Wednesday, November 18, 2015

YUKON JACK takes on GENOCIDAL JUDEO ZIONISM = Jewish TRIBAL GENOCIDAL IMPERIALISM at its root: the evil Jewish "Commanded by g-o-d to enslave the nations around you" bible...

As we begin our long journey into the discussion of the ORIGINS and DEVELOPMENT of  GENOCIDAL  JUDAISM as an ethnic identity and tribal strategy,  one thing is perfectly clear and indisputable:  
 IF you actually read, listen to, and highlight or QUOTE the words of  HARD-CORE,  FUNDAMENTALIST,  "true believer" JEWS...  THEY  will IMMEDIATELY ACCUSE YOU of being  'RACIST!"
i.e. of  being "anti-Semitic"!!    
...EVEN   as  THEIR  words of  HATE, VENOM, genocidal loathing, contempt, & blood-lust mass-murder RACISM against ALL OTHER RACES  & people STILL HANG IN THE AIR,  these (collectively) insane psychopaths ACCUSE YOU  of  being 'racist'! 
The TRAGEDY  &  TREASON  of  _AMERICA's_  "moderate," "liberal,"  "reform" and "non-practicing" Jews is that THEY have ALLOWED  it to GO THIS FAR:  you can NOT  observe  or   discuss _any_  issue about   life in America,  or about U.S.   policy on  _any_ topic - from Saturday morning cartoons, elementary school education, and the latest T.V. entertainment to high finance;   from local property rights to "national security issues"  
(meaning  ever-metastasizing STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM & ever expanding, industrialized mass-murder wars)  
     without coming to the horrible realization that  GENOCIDAL,   
has HIJACKED the _entire_ nation of the late "United States"!   

   Our own cops, judges, legislators, employers, educators,  military (and, heavens forbid, financiers)  REGARD _us_  as CANNON-FODDER at best...
  as VERMIN to be exterminated at worst. 

  You know -  
the moment  we can get away with it" 
Zio-Nazi Judeo-Supremacist RED TERROR (mass-murder genocide/extirpation purges)  agenda... 


at its roots:    the evil Hebrew 
"Commanded by g-o-d to enslave the nations around you"  'holy' (sic) bible. 

     JUDAISM is a tribal identity that has ALWAYS been about COVETING the wealth, land, knowledge, and accomplishments  of other peoplewith demonic blood-lust, cunning, rage, & fury:  
See how the evil Jewish bible tell us how first Abraham and then Jacob and all his sons (Joseph and his brothers) made the trek to EGYPT - SEEKING GREENER PASTURES - because THEIR OWN "g-o-d"  sent FAMINE and HARDSHIP in the lands they were forced to depart! 
  THIS is the _codification_,  the LITERARY  DISTILLATION,  the  ENCODING, the   computer-code (Hebrew text  narrative + relentlessly  authoritarian  & dictatorial command figures)  MIND-CONTROL programming   of  the bible's  awful imperative to (paraphrase)"SEEK OUT the WEALTH of  OTHER NATIONS...  and  in every manner possible, try to SEIZE that wealth for yourselves... and then  EXTERMINATE those who have created that wealth in the first place,  by condemning them to hell as 'idolators'!"   
More familiarly known as "MESSIANIC JUDIASM"  (which 2,000 years ago morphed in to messianic Christ-ianity). 
Actually,  the Jews were not the first to practice this ancient TRIBAL SURVIVAL STRATEGY - in fact, it was (and always had been) a quite common strategy of the ancient world,  when smart, savvy, and cunning but generally poor NOMADIC TRIBES  ENCOUNTERED the settled communities and stored wealth of  early towns and cities. 

   Nomadic peoples can only carry so much wealth along with them. As one of the Black (African-American) videos about "The ASIATIC [as in "Semitic"!] INVADERS of Egypt"  is quick to point out, the Semitic tribes were herders - nomads dependent on their flocks for survival.  
   Since hungry  herds of sheep, goats,  camels (& etc.)  will quickly consume all the vegetation around them in any in one spot, the herdsmen and their families must keep moving on to other areas that  haven't yet been browsed to the dirt if  they wants to keep their herds from starving.
(This also implies another constant social factor of ancient times:  turf wars _between_ and among nomadic herders and their tribes: if you were depending on one spot to sustain your flocks for the next few weeks, and arrive there only to discover that another clan's flocks are already grazing there - you must either fight, flight (leave immediately to find other, untouched grassland)...     ...or watch your herds starve and die before your eyes.)
(We will get back to the BIBLE's OWN DEPICTION of this BROTHER vs BROTHER CONFLICT over prime grazing lands in the future: just check out JACOB vs ESAU - "god" CREATES STRIFE _in_the-womb!   and JACOB (again! the same Jacob!)  vs. his own father-in-law Laban - Genesis 31:42 )
  So conflict between nomadic clans & tribes was one absolute, rock-bottom reality of the ancient world
 (more well known in modern American culture in terms of the wars between various American Indians plains tribes  fighting over "good hunting grounds" i.e. fertile buffalo grazing territory) 

 And the other absolute rock-bottom reality of the ancient world is that those who are driven to nomadic travel by custom, heritage, or lack of food and wealth will DESIRE TO TAKE  the wealth, and in particular the food, of any settlements or cities they come across in their hungry travels.

     ALL ancient towns and cities were FORTIFIED with WALLS, because the MOMENT YOU HAVE A FOOD SURPLUS - even if it is only enough to see your small clan or tribe through the coming winter -  there will be hungry people knocking on your door, desperately wanting food to keep their hungry tribe / families alive.   
 Indeed - in all objective 'fairness'  it is this compelling reality - that no matter HOW  MUCH FOOD you may have or how generous and compassionate you may try to be,  IF STARVING PEOPLE  HEAR that you are giving away free food... they will come from thousands of miles away to get it!  AS indeed the bible narrative tells us that  first Abraham AND later Jacob & his sons do!  
So JUDAISM plays BOTH SIDES  _against_everyone_else in  this ancient cruel reality:  THEY have a "G-O-D GIVEN RIGHT" to  TRAVEL THOUSANDS OF MILES to EAT FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S BREAD-BASKETS...  but   THE MOMENT THEY OBTAIN the POWER to  RESTRICT other peoples from eating of that same bread, the  evil, hyper-hypocritical Jewish bible COMMANDS Jews to DISPOSE OF - eliminate, EXTERMINATE, EXTIRPATE! - those "other" hungry mouths.
This artist's depiction of massive walls is based on stone ruins still in place... and illustrates the ferocity that defenders of early villages, towns, and cities could expect to contend with when well armed bandits, warring neighbors, nomadic warriors, or foreign armies came calling.  
 Note how the JEWISH BIBLE _minimizes_ the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of  pre-Jerusalem city dwellers:  the evil Jewish bible has almost nothing good to say about Egyptian civilization, relentlessly loathes & despises Babylonian culture and accomplishments...  
 and doesn't have much good to say about the city-states (Ur, Uruk, Nippur, etc.)  from the region (Sumer, i.e. "Mesopotamia")  that Abraham is alleged to have come from.

    While Abraham and his slaves were herding sheep and goats, the industrious townsmen of Los Millares, Ur, Nippur, Jericho,  and other early cities were mastering the arts of metallurgy, agriculture, pottery, sculpture, accounting, trade... and building great temple complexes that THE JEWS WOULD LATER COPY.. without giving a lick of credit!  

 Until the development of  settled towns and cities 5,000-10,000 years ago, 
(actually, all pre-agriculture people were nomadic:  all hunter-gatherers must move on to seek new food with the seasons, before the arrival of grain fields allowed the development of  settled cities)
  - and the Semites in particular, arising out of the HARSH & AUSTERE environs around the Arabian desert and in the sun-baked Euphrates alluvial plain to the north
 (present day Iraq - the Jewish bible claims Abraham came from the ancient Sumerian city of Ur)  

   ...the Semites have for dozens of centuries mastered both sides of the coin _both_ as settled farmers founding great cities (like Nineveh, Ur, Uruk, Babylon, & etc.) 
or  as wandering tribesmen - as Abraham and his flocks were
 (and today's Bedouin tribesmen still are)

    ...until, that is,  Abraham returned half-way to his 'homeland' (Ur) from his travels to EGYPT, and settled in (according to the bible) WHAT IS TODAY SYRIA - 

   hence the INSANE  fundamentalist JEWS in Israel  OPENLY IN-BED with AL QAEDA/ISIS TERRORISTS to DESTROY SYRIA
(so the insane jews can  ANNEX the rump, partitioned, divided, and smoking wasteland of Syria on to their infernal jew state, israhell)  
EVEN AS their  PUPPET, VASSAL COLONIES  "western civilized states"
 (NATO, other European nations, the USA, Canada, Australia, & etc.) 
ostensibly to kill the  "ISIS"  TERRORISTS but ACTUALLY  to BOMB THE SYRIAN ARMY so the Jews' Saudi recruited HIRED, proxy  TERRORISTS can DESTROY what they haven't yet destroyed  in SYRIA !! 


that ISRAEL, the "ISRAEL FIRST!" supporting world JEW diaspora

and their own (western)   governments and 'leaders' 
are all  IN BED WITH SAUDI FUNDED ISIS TERRORISTS ALL OVER the Mideast... and world! 
SERIAL  TRATIOR  "U.S." SENATOR JOHN McINSANE  POSES with KNOWN, CHRISTIANS KILLING "ISIS"  TERRORISTS in SYRIA.  The EVIL JEW BIBLE  tells us that  the JEWS SEDUCED & CORRUPTED the PERSIAN KING (with their Jewish concubine/spy Esther) - and as soon as the Jew manipulator
 MORDECHAI became VIZIER, or PRIME MINISTER of the Persian empire...
he immediately started  writing up MASS-MURDER  EXECUTION DECREES...

JEW  BILLIONAIRE TRAITORS: he will SUPPORT TERRORISM in THEIR SERVICE against ANY people (victims) on earth... including against STUPID, CLUELESS AMERICANS who have NO CLUE HOW MANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS the Jews / israel have STOLEN from U.S. arsenals, precisely because TRAITORS in the U.S. government like John McCain HELP HIDE those Judeo  THEFTS, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, & NUCLEAR TERRORISM  TREASON...   

Thus it is that the Hebrew identity and Jewish "faith" have ALWAYS been about  GENOCIDAL Judeo TRIBAL IMPERIALISM:  

the desire to seek, search-out,  covet, extort, & expropriate the wealth of others - and then to  EXTERMINATE THEM as ruthlessly as possible,
   to DECLARE all rival tribes, cities & nations  (and empires) to be 'IDOLATORS' 
(or in more recent centuries "TERRORISTS!" and "anti-Semites!") 
and then to murder men, women and children with no pity, mercy, sympathy, consolation, or remorse - just exactly as the Jewish bible, in the stolen "Noah's flood" narrative, claims that "g-o-d" killed with no mercy, remorse, or second thought MILLIONS of people who were alive before "the great flood."
(OSTENSIBLY this  GREAT mass-murder 'ClEANSING'  'Great Flood' was perpetrated by g-o-d to "CLEANSE humanity of SIN and CRIME" - but guess what!  WE'VE STILL got "sin" & "crime" running rampant in the world, and the JEW CRIMINAL SYNDICATES are the leading perpetrators of mass-murder and all other crimes in the world today! So "g-o-d" was a mass-homicidal FAILURE if the bible's "flood" story were to be taken literally.) 


  In the below actual text bible verse,  we see that  THE JEWS of the EXODUS under Moses were NOT the WEAK, WHIMPERING, FEARFUL SLAVES
that the  'modern' Judeo _narrative_  tries to project
(in interest of the powerful  "JEWS AS PERPETUAL VICTIMS who seek only justice" meme) 

  but that they**   BRAG about EXTORTING the CONQUERED  EGYPTIANS out of all their gold, silver, precious clothing...
(and, left unsaid,  FOOD, animals, and anything else of value that was portable!)
**(allegedly - the entire Moses 'Exodus' story is a myth based on legend, not historical fact) 

THE JEWISH BIBLE WRITERS   here in this  "unknown" bible verse ARE BRAGGING that they have EXTORTED the people and rulers - of the most powerful nation &  civilization that existed at the time -  out of  almost all of their wealth!
THIS IS  what Judaism is actually all about!!

Exodus 12:35-36 

35 And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses, and they borrowed [EXTORTED!]  from the Egyptians jewels of silver and jewels of gold and raiment.

36 And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent  [were FORCED to HAND OVER at sword-point] unto them such things as they required demanded. And  so they despoiled [PLUNDERED! PILLAGED! RAPED & RAVAGED!]  the Egyptians.
 And   just exactly as the Jews CLAIM that they EXTORTED  mighty Pharaoh and the Egyptian people in the above _bible_ quote,  so too the  evil Jew bible writers  STOLE  the "Noah's Flood" _myth_  from predecessor people's  myths and legends compiled in oral tradition and cuneiform writing OVER CENTURIES  _before_ the Jews EVEN ALLEGE that  Abraham existed
 (from the Sumerians, the Akkadians, and pre-Sumerian people such as the Ubaid culture - all of whom were at risk from massive river floods inundating and wiping out their towns and villages along the raging rivers) 

 ...only instead of  just one or a few  gods just CAPRICIOUSLY killing hapless humans out of contempt, and sadistic malevolence,

  the Jewish bible and Jewish g-o-d NOW BLAME THE VICTIMS of "the great flood"  for being mass-murdered!  


  The one issue, hidden in plain sight that proves all the above is that Jews have, indeed, been at the center of the Mediterranean SLAVE TRADE, and later world slave trade, for every century that they have been around.  At the very same time that they are WAILING about wrongs and atrocities perpetrated against them by other peoples,
they are relentlessly,  always  SCHEMING on HOW TO PROFIT FROM the CONQUEST & ENSLAVEMENT of other peoples! -
including selling slaves captured from both sides of the Islam vs Christians 10+ centuries of  wars for control of the Mediterranean.
    At the same time that "elite" Jews in the AMERICAN government, finance, press/media, academia, and other cultural institutions in America are lightning-quick to raise the "RACISM!"  accusation against White Americans 
(or for that matter minority Americans who know they will be the hardest hit by waves of tens of thousands of new immigrants) -  they not only support APARTHEID, SEGREGATION, and  the GENOCIDAL RACISM that DEFINES  the infernal Judeo supremacist state (israhell) -   but they are SUCH QUICK and FERVENT SUPPORTERS of the SAUDIS, Kuwaitis,  Qataris, and other misogynistic, despotic Arab oil despots, THAT THE AMERICAN  PUBLIC  is TOO STUPIFIED to understand that "LIBERATING"  IRAQ, LIBYA, and SYRIA means  TURNING THOSE NATIONS OVER to  DEMONIC  head-chopping sadistic medieval retreads!

  ALL YOU treasonous, lying  PIGS at "liberal" BROOKINGS INSTITUTE, PNAC, AIPAC, and all the other  JEW-STUFFED war-pig lobbies and sell-out universities,   why don't you  SEND YOUR WIVES & DAUGHTERS TO the SEX SLAVE TRADE in SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, & QATAR to "LIBERATE THEM" - you mass-murderous, hypocrite TRAITOR  FIENDS!

  The one thing that "CHRIST-IAN"  writers, scholars, and bible "experts" ALWAYS GET WRONG about Judaism is that they regard the GENOCIDAL, TREACHERY & BACKSTABBING tendencies of wealthy and powerful Jews as AN ABERRATION,

  as a DEVIATION or  FLAW in Jews reading of and practicing of the tenants of the Hebrew bible... including  German Protestant leader MARTIN LUTHER in the 16th century, or Dr. Franklin Pierce of today.  

 Although we regard the bible as A MYTH, a COMPILATION of FANTASIES and half-baked LIES -  half of which (the creation myth, the story of the Garden of Eden & the Fall;  Noah's ark, 'the Exodus' as national liberation movement; the "baby in a basket" origins of Moses, etc. etc. etc.) 
 were just blatantly STOLEN from the tribes, peoples in the region,  and empires that preceded them,

 on one thing the Jews in America and Israhell are absolutely correct:  THEIR BIBLE  _TELLS_ them to  WAGE  GENOCIDAL WAR,  by DECEIT, TREACHERY, and cunning; with HATE, LOATHING,  mass-murderous ruthlessness, and with "EXTERMINATE THE ENEMY"  intent & long-term strategy against EVERYONE around them!

 YUKON JACK takes on genocidal Jewish Zionism - bronze-age TRIBAL, GENOCIDAL Judeo IMPERIALISM - at its root: the evil Hebrew, Jewish Bible.      LIBERATE YOUR MIND from the awful "chosen by g-o-d to SLAUGHTER & ENSLAVE all (other/non-) humans!"
 demonic theme, meme, myth
... and blood-drenched, human-sacrifice (= "Satanic") ritual death-cult horrors  of  Zio-Nazi Judaism and nuclear war-mongering "Christ-ianity" alike! 

Those Christians & Muslims who worship the tribal god of Abraham and the Hebrew bible as the god of  _their_own_people_  are worshiping a deity 
who explicitly tells 'his' "chosen people," - - the Hebrews, Jews, 'Israel' -
 - to enslave and exterminate everyone around them.    The Hebrew god Yahweh is not only a COMPILATION of  all of the gods and goddesses of the region that preceded the development of Hebrew and the Israelite people by thousands of years (as the bible explicitly informs us ) (in particular Yahweh takes on the FERTILITY, motherhood, and nurturing powers that had always been associated with female goddesses for millennia before Judaism arrived on the scene)  
- but "YAHWEH"  is actually a VERBATIM COPY of those  ALL CONQUERING GODS of  those ancient Near East empires, in particular MARDUKE of  Babylon and ASHUR of  Assyria - whose empires the Jews, 2,500+ years later, are driving the entire human race to nuclear weapons annihilation in their demonic lust to copy & emulate...   

 It's a lot of hard work writing this blog:  in addition to keeping up with "the world strategic balance of power"   (what is usually called "foreign affairs" or "national security interests" but now means GLOBAL GENOCIDAL EXTORTION backed up by the hijacked, subservient, vassal colonies of  the USA, Britain, France, NATO, & etc.)
 we also try to keep up with the very best information by very best economic and financial  writers
 - the real stuff, not the Wall St. & press/media whores' concocted  daily lies and B.S. -
 as well as trying to keep up with all the various cultural themes, myths, memes,   ideas, ideologies and blatant propaganda  that drives 'our' various governments, government agencies, and quasi-governmental agencies* long-term and short term agendas & policies.
 * (banks! war lobbies! corporate patent  & copyright bureacuracies! medical, food, retail, entertainment, & other industries)
  As historian video producer Michael Wood explains in his brilliant
  "Legacy: the Origins of Civilization" series
  (The New World, Maya & Aztec episode - discussing the brutal, massive, ritual sacrifice massacres of the 16th century Aztec  empire)


 - and Mr. Wood also informs us, perhaps astonishingly to those who don't realize it,
that ALL public, government EXECUTIONS  are a form of  RITUAL SACRIFICE:

even the execution of condemned killers who would undoubtedly kill again if set free
are a form of "public sacrifice,"  one person's life sacrificed as a de facto offering
 "to the public good" or to "the continuance of social harmony &  order"  (etc.).

 The Aztecs, Mr. Wood tells us in his understated style,  were different from every other society only in the scale and macabre ritual glorification of their massacres
 (of thousands of victims during a single day).  
  Sad to say, reflection on, or absorption of this concept
- that human lives killed by human hands are ultimately
 a form of sacrifice to some persons or  to some other being's benefit -

reveals that if the NOAHIDE, or ABRAHAMIC GOD of  Christian, Islamic & Jewish faiths were indeed the ultimate god, "creator of the universe" as all three of those religions demand their believers believe,    then "he"  DEMANDS HUMAN SACRIFICE - the killings by human hands on a scale,  or  in total numbers of people (victims) killed,
 that eclipse even the Aztec's bloody record,  by orders of magnitude.
 (Tens of millions killed in "democide" murder-by-governments over past 2 or 3  centuries, most often by 'modern' technology armed western nations,  vs. tens of thousands killed by Aztec sacrifice rituals and war conquests leading up to their fall in the 16th century.)
Could it be?  Could 25+ centuries of JEWISH SCHOLARS and 'leaders' POSTURING about "the evils of  human sacrifice - and  how evil other,  vile, pretender,  & idolatrous  other gods were - actually be a form of cover, deception, deceit, a thin veneer to actually WORSHIP THOSE  very same demonic, blood-sacrifice & HUMAN SACRIFICE demanding demon deities?!
Is YAHWEH not only the COMPILATION of the POWERS of ALL OTHER gods & goddesses...
but does hard-core fundamentalist worship of Yahweh still DEMAND bloody HUMAN SACRIFICE, whether as state policy or in secret, Satanic rituals today?

Well, that is certainly what King Philip IV of France accused the Knights Templars of  in 1307 when he had them summarily arrested, tortured, and  burned alive by the (Catholic) Church Inquisition! 
And for the past  FIVE DECADES - a full half-century! - after the end of World War II, 

AMERICAN JEWS  have _WAILED!_ about how evil & awful the GESTAPO, SS, and other ruthless NAZI atrocities-perpetrating authorities were
(not to mention how evil the Communists, the Inquistion, the Pogroms, &  etc. were!) 

but lo & behold!

   TODAY,  JEWS in America, Israhell & Europe  - GOOSE-STEPPING to  "Republican" MICHAEL CHERTOFF and "Democrat" JANE HARMON, JOE LIEBERMAN, CASS SUNSTEIN policies alike.... JUST BLATANTLY APE  every one of those atrocities perpetrating, NAZI, Communist, Inquisition, police-state terrorism extortion, murder, & "enforcement" powers!  

At a more removed, impersonal, academic level,  
(honest & competent) bible scholars and historians will tell you that he Hebrew, Jewish 'holy' (sic)  bible is SATURATED, loaded, packed with - infested with! -    references to PRE-MONOTHEIST Judaism - 

that is,  ECHOES of  IDOLATRY (worship of idols), fertility cults, & goddess-worship, PAGANISM,   ARCHAIC  polytheism -   the  worship of many gods - 
    _abounds_  AMONG JEWS,  throughout the pages of the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament)!!
  and the THEME of HUMAN SACRIFICE is also a  recurrent and explicitly discussed theme as well.

 THIS is the BRONZE-AGE genocidal, conquest by war & brutality ideology that is DRIVING AMERICA & EUROPE to the  cataclysm of  global NUCLEAR WAR, today! 
    to satisfy the demonic, blood-lusting Jew billionaires and their goose-stepping, treacherous,  genocidal, "slaughter thy neighbors"  fellow Judeo Supremacist tribe members appetite for conquest, enslavement, and extermination of _all_ their neighbors,  today...

  Let's step back from our brief look at the worship of  MOLOK and other human sacrifice gods for a moment:
could it be possible that CHRISTIANITY is a form of  Bronze-Age pagan
 +  Judeo 
with an ideological/theological  focus on

(Especially if they can be goaded to WAGE GENOCIDAL WAR against "enemies")

That idea - that CHRISTIANITY is a FORM OF MIND-CONTROL  _developed_ by powerful state (imperial) authorities 
 -  is precisely the theory formed by the very academic & well researched historians and religion experts who developed "the Flavian Thesis" -   that the worship of  Jesus as a RELIGIOUS CULT SPIN-OFF of JUDAISM was designed, intentionally fabricated, and initiated by ROMAN EMPERORS to create a more PASSIVE CULT of JUDAISM,
(in order to bleed off support from Jewish zealots who  were whipping their followers to suicidal attacks on the Roman occupation, even though those revolts were always defeated, they cost thousands of Roman soldiers every time.)  
  (The heavens willing and the creek don't rise, we will discuss "the FLAVIAN THESIS" - that JESUS as a real historical person  NEVER EXISTED and that Christianity was designed and implemented by very literate Roman empire authorities (as opposed to Christ's alleged fishermen poor, working-stiff disciples) under the Flavian Caesars to bleed off  Jewish support from Messianic revolt - more fully soon.) 

Those who ADVOCATE the MURDERS of MILLIONS _should_ be regarded as "the enemy amongst us" -  because  G-O-D  needs NO HELP  KILLING millions (billions!) of people..
and those who PRAY for "END TIMES" because they HATE their fellow humans are CRYBABIES who want to piss in the (global ecosystem) punch-bowl because they can't be LORD & MASTER SLAVE-OWNERS of everyone else around them....

"Yukon Jack" may be a "a white racist" writer...  but HE DOESN'T ADVOCATE the BOMBING and MASS-MURDERS by hired, instigated 'ISIS' proxy terrorist armies  of  SYRIANS, IRAQIS, LIBYANS, Iranians, Russians, Ukrainians, and everyone else as the RACIST, GENOCIDAL  Zio-Nazi Jews and their  stupid CHRIST-IAN COLLABORATORS do!! 
illustrations:  Top:  Jews in _both_ parties WORK TOGETHER: to CREATE a  RED TERROR  mass-murder by government apparatus to KILL MILLIONS of Americans - ANYONE _they_ LABEL "a terrorist"!

the millions of Americans who perished of stress, exposure, disease, lack of health care, and from malnutrition & other STARVATION & FAMINE related causes....
AS the Jew billionaires got their puppet President (FDR) and INSTALLED JEW TREASURY SECRETARY  Henry Morgenthau to DESTROY MILLIONS OF TONS of AMERICAN FOOD STOCKS.... AS  AMERICANS WENT HUNGRY (or DIED from lack of food & shelter!)

  Americans had it lucky: "ONLY"  EIGHT MILLION AMERICANS  DIED during the JEW BILLIONAIRE  INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED  "Great Depression"...
   At the same time tens of millions of Americans were wondering where their next meal was coming from,   TENS OF MILLIONS of Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Poles, Belorussians,
Kazakhs, and other nationalities (even Mongols!) were dreading the "MIDNIGHT KNOCK ON THE DOOR" - the TROTSKY, DZERZINSKI,  KAGANOVICH,  YEZHOV, YAGODA led RED TERROR  summary warrants to be SHOT ON THE SPOT, or be forced to watch your family be RAPED & TORTURED, or be led to the DEATH CAMP GULAGS to be worked to death..

  note how the INSANE  JEWS   only defense to NAMING THE (mostly Jewish!)  COMMISSARS who RAN THE 40 millions killed "RED TERROR"   is that  "it happened so long ago, it would be divisive to bring it up" - these are the same people,  JEWS, who NOT ONLY are STILL SUING GERMANY for  BILLIONS of dollars of "HOLOCAUST REPARATIONS"  EXTORTION... but who STILL LECTURE THEIR CHILDREN on the "need" to EXTERMINATE THE AMALAKITES,  allegedly from the Bible 'Exodus' period !!

 (Youtube: Bolshevism = 'Communism' = pretend aetheist and 'multicultural' GENOCIDAL, terrorism & mass-murder based GENOCIDAL JUDEO SUPREMACY, which at its even deeper, darker psychic core is simply a regurgitation of the bronze-age HUMAN SACRIFICE cults that came before it, for example the worship of MOLOK.  Even though the racist, hateful, and relentlessly warmongering Judeo tribal g-o-d "Yahweh"  APPEARS to CONDEMN the ritual human sacrifice of those who worship Molok, Baal, and others....  in actual cold, cruel reality,  in codifying and institutionalizing their attemp to  extort, enslave, and exterminate all of their neighbors and local and regional rivals (and even,  ultimately, as yet unknown, potential, future  rivals)  the JUDEO YAHWEH CULT is a DEATH CULT to make the bronze-age Philistines, Baal worshipers, and Molok worshipers look tame and restrained by comparison!