, most of which burned off quickly)
 could turn 110 stories of concrete and steel in to DUST,

then you are a MENTAL SLAVE... you are a "flat earther"; 
   you are a GOOSE-STEPPING slave-bot on the Rotschilds, Goddamn-Sachs 
"grow 'em, shear 'em, harness them, then slaughter 'em" 
sub-human oxen, sheep & cattle slave plantation.

The above pictured  evil Zio-Nazi Rotschilds rule at the apex of  humanity's current power structure:

WHAT GRATITUDE do they show the people of America & Britain for saving their lousy, "Great Depression" instigating, economic sabotage  parasite selves from the onslaught of Nazi Germany during World War II???

 ans. -  "Gratitude" is a concept foreign to these "chosen by g-o-d"  host-nations killing parasites:

their only 'gratitude'  is    SERIAL FINANCIAL ATTACKS & serial ECONOMIC CRASHES...    which have morphed in to serial "FALSE FLAG"  
on the American & British  (and French, & European)  publics...

 ...from the King David hotel bombing attack on British soldiers, officers, & civilians in Jerusalem in 1948;
  to the Israel air force attacks on the USS Liberty in 1967;
 to the WACO fbi/atf attack on peaceful American citizens, 
and the Oklahoma City Bombing,
 and then the 1993 bomb attack on the World Trade Center
(all 3 early in the Clinton administration - to destroy a genuinely "populist" presidency

 -the later  a "terrorist attack" THE NEW YORK TIMES OPENLY ADMITS
- to  the 9-11 terror attacks;

 to the intentionally botched bin Laden escape from Tora Bora;
to the intentionally botched Iraq occupation;
and serial "shooting massacres" IN AMERICA in this  Obama era...

  You have to give them demonic 'credit', THEY NEVER REST in their vile, evil agenda to START WARS, WRECK ECONOMIES, kill people, and to extort, ENSLAVE, & EXTERMINATE nations.
EVERY ONE of the above ATROCITIES and "terrorist attacks" _benefits_
 the  ZIO-NAZI,   jew-nazi agenda and their RED TERROR "internationalist" hijacking, 
takeover, and mass-murder (self-) destruction of these late, nearly great 'United' States of America....
those who wield the guns respond to their pay-masters... 

all this as the TREASONOUS MEDIA WHORES pimp their evil
Zio-Nazi, jew traitors' "OBEY, SLAVES!" agenda... 

TO BELIEVE the U.S. government's version of  the events of the 9-11 2001 terrorist attacks....
 you MUST believe that either AIRLINE FUEL fires, or "office furnishings fires", 
or the force of gravity
TURNED MILLIONS of TONS of CONCRETE in to DUST on 9-11 2001. 

   This simple conclusion is simply an IMPOSSIBILITY:  we all watched as the 2nd of  two   AIRLINERS IMPACTED the towers, the massive fuel stores exploding in those bright orange flames that horrified so many of us...
yet not even the floors in the immediate vicinity of those 
massive jet-fuel explosions  TURNED TO DUST.... 
much less the floors 70 stories below!  

    Yet a half hour later - as the OFFICE FIRES and JET FUEL fires were DYING DOWN...

as millions of tons of  concrete turned to DUST!

 9-11 massive explosions and bright orange flames  from airliner JET FUEL burning...
but  NO CONCRETE TURNING TO DUST... not during the jet-fuel explosions, 
not after the jet-fuel explosions
(see the black smoke pouring from an otherwise structurally intact  building, right image) 
 much less 2 dozen floors below!
 The notion that jet-fuel fires; office furnishing fires, or gravity

 would turn these 110 stories of massively reinforced concrete & steel building  
to DUST is a LIE
in pursuit of a TREASONOUS AGENDA,  
 who are  all IN LOCKSTEP
...and who control  the _entire_   'American' corporate media.
They should be regarded as liars & traitors in service of a foreign power, 

& dealt with as such


 -  the ONLY thing "Arabs" had to do with the attacks,  is  that some Arabs 
 who were  ON THE C.I.A. payroll as spies & double-agents  
  WERE SENT to where their CIA paymasters  TOLD THEM TO GO on 9-11

  providing the TRAITORS in the CIA, in the Cheney White House, and those traitors in the NORAD/Pentagon Chain-of-Command who were  involved in the TREASON/terror attacks 
with the PATSY  'suspects' aka   "PERPETRATORS" they needed to rattle the American public 
and  get THEIR AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ (Sudan, Libya, Syria, & Iran)
WARS going...  at AMERICAN VICTIMS &  American  taxpayers'  bloody expense.


 instructions:  COPY each of these below  .png  images into a folder on your  computer's desktop
(or elsewhere) in succession... then open that folder, click on the first image to view it;
 and then click the "next" arrow in rapid succession to go from one image to the next.
(or use your own "SNIPPING TOOL" or "PRINT SCREEN" tool to capture for yourself your own images from the above "9/11: Mysteries Demolition" video, about 2 images per second, or one every half-second.)

  AS YOU CLICK THROUGH these images (video snips),
you will see MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS BLASTING OUT from the side of the doomed building.

These are NOT  "office fires" or "jet fuel fires" or  the force of gravity and compressed air
  that are  TURNING THESE HUGE TOWERS in to fine particles of DUST...

   ...these are MASSIVE THERMITE EXPLOSIONS, tons and tons and tons of  THERMITE placed on unused floors of the WTC towers,  set to explode in rapid succession by remote, computerized, radio-signal controlled detonators.  

   What has stupified millions of Americans (including your crew here at TJW) for so many years is the WHITE-HOT FLAME of the thermite going off - there is little or no tell-tale black smoke of  more traditional military high-explosives, the flame burns so white hot that it  "DUSTIFIES"  the concrete, which hides most of the flames.
Oh... and, despite hearing about "Building 7" and the improbability that fires, alone, could demolish the towers over the years;   we - ALL Americans - have simply had a hard time wrapping our minds around the notion that anyone _could_ pack tons and tons and tons of explosives in the building...
 in a huge, massively staged operation that would be a TERRORIST WAR AGAINST US... perpetrated by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT and "allies", the massive cover-up in broad daylight in our very faces!  

  THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT should be REQUIRED to PROVE how  "compressed air", or the force of gravity, or "office fires"
could TURN THESE MILLIONS of TONS of concrete to dust...    
that has turned MILLIONS of Americans in to stupified,  expendable SLAVES 
on the evil, treacherous, treasonous, relentlessly lying, global eco-systems destroying (extirpation) Rotschilds plantation.

note the small horizontal line of red flames on the tower to the left:
according to NIST, the official U.S. government 9-11 story,
and according to every lying corporate whore media 'news' outlet in America....
those small, dying-out fire(s) CAUSED 110 stories of  massively reinforced
concrete & steel buildings  to turn to dust !! 
now watch, in the below sequence, the real cause 
of those mighty concrete & steel towers turning to dust:  
tons and tons and tons of extremely hot burning 'thermite' being detonated,
floor after floor after floor packed with tons of thermite,
set off in rapid succession to make it appear as one continuous demolition wave

We gratefully acknowledge the American native genius that produced so many excellent videos that have helped us deconstruct the ZIO-NAZI,  JEWISH TERROR ATTACKS against New York, against Washington  D.C.; against the American flying public;
and against our American sense of well-being & security on 9-11 2001...
 including the "9-11 Mysteries Demolitions" video we posted above, and including this meticulously researched video (below)  that exposes NIST's incredible, absurd, patently treasonous  lies about "office fires" causing the massive destruction and  "dustification" of  the WTC towers illustrated above -
  as always,  download and save these videos,  because
"they" are FRANTICALLY WORKING ON their NEXT 'false-flag'  mass-murder  TREASON-terror attacks against America, which they will use as an excuse to kill the internet...

 Who?  besides idiot puppet-president george W. bush and Dick Cheney,  is promoting the ridiculous idea that  president Bush "PROTECTED AMERICA"  before the deadly events of 9-11...

 when the  AL QAEDA BOMBING ATTACK on a U.S. warship, the USS Cole,
went unavenged for 11 long months;  from Oct. 2000 up to the terrorist attacks on 9-11?

 are the one pimping all these RIDICULOUS,  insane, treasonous, nation-killing lies...


JEWISH MEDIA WHORES at the Sulzberger  N.Y.  Slimes: 
"Journalism... or SOCIOPATHY"?!
Judaism, when unconstrained by the need to behave 
in a culture dominated by others,
reverts to schizophrenic, murderous, self-destructive INSANITY
as any examination of the stories of the bible, or 'reporting' & agenda of

As New Yorkers, they were BREATHING the TOXIC DUST of all that ASBESTOS, 
HUMAN FLESH, computers, and other incinerated or 'dustified' materials 
in the days and weeks after the  9-11 2001 terror attacks...  
but they enthusiastically pimp & promote every "U.S. government"
ZIO-NAZI  LIE about  the  _MOSSAD_ perpetrated   'event'
and were the world's LEAD hate-propaganda  MEGAPHONE 
in the mass-murderous U.S. lies-to  wars & invasions to follow!You don't even have to _wish_ "breathe toxic, contaminated air!"
on these stupid Zio-Nazi  nyt  traitor pigs: they willingly do so of their own accord!  
(because "chosen by g-o-d" means IMPERVIOUS to hazards that kill 'ordinary' humans?!!)
Donald Trump Continually Clubs Jeb Bush With Fact That George W. Bush Did NOT  Protect America On 9/11   
AUTHOR OCTOBER 17, 2015 1:02 PM   
 Jeb Bush still thinks his brother kept America safe even though 9/11 happened on his watch, so Donald Trump repeatedly clubbed him with the truth to make him get it through his thick skull.
The whole thing unfolded on Friday, when Donald Trump fired the first shot by reminding America that the September 11th attacks occurred on George W. Bush’s watch.“When you talk about George Bush, I mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time,” Trump toldBloomberg. “He was president, okay? Blame him, or don’t blame him, but he was president. The World Trade Center came down during his reign.”  Republicans, including Jeb Bush, pretend that Bush’s presidency began the day after 9/11 so they can claim that 'Bush kept America safe'.
And that’s exactly the bullshit that Jeb repeated on Twitter...
Trump then told Jeb why he is the one who is truly pathetic.  Again, Trump is hitting Jeb Bush with the absolute truth that Republicans have been in denial about for so long. George W. Bush ignored multiple warnings that terrorists led by Osama bin Laden intended to hijack planes and use them as weapons and that’s exactly what happened. Thus, George W. Bush did NOT keep America safe, and Jeb Bush should be ashamed of himself for trying to convince us otherwise. Donald Trump may an arrogant asshole who spews bullshit on a daily basis, but at least he is right about Jeb Bush being totally wrong about his brother’s record as president. 


whether we vote 'Republican' or 'Democrat' - we get politicians who answer to evil, greedy,
anti-American, anti-humanity, war-mongering, blood-thirsty jew billionaires:
here undisputed Rethuglican KING MAKER and sugar-daddy SHELDON ADELSON,
and just one of his many
'Democrat' WARS PIMPING, ZIO-NAZI EXTORTION demanding, 'israel first' jew-nazi billionaires partners-in-Zio-Nazi crimes -  HAIM SABAN... 

to which you could add GEORGE SOROS, RON PERLEMAN... and all of the Jew billionaires who PRETEND to support "liberal Democrat" causes but who are really JEW NAZIS,
genocidal ZIONISTS who WANT AMERICANS to BOMB & KILL MILLIONS of people for them...

even as they wage TERROR WAR and  government  "extort, enslave, exterminate" 
 'RED TERROR'  "democide" against Americans! 
All these Jew-Nazi billionaires swim in the fish-bowl 
of ROTSCHILDS controlled global fiat currency -
 the Rotschilds get a cut from virtually every dollar, euro, or other currency
 issued on planet earth today...
just imagine if you got 1/10th of a penny from EVERY DOLLAR in U.S. assets or circulation!


against PALESTINIAN  _CHRISTIANS_  (SYRIANS, Libyans, Iraqis, Egyptians, Africans, Pakistanis, Georgians, Ukrainians, Russians, & etc.) ..... and, increasingly, their genocidal wars & treachery to subvert & exterminate  EUROPEANS and AMERICANS are becoming ever more apparent...
JEWS, NOT "Muslim Terrorists" or "Palestinians", are the the ones 
by persuading STUPID, GULLIBLE Christians  
here in America
 that there IS NO SUCH THING as Palestinian or Arab Christians... 
even though the Syrian Orthodox church is the oldest Christian church in the world. 
GENOCIDAL RACISTS, and mass-murdering HATE-MONGERS... 
they MANIPULATE  hate-whipped AMERICANS  to be RACIST 
against Palestinians and other 'brown-skinned" victims across the world
 every single god-damned day...
EVEN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, with its above very misleading cover story, 
is PART OF the ZIO-NAZI, jewish RACISM, HATE, LIES, & mass-murder 
 evil,  government  wars-against-humanity propaganda machine.  

The evil Rotschilds master-plan: get Americans & Europeans 
to destroy every nation within 1,000 miles of  Israhell... 
then use the extorted wealth & treasure of the looted western nations
to FUND JEWS to move in to those blood-drenched,  jew-nazi
"ethnically cleansed" 

lands to start a JEWISH MASTER-RACE empire, stretching from not merely
 'the Nile to the Euphrates" as the jew bible EXPLICITLY instructs them; 

but from LIBYA to PERSIA to the Black Sea 
(encompassing the Ukraine... Europe, and Russia!) 
 that would rule occupied America & Europe even more ferociously than they do now...

(just as stupified Americans eat their TV dinners  while watching videos of
 billions of dollars of  
U.S. supplied fighter-jets BOMB HAPLESS CIVILIANS in Gaza... 
while our corporate media TELLS US that  "we & our government are bankrupt")   
Some of the jew-nazi ARCHITECTS of the JEWISH WARS to KILL & remove...
"ethnically cleanse" by GENOCIDE - _everyone_ between Libya & Persia, to include
Russia, Georgia, the Ukraine, and other parts of the former 'Soviet' Russian empire as well!
(upper left) 

surveys her "U.S." State Department  orchestrated UKRAINE COUP -
   the evil jews HATE UKRAINIANS as much as they hate Russians, if not more so!
So the bloody, murderous UKRAINE COUP is a  JEW-NAZI perpetrated, 

mass-murderous FARCE of anything having to do with 'democracy'... 

Just some of the 9-11 "Judeo WAR ON AMERICA" terrorist perpetrators... 

fiction vs fact: the government & corporate whore media whores  tell us
"19 Arab, Saudi & Yemeni hijackers" turned the 2 massively reinforced 
concrete & steel, 110 story World Trade Center towers to dust...
On the right side of the above image, the far more plausible perpetrators.
Once you realize that all they had to do was use "security" to close-off
 unused floors in the towers.. then those floors could be packed
with tons and tons and tons of high-explosives (thermite)
in rolling steel construction lockers or large garbage bins
late in the night when the buildings were unoccupied - simple! 

"UNDERESTIMATING YOUR ENEMY" is the cardinal sin in war...
and that includes underestimating the TREACHERY, FEROCITY, &
DETERMINATION to KILL YOU of your own erstwhile "allies"!! **

** exactly as the bible spells out MOSES ordering the MASSACRE & ANNIHILATION of the MIDIANITES - the tribe that had saved him from wandering in the desert when he fled Egypt, the tribe of his first wife, Zapporah... HIS ALLIES from BEFORE the Exodus to the moment he treacherously orders their MASSACRE!! "in the name of g-o-d" of course.

How the relentlessly lying corporate media whores WHITEWASHED
(lower row) behind a veil of front-men PUPPETS and  stooges!
Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi, Ashcroft, & Powell were selected 

could coordinate the U.S. government cover-up of the
MOSSAD TERRORISTS'  PLACEMENT of high-explosives in the WTC towers...

You may try to deny that JEWS are behind
...but you CAN NOT DENY that the JEWS and their 'U.S.' government, 
NATO,  E.U. & U.N. stooges  all SUPPORT
 MASS-MURDEROUS DICTATOR regimes all across the world including
 the SAUDI, KUWAIT, QATARI misogynistic head-chopping gulf oil despots

evil  jewess traitor SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN
 _SUPPORTS_ the 'ISIS' TERRORIST MASSACRES, rapes, mass-murders,
 and 'ethnic cleansing' terrorism against  CHRISTIANS in the Mideast... 
here a naked, helpless woman MURDERED by HAVING HER THROAT CUT
by Israel sponsored 'ISIS' terrorists so they can 'harvest' her organs - 
(Africa, Russia, the Ukraine...)  
and all other nations in the region, if non-jews are living there? 

the banality of evil: after a lifetime of  posing as "an American" 
(and a "liberal, progressive,  humanitarian Democrat" at that) -

(from her perch as CHAIR of the "U.S." Senate's INTEL committee) 
Zio-Nazi genocidal judeo supremacist mass-murdering traitor.

note the headline:  'ISIS' is a SAUDI... and CIA CREATED
create a racist judeo super-state empire from Africa to Europe & Russia

  - NOR do you EVER HEAR of  the U.S. government stooges, traitors, & toadies PROSECUTING ANYONE for  FUNDING "ISIS" terrorists... 

...because to do so,  competent prosecutors would have to put the ENTIRE  ISRAEL GOVERNMENT, MOSSAD, & military;  the entire treasonous US SENATE & CIA, and the top generals in the U.S. military,  NATO, & UN high commands in prison for life!


"PNAC" - the so-called "Project for a New AMERICAN Century" was actually 
an evil jew billionaires funded, jew apparatchik run JEWISH WAR LOBBY,
posing, _masquerading_ as an "American national security' organization. 

NOT ONE of the TRAITORS on this list DID ANYTHING to protect America from a known
 al Qaeda terrorist threat in the long summer of 2001
... indeed, all of these TRAITORS  ACTIVELY WORKED to WIPE OUT the memory 

of the al Qaeda TERRORIST ATTACK  on a U.S. Navy warship 
- the USS Cole bombed and nearly blown in two in a Yemen harbor in Oct. of 20001 - 
from American public consciousness in the following months leading up to Sept. 2001...

of America's genuine national security.  
'PNAC' signers:  cross out the NON-jews names on the 'PNAC' manifesto
("Statement of Principles" page)...

 and you are left with  JUDEO SUPREMACIST 
  a US national  security SABOTAGING, GENOCIDAL  jew war-lobby

below: The intended outcome of the above 'PNAC' mass-murderous  jew traitors'
 trash-talking so-called "American national security"  intentionally  lying  manifesto:
the DESTRUCTION of NATIONS in the Mideast
that would not only result in the premeditated, genocidal deaths of  millions of victims in the Mideast
 (here Kurdish refugee children killed as a result of  the above mass-murderous Jew traitors' schemes, manipulations, and U.S. 9/11 national security sabotaging  > 
> Afghan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, & other resulting wars) 

...but the penultimate,  intended destruction of  EUROPE  and EUROPEAN nations as well,
as MILLIONS of  terrified Mideastern refugees 
 - including  thousands of  'ISIS' Saudi recruited terrorists among them - 
flee to and swamp Europe...  
"Kurdish men carry the BODIES of CHILDREN who DIED 
 [KILLED by the EVIL JEW war-lobby's schemes to drag Americans in to killing

  ever more millions of human victims in the Mideast]  
after being driven from their homes with nothing to eat or drink."
[by ARMIES of ISRAEL & U.S.  JEWS'  INSTIGATED, SAUDI RECRUITED, CIA, NATO, TURKEY, Kuwait, Qatar, & etc. FUNDED, supplied, supported, & directed 'ISIS'  TERRORISTS]   


 American Analyst:
"The US government’s unconditional support for Israel despite alleged differences of opinion between the two sides is leading the world to believe that Tel Aviv has become the new capital of the United States, an American political analyst says."
 Naomi Klein:  Enough. It's time to BOYCOTT ISRAEL 

BIO-WAR ON THE CHEAP:  U.S. government 'leaders' and military INTENTIONALLY BOMB  water & electric plants in illegally bombed, U.S. targeted nations to KILL LARGE NUMBERS OF CIVILIANS... 

 US-Backed Opposition Official Calls for EXTERMINATION of Alawites in Syria
 December 7, 2015
 Part of Turkey's [ISRAELI JEWS, Saudis, +  U.S. govt. TRAITORS' directed]  war on Syrian Christians

 Israelis - jewish gangsters - behind the WAR on AMERICAN VETERANS
   (a verbatim repeat,  here in America,  of the 'Soviet' Communist leadership's frantic murder-war against RED ARMY officers and leaders - one of the very  first victim groups, after the 10 millions brutally killed Ukraine famine/terror purge 'holodomor' of 1930-32, of  Stalin & Kaganovich's Red Terror purges.)


The REAL TARGETS of the Feds - F.B.I., A.T.F. & militarized police premeditated mass-murderous, machine-gun assault on a peaceful (soon to be scapegoated)  American religious community "the Branch Davidians"  in Feb. 1993  were not  the victims in that religious community... 
the real target was to SMEAR, discredit,  and RUIN the incoming CLINTON,  Democratic, populist presidency!   

  A new president who has only been in office just over 5 weeks can't micro-manage every agency of the U.S. government... especially when that new president has had no prior experience as an official in the U.S. government.
This was an operation planned deep in the bowels of the 'Justice' department... 
by HOLDOVERS from the president George H.W. Bush (Sr.) administration; 
 what we call "government apparatchiks," career government bureaucrats like Michael Chertoff and Michael Mukasey, (et al) deeply buried in the U.S. government, especially in the Treasury or 'Justice' departments where they control powerful agencies like the ATF and FBI..

Newly elected President Bill Clinton was IMMEDIATELY TARNISHED 
by this mass-murderous fiasco... that WORKED PERFECTLY
from "the money power's" demonic perspective -  

  • killing and terrorizing people, 
  •  discrediting genuine democracy, 
  • getting even "liberals"  to reflexively support brutal government police/terror raids

        (against accused "violent, right-wing Religious fundamentalists")... 

...setting in motion an emotional climate where the Oklahoma City Bombing and 1993 World Trade Center bombings would seem to be "normal" in the context of  accused American or Muslim terrorists, respectively...

but step back and clear your head a moment... -  you can clearly see who was the beneficiary of all three of these  murderous attacks on American public safety and national sovereignty:

-those who stood to gain by destroying the genuinely populist Bill Clinton presidency;
- those who stood to gain by  instituting a permanent state of terror and dread, to justify a  PERMANENT  NATIONAL POLICE STATE to "protect us" - from the very "false flag" mass-murder terror attacks that they  instigate via their MOSSAD government terror-agency and its thousands of "cells" and double-agents infiltrated in to every 'extremist" group you can imagine!!
If "they" get their wish,  this brutal conflagration, the culmination of a murderous FBI, ATF raid on a peaceful American religious community in Feb. of 1993, will be but a preview of what millions of Americans are in store for -
- the Jewish bombings of Palestinian neighborhoods in Gaza brought home to America.
 The FBI & ATF raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas took place  mere weeks after
newly inaugurated President Bill Clinton took office...
and  would leave an immediate stain on his presidency,  ultimately leading millions of Americans to support
the Whitewater >"Monica" impeachment that allowed the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-CHERTOFF-MUKASEY-ZACKHEIM (et al) 'Neo-Con' Republican plot to steal the presidency in the stolen election of 2000.  
- WHO BENEFITED from this 'fiasco" that worked perfectly to smear the Clinton presidency?
- WHO BENEFITED from the equally murderous OKLAHOMA CITY federal building bombing?
- WHO BENEFITED from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing - a plot the JEWISH OWNED NEW YORK TIMES ADMITS was "set in motion by the F.B.I." but that blamed Muslims in the public mind?

- and WHO BENEFITED from the mass-murderous 9-11 treason/terror attacks - 

[American taxpayer extorted dollars - OUR 'costs' is THEIR PROFITS! ]

- WHO GOT THEIR WARS that they had been PUBLICLY AGITATING FOR from long BEFORE the 9-11 attacks gave them the convenient excuse they were craving to set U.S. wars in motion?

- WHO GOT the  POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP powers they so clearly lust after - 
right there in the pages of the demonic Hebrew, jewish 'holy' (sic) bible, where immediately upon his niece seducing the Persian King, the very next thing the King's new Jewish vizier Mordachai does is send out  PURGE LISTS,  DEATH LISTS, EXECUTION LISTS  demanding the executions and massacres of thousands of Persians...  
  -  they openly LUST AFTER  the power to  DECLARE OTHER PEOPLE
                to be "extremists" i.e. TERRORISTS... 
and then to  MURDER THEM by overwhelming  government force with no real  trial or legitimate defense -

   just as  cowardly government prosecutors got the accused Boston Marathon bombing suspect's
 'DEFENSE'  LAWYER to enter a "GUILTY" plea... with _NO_  real defense

    All "they" have to do is WHIP UP MASS-MURDER TERROR ATTACKS,  
parade nickle-and-dime PATSY SUSPECTS like Lee Harvey Oswald, Timmy McVeigh or Dzokhar Tsarnaev before kangaroo-court public spectacles....
 rinse, repeat,  America is now an occupied concentration camp...

  a giant DEATH CAMP just like Gaza & the West Bank...

and that's before the stolen (by israel)  nukes  &  CIA/AMRID bio-war plagues start going off...