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American History HAS IT ALL WRONG About the American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence & Revolution were NOT about "No Taxation without Representation" NOR About "DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" !! (part I)

REGICIDE:  the principle that the English/'British' people had a say in the reigns of their rulers actually went back well over 1,000 years, long before the Magna Carta -  a principle that was temporarily overthrown by William the Conqueror's Norman invasion of 1066,  but not permanently: within a single generation William's heirs & descedants would be fighting amongst themselves, the support of the English people vital to any successful reign.  (For example, both King John and King Richard II would die in disgrace after public support evaporated for their reigns of  tyranny & misrule.) 

"King Charles was always going beind people's backs,  he was the ultimate plotter." (@ 40:44)
When he re-ignited the bloody English Civil War from behind his luxurious prison (palace) walls,  King Charles I pushed his captor, Parliamentarian rebel army Commander Oliver Cromwell, from a very conservative (Puritan!)  fence-sitter regarding radical reforms in social liberties & the ending of royal power
(as opposed to merely limiting royal power)

to a far more radical position: Cromwell now viewed Charles an inveterate liar who had betrayed God's will, and whose plots had caused the unnecessary  additional deaths of many thousands of innocent Englishmen
merely restraining his powers would no longer be sufficient. 
"The bloodshed... hardened his heart"
... it turned Cromwell from a man who supported the monarchy
even during the early years of the Civil War, to a radical who desired to overthrow it altogether....
 The Anglo & American 'elites' serially try to DEIFY the "Founding Fathers" of the American Revolution... make them seem like demigods, like unapproachable Olympians...   ...because even 200+ years later, the invested 'elites' and social/political ruling class overlords  _DO NOT WANT_ the peons,  serfs, and disposable cannon-fodder  slaves thinking that they have any right to rebel against tyrannical rule.   

   This agenda results in some propaganda lies and "mistruths" being accepted as "common knowledge" by the American public:  the same PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES that the  ruling class overlords use to TELL us Americans that 

- nor even audit "our own gold"  in Fort Knox!   
    For example, the American Revolution was NOT fought over the principle of  "Divine Right of Kings" nor of "No Taxation without Representation" -
Divine Right of Kings had already been settled by  both the execution of King Charles I 
and by the subsequent "Glorious Revolution" which deposed his second son, King James II
And even if   the American colonists had gained fully proportional representation in the British parliament, Parliament and the king, (and the financiers behind them) could still  have  imposed ruinous taxes, property confiscation, drum-head military trails, and business & industry crushing ROYAL MONOPOLIES on the colonies -
which were the real causes of the American Revolution.  Indeed,  EVEN WITH "full parliamentary representation," the British/English male populace HAD TO SUBMIT to the very brutal  ROYAL NAVY IMPRESSMENT  (kidnapping of  men to crew Royal navy warships) that Americans so detested, loathed, and hated!

If  the EXECUTION of  King Charles I under a sentence by Parliament,  after the Parliamentarian army under Cromwell twice defeated Charles royalist army during the English Civil War didn't establish
the PRIMACY of PARLIAMENT OVER the monarchy  for all time... then  "the Glorious Revolution" which deposed King Charles second son James II  settled that question once and for all in 1688.
(Secured by the victory of  Protestant King George II's son the Duke of Cumberland defeat of the Catholic Scottish Highlander army of  'The Pretender," Bonnie Prince Charles,  at the Battle of Culloden, 1746.  

As always, Englishmen and their Parliament representatives hated, loathed, and feared the prospects of  England being invaded from Scotland or Ireland
- which invasion armies were the core of King Charles I's scheming &  alliance-forming to attempt to destroy his enemies the Parliamenatarian armies - 

     because for centuries those foreign invasions (usually funded by England's eternal enemy, France; or after 1492 by Spain) were synonymous with rape, pillage, and 'harrying' - "laying waste" of  entire English cities, towns, & villages   - what we today would call "ethnic cleansing."


 TODAY, the "U.S." government - the  NEO-CON, AIPAC & JEW WAR LOBBY  TRAITORS  running the "U.S." government, financial system,  academic & press/media propaganda systems,
agitating & directing
  AL QAEDA/"ISIS" TERRORISTS to wage TERROR WARS  against innocent civilians all across the Mideast, all across the world,
so to justify the  American IMPERIAL NATIONAL SECURITY STATE,

   which in turn is nothing but a dissembling (we would argue diabolical) front

to justify the JUDEO SUPREMACIST DEMOLITION of  ALL nations in the Mideast, Africa, and South Asia (extending to Europe, Eastern Europe, and now even to Russia & Asia)

  - as clearly expressed in the WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE 
        and in the Netanyahu "SECURING THE REALM"  plan,

  and verbally confirmed by retired General Wesley Clark relating that in the weeks after the 9-11 2001 terror attacks, the CIVILIANS IN THE PENTAGON had already ordered the U.S. military generals to whip up plans to "TAKE OUT SEVEN COUNTRIES in FIVE YEARS" 
 - including Libya, IRAN, & SYRIA -  just exactly as the Netanyahu plan and  JEWISH RUN "PNAC" JUDEO SUPREMACY MASQUERADING as  "American" HEGEMONY plans had called for several years previously:


But "the elites,"  "The Powers That Be"  who run Anglo & American politics, courts, academics, the economy (financial system), & including those who run the so-called "liberal" popular corporate mass media    DO NOT want the American or British people remembering the horrors and sacrifice of the English Civil War - because "the elites" are jealously selfish of their power and position in society, and don't want the rabble being reminded that the hapless subjects
 have a long history of rebelling against tyrannical rule.

   We would argue (and will document in future posts)  that "the elites" today are wholly and totally dominated by the "Neo-Con"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST ideology & theology, an ideology of  a racist,  HEREDITARY, and THEOCRATIC elite _ruling_over_ and above all non-Jews

   even if initially in the "Communist" or "Soviet" model, with Judeo supremacists such as DIANNE FEINSTEIN, SHELDON ADELSON, Ron Perlman, RAHM EMANUEL, BOB RUBIN, ERIC CANTOR, and hundreds of others  all hiding behind puppet politicians and designated front-men
(like Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Pelosi, Cheney, Bush, McInsane, Gingrich,  Romney, King, USSC 'justices' roberts, scalia,  etc. etc. etc.)
but ruling with an iron,  Jewish "COMMISSARIAT"  fist from behind the curtain


American History HAS IT ALL WRONG:  The Declaration of Independence & American Revolution were  were NOT about "No Taxation without Representation" 

  While our above may seem a "radical" assertion, the proof is simplicity itself:

   even if Parliament had granted the American colonies representative members, in Parliament,  fully proportional to the American Colonists' population..... the king, Parliament, and ministers would still have been able to easily vote for ruinous taxes, confiscatory property seizures, and of course the IMPRESSMENT of  men essentially KIDNAPPED into Royal Navy service (as slaves in all but name)  - exactly as the British populace had to endure!
  The proof that  AMERICA's WAR of  INDEPENDENCE was NOT  about  "fighting the tyrannical King George III over his proclaimed 'DIVINE RIGHT of KINGS' imposed on American colonists" is also easily proved: King George III's grandfather, King George I, had been SELECTED BY PARLIAMENT to become king... after Parliament had  DEPOSED the previous Stuart King,  King James II, in "the Glorious Revolution" and had first brought Dutch Prince William of Orange to the British throne as King William III, then Prince George, elector of Hanover to the British throne as King George I  when neither William, nor his sister-in-law, cousin, & successor Queen Anne had any surviving children to inherit their crowns. 

  In fact, the real cause of the American Revolution was that
had contracted and been granted by the crown & Parliament 
not only on  the importation of tea to America...
not only over ALL TRADE between America and the mother country (England),
but exclusionary, Royal MONOPOLIES had been granted the EITco financial owners in trade between the America colonies and _all_  ports under control of the British empire!     

   Parliament, the financiers, and King George's ministers were DRIVING AMERICAN SHIPPING COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS, along with American industries, which were ordered to export all their raw materials to Britain, and thus forced to import finished products from Britain,
thus DESTROYING AMERICAN INDUSTRY and making American colonist have to pay higher, monopoly prices for finished goods. 
      In addition,  BRITISH FINANCIERS were trying to suck the life-blood out of even this monopoly dictated mother-country/colony economic system  as well:  all payments in taxes had to be with Bank of England bank notes or specie (gold or silver) - both of which were scarce in the colonies, meaning that the colonists were FORCED to pay  EXTORTIONATE exchange rates to obtain, to "buy" those BoE bank notes or  precious metal coinage  ("bought" in exchange for products grown or manufactured in the colonies) to  pay their taxes.  


    not from the East India Tea Company and King George's bribed ministers of Commerce & taxation,  but from the GODDAMN-SACHS/"Fed" banking/money-changers  PARASITES - the RUBINITES -  who have 
(#1.)  OUTSOURCED AMERICAN INDUSTRY to China, who have 
(#2) LOOTED OUR PENSION FUNDS, health care system, housing markets, & etc. with serial "pump... & DUMP"  financial sabotage ("Deregulation" & "derivatives" that are valued at...many times the entire world GDP!)  and who have
with their serial  Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellen "JUDENFETZEN"  DEBASEMENT of the American dollar - thus forcing us Americans, via dollar debasement/exchange-rate swindling,
(More commonly known as endless, infinite  "GOVERNMENT DEBT.")

 below videos:  LONG BEFORE  the American colonists went to war against King George III...

the English people under Parliament  WAGED A LONG AND BLOODY CIVIL WAR against the murderous armies of  KING CHARLES I... which eventually resulted in his  EXECUTION after he betrayed his generous imprisonment to foment a 2nd round of  civil war mayhem, nationwide suffering, starvation, rape, terror,  deprivation,  & mass-murder massacres:

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