Friday, September 11, 2015

9-11 TREASON: JEW real estate mogul LARRY SILVERSTEIN and the DEMOLITION of WTC Building 7... by PRE-PLANTED explosive devices = CONSPIRACY = TREASON

9-11  traitor, Jew real estate mogul LARRY SILVERSTEIN  ordered WTC building 7, the Salomon Brothers tower, to be "pulled" late in the afternoon of that tragic day... in a perfect demolition, free-fall collapse into itself.

Watching the "9/11 - Anatomy of a Great Deception" video several times you quickly become familiar with the characteristics of professionally conducted building demolitions.... and, quite horrifically, you become aware of the exact same pattern seen in the vertical,
global symmetry at free-fall speeds into the center of the building"
destruction of all three of the World Trade Center towers demolished on 9-11.

 The steel of the towers would no more fail from office (or even jet-fuel) fires... than you would expect
a   cast-iron skillet or steel frying pan to melt if you put it into a campfire.
       You have to use massive amounts of air forced in to a small, confined  space just to make a back-yard forge that can heat steel hot enough... so that you can pound it in to shape using hammer and anvil, and repeated trips back in to the center of the forge.  
For example, you quickly learn to notice the presence of "squibs", tell-tale spurts of smoke jetting out from a building that show where columns or support structures have been demolished by carefully placed and sequentially timed explosive devices. 
In our above picture the smoke coming out from the left side of the building has a darker, less defined haze than the white smokey puffs or  jets of "squibs" that you normally see - but here you can tell that they form a precise line, or sequence, of explosions down the right side of this building (red arrows).     On the top left of the doomed building we see the white smoke more characteristic of  squibs (blue arrows) - and they indicate where the penthouse has been demolished by explosive detonations moments before.   And we also see the 'crimp' or deflection in the roof-line of the building... a feature that is present in _all_  prepared demolitions where the  building is required to fall in on itself, for this crimp or deflection in the center portion of the roof-line indicates the central columns and support structures have been demolished all the way down to the ground floor,  allowing the building to fall in on itself.    
  1. Perfect, free-fall speeds "global symmetry collapse"... 
  2. the dirty-black smoke indicating a closely timed sequence of explosions down the right corner of the building
  3. the crimp in the roof line
  4. the disappearance of the penthouse, accompanied by the tell-tale white smoke of explosive charges

  NO firefighters or owners agents went into the building and kicked out one or two damaged columns to bring about the building's perfect "symmetrical global collapse" into its own footprint destruction! 

In fact, we have gotten NO answers from anyone involved about just _who_  'pulled', or triggered, this perfect building demo collapse...
except for Larry Silverstein's vague "the firemen pulled the building."  
World Trade Center building 7  was 'pulled' by owner LARRY SILVERSTEIN's orders
 - shown here in time-lapse photo montage in a picture-perfect 'demo' job - 
late in the afternoon on the day of the terror attacks,  9-11 2001 

Larry Silverstein has never had to explain just how anyone was able to "pull" 
World Trade Center Tower 7, aka the Salomon Brothers Tower,
late in the afternoon on 9-11 2001.  Large steel structures - even damaged ones - 
do not collapse, and certainly not into themselves, the path of most resistance.
Nor do office fires "weaken" a building's structural steel sufficient to lead to collapse...
any more than you would expect a steel or cast-iron frying pan
to melt, if you put it  in to a campfire.
It takes large volumes of compressed air in a confined space  - a kiln or blast furnace -
to get a fire hot enough to weaken, much less melt, steel. 

In our previous post, we mentioned that World Trade Center Building 7,  also known as the SALOMON (or 'Solomon') Brothers Tower, was the New York headquarters for several important U.S. government agencies - the C.I.A., the Secret Service, the Criminal Investigations units of the SEC, and others - as well as being the N.Y. headquarters for private security firms and huge financial firms.
   In this post we focus for a moment on the destruction of World Trade Center building 7... by its owner, Jewish real estate tycoon LARRY SILVERSTEIN,

using PRE-PLANTED EXPLOSIVE charges set to explode in precise sequence to bring 
the building down at free-fall speed:  a typical CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.   

Close examination of the rapid collapse of this building - into itself, in perfect symmetry - reveals that  this could _only_  have been a "controlled demolition" collapse.. and therefore, 

 Since controlled demolitions of large buildings takes days and weeks to prepare - certainly not mere hours - the destruction of this building, alone, reveals that 9-11 was a massive conspiracy that involved dozens, if not hundreds of people... and a GOVERNMENT COVER-UP extending to the highest levels of  the White House, CIA, FBI, and in particular the 'JUSTICE' department...

For 100 years now - ever since top Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress were bribed or blackmailed to pass the 'Federal Reserve' authorizing act in late December of 1913 - the U.S. government, and in particular the U.S. Treasury and U.S. 'Justice' department - have been controlled by a foreigner run criminal mob network....   This artist's illustration well captures the demonic ferocity of Michael Chertoff... the Deputy Attorney General who was actually running the entire "U.S."  'Justice' Department behind incompetent puppet front-man Attorney General John Ashcroft...
was the _real_ ruler of 'Justice' Department in the moths before & after 9-11 
Christian evangelical (= "Christ-ian ZIONIST")  AG Ashcroft  was JUST a PUPPET FACADE...
nothing but  WINDOW DRESSING!! 

In the weeks leading up to and after September 11th of 2001, the Justice Department was effectively  run by a genocidal  judeo supremacist (the above pictured Michael Chertoff),
but the Treasury Department was actually run by someone - Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill - who was outside of the loop of  the Judeo 9-11 cabal traitors.

    However, the "Defense Department" was effectively run by another Jew involved in the 9-11 TREASON-terror plot - Paul Wolfowitz
(and his supporting cast of other "dual citizen" Israeli judeo supremacist Zio-Nazis at the very top tier of the civilian 'leadership' of the Defense Department)

  As Michael Chertoff operated  behind the puppet facade of Attorney General Ashcroft,  so too Wolfowitz at the War Department operated behind the public face - or puppet facade - of  Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld.

  And over at the White House, president George W. Bush was another puppet facade:

    while in later years President Bush ('W') would exert some power against the wishes of his  "closest advisers";  in the months leading up to September 11, 2001,  president Bush was encouraged to get and stay as far away from Washington as possible - he spent weeks at his Texas ranch,  and while Bush had previously been governor of Texas, he was an absolute neophyte as far as running U.S. government agencies was concerned.  
   While president George W.  Bush may not have been entirely clueless about the looming 9-11 terror event - his face filmed while he was sitting in a Florida elementary school after being informed "the nation is under attack" portrays a classic guilty look - he was certainly manipulated and directed in his actions leading up to 9-11...  including pompously staying aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier when he attended the peaceful world G-8 economic summit in Genoa, Italy  citing a TERRORIST THREAT to justify the breech in diplomatic protocol of attending a peacetime summit meeting aboard a warship...
     but doing  _nothing_  to  SECURE AMERICA and AMERICANS against any such "terrorist threat" once he returned to the U.S.
the JEWISH CABAL running the U.S. government on eve of  9-11 2001...
WOLFOWITZ (far left)  ran the WAR DEPARTMENT... the ENTIRE "United States" vast nuclear armed  military behind puppet front-man Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld...
while Vice President DICK CHENEY was RULING the George W. Bush administration with his JEWISH WASHINGTON 'SUPER-LAWYER'  and Wolfowitz career protege, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby.
 Michael CHERTOFF was essentially RUNNING the ENTIRE  "U.S." JUSTICE DEPARTMENT behind  public facade puppet front-man Attorney General John Ashcroft...
so TWO of the MOST POWERFUL agencies in the ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT were run by ISRAEL CITIZEN JUDEO SUPREMACISTS  Wolfowitz and Chertoff...  and in the unlikely event they met any opposition they couldn't hammer into submission, a quick call to the Bush-Cheney WHITE HOUSE would have VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY,  his  JEW CHIEF OF STAFF  'Scooter' Libby, and their puppet of  president  front-man George W. Bush crushing any opposition to the insane, treasonous, mass-murderous, genocidal 'NEO-CON' agenda of Chertoff, Wolfowitz, and their many supporting agents of evil (pictured, 2nd from left,  Richard Perle.. nicknamed "THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS" in Washington circles long before 9-11 or even the stolen election of 2000.)