Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The ROOTS of the 'Neo-Con' usg "GLOBALISTS" international financiers & JUDEO NAZIS' WAR on HUMANITY are actually quite simple: the ancient impulse of 'elites' to ENSLAVE everyone around them... and to ENFORCE their 'chosen', 'elite' status BY USE of SPYING, VIOLENCE... & TERROR

 This is a preview of our next upcoming post, which we  have split in two to make it simpler.
Joseph Atwill:
 by  ROMAN EMPERORS  in the 5th decade C.E.  
to PACIFY  fervent, rebellious, militantly violent and Messianic "END TIME" _Jews_? 

 Joseph Atwill:  "I think that unless there is a change in the political structure,
citizens will be exterminated."
   (at 1:06:02)
The insightful and well researched historian Mr. Atwill is addressing _current_  politics and "world affairs' 
 (aka "international relations" or "the global strategic balance of power" aka "the global war on humanity by the anglo/euro/amero/judeo war machine) in his comment.
  We look forward to outlining the "Caesar's Messiah: The ROMAN CONSPIRACY to INVENT JESUS" documentary video &  theory in future posts:  that the Flavian emperors used Jewish-Roman 'turncoat' historian Josephus and other (Roman controlled) Jewish scribes & scholars to fashion a messianic religion, or cult, that paralleled the (Flavian) Roman conquest of Jerusalem  (and portrayed Christ in a PRO-CAESAR manner)  as a means of attracting support to Roman rule, and as a means of drawing off virulent Jewish support from other fervent, suicidally militant jewish messianic cults that were costing the Romans thousands of soldiers lives putting down every rebellion.

Those of us who are paying attention are amazed - are captured in  (near) motionless stone,  like Ulysses'  sailors,  from the "SHOCK & AWE"
and from  the sheer depth, breadth, ferocity, and malignant treachery of the "elites"
 who are not only pushing humanity to the brink of global extinction...

  ...but who are  putting themselves and their own families at risk even if they were to accomplish and get away with the nightmare of global destruction catastrophe they are so demonically pushing on the rest of us.
     Even a billion dollar yacht becomes a prison if you can never get off of it... and just about the only way you or anyone else is going to avoid the fate of  (hundreds of) millions in the upcoming
"Help Kick-Start WW III" global nuclear zio-wars
        is if you have a private nuclear submarine...
   or well stocked salt mine 7 miles underground. 
  (And even then, what happens if you have a privately stocked nuclear submarine?
 Well, you need competent experts to run the damn thing... people who've lost their families back home, people who now have to tend to the onerous if not toxic and radioactive chores aboard ship.
And what if - knowing they have nothing to lose - they decide to "take the ship down with them" in the event they know they are going to be punished... or expelled to certain death for some infraction?
Who wants to serve a megalomaniac "private submarine" master/owner  "chosen race" for eternity?)

So even then.... even if you are a demented billionaire who actively and consciously wants to push the world to a global nuclear wars that will annihilate all but a handful of you & your fellow trillionaires... you are still putting yourself  in to an environment where the food, water, or air you need could at any moment expose you to the same toxic stew of nuclear radiation, chemical toxins, or bio-weapons that obliterated hundreds of  millions billions of people.


    ...But actually, all this "MODERN COMPLEXITY" - this  seemingly infinite "information overload" of  "I.S,"  ISIS, "ISIL",  al Qaeda, NGOs, 'PNAC',  proxy wars, "good rebels" and "bad terrorists," CIA,  NSA, DIA, DEA, DHS, TIA, 9-11,  "color revolutions,"  "quantitative easing"
(= bankers just giving themselves EIGHT  EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in freshly printed 'money'... each & every month!  with the approval of the  BRIBED, blackmailed, extorted, degenerate, corrupt, & COMPLICIT   _TRAITORS_ in con-gress),

   ...electronic finance and "front-running," "bailouts," "bail-ins,"  LBOs, Derivatives, deregulation, outsourcing,   surveillance, nano-tech, bio-war, binary weapons, & 'gwot' global war on terror" 
(etc. etc. etc. ad naseum)
  all this "modern" complexity and usg (U.S. gov't.) multi-billions trillions of dollars  intricacy
THE "ENEMY" is  NOT "al QAEDA" or  ISIS "extremists" -  the "U.S' GOVERNMENT TRAITORS from DIANNE FEINSTEIN's  SENATE INTEL committee to Rahm Emanuel & Jacob Lews underlings at the CIA, NSA, DoD, State Department, and TREASURY are ALL FUNDING, SUPPORTING, SUPPLYING, INCITING, and DIRECTING  "Islamic State" terrorists - via their SAUDI, KUWAIT, QATARI, UAE (& etc.)  HEAD-CHOPPING oil-despot "allies" - 

 THE clearly intended "ENEMY" is  the
It's all nothing  more than a 'modern,' high-tech REVERSION to the ancient,
 primitive, and very nearly universal human institution of  SLAVERY.

   For all the high-tech complexity of  9-11 traitor general  MICHAEL HAYDEN's NSA,
or Google's relentless "data compiling" of every breath you take;
or Harvard jew-nazi Cass Sunstein's 'TIA'  "TOTAL IFORMATION AWARENESS" demonic fantasies
(which are  really just  harvard/ usg "U.S."  government  officials lusting after Google's database spy power),

   -  they are all quite simply  rooted in the very ancient practice of whip-armed overseers,
or gangs of Roman centurions; or  cannons, swords, guns, and steel armed European  Conquistador slavers descending on African or New World villages to violently  subdue, kidnap, and round up slave labor - usually at a ratio of  TWO men, women (and children) KILLED, for every slave delivered to plantation or auction. 

   And just as importantly as the CONQUEST to capture & ENSLAVE slaves,
   is the requirement for slave-owners to SUPPRESS
_any_ tendency for the SLAVES TO REVOLT...
    especially on those far flung plantations where the labor (slaves) vastly outnumbered the managers (overseers) and  'owners' -  as on sugar, cotton, and most other agricultural plantations -

  -  which means  CONSTANT SPYING on the slaves to ELIMINATE rabble-rousers and agitators who realize that, with Caribbean and Brazilian sugar plantations running a 30%+ mortality ratio, even the fittest, strongest, and healthiest slaves would  "need replacing" - WOULD DIE! - within three years of constant work, poor rations, tropical diseases, and sadistic overseers who would constantly punish slaves JUST to KEEP THEM TERRORIZED..
and to   PREVENT THEM from EVEN thinking about rebellion, or even  TALKING amongst themselves.

So  while the history of  Judaism,  Christianity and the evolution of today's 'modern'
  (judeo ruled!) Anglo/American empire(s)  may seem intricate, secretive, and highly complex..

  strip away the complexity,
 strip away the  competing, overlapping, & generally INCOMPETENT
(if not TREASONOUS - engaged in SABOTAGE & EXTORTION, and MASS-MURDER TERRORISM  as the IRS, FEMA, TREASURY, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, CIA, FBI, and other usg agencies have been since before and especially during & after 9-11)
    government agencies billions-of-dollars of incompetence & lies;  and strip away
the corporate media's relentless tirade of PROPAGANDA LIES  DOUBLE-SPEAK.. 

  ... then our 'modern' complex  history actually breaks down to some fairly simple building-blocks,

the core of  which, quite simply, is that ancient and nearly universal human practice

the emperors, nobles, feudal lords,  plantation owners, slave masters, 
 slave-traders, robber-barons, predatory financiers, GULAG COMMISSARS,
'RED TERROR' judges and appartchiks,  and ruthless industrialists

 relentlessly sniffing out  ANY HINT of REBELLION 
 among the chattel slaves...
and VIOLENTLY MURDERING any slaves perceived as a
(rebel) threat,

in the most grisly, terrifying, and public  methods possible,
to DETER FUTURE revolts... 

       (you know, _exactly_ the same way the mighty Roman empire, in an alliance of brutal despots with the highly literate but ruthless and intolerant priests & Pharisees of the ancient judeo death-cult, _executed_ by Crucifixion an itinerant preacher from Galilee around 30 A.D....  or the more modern public execution
by gov't/military/criminal cartel gunmen of U.S. President  John F. Kennedy.) )




  - the theory of a Roman FABRICATION of A MYTH -  of an IMPERIAL son-of-god figure
 as was so typical in Roman and almost all other imperial, Mediterranean,
and Ancient Near East cultures in _all _ the centuries leading up to that era.
(As the bible itself records in the "Daniel" story of the  mandatory worship of the Babylonian god-king.)

     "Christ" an imperial "son-of-god"  cult figure
   who ENCOURAGES PASSIVE SUBMISSION to CAESAR and to ROMAN LAW, and whose 'New Testament' bible depicted journey from Galilee to death on the cross
 almost perfectly parallels the Roman Conquest of Judah and Jerusalem by Titus Flavian... 
  ....who later would become ROMAN EMPEROR upon the death of his father Vespasian; 

Vespasian had handed his campaign to conquer Jerusalem over to his son (Titus) when he (Vespasian) returned to Rome to BECOME EMPEROR in the wake of  the Roman military COUP that drove NERO TO SUICIDE and installed Vespasian as emperor - the FLAVIANS HAD TO LEGITIMIZE THEIR new, military COUP installed DYNASTY

by claiming Roman emperor DIVINITY  (god-like) status... 

   and the story of Jesus closely parallels Titus' development from a Roman general in remote Galilee to Roman imperial divinity-emperor...

 ...ANYTHING to DRAW JEWISH SUPPORT _AWAY_  from violent, militant, and suicidally fervent Jewish messianic cults, prophet figures,  and cult leaders of the day. 
 Upon "the Roman CONSPIRACY to INVENT JESUS" (i.e. Christianity)  spreading beyond Palestine to Greece, Rome, and throughout the Mediterranean world,
THE ROMAN EMPERORS could NOW GET THE "CHRIST-ian CHURCH" to  DO THEIR DIRTY WORK - killing rebels and maintaining strict rule - by simply _LABELING_ rebels as "HERETICS" and having the church EXECUTE them (as "heretics" i.e. "sinnners against g-o-d" )  instead of  having "the blood of innocents"  being attributed to cruel Roman emperors.
    (DOMITIAN being the most glaring exception:  the one Roman emperor infamous for PERSECUTING Christians, in a forlorn effort to restore the Roman empire to more traditional pagan worship, is the one  emperor everyone remembers today, (or at least his deeds are remembered), other than Constantine who succeeded Domitian and who officially made Christianity the state religion of the Roman empire.)