Sunday, August 30, 2015

TREASON: the JEWISH, 'NEO-CON' WAR on AMERICANS, against America, & against HUMANITY: the BIBLICALLY COMMANDED "by g-o-d" never-ending WAR to EXTERMINATE and ENSLAVE not only "the Jews' enemies"... but even the Jews' OWN _ALLIES_ as well...

(with regrets, this post is going to be so huge, that we will have to update and bring it back to front continually...)

Yes, it has come to this.    For those who say that we are "anti-semitic",
in the past we have made campaign donations to the congressional or senate campaigns of  Ron Klein, Rob Wexler,   Alan Grayson, and Al Franken - all jews! -
 and  we would have made campaign donations to the Paul Wellstone,  Russ Feingold,   Barbara Boxer, and Bernie Sanders campaigns,  but they were all shoe-in winners so we instead donated to less certain candidates.  The last two of  those mentioned - Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders - we proudly regarded as "the most liberal senators in the U.S. Senate."
But as Gilad Atzmon alludes to, what we Americans have been led to believe, for the past 100 years, were "liberal," "progressive," and "democratic" Jewish politicians and "leaders" have been revealed to be israeli terrorism & apartheid supporting, segregationists, racists, &  judeo hyper-nationalists all along... 

 America's  REAL 'g-o-d'  =  JEW MONEY!
Judenfetzen'  ("jew confetti")  =  FIAT  "MONEY" 

'money' 'printed'  by the Jewish controlled "Fed"  
 privately owned, UNREGULATED,  IRS & government enforced
'money' that can be used to bribe, extort, blackmail, seduce, corrupt,
 pervert or plain old buy out   _all_
but the strongest patriots on earth...
The money to make even "right wing 'AMERICAN' politicians" in to ardent
 _JEWISH_ nationalists:  israeli terrorism & genocidal "Greater Israel" supporting ZIO-NAZIS.   

 Is it true that"Fed" loan-sharking fiat money cartel supporter  
and  jew billionaire Wall St. insider trader BERNARD BARUCH 
 We don't know for sure... we haven't read Perloff's book for confirmation.
 But it sounds right... and we DO KNOW that the JEW CONTROLLED CORPORATE MEDIA,  _and_  America's "education system" and colleges & universities academic systems _all_ continue to portray President Woodrow Wilson as  "a liberal, progressive Democrat" -
 notwithstanding that Wilson was a died-in-the-wool, unrepentant,  
REACTIONARY, racist  SOUTHERN SEGREGATIONIST,  that he sided with the financial system manipulating, markets crashing, & economies wrecking billionaires behind the "Federal Reserve" cartel...  and that he invoked dictator powers in prosecuting wartime "SEDITION" & CENSORSHIP laws, against even popular & well supported presidential candidate Eugene V. Debbs...  

 is like chickens voting for Col. Sanders!  

CHRISTIANS are DUPES to demonic, TALMUDIC jews  
who HATE CHRISTIANS and who regard Christ as a TRAITOR...
Talmudic,  judeo-supremacist Jews who own the central banks

& largest "private equity funds" on earth...
"TALMUDIC JEWS" whose ideology, agenda, and theology
ever since the Babylonian capture & destruction of Jerusalem (587 B.C.)
has been to HATE _all_ non-Jews as subhuman 'goyim' -
 as beasts-of-burden slaves  or  VERMIN to be exterminated...
but quietly, seductively, and secretly FROM WITHIN a host nation & peoples


Judeo HATE and loathing for those around them..

It's right there in the pages of the 'holy' bible!  

The 137th psalm starts with a beautiful, passive call to remember the past:

Psalm 137

  1  Beside the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept
    as we thought of Jerusalem

but within a few very short lines, the bible narrative SHIFTS from the PASSIVE REMEMBRANCE...  

a call to KILL the children & babies of   Babylon!

O Babylon, you will be destroyed.
   Happy is the one who pays you back
    for what you have done to us.
Happy is the one who takes your babies
    and SMASHES THEM against the rocks!

Now you may argue that such violence would be  'justified' because the Babylonians had conquered and massacred many thousands of Jews  before removing the survivors as slaves & captives  "exiled" to Babylon:

O Lord, remember what the Edomites did
on the day the armies of Babylon captured Jerusalem.
“Destroy it!” they yelled. “Level it to the ground!”

Babylon.... where the Jews were living when this psalm was written. 

 Here the psalm writers - Jews - 
are again FANTASIZING 
of the HOST NATION around them!
(as they have already done by ritually reenacting the "Passover" slaughter of Egyptian children.) 


Contrary to the  _mythical_ bible stories of Adam to ABRAHAM to Joseph; 
and from  MOSES to  Joshua passages of the bible, 

worship ONLY ONE god   religion until first the Assyrian invasions, and then the Babylonian invasion FORCED the Judeo rulers,  priests, scribes and nobles to examine why they,
"the superior people," had fallen victims to "lesser" peoples.  

  It was _only_ during "the EXILE" that JUDEO MONOTHEISM was codified 
and  the SOLE worship of "one god" -  the Hebrew's tribal god "Yahweh" - 
was made the defining characteristic  of the Hebrews and their  Judeo faith.    

And it was because of this tribal/national PARANOIA about being SURROUNDED by LARGER, equally vicious, and MORE POWERFUL ENEMIES  that the Judeo elites, out of desperation while under Babylonian control,  developed and refined a tribal strategy of  RISING TO PROMINENCE from WITHIN a foreign land and peoples while submitting to that power's rulers and social customs, but  all while eventually aiming to   OVERTHROW and then SUBJUGATE those overlords, exactly as the Egyptians had risen up to overthrow  their Hyksos conquerors & overlords nearly 1,000 years before.
 (An actual, real life "myth" and narrative well known, well recorded, and well remembered throughout the ancient world, from Egypt to Asia Minor to Persia, at the time of the Babylonian exile.  The Egyptians rising up and overthrowing their Hyksos overlords would become the TEMPLATE that jewish scribes and bible authors would use to write up their Moses myth! - the jews would "borrow," hijack, plagiarize, steal! the EGYPTIAN NATIONAL LIBERATION story as the core and centerpiece of  Judeo ideology and theology, the Moses, Joshua,  "EXODUS" stories!!!)

But the _essence_ of  Judaism 
is the CONQUEST of NON-JEWS... 

from WITHIN a host nation or peoples if necessary,
by deceit, by deception, and by TREACHERY,
if the Jews' preferred means of  DESTROYING CITIES in OPEN WARFARE 

as Joshua's armies are alleged to have done is not an option... 

and of  the ambitious, racist... and ruthless (& scheming!) Judeo elites. 


  It is long past time that 
Americans started RECOGNIZING this foreign,  judeo-supremacist 
"NEO-CON" agenda 
for what it is...

regardless of which pretty face they try to hide their latest 
serial ATROCITIES and TREASONS behind. 

 There is nothing "new" about  Neo-Conservatism...
It is simply the ancient, 2,700+ years old cynical and deceptive 
 Judeo  tribal/national strategy
 of  QUIETLY  CONFORMING, blending in,
making themselves useful to  and laying low in a host society,

until they have the ability to start flexing their tribal muscles, 
to start displaying their national unity, power, and cohesion

 then  ruthlessly & violently  _consolidating_  their power and control 
against all  competitor tribes & nations within a host empire
once they have secretively amassed the wealth and  power to do so...

   ...just as the bible story of Esther & Mordachai illustrates. 
(Where Jewish official   Mordachai rises to prominent "vizier" status just a half step below the King of Persia... and promptly writes out PURGE LISTS,  EXECUTION ORDERSfor, the bible claims, 75,000 victims to be killed  as  "enemies of  the Jews.")  


 _SOLD MILLIONS_ of  Black, minority, &
Democratic voters DOWN THE RIVER
in the STOLEN ELECTION of  2000

by REFUSING to  be the ONE SENATOR  required to simply SIGN 
   that would start  a CONGRESSIONAL INQUIRY into that hijacked election.    
 Of course,  Senator Sanders DID NOTHING of the sort:  he ALLOWED the CORPORATE MEDIA NARRATIVE that  

"Democrats would be divisive and SORE LOSERS not to
concede the election to  Bush-Cheney Republicans"

 to prevail - despite the BLATANT THEFT & SUPPRESSION of  Black & minority votes in Florida... 
then run by Rethuglican presidential candidate George W. Bush's brother, Florida governor Jeb bush. 

Since then, Senator Sanders has DONE NOTHING to EXPOSE
 U.S.  _and_ ISRAELI (JEWS!) 

in the  proxy TERRORIST INVASION & "ethnic cleansing" of Syria over the past 5 years.    

Democratic, liberal,  progressive, &
MINORITY voters 
would be STUPID  
to vote for Bernie,  expecting him to change his spots 
at this point of the game!

for years.... for decades Senator Bernie Sanders has TALKED the TALK
of a "liberal" 
Civil Rights, Human Rights, and economic justice advocate.
Then the STOLEN ELECTION of 2000  and
the  9-11  TREASON/terror ATTACKS went down... 
and now Bernie REFUSES to talk about not only 
WAR CRIMES, nor about TORTURE,  nor   about Jewish perps on Wall Street,
in the "U.S." Treasury & in gov't. agencies

nor about Fed bankers unlimited "QE" money printing,  nor about
 Netanyahu's bombing of  civilians & children in Gaza... or about

in the"ethnic cleansing"  INVASIONS of SYRIA

(Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Boko Harem in Africa; or  the Ukraine coup, & etc.) 

In short - cut to the chase - 
Bernie Sanders is actually just  another
 NEO-CON, ZIO-NAZI war-pig,
 crimes-whitewashing propagandist
& 'Fed' financial crimes whitewashing FINANCIAL RAPIST


 We cheered when then seemingly lighthearted senate candidate Chuck Schumer defeated his NY senate opponent, "piggy, piggy" incumbent Republican Senator Al D'Amato back in 1998.
  (We now know, thanks to the courageous investigations and writing of  Christopher Bollyn, 
that Al D'Amato had long been subservient to the NY,   JUDEO RULED POLITICS, finance,  
 and CRIME SYNDICATE all along... that despite D'Amato being a Republican, and Schumer being an (alleged) "liberal Democrat",  Senator D'Amato had been doing the "Neo-Con"  Judeo mob's dirty work  as a "hireling" all along, and that Chuck Schumer was over and above D'Amato in the NY, judeo ruled  political/mob hierarchy.)

We cheered when Hillary Clinton won her Senate race in New York 2 years later -
seemingly revenge for the Right-Wing Republican political WITCH-HUNT
that was the Clinton/MONICA IMPEACHMENT     that
to TERRORIZE and FINANCIALLY DESTROY the Republican impeachment's
 many lynch-mob victims...

 We  now realize, horrifyingly,
 that it was JEWISH "Neo-Cons"  & media owners 
who were
 FUELING, FUNDING, FEEDING, publicizing, & broadcasting  _every_  titillating scent of "scandal" 

to keep their inquisition "IMPEACHMENT!" fires burning...

but sadly  HILLARY CLINTON has either morphed
(or more likely shown her spots)  and  is now a full-blown murderously ruthless, scheming, greedy, GENOCIDAL, and treasonous 9-11 whitewashing  ZIO-NAZI,  "Neo-Con" shill
   and perpetrator of vast (and still on-going) crimes against humanity....see the NEO-CON orchestrated, NATO supported TERRORIST INVASION of and DESTRUCTION of Libya.

 THE EVIL jew "Neo-Cons" and  'elite' media owners can actually sweep the genuinely criminal "FRANKLIN"   CHILD PROSTITUTES in (Bush Sr.) WHITE HOUSE scandal _out_ of the news... 
or turn  a legal & consensual (and never even consummated!) affair between a popular president and a women into not only "a crime"... but 
& impeachment circus farce!

  THESE VILE, treasonous, 'Neo-Con'  racist

wear their ability 

to STAGE COUPS, DESTROY governments,
our officials  
here in  America!  on_their_sleeves_!  


     Our journalistic heroes were Seymour Hersh for exposing - at great cost and against fierce government opposition -  the Naziesque war-crimes of the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War; and  Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at the Washington Post
whose reporting on "the Watergate Scandal"  brought down the Nixon presidency.
(Actually the Post's "Watergate" reporting reflected  a political reversal of "The Powers That Be" and  "the elite's" who had been supporting Nixon and the war...  right there in the offices of the  MEYER/graham Washington Post and  at the also  jewish owned co-flagship of American press, the Sulzberger New York Times.
The Nixon resignation   provided a convenient scapegoat and end-point finale for the horrific losses of the Vietnam war... and swept a lot of media complicity with war crimes, government  LIES & ABUSES of POWER under the rug.) 

Sadly, Bob Woodward is now nothing more than a cartoonish Jewish war-pig Zionazi  ("Plan of Attack!" and "Obama's War" are two of the DISINFORMATION  books he wrote that clearly promoted America's ever expanding wars in the Mideast... and both _failed_  to note the JEWISH, GREATER ISRAEL treachery and genocidal racism ideological origins of those "Neo-Con" wars)   
  and both Carl Bernstein and even the courageous Seymour Hersh have been effectively  _muted_ by the ferocity of the  Zio-Nazi war mob & relentless Judeo corporate media propaganda when they do dare to expose the Judeo Zio-Nazi mobs' ruthless "Israel uber Amerika" genocidal treachery and treason.

  We revered the memory of the Jewish civil rights  "Freedom Riders" activists  who participated in, publicized, and brought forth to the American public consciousness the horrors and atrocities of  SEGREGATION - which gave police & prosecutors  here in America the Naziesque powers to  TERRORIZE, murder, and frame (send to prison for life) any victims they  wanted to -
  - in entire swaths, entire segments of American  society -
  the so-called "MIDNIGHT VISITS" by sheriff's deputies were nothing more than terror raids. 

     And if we ever noted that Hollywood and American corporate media had an Israel or Jewish bias, we probably applauded  - weren't Jews at the forefront of Civil Rights, human rights, and economic empowerment?     Especially as they never tired of regaling us with stories of the horrors and atrocities endured by their coreligionists in Europe, atrocities  perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews
"a downtrodden and scapegoated minority"   in Europe during World War II, the so-called "holocaust"
    - and they never tired of lecturing us that we Americans "SHOULD HAVE STOOD UP FOR and DEFENDED the RIGHTS of  even despised and hated MINORITIES!" 

  But that was then.

Today we realize that EVERY SINGLE
g-o-d damned  jewish temple,

 EVERY jewish civic group,
and EVERY jewish community group in America 

-  much less _every_ jewish owned business,  
much less jewish Political Action Committees (PACs) 
and overt Jewish/ISRAEL lobby groups  -  they 

RACIAL APARTHEID, and mass-murderous  
BOMBINGS & terrorization  of  civilians & CHILDREN  in israhell 
and  in occupied Palestine...  

but they ALL think they are clever  supporting "the war on terror" 
and the

by their  SAUDI and "ISIS"  PARTNERS in CRIMES
& ATROCITIES  against Syrians

against Libyans, against Africans, against Palestinians, against Afghans, against Egyptians, against Iraqis
even "ISIS" instigated TERRORISM and  FBI INSTIGATED  "FALSE FLAG"  terror attacks against  the people of their  EUROPEAN and AMERICAN host nations! **
- all  in the name of the jews' eternal "right to defend themselves from enemies", of course.

** "Terror Plots: HATCHED by F.B.I."   wtf?! this is a jew owned, SULZBERGER NY SLIMES story!! 

Hungarian born Jew Nazi (literally!) GEORGE SOROS wants the
United States to start BOMBING RUSSIANS
... but the evil Jew owned
corporate media
here in America keeps painting Soros
and OTHER "Democrat" NEO-CONS as "Liberals"!!
It is long past time for Americans to break this stranglehold of lies, deceit
deception, treachery, JEWISH mass-murder racism, genocide.... and TREASON... 

    If you wanted one picture to encapsulate what is wrong with America & the world today,
it is this (above)  picture of a BAILOUTS DEMANDING,
 currencies & ECONOMIES WRECKING, markets crashing, pensions raiding, 
insider trading  jew billionaire foreigner financial parasite
demanding that we Americans  START NEW WARS and KILL MILLIONS more people...

even as the "international"  jew bankers financiers WRECK our American economy with serial, increasingly titanic financial frauds"offshoring" of vast slush-funds;  tax-dodging "HOT MONEY" in to unregulated accounts; "OUTSOURCING" our American jobs and entire industries;   pre-planned market crashes, endless  "bailouts,"  insider trading scams 'LEGALIZED'  & institutionalized by GoddamnSachs & Bloomberg "FRONT RUNNING" of their own clients and _all_ Wall St. electronic trades!, and infinite, dollar-debasing and savings killing 'Fed' fiat money-printing -  "bailouts" institutionalized as $80 billion per month in "free money for bankers" so-called "Quantitative Easing" - _all_  with the blessings of EVERY jew senator, congress-critter, judge, and staffer in the 'Neo-Con,' judeo-supremacist hijacked U.S. govt.,  much less in the judeo dominated, controlled, bought off,  extorted, and propagandized "U.S." corporate press/media...  

"AWOL & snarl" - the demonic jewish owned corporate press/media
LOVES portraying IMBECILES & THUGS  as "competent leaders"
by giving "AWOL GEORGE" their "man of year" award for that year.
(If you were a Democratic voter appalled by the stolen election then you were "a sore loser") 
Horrifyingly, "Commander in Chief (thief!)" george W.   Bush
would prove to be "AWOL" not only as he was during the Vietnam war...
but in the critical months leading up to the 9-11 terror attacks as well,
went not only UNPUNISHED...

but UNINVESTIGATED  for 11 long months, until the 9-11-2001 terror attacks!

wealthy and powerful jews in America - 

- here represented by SULZBERGER New York Slimes editor Andrew ROSENTHAL -
have hijacked the Black social & identity crisis in America... as a tool, or club,
to pimp their alleged portrayal of "WHITE HATE CRIMES against blacks"....
a patently obvious JEW COMMISSAR effort to portray _all_ 
Americans  as "extremists" aka  "terrorists"!!
But not only do Rosenthal & all the other 
 & "ethnic cleansing" of  non-jews in Israhell...
but the Jews running the U.S. financial system and their 
PROPAGANDA SUPPORTERS in the jew-owned corporate media
are the LEAD PERPS  

in the war on WORKING CLASS Americans...
of which BLACKS are the most vulnerable group,
the FIRST VICTIMS of Wall St. frauds

relentless "outsourcing"  jobs destruction &  pensions raiding
and of the 'Fed's"  MONEY PRINTING,

dollar-debasement &  13% soaring (real) annual  inflation!!   
The bribery, corruption, seduction... perversion, and BLACKMAIL of American government & society:  above we mentioned the "FRANKLIN" "child prostitutes in White House" (and other high places) ring... here's another such under-age sexual prostitution, crimes, censorship... and government hard-ball stonewalling of  thorough prosecution of crimes.
 note:  "The DailyBeast" is a high-profile, almost "mainstream" on-line publication, similar to the NY Post...
this article details "U.S." government hard-ball tactics...
in service of JEW BILLIONAIRES and their friends.
 Note that in the MONICA IMPEACHMENT scandal we mentioned above, Republican "MONICA IMPEACHMENT"  prosecutor KEN STARR  relentlessly used his U.S. government PROSECUTOR POWERS to  TERRORIZE, subpoena, and suborn perjury of  anyone ever even remotely associated  with Bill Clinton's womanizing - especially women - in to providing "evidence" against then sitting President Clinton.  
ut here, on behalf of  JEW BILLIONAIRES, JEW LAWYERS, and other high power suspects...
KEN STARR takes the OPPOSITE side,  SILENCING WITNESSES and HUSHING UP not merely private, consensual adult sex, but  a well documented UNDER-AGE SEX RING...  
       in service of JEW MONEY and the power that accrues to it..
  the power to CORRUPT, PERVERT, SEDUCE, and BLACKMAIL even good government in America... "good government" now a (nearly) impossible dream under the relentless assault of the Jew, Zio-Nazi WAR on America, Americans, & humanity...

 p.s. - Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff has specifically implicated former 'Democrat' New Mexico Governor and DEPARTMENT of ENERGY SECRETARY _BILL RICHARDSON_ with aiding JEWISH TERRORIST - Israeli government MOSSAD SPIES - in their 'purchase' through blackmail and extortion, of  U.S. NUCLEAR WEAPONS components - specifically, the uranium and PLUTONIUM "pits" that are the core of every nuclear explosive device. 
    The theft of these highly secret, classified,  & controlled nuclear weapons materials was  an elaborate scheme that involved senior  DoE - Department of Energy - officials first labeling  the materials as "decayed" or obsolete. Once the desired materials were written off the books of  active U.S. military strictly controlled nuclear accounts, they were assigned to be "reprocessed and decommissioned" - i.e.  loaded and shipped... directly to Israel!  to help build the infernal jew state's global blackmail nuclear arsenal.
      We believe Mr. Duff's reporting is credible... and this (above)  otherwise entirely unrelated article would help explain how a popular and prominent U.S. politician,  BILL RICHARDSON could be  COMPLICIT in the theft of  U.S. nuclear weapons material - TREASON!
  -  if he was BLACKMAILED in photos of sex acts with underage child prostitutes
 by a JEWISH BILLIONAIRE run underage sex-slave ring...

  Just for a moment,   assume that it was possible     that Mossad spies - 
backed by the full power and influence of the Israel government and supported 
by powerful jewish fundamentalist (judeo supremacist) billionaires in America
(and indirectly supported by powerful jewish officials in the U.S. government) 

- had been able to purchase, steal, or extort some highly controlled, 'top secret' nuclear materials from America's vast nuclear arsenal.  In the realm of modern international politics and Israel's well known nuclear ambitions, this is not a far-fetched assumption. 

      Now suppose that it came to the attention of  influential Jewish politicians and powerful Jewish media owners  _not_ in any way  DIRECTLY INVOLVED in our above assumed
 that there was more than a glimmer of truth to these allegations - that Israel had, indeed, stolen some U.S. nuclear materials, by bribing and extorting American military and government officials who could have stopped or exposed the theft.

  If you were an uninvolved Jewish official who learned about such allegations...

    WOULD YOU EXPOSE THEM, and bring yourself to the ire of the entire  MOSSAD, JEWISH WAR LOBBY and Jewish fundamentalist billionaires'  HIT LIST here in America?  
 (If you tried to expose Israel's illegal nuclear arsenal in Israel itself... they would either 
just kill you, or kidnap you and bury you under their jew gulag prison system.)
     Well,  courageous  JEWISH SENATOR  PAUL WELLSTONE _tried_ to stand up to the JEW WAR LOBBY and their frantic fervor to start the Iraq war in 2002-2003

 Not just the courageous Senator Wellstone, but his wife, his daughter, three of his campaign staffers, and two pilots - all "taken out" at the same time.

  Whoops!"  just another "accident"

      in the annals of  U.S. politicians in small aircraft meeting the ground at high speeds

  - and the one political leader in the United States with the popular support and conviction to oppose the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ,  Washington Post, TIME magazine, & NEW YORK TIMES  (et al) DETERMINATION to use the U.S. military to start killing people in large numbers in Iraq & the Mideast was gone...
To die in a plane crash after being a strong vocal critic of an unpopular political position. To have a lot of enemies and to be whacked mysteriously.


further articles that document the REAL  "Democrat Party" & "U.S." government  agenda:

....exactly as their  judeo supremacist 
"non-jews don't even count as humans"  bible INSTRUCTS them to do!

PURE TREACHERY, financial rape, & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE on the insanely corrupt Congress' automatic renewal auto-pilot!   WE Americans WERE TOLD back in 1913 that the so-called, Jewish billionaire dominated "Federal Reserve" would  REGULATE the American banking & financial system... and PREVENT ALL FUTURE financial panics, economic crashes, and mass unemployment... TODAY, WE HAVE MASS-UNEMPLOYMENT, the risk of  MASSIVE "FINANCIAL PANICS" at ANY moment... and the insanely corrupt Con-gress not only refuses to examine the Fed 'bankers' DOLLAR DEBASING MONEY-PRINTING... but the bribed, corrupted, blackmailed, & extorted Congress-critters KEEP HANDING the  jewish dominated bankers BILLIONS (upon trillions) of  taxpayer extorted dollars... hand-over-fist!
  The ENTIRE  American paper assets owning class (those who own stocks and bonds, including working-stiffs with precarious pension & insurance funds) has been corrupted and extorted to support this unsustainable PONZI-scheme... that never was anything more than a EXTORTION SCHEME posing as "a national central bank".

 Commissar Jewess "Democrat" National Committee Chairman DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULZ  supports the cruel, inhuman, ruthless, and on-going CRIMINALIZATION of  marijuana that was the first and still  central plank in the U.S. GOVERNMENT'S on-going POLICE-STATE WAR against citizens in America that became hyped-up another magnitude with 9-11 and "the war on terror."   It's not just police departments, judges, and the prison industry that benefit financially from the criminalization of medical marijuana... so too do DEFENSE LAWYERS!  many of whom will do everything they can to maintain the  "guilty till proven innocent" WAR ON DRUGS status quo.  After posing for decades (if not an entire century)  as "liberals," progressives, and civil rights supporters, almost all jews now in high positions in the U.S. government, industry & finance have reverted to their ethnic type: "commanded by g-o-d"  rules reading, rules writing, & and relentless rules enforcing AUTHORITARIANS.