Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9-11 was a deadly JEW ORCHESTRATED _"HOLOCAUST"_ that BURNED, BLASTED, CRUSHED, PULVERIZED, MURDERED (and poisoned) nearly 3,000 unsuspecting American citizens... on that day of TREACHERY, "INFAMY" and mass-murder TREASON....

               9-11 "Smoking gun"? 
We've  found pictures of the metaphorical 'gun' being fired - _during_ the crime!
 (ht to all those who worked tirelessly to compile, edit, research, & present and distribute
these videos against 
fierce government and corporate "mainstream media"  traitors'  denigration)

    -  IMAGE CAPTURES of A MASSIVE EXPLOSION blasting OUT of World Trade Tower at the moment of its premeditated, pre-planted, MASSIVE  demolition explosive charges  detonation -

If you think our above un-retouched screen-capture image from a YouTube documentary
on the 9-11 terror attacks and of the WTC towers collapsing in a heap of smoldering
(carcinoginic) rubble & twisted, burning-from-incidiaries  melted steel
 is anything other than a

                huge, massive EXPLOSION
blasting out from the side of the doomed building...


 that could  _ONLY_ come from a huge amount of explosives
being placed in the building _prior_ to 9-11-2001...  
          =  a massive BOMB going off !
then compare the above single screen-capture with the images of those around it
that give it context...  
   and then watch the video for yourself:

    of the doomed, LARRY SILVERSTEIN
                 owned World Trade Center towers,
   dozens of minutes before the buildings collapsed...   

 = more AMERICANS wounded, INJURED, traumatized, poisoned
(by toxic smoke &  poison gases)  and
KILLED in the JEWS  ORCHESTRATED 9/11 towers'  inferno / "holocaust"...

Just one of thousands of Americans injured, horrified, terrorized & traumatized
by the treacherous Zio-Nazi orchestrated  9/11  FALSE FLAG terror attacks
The huge explosive charges going off  IN THE BASEMENTS of the doomed towers...
and, high up in the towers far above, long after the jet-fuel burned off
indicate  that this 'event' had been planned years in advance, and was  months in preparation...
(and their 'usg' "United" State government collaborators)
orchestrated 9-11 terrorism  'HOLOCAUST'  
desperately cling to sides of  the building  inferno..

top left a woman (?) can clearly be seen waving her arm in the video...
How the above 'holocaust' inferno and massive explosive blasts on 9-11 were accomplished:
  simply by packing the unused floors of the World Trade Center towers with high explosives
or incendiary devices
(or both, in case of 'nano'-thermite - the term "nano" simply means "microscopically small," 
meaning there is a huge surface area to volume (or surface area to mass or weight) of explosives
... meaning a much more rapid flame spread than even 'normal' thousands-of-degrees burning thermite)

 and then setting those  huge explosive packages off by remote, radio-controlled,
computer timed firing devices...
schematic diagram of how large explosive charges placed in center of  doomed towers,
could be set off by sequentially timed, computer synchronized firing signals...



From an entirely different video, we get  the "NECESSARY CONTROL POINTS"
to pull off a   "FALSE FLAG"  treason  
      "black ops" TERROR ATTACK against American victims...

   ....blaming scapegoated patsies or entirely innocent parties...
   ALL   CONTROLLED  by  ZIO-NAZI "israel UBER amerika" 
judeo supremacist  ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS...
"Necessary CONTROL POINTS for 9-11 FALSE FLAG Operation"
_all_ held by "israel uber amerika" judeo-supremacist traitor  jews... 

  Why Saddam had to be killed,  why Gadaffi had to be 'taken out' -

if you don't enforce it?"

    Before you gloat that Saddam & Qadaffi  "got what they had coming to them"  just realize...

   ...that before the  foreign controlled 'Fed' bankers could  direct their vassals  U.S. army, government,  & military to "take out Saddam," 

they first had to get U.S. public support behind a massive invasion of Iraq...

...they first needed "a new Pearl Harbor" as "a catalyzing event"
 to get the American public to support a war that would kill thousands of Americans
 and cost billions trillions of taxpayer dollars
(the nearly 3,000 Americans killed on 9-11 were merely the 'lubricant'  to "prime the pump" for invasions & destruction of nations in the Mideast... and for obscene  war profits... dictatorship "wartime" powers... and the temporary shoring-up,  by violence and mass-murder, 
 of the Fed's  "Federal Reserve notes" racket;
 aka the damned-by-foreign-bankers defrauded, debased, degenerated,
and increasingly worthless   "judenfetzen!" 
 "U.S." dollar...)

 (note: "Brother Nathan" is far better informed on the inner workings of
the Judeo Supremacist global death cult 
(and their "LBO" leveraged-buy-out, bribery, corruption, PERVERSION, DEGENERATION,
blackmail, & extortion  HIJACKING of America)

    than we are...  and a much better videos & internet producer!

but while he may have renounced Judaism - the faith he was born and grew up under -   for Christianity...

 he still presumably subscribes to & worships the SAME "g-o-d" of the jewish 'holy' (sic) bible

who condemned countless thousands upon millions of pregnant mothers and infant children to die
(from the complications of childbirth)

(much less from diseases, wars, violence, famines, and other post-birth causes)

 as proudly proclaimed in the bible's awful, horrible,  "SUICIDE for WESTERN civilization"
 "Adam & Eve" story,  i.e. "original sin" -    

theological, theocratic,  'religious'  insanity...