Friday, July 10, 2015

Today WE HAVE a TREAT for our Readers! As the DEMON JEWS drive HUMANITY to the cesspit of GLOBAL NUCLEAR EXTERMINATION, we can show that we are merely GOING BACK FULL CIRCLE to the SAVAGE DAWN of human "Civilization" !!

Today we have a treat for our readers!

 As the DEMON JEWS drive HUMANITY to the cesspit of GLOBAL NUCLEAR EXTERMINATION we can show that
 in their arrogance, treachery, treason, blood-lust, and psychotic, psychopathic HATRED,   the judeo 'elites'  are merely driving humanity BACK to the SAVAGE ROOTS  from which "Civilization" first emerged some 6,000 - 10,000  years ago.

 But first, a moment of  Current Events to tie all of our last posts together:  

 THE ENTIRE WORLD, and ESPECIALLY the United States of America,  is  ABJECTLY CONTROLLED by,  and is under the DEMON SWAY of a  TOTALLY  LYING,
  JUDEO "elites" perpetrated DELUSIONAL "narrative":   

 #1.  The JEW mega- FINANCIERS have BEEN IN BED with the ruthless, brutal, autocratic  SAUDI  (Kuwaiti, Qatari, et al) head-chopping, misogynistic, Wahhabist Sunni fundamentalist Islamic JIHADIS for over 100 years now - even back over the past 5 decades when Israelis were _screeching_  about "Muslim terrorists!" -  and today that  COLLABORATION with ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST HEAD-CHOPPING THEOCRATS  sees  not only the infernal jewish state (israel)  but THEIR CAPTURED, slave,  imperial COLONY, the (late) UNITED STATES,   
 _in_bed_with_  AL QAEDA/"IS"/"ISLAMIC STATE" TERRORISTS to destroy the nations of SYRIA, Libya, IRAN, Iraq, and ANYONE ELSE  on the DEMON JEWS' HIT-LIST... 


     are IN BED with AL QAEDA,  "ISIS,"  "Islamic State"

THEY SHOULD  _HANG_  FOR  TREASON,  AIDING & ABETTING the  very TERRORISTS they TELL US we must surrender our privacy, liberties, and AMERICAN FREEDOMS  to "fight"!!!     

They are simply  INSANELY  treacherous, treasonous, genocidal, sadistic, & mass-murderous miscreant TRAITORS!  

#2.  In American _DOMESTIC_  policies,  the  DEMON JEW mega-FINANCIERS have a DEATH-GRIP, a murderous stranglehold,
on not only the American financial system;  on not only the American ("post-" industrial) economy; on not only the American government, corporate media, academic system, and public social discourse...  but through premeditated FINANCIAL SABOTAGE (naked short-selling, FRAUD, insurance scams, FRONT-RUNNING, INSIDER TRADING, etc.;  all  with  _the intention_  of DESTROYING companies, pension-funds, currencies, and entire economies)     the demon Jew mega-Financiers HAVE EXTORTED from Con-gress & presidents the "right" to PRINT THEMSELVES  __$80 BILLION_,  eighty-billion-dollars EACH and EVERY MONTH in the United States, alone!  And a further SIXTY BILLION EUROS in EUROPE  each-and-every month as well!  (That's nearly $3 trillion a year, for those who are counting!) 

  THIS IS A TIDAL-WAVE OF "money" that GOES FIRST & FOREMOST  to JEW FINANCIERS.... and to anyone they feel like sharing it with - namely their 'Neo-Con' WAR LOBBY appartchiks  &  blatantly  JUDEO SUPREMACIST israeli "LIKUDNIKS" PARTNERS in GENOCIDE and serial  CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!

  This MASSIVE "creation" of  FIAT MONEY
 _DEVALUES_ & _DEBASES_ the value of  EVERYONE ELSE'S 'money' 

     - it is a diabolical BACK-DOOR TAX, an EXTORTION SCHEME, a  scheming, larcenous, treasonous,  FIAT MONEY EXTORTION  of the people of America,  Europe and the world
that is COVERED UP by  TREASONOUS members of government and the corporate media...

   The U.S. government:  the BRIBED, CRIMINAL, and TREASONOUS members of the "Democrat" and Republican party "leadership" -  are effectively  HANDING  EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS
over to the mega-FINANCIERS  EACH & EVERY MONTH,
"money"  (real wealth) that comes out  of the savings & wealth of  EVERYONE ELSE not part of this  "chosen"  insider VAMPIRE  extortion scam!  


Now, the back-story to how the financiers, politicians, media propagandists,

 academics, community activists,  and other officials - 

all  descendants of a SINGLE  TRIBAL/cultural/ethnic/national/religious identity -
 have come to amass so much power  that they have
(Canadian, Australian & etc.)  host nations
 to  GIVE THEM LICENSE to just
every year
... at everyone else's expense!!! 


In a post we wrote just a day or two ago, "Wishful Thinking" "can be a FATAL FLAW in an environment of natural hazards... or an environment  where you are exposed  to  ferocious human enemies" (known or unrealized!)

we wrapped up the post with a video screen-capture that illustrated that
JEWS STOLE the "baby Moses put in a basket and cast adrift into the river" story

  from the AKADIANS who came well over 1,000 years before Moses is alleged to have lived
(even by the bible's own fantasy narrative, _alleged_ time-line) particular the "forbidden baby put adrift in a basket to drift down the river" 

   story is attributed to Akkadian warrior king SARGON I...  who was the first to CONSOLIDATE a Sumerian-Akkadian empire by using his well trained & led army to brutally smash the other Sumerian & Akkadian city-states into vassal submission.
  We present that awesomely informative and entertaining  video here:


 We've long been looking for an opportunity to delve into the rise and development of  Judaism from its  pre-biblical history
 (the genuine historical roots of  Judaism, not the bible's fantasy, anachronism, pseudo-historical narrative) 
  and despite  the pace of  DEMON JUDAISM's 
 nuclear-extermination BLOOD LUST INSANITY 
actually _ACCELERATING_    today...

(as the Syrian army miraculously holds off  SWARMS,  entire HORDES OF MURDEROUS TERRORISTS that the JEWS demon-spawn-from-hell  and their TRAITOR pols, media-whores, and financial co-conspirators in Europe, the Arab gulf oil despots,  and America throw at the besieged Syrians, every god-damned  CRIMES-AGAINST-HUMANITY day)   

 ...we have actually found the opportunity, the "mental space" to tackle some of  the history of  Judaism's  Ancient Near East roots.

  The information content of the above video should not be underestimated!

We will come back to summarize & outline just how important the information in this video  is  regarding  humanity's     current race to global nuclear-war degeneration & extermination,

but for now, just compare the information imparted in this video...

(about the rise, development, and destruction  (there's a hint!)
of the FIRST EMPIRES of the Ancient Near East)

...with the "information content" of the Hebrew bible's stories depicting  the Creation, the "Expulsion from Eden," and  "the Great Flood":

  each of those three bible stories is contained in only a few short lines of bible text,
    but those passages have had a TREMENDOUS IMPACT on human ideas and thinking 
- especially in the Near East and Western world - for the past 2,500 years.  

#2.  This video - 
captures THE FEROCITY of the rival kingdoms and empires that Judaism arose amongst
 even better than the above "The Kings" video...   
   and specifically describes the Assyrian siege and conquest   of the JEWISH CITY of  LACHISH in 701 B.C. 

 The Siege of Lachish was an instance where THE JEWS and their kingdom WERE DEFINITELY ON THE MAP -  KNOWN & RECORDED  not just in the passages of the Hebrew, jewish bible, but by the scribes and  officials of   kingdoms and tribes well outside of  Judaism's sphere of influence.    
   The same can NOT be said about the MOSES,  the "Exodus,"  or of Joshua's alleged conquest of the Canaan Valley stories;   the so-called "Conquest of  the promised land" - 
 - despite the Jews (in their bible and oral tradition) CLAIMING  GREAT CONQUESTS that TERRIFIED  EVERYONE in the region -

-  it appears that NO ONE ELSE in the region even heard about them -
    -  much less was anyone TERRIFIED by the pre-900 B.C. jews!

As we can see from the above 2 videos,  
JUDAISM  AROSE in a FEROCIOUS and BRUTAL neighborhood!    

Just as hungry desert nomads ENVIED the wealth, prosperity, and STORED FOOD SURPLUS of  the settled, walled cities those migrating herdsmen encountered in their nomadic journeys, too the JEWS in Lachish, in Jerusalem, and in other judeo  towns and cities of ancient Palestine ENVIED the GREAT POWER of the EMPIRES around them - 

 - notably the  EGYPTIAN and ASSYRIAN empires 
(which would later be supplanted by the Babylonian, Mede, & Persian empires).  

  So these 2 videos give us a clear window in to the MIND-SET of the archaic, 
most ancient Jews, who were  trying to construct an independent kingdom of their own,
   equally as FEROCIOUS,  RACIST,  INTOLERANT, BRUTAL  and tempted to VIOLENT CONQUEST of  their neighbors,  
as were the larger, more powerful  nation-empires around them that  they so envied...


  Michael Wood's  "IRAQ: the  CRADLE of CIVILIZATION"  video...

Mr. Woods outstanding documentary - produced on the eve of the 1991 U.S.-Iraq "Gulf War 1" - specifically mentions as a theme of his  video "human civilization returning to its roots"

   - as in "'modern' human 'civilization'  VIOLENTLY returning to the lands  from which 'civilization' WAS VIOLENTLY  first conceieved"...

These 3 videos clearly show the RELENTLESSLY GENOCIDAL nature 
of the SERIAL, ON-GOING CONFLICTS between neighbors in "ancient Mespotomia,"
   between neighboring ancient city/states,
between rival kingdoms,  between rival empires, and  between coalitions of empires...

 _everyone_  (non-jewish)  between  "The Nile and the Euphrates" 

 -  is a DESTRUCTIVE, JEALOUS, insecure, & MURDEROUSLY  ENVIOUS  impulse

   that is clearly descended   _directly_   
from the earliest settled cities and "CIVILIZATIONS"  

of  prehistoric Ur, Uruk, Jericho, and other  ancient settlements 
   of the bloody, brutal,  crossroads-of-empires  Ancient Near East...