Monday, June 8, 2015

MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER - We Salute the Life of the Courageous Zio-Nazi, Jew War Lobby Opponent who Wrote "HIGH PRIESTS of WAR" ....WAS HE _MURDERED_ by the Jewish 'Mossad' TERRORISTS?

 We Salute the passing of  courageous writer and steadfast,
   Zio-Nazi traitors &  AIPAC  Jew War Lobby terrorists  opponent  Michale Collins Piper,
the courageous author of  several books including "THE HIGH PRIESTS of WAR"  that are  damning indictments of the  Zio-Nazi,  jewish war lobby infiltration, subversion, perversion, degeneration, and of the outright, treason, sabotage, & mass-murder  ATTACKS on America...  and we must echo the suspicions of  others,   who note that Mr. Piper's death was preceded by a mysterious fire,
    "Was Michael Collins Piper assassinated, MURDERED by those whose crimes he so doggedly exposed over the years?"
  "It is best to assume Piper was murdered.  He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down.  This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found."
 Michael Collins Piper (center) with "High Priests of War" cover (left) and
(right) image capture
that outlines THE MOTIVES behind
 Criminal  Jewish mobsters, financiers, & Israel government  involvement
in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as documented in Mr. Piper's landmark book,
FINAL JUDGEMENT: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

We refuse to let Michael Collin Piper's death be in vain!

     And we will use the occasion of his death to make an unambiguous assertion, that
TALMUDIC  JUDAISM  is   as TREASONOUS  against the people and Constitution of the (late) "United" States of America...   as were  those who supported  the SPANISH INQUISITION against the people of  Protestant England  during  and after the ill-fated Spanish Armada attempt to conquer England in 1588... 

 HIGH PRIESTS of WAR:  the  JEWISH TRAITORS behind 9-11 and the MASS-MURDEROUS,  based-on-HATE &  LIES  of the   U.S. invasion of Iraq, 2003...   
by Michael Collins Piper, free on-line booklet...
"Mike was instrumental in founding AMERICAN FREE PRESS in August 2001
dedicating his life to, among other things, writing books and articles that exposed the machinations of powerful Zionist forces, including
The NEW JERUSALEM: Zionist Power in America;
The NEW BABYLON: Those Who Reign Supreme
The JUDAS GOATS: The Enemy Within;  and   SHARE the WEALTH: Huey Long vs. Wall Street."

 In the below youtube  video (audio) commentary,  Michael Collins Piper, Jim Condit Jr., and callers discuss the

  We are no great fans of the Roman Catholic Church - either historically, nor post "VATICAN II" -

 except to acknowledge that, historically,  for Western Europeans to fend of  Islamic Conquest - whether Charles 'THE HAMMER' Martel who fought  the Moor from Spain and prevented their taking France (and Europe!) in the Battle of Tours, 732,  or the defense of  the GREAT SIEGE of MALTA 1565, or     the Battle of  Lepanto, 1571, where the navy comprised of the  Holy League (Phillip II's Hapsburg Spain, Venice, and the Papal States) were able to defeat a great Ottoman war fleet, finally ending the Ottoman's  attempts to conquer and control the ENTIRE  Mediterranean and all adjacent  nations...   those western European nations HAD to UNIFY behind a single force... and, for nearly two millennia, that force was the Catholic 'universal' church... 

  The problem with Catholicism (and Christianity in general, including Protestant denominations)
is that it is BASED ON JUDAISM... and the  Hebrew, JUDEO TRIBAL g-o-d  YAHWEH.  

Not only is Yahweh a blatantly  GENOCIDAL ancient (late Bronze/early Iron Age) tribal war god...   
   but in compiling the jewish bible,  "the Old Testament,"  jewish scripture writers  JUST BLATANTLY STOLE the myths, legends, and  stories from _everyone_ around them.
 Not only that,  but in the manner of  thieves everywhere,  the Jews HEAPED SCORN, DERISION, LOATHING, and HATRED on those whom they "burrowed", plagiarized,  and STOLE from...   including their Babylonian hosts
(it was during the "Babylonian exile," starting 587 B.C.,  that jewish elites, priests, and scholars found time and a cause to write up their centuries of accumulated, borrowed, & stolen myths, legends, and oral traditions)
  their Midianite cruelly discarded and destroyed  former allies,  of course the Egyptians....

  ...according to the jewish bible,  EVERYONE  not jewish is evil....

    and  THAT demonic, anti-human, genocidal  outlook, and THAT g-o-d, is the foundation of Christ-ianity !!

 click here for the fantastic discussion  by YUKON JACK, and for  a preview of our long overdue look in to -    the origins of Zionism IS JUDAISM... 


  the ORIGINS of  JUDAISM is  as just _another_ GENOCIDAL, racist, intolerant, theocratic,  absolute dictator warmongering TRIBAL nation-people of the ancient Near East,     and their  TRIBAL,  GENOCIDAL, hate-mongering, absolute dictator, mass-homicidal jew WAR-GOD, Yahweh...

  John F. Kennedy HAD TO PLEDGE  INDEPENDENCE from the VATICAN, he had to pledge INDEPENDENCE from the ROMAN CATHOLIC Church in order to win the election of 1960 to become U.S. president.

  Today,  millions of "American" JEWS  _REFUSE_  to make similar pledges
    and just blatantly wear their JUDEO SUPREAMCIST    
  "ALL AMERICAN POLITICANS must kow-tow to israel, jews, zionists, & netanyahu"  TREASON & TREACHERY on their sleeves!  

  as "Yukon Jack" explains, 

  They TELL US  Americans  that "WE MUST SUPPORT FREEDOM OF RELIGION and human rights for JEWS OPPRESSED in Nazi Germany, in Inquisition Spain, in  'pogroms' Russia & the Ukraine, and in all other places"...

  while Jews in America  SHOVE their "CHOSEN BY G-O-D"  and  "PROMISED LAND"   RACIST, INTOLERANT, THEOCRATIC  DICTATORSHIP junta dogman & THEOCRATIC TRIPE  and  GENOCIDAL  LAND-LUST  down our American (and world's)  throats! 
above image a fantastic outline and survey, in just 4 sentences, of the depth, breadth,  ferocity  and reach of Judeo criminal, racist, Jewish Supremacist ("Zio-Nazi") roots and tentacles 
in American society and in American 'leadership'
  While "Israeli-Red China scientific partnership in building atomic bombs" might seem an outrageous charge on its face, the jewish state (israel) has been absolutely monstrous  in perpetrating the proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology for decades.. including well founded accusations that Israeli, Mossad operatives have stolen "nuclear pits," the plutonium or enriched radioactive cores for all nuclear weapons, from AMERICAN stockpiles using blackmail, bribery, extortion, and total, complete, 100% control of the American corporate media to stomp out any of those stories which do break the surface of  Judeo criminal nuclear weapons extortion & proliferation...