Friday, October 30, 2015

JEWISH WAILING is Deeply Rooted in the Hebrew, "holy" (sic) bible... and is seen by Jews as LICENSE to Commit MURDER and to PERPETRATE ATROCITIES against their neighbors....

Jews WAIL about wrongs perpetrated against them.... even as they WAGE PERSISTENT HATE and perpetrate violence, theft, mass-murder genocide, and atrocities against all their neighbors!
As this excellent below VT illustration captures so dramatically. 

Unfortunately, HATE, contempt, and loathing for "others" is not 
a "MODERN"  anomaly or perversion of ancient Judaism:
           HATE, JEALOUSY, LOATHING, CONTEMPT, and a relentless
"g-o-d" ordained drive to EXTORT, ENSLAVE, and EXTERMINATE 'others'
 IS the DRIVING FORCE behind Judaism... and always has been!

As we will attempt to explain citing bible quotes in upcoming posts...
This black art of  propaganda manipulation is actually deeply rooted in the Hebrew, jewish "holy" (sic) bible... and in fact this "propaganda black art" is based on myths, legends, and oral stories the Jewish 'elites' who wrote the bible
(Old Testament: books of Moses + later chapters) during the "Babylonian captivity" ("exile" or "enslavement")  and who later wrote the Talmud JUST BLATANTLY STOLE from their neighboring tribes, races, kingdoms, and overshadowing empires...
   but the Judeo elites TWISTED and PERVERTED those stories, myths, and legends that originated with other peoples to concoct a new religion, based NOT on "worship of  g-o-d"
but on the ABJECT HATE of all around them.

 Unfortunately,  V.T. columnist Preston James is diametrically wrong in his analysis of  this Jewish world view and propaganda narrative black-art:  Mr. James attributes this worldview, this narrative,
this hate for others as a "Khazarian mafia" PERVERSION of  original Judaism and the "worship of the one true god"   
   -  but in fact not only is HATE for others specifically encoded - larded! saturated! infested! - throughout the original pages of the Hebrew,  Judeo "holy" (sic) bible.... but it - this HATRED, this LOATHING, this contempt and relentless scheming against "others" IS THE CORE concept and driving force of Judaism - of  the Hebrew, Jewish,  Judeo 'holy' (sic) bible - as we will attempt to explain in our next posts.


 SUCCESSFUL in their almost  single-handed SUPPORT for  puppet president George W. Bush's plans to bomb, invade, & occupy Iraq in the "U.S." war against Iraq that started in 2003,
    JEWS in America are trying to have their cake & eat it too:   THROW THEIR WEIGHT AROUND  inciting and instigating EVER MORE WARS (and outright terrorism!)  

....while trying to DISTANCE THEMSELVES from all the catastrophes, calamities, ATROCITIES, and GENOCIDE that _THEY_ are INSTIGATING & PERPETRATING!!

  This is an INSANE way to run foreign policy (ever metastasizing wars & terrorism!)  in a "modern" powerful and complex nation with global trade and "security" ties  like the U.S.A. -

 -  but there you have it,  the Jews WAIL about IRAN's  alleged nuclear weapons program... even as they INSIST, DEMAND, and WAIL that  THEY have a right to build and maintain a nuclear weapons stockpile beyond supervision or inspection by other nations!!

   And this (nuclear weapons proliferation & regional nuclear extortion) particular flavor of  'modern' Judeo HYPOCRITE INSANITY is TAME compared to the insane Jews just OPENLY  FUNDING TERRORISTS
to take down nations -  LIBYA, IRAQ, SYRIA,  UKRAINE -
   while HIDING behind their PROXIES like TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA, NATO, and U.S. government apparatchiks!
    - even as THEY TELL US AMERICANS that
  _we_  must   "give up our rights, liberties, freedoms & privacy in the  War on Terra"!

comments by John Mearsheimer

[the INSANE,  BLOODTHIRSTY, genocidal, WARMONGERING,  "ISRAEL UBER americka"  JEW LOBBY in Amerika deserves "credit" for the IRAQ WAR !!]

  Iraq, the Neocons and the Israel Lobby - John Mearsheimer 

RATIONAL behind their madness:
   As Jews infiltrate a new host-nation, they first keep a low profile as they expand their networks of business (work),  trade, finance, and dealings with both ordinary people and with  officials in that host nation.... all the while subtly but relentlessly
PROJECTING an image of  DOWNTRODDEN, ABUSED,  INNOCENT jews fleeing abuses and atrocities from evil, bad people elsewhere.
     But over several  generations these Jewish immigrants and their children amass wealth, influence, connections, and political power...
and are able to train and educate their children as a white collar elite.

Eventually comes a time when....  JEWISH WHITE COLLAR "elites" are suddenly MORE INFLUENTIAL and powerful than the entire working class population of the host nation!  

  This is especially true today:  in America JEWISH LAWYERS, JEWISH FINANCIERS, and Jewish press/media types abjectly DOMINATE  those entire professional sectors of  'American' society and academia - imparting a VERY JUDEO SUPREMACIST FLAVOR on what were once "American" social themes -
and even in homogeneous nations like Sweden and Italy the power of "International Jewery" is so forceful and pervasive,  so overwhelming,  that politicians are routinely bribed & extorted to pass legislation harmful to that nation's populace...
with barely a murmur of protest from the people, their 'leaders' or their press/media...

by GILAD ATZMON, vt  Oct. 28, 2015 

The following is the first part of a seminar I gave in Gothenburg, Sweden (October 18) . In the early part of the day I elaborated on the Bell Curve – I spoke about the dominance of Jewish elite in the west, cognitive partitioning and the destruction of the working people.....


   ....FOR EUROPE and Europeans!
 but  the same "multicultural Europe" promoting hypocrite jews
             PIMP & demand  RACE 'PURITY'

 Note how in the below video the narrator explains that  JEWISH "multiculturalist" Barbara Lerner Spectre   HAS OBTAINED SWEDISH GOVERNMENT FUNDS to operate this JEWISH activist group.
DIABOLICAL jewess Barbara Spectre PIMPS 'tolerance' for Jews  and immigrants in EUROPE... even AS  she SUPPORTS   JEWS WAGING  GENOCIDE WAR vs SYRIANS
by hiring and directing SAUDI, TURKEY,  NATO (& etc.) FUNDED TERRORISTS to KILL CHRISTIANS, Kurds, Druze, Shia, Alawites, and all other minorities  in Syria...!!
(and across the Mideast, North Africa, Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, into Russia & the Ukraine, & etc.) 

This is a very ancient pattern of  JEWS WAILING
 about wrongs against them...
EVEN AS THEY  OPENLY or subtly  PERPETRATE GENOCIDE against ANYONE they can get away with it!  

  CONTROLLING a target nation (or empire's) WEALTH, RESOURCES and manpower (labor) is what biblical  JUDEO IMPERIALISM is all about...  
   and  JEWISH WAILING about "wrongs against them" is a clever way to obtain
 CONTROL over a target nation's wealth and funding -  without having to fight them overtly!


  IF you believe that  David Duke's above well produced and investigated video should be denied, disavowed, disregarded, disapproved off  simply because Mr. Duke is a "white racist"... 

   well,  what would you say if you found out that

_another_     JUDEO SUPREMACISTS racist, segregated, 
apartheid JUDEO SUPREMACIST state.... 

presumably by "CLEANSING",  displacing, removing, or otherwise 
  overruling the UKRAINIAN people  who live there now?!

 Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine

   WAILING about RACISM, violence, and wrongs perpetrated against them...


    SCHEMING to PERPETRATE GENOCIDE against ANYONE and any nation that they can get away with it...

  _is_  the Zio-Nazi,  JUDEO SUPREMACIST,
jewish imperialist agenda, 

Paul Wolfowitz - "brilliant" jew "national security" apparatchik who conveniently'
"FORGOT ABOUT al Qaeda terrorists BOMBING A U.S. NAVY WARSHIP in Oct. of 2000

  would go on - after  the 9-11 TREASON/terror attacks -
 to be "THE ARCHITECT" of the* 
U.S. IRAQ WAR in 2003.
*(fouled-up, bloody, mass-murderous, genocidal)
says Mr. Wolfowitz's own jewish co-nationals at the JEWISH OWNED 
BLOOMBERG zio-nazi propaganda outlet masquerading as "news" ! 

  ...and has been ever since Judaism was codified
  (during the Babylonian Captivity around 587 B.C.)
 and ever since the Jewish race/faith/tribe started to distinguish itself from its neighbors,
   (starting around 1,000 B.C.)
by using myths, legends, themes, oral stories, and traditions  they JUST BLATANTLY STOLE, usurped, copied, plagiarized,  lifted & swiped from the people around them
       and from  the cultures that came long before...