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PRELUDE to the AMERICAN REVOLUTION: The Battle of Culloden, Scotland 1746

 As metastasizing, 'Neo-Con' wars of instigated terrorism, treason, wars of nuclear extortion, global extermination,  and relentless economic predation bear down on us Americans this July 4th,
we present this fantastic documentary re-enactment video on the Battle of Culloden, 1746 as a treat to our readers.  
To look on the faces in this video is to look directly on the faces of the Americans Revolution: 

"We have detachments in all points of the Highlands. The People [of the Scots Highland clans who supported the Jacobite rebellion and war against King George's army]  are deservedly in a most  deplorable way,  and must perish, either by famine or by the sword, a just reward for traitors." (at 1.05.51)

 While the Battle of Culloden itself was a relatively straightforward affair, this excellent video captures the misery, desperation, ferocity, and train of  events leading up to the battle, and to the ruthless British campaign of  killing the wounded & "pacification," or  "ethnic cleansing" of the Highland clans who had manned the rebel army after the British victory...

...leading directly to thousands upon tens of thousands of Scots Highlanders and their families fleeing, or being deported to England's overseas colonies  in Canada, Australia,  the Barbados, and the American colonies.
The faces seen here -  of English speaking soldiers and officers, of Gaelic speaking Highland clansmen, of French soldiers,  and even of a German officer in Duke Cumberland's army...
   all would show up in the wars and battles of the  American Revolution just 3 decades later.... 


Fought between the British army of the Duke of Cumberland, youngest son of King George II, and the Scots Highlander rebel  army fighting under the banner of Charles Edward Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charles," the battle decided whether Parliament, the Hanovarian dynasty of King George II, and Britain itself would remain a Protestant nation, or would revert to control by a Catholic king bent on restoring Catholicism as the state mandated religion of the realm.
   Ironically,  even though the British army under the Duke of Cumberland (youngest son of King George II)  was even more bloodthirsty, brutal, and repressive fighting the Scots Highlanders than they were against the American colonists during the bloody fighting of the American Revolution -

   - the Duke earned the nickname "BUTCHER CUMBERLAND" for wiping out
entire families of  clansmen in the Scots "Highlands" for months after the battle -

 - it was actually the British army that was fighting for the FREEDOM of  RELIGIOUS DISSENT,

because "Bonnie Prince Charlie" was a Catholic raised in Rome supported by France and Irish Catholics - who if they had succeeded in overthrowing the Protestant Hanoverians, would almost certainly have returned Britain once more to an intolerant,  Catholic dictatorship
(as it had been under the reign of  Queen Mary I "Bloody Mary.")   

 While Catholics - even today - might have a hard time accepting that  "Butcher Cumberland" and the British army had anything to do with "freedom,"  religious or otherwise,  it is hard to imagine a scenario where the French would have supported the (mostly Protestant)  American colonists during the America Revolutionary War  if  a Catholic king (Bonnie Prince Charles or his father,  James II "The Pretender)  had been on the British throne. 

  Indeed, it had been AMERICAN PURITANS who, on returning to the Mother Country (England) during the English Civil War, who had provided much of the "RADICAL"  ideals and preaching which finally pushed the English Protestant Parliamentarian army to  accept the OVERTHROW of  King Charles - as opposed to merely the restraint on his powers - as a legitimate goal -  see the "English Civil War, Part 1" video we posted previously. 
 Indeed, as this Clan Cameron web-page lays outwhile the Cameron clansmen fought in support of the Catholic rule of  'Bonnie Prince Charlie' at Culloden in 1746...   they would soon enlist or be impressed into  the British army, and serve with distinction in the Royal Army against the American Patriots during the American Revolution!
After the Battle of Culloden in 1746 this tour of the Battles of Clan Cameron comes to an end.
In the aftermath, Cameron men joined numerous British military regiments in the years following, among which were:
- The 42nd Regiment - The Black Watch
- The 79th Regiment - Cameron Highlanders
- The 92nd Regiment - Gordon Highlanders
- The Lochaber Fencible Highlanders.

The men of Lochaber fought with distinction in the American Revolutionary War, Peninsular War,  Waterloo, Crimea and in India during the Mutiny, in addition to both World Wars.

 Undoubtedly - as at the Battle of Culloden - there would have been clansmen fighting against each other  - against their own cousins, nephews, and descendents of common grandparents -  on BOTH SIDES of the American Revolution, all through that bloody, desperate war.  

  At the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge in North Carolina 
 early in the American revolutionary war  
(fighting just shortly after the battles at Lexington & Concord), 
the British incorporated Highland Scots as soldiers,  directly from the ships that had brought them as near prisoners from Scotland... the Highlanders were so impoverished  that many of them went into the battle without swords, much less guns.  
Since the American Revolution dragged on for years,  it is a near certainty that in later battles of the Revolution in the Carolinas that some of these Highlanders who fought with the British at Moore's Creek Bridge  fought with the Patriots and against the British army that had brought them over, enlisted at points of bayonets, from Scotland...

 Scots Highlanders pressed in service of the Royal Army  - many of them only recently on the ship that brought them across the Atlantic ocean, torn from their highland homes - suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of wily Patriot militia at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, in swamps  just a few mile from the Atlantic coast in North Carolina,  1776.
1776 – "A colonial force of North Carolina patriots resoundingly defeats a detachment of Scottish Loyalists
at Moore’s Creek Bridge near Wilmington."
"The battle ended Royal Governor Josiah Martin’s hopes of regaining control of the colony for the British crown. In addition, this first decisive Patriot victory of the Revolutionary War raised morale for Patriots throughout the colonies. The Loyalist defeat ended British plans for an invasionary force to land in Brunswick, North Carolina. The colony of North Carolina voted to declare independence from the British on April 12, 1776, shortly after the victory at Moores Creek.
The news of the fighting at Lexington and Concord in April, 1775 had been received in North Carolina a month later, and it further weakened royal authority. Unable to stem the tide of revolution in the colony, Governor Martin abandoned New Bern, the capital, and fled to Fort Johnston on the lower Cape Fear, arriving there on June 2, 1775."

The Battle of  Moore's Creek bridge was just one of  hundreds of  American Revolutionary battles that saw soldiers of Scots descent fighting fiercely - most of them with the Patriots and for Independence.   Future President Andrew Jackson's family were of Scots descent, and he and his two older brothers - he was then only 13 years old - were all three captured fighting against the British during a brutal  Revolutionary battle in North Carolina.  

 Losing both his brothers and his mother (who was working as a nurse on the prison ships)  to  DEATH-SHIP prison conditions similar to those portrayed in the video above, 
    Andrew Jackson would carry his hatred of the British all the way to his command at the Battle of New Orleans in Dec. of 1814 during the War of 1812

 It was only Jackson's fierce determination, bordering on fanaticism, that provided the leadership & strategic experience to enable the out manned, out-gunned, inexperienced, and disparate American Army, composed mostly of militia volunteers, to prevail against the Napoleonic wars victorious, blooded, & experienced British forces - quite possibly saving the young United States of America from being encircled and engulfed by a British empire that would have controlled all the trade of the entire Mississippi, thwarting America's westward expansion.

    Americans of  Scots descent would form the bulwark of the 'rebel' Confederate armies
 70 years later during the American Civil War... unfortunately  
(and ironically, given their history under English/British domination) 
fighting to support a system of  race-based chattel slavery that was every bit as cruel as anything the English, Normans, Danes, or Irish had ever imposed on the Scots in their homeland.... 


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American History HAS IT ALL WRONG About the American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence & Revolution were NOT about "No Taxation without Representation" NOR About "DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS" !! (part I)

REGICIDE:  the principle that the English/'British' people had a say in the reigns of their rulers actually went back well over 1,000 years, long before the Magna Carta -  a principle that was temporarily overthrown by William the Conqueror's Norman invasion of 1066,  but not permanently: within a single generation William's heirs & descedants would be fighting amongst themselves, the support of the English people vital to any successful reign.  (For example, both King John and King Richard II would die in disgrace after public support evaporated for their reigns of  tyranny & misrule.) 

"King Charles was always going beind people's backs,  he was the ultimate plotter." (@ 40:44)
When he re-ignited the bloody English Civil War from behind his luxurious prison (palace) walls,  King Charles I pushed his captor, Parliamentarian rebel army Commander Oliver Cromwell, from a very conservative (Puritan!)  fence-sitter regarding radical reforms in social liberties & the ending of royal power
(as opposed to merely limiting royal power)

to a far more radical position: Cromwell now viewed Charles an inveterate liar who had betrayed God's will, and whose plots had caused the unnecessary  additional deaths of many thousands of innocent Englishmen
merely restraining his powers would no longer be sufficient. 
"The bloodshed... hardened his heart"
... it turned Cromwell from a man who supported the monarchy
even during the early years of the Civil War, to a radical who desired to overthrow it altogether....
 The Anglo & American 'elites' serially try to DEIFY the "Founding Fathers" of the American Revolution... make them seem like demigods, like unapproachable Olympians...   ...because even 200+ years later, the invested 'elites' and social/political ruling class overlords  _DO NOT WANT_ the peons,  serfs, and disposable cannon-fodder  slaves thinking that they have any right to rebel against tyrannical rule.   

   This agenda results in some propaganda lies and "mistruths" being accepted as "common knowledge" by the American public:  the same PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES that the  ruling class overlords use to TELL us Americans that 

- nor even audit "our own gold"  in Fort Knox!   
    For example, the American Revolution was NOT fought over the principle of  "Divine Right of Kings" nor of "No Taxation without Representation" -
Divine Right of Kings had already been settled by  both the execution of King Charles I 
and by the subsequent "Glorious Revolution" which deposed his second son, King James II
And even if   the American colonists had gained fully proportional representation in the British parliament, Parliament and the king, (and the financiers behind them) could still  have  imposed ruinous taxes, property confiscation, drum-head military trails, and business & industry crushing ROYAL MONOPOLIES on the colonies -
which were the real causes of the American Revolution.  Indeed,  EVEN WITH "full parliamentary representation," the British/English male populace HAD TO SUBMIT to the very brutal  ROYAL NAVY IMPRESSMENT  (kidnapping of  men to crew Royal navy warships) that Americans so detested, loathed, and hated!

If  the EXECUTION of  King Charles I under a sentence by Parliament,  after the Parliamentarian army under Cromwell twice defeated Charles royalist army during the English Civil War didn't establish
the PRIMACY of PARLIAMENT OVER the monarchy  for all time... then  "the Glorious Revolution" which deposed King Charles second son James II  settled that question once and for all in 1688.
(Secured by the victory of  Protestant King George II's son the Duke of Cumberland defeat of the Catholic Scottish Highlander army of  'The Pretender," Bonnie Prince Charles,  at the Battle of Culloden, 1746.  

As always, Englishmen and their Parliament representatives hated, loathed, and feared the prospects of  England being invaded from Scotland or Ireland
- which invasion armies were the core of King Charles I's scheming &  alliance-forming to attempt to destroy his enemies the Parliamenatarian armies - 

     because for centuries those foreign invasions (usually funded by England's eternal enemy, France; or after 1492 by Spain) were synonymous with rape, pillage, and 'harrying' - "laying waste" of  entire English cities, towns, & villages   - what we today would call "ethnic cleansing."


 TODAY, the "U.S." government - the  NEO-CON, AIPAC & JEW WAR LOBBY  TRAITORS  running the "U.S." government, financial system,  academic & press/media propaganda systems,
agitating & directing
  AL QAEDA/"ISIS" TERRORISTS to wage TERROR WARS  against innocent civilians all across the Mideast, all across the world,
so to justify the  American IMPERIAL NATIONAL SECURITY STATE,

   which in turn is nothing but a dissembling (we would argue diabolical) front

to justify the JUDEO SUPREMACIST DEMOLITION of  ALL nations in the Mideast, Africa, and South Asia (extending to Europe, Eastern Europe, and now even to Russia & Asia)

  - as clearly expressed in the WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE 
        and in the Netanyahu "SECURING THE REALM"  plan,

  and verbally confirmed by retired General Wesley Clark relating that in the weeks after the 9-11 2001 terror attacks, the CIVILIANS IN THE PENTAGON had already ordered the U.S. military generals to whip up plans to "TAKE OUT SEVEN COUNTRIES in FIVE YEARS" 
 - including Libya, IRAN, & SYRIA -  just exactly as the Netanyahu plan and  JEWISH RUN "PNAC" JUDEO SUPREMACY MASQUERADING as  "American" HEGEMONY plans had called for several years previously:


But "the elites,"  "The Powers That Be"  who run Anglo & American politics, courts, academics, the economy (financial system), & including those who run the so-called "liberal" popular corporate mass media    DO NOT want the American or British people remembering the horrors and sacrifice of the English Civil War - because "the elites" are jealously selfish of their power and position in society, and don't want the rabble being reminded that the hapless subjects
 have a long history of rebelling against tyrannical rule.

   We would argue (and will document in future posts)  that "the elites" today are wholly and totally dominated by the "Neo-Con"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST ideology & theology, an ideology of  a racist,  HEREDITARY, and THEOCRATIC elite _ruling_over_ and above all non-Jews

   even if initially in the "Communist" or "Soviet" model, with Judeo supremacists such as DIANNE FEINSTEIN, SHELDON ADELSON, Ron Perlman, RAHM EMANUEL, BOB RUBIN, ERIC CANTOR, and hundreds of others  all hiding behind puppet politicians and designated front-men
(like Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Pelosi, Cheney, Bush, McInsane, Gingrich,  Romney, King, USSC 'justices' roberts, scalia,  etc. etc. etc.)
but ruling with an iron,  Jewish "COMMISSARIAT"  fist from behind the curtain


American History HAS IT ALL WRONG:  The Declaration of Independence & American Revolution were  were NOT about "No Taxation without Representation" 

  While our above may seem a "radical" assertion, the proof is simplicity itself:

   even if Parliament had granted the American colonies representative members, in Parliament,  fully proportional to the American Colonists' population..... the king, Parliament, and ministers would still have been able to easily vote for ruinous taxes, confiscatory property seizures, and of course the IMPRESSMENT of  men essentially KIDNAPPED into Royal Navy service (as slaves in all but name)  - exactly as the British populace had to endure!
  The proof that  AMERICA's WAR of  INDEPENDENCE was NOT  about  "fighting the tyrannical King George III over his proclaimed 'DIVINE RIGHT of KINGS' imposed on American colonists" is also easily proved: King George III's grandfather, King George I, had been SELECTED BY PARLIAMENT to become king... after Parliament had  DEPOSED the previous Stuart King,  King James II, in "the Glorious Revolution" and had first brought Dutch Prince William of Orange to the British throne as King William III, then Prince George, elector of Hanover to the British throne as King George I  when neither William, nor his sister-in-law, cousin, & successor Queen Anne had any surviving children to inherit their crowns. 

  In fact, the real cause of the American Revolution was that
had contracted and been granted by the crown & Parliament 
not only on  the importation of tea to America...
not only over ALL TRADE between America and the mother country (England),
but exclusionary, Royal MONOPOLIES had been granted the EITco financial owners in trade between the America colonies and _all_  ports under control of the British empire!     

   Parliament, the financiers, and King George's ministers were DRIVING AMERICAN SHIPPING COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS, along with American industries, which were ordered to export all their raw materials to Britain, and thus forced to import finished products from Britain,
thus DESTROYING AMERICAN INDUSTRY and making American colonist have to pay higher, monopoly prices for finished goods. 
      In addition,  BRITISH FINANCIERS were trying to suck the life-blood out of even this monopoly dictated mother-country/colony economic system  as well:  all payments in taxes had to be with Bank of England bank notes or specie (gold or silver) - both of which were scarce in the colonies, meaning that the colonists were FORCED to pay  EXTORTIONATE exchange rates to obtain, to "buy" those BoE bank notes or  precious metal coinage  ("bought" in exchange for products grown or manufactured in the colonies) to  pay their taxes.  


    not from the East India Tea Company and King George's bribed ministers of Commerce & taxation,  but from the GODDAMN-SACHS/"Fed" banking/money-changers  PARASITES - the RUBINITES -  who have 
(#1.)  OUTSOURCED AMERICAN INDUSTRY to China, who have 
(#2) LOOTED OUR PENSION FUNDS, health care system, housing markets, & etc. with serial "pump... & DUMP"  financial sabotage ("Deregulation" & "derivatives" that are valued at...many times the entire world GDP!)  and who have
with their serial  Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellen "JUDENFETZEN"  DEBASEMENT of the American dollar - thus forcing us Americans, via dollar debasement/exchange-rate swindling,
(More commonly known as endless, infinite  "GOVERNMENT DEBT.")

 below videos:  LONG BEFORE  the American colonists went to war against King George III...

the English people under Parliament  WAGED A LONG AND BLOODY CIVIL WAR against the murderous armies of  KING CHARLES I... which eventually resulted in his  EXECUTION after he betrayed his generous imprisonment to foment a 2nd round of  civil war mayhem, nationwide suffering, starvation, rape, terror,  deprivation,  & mass-murder massacres:

 The English Civil War Part 2 Cromwell

The English Civil War Part 3 Trial of The King Killers

The English Civil War Part 1 Blood On Our Hands


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JEW BILLIONAIRE 'bankers' _behind_ the ECB European Central 'Bank' PAY THEMSELVES 60 _BILLION_ EUROS _every_ single MONTH... AS they want to STARVE GREEKS (Maltese, Spaniards, Portuguese, & AMERICANS, etc.) !!! _CONFRONT_ the TREASONOUS, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE & GENOCIDE FINANCIAL TRAITORS !!

Yes, America,  it has come to this:  the  JEWISH EVIL has become SO BLATANT, SO TRANSPARENT,  SO OBSCENE, SO IN-YOUR-FACE,  that  at the very same time that
 JEW BILLIONAIRE BANKERS _behind_  the ECB,  the European Central Bank,
   pay themselves  SIXTY BILLION EUROS...  EVERY  SINGLE  MONTH...
    ... they are not satisfied with merely being insanely wealthy beyond anyone else's compare....
   but they ACTUALLY WANT TO STARVE "their fellow citizens" in EUROPE !!  

"Thanks!" Evelyn & Jacob... for making honest men of those 'anti-semites' who
for 2,000+ years have said that "jews POISON THE WELLS"
not by open conquest, but by subversion, treachery, & deceit from within a host nation or culture.

here ROTHSCHILDS, jacob & evelyn, POISON the ENTIRE Pacific Ocean,
poison the entire WORLD
with FUKUSHIMA plutonium RADIATION plumes... the vile, disgusting pigs...

(not only indirectly, by refusing to focus their armies of  media whores'  attention on
PLUTONIUM radiation toxicity, but, 
as we will outline in a future post,
a far more direct connection between the Rotschilds & the plutonium stuffed 'safe' GE reactors)

Insanely rich beyond imagining, THEIR ONLY MOTIVATION is to diabolically arrange  the KILLINGS of ever larger numbers of people 
as  'leaders'  of the judeo war against humanity
decade after decade after blood-drenched decade...  

Yes, America,  it has come down to this:  the  JEWISH EVIL has become SO BLATANT, SO TRANSPARENT,  SO OBSCENE, SO IN-YOUR-FACE,  that  at the very same time that
JEW BILLIONAIRE BANKERS _behind_  the ECB, the European Central Bank,  
   pay themselves  SIXTY  BILLION EUROS...  EVERY  SINGLE  MONTH...

    ... they are not satisfied with merely being insanely wealthy beyond anyone else's compare...

                    "their fellow citizens" in EUROPE !!   

    IF  our above assessment is true - and it certainly is! -
then EVERY COP, EVERY POLICE on the beat,  every "law enforcement" officer,
_every_   judge &  every prosecuting attorney in 
America & Europe... 
death-camp Gulag commissars & administrators, assigned to humiliate the millions of 'detainees'  & impoverished, dispossessed, disenfranchised, and starving stateless souls before those disposable serfs  meet their "final solution".... 

 Starvation Is The Price Greeks Will Pay For Remaining In The EU  
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  June 15, 2015    
Syriza, the new Greek government that intended to rescue Greece from austerity, has come a cropper. The government relied on the good will of its EU “partners,” only to find that its “partners” had no good will. The Greek government did not understand that the only concern was the bottom line, or profits,  [EXTORTION PAYMENTS]  of those who held the Greek debt.

The Greek people are as out to lunch as their government. The majority of Greeks want to remain in the EU even though it means that their pensions, their wages, their social services, and their employment opportunities will be reduced. Apparently for Greeks, being a part of Europe is worth being driven into the ground.

The alleged “Greek crisis” makes no sense whatsoever.  It is obvious that Greece cannot with its devastated economy repay the debts that Goldman Sachs hid and then capitalized on the inside information, helping to cause the crisis.
 [This is the "money changers" old tactic of USING FRAUD, insider trading manipulation, DECEIT, and "ECONOMIC HIT MEN"  to CREATE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS,  then buying up billions of dollars worth of assets for pennies on the dollar when the money-changers pull the rug out from under their Ponzi scheme, triggering regional or global economic "sell, sell, sell" panics.]
If the solvency of the holders of the Greek debt, apparently the NY hedge funds and German and Dutch banks, depends on being repaid, the European Central Bank could just follow the example of the Federal Reserve and print the money to secure the Greek debt. The ECB is already printing 60 billion euros a month to save ["save"] the European financial system, so why not include Greece?

A conservative might say that such a course of action would cause inflation, but it hasn’t.  The Fed has been creating money hands over fists for seven years, and according to the government there is no inflation.
[to clarify,  the reason inflation _appears_ low - despite the Fed  electronically "printing" trillions of dollars since the INSTIGATED MARKET CRASH of Sept. 2008 gave the treasonous Fed bankers the EXCUSE they are always looking to EXTORT CONGRESS for license to (electronically) PRINT MONEY to DEBASE  EVERYONE ELSE'S holdings - seen here to the right in the below graph as a near vertical blue curve paralleled by our red arrow)...
'Fed' "MONEY CREATION" or electronic "money printing' "MONETARY BASE"  _skyrockets_ since the Fed"bankers" extorted first "bailouts"  and then "Quantitative Easing"
from Con-gress
following the incited, instigated, & manufactured 2008 market crisis...

these are the FED'S OWN numbers & St. Louis Fed's own graph... because modern manufacturing - especially in China - can crank out so much production at near slave wages,  just see the selection of shoes available at some $10/pair outlet stores.  Another reason inflation SEEMS low, is because as factories &  manufacturing jobs desert American & European towns for low-wage Asian factories, the communities that served those factories see a collapse in their housing and real estate markets, depressing prices, jobs, & wages.   While real estate in "trendy" and desired areas - in NY, D.C.,  San Francisco, other affluent cities continues to go UP  (dramatically in some of those cities) the national AVERAGE remains low, what with cheap rents and urban decay all across "the heartland."  A third factor that makes inflation APPEAR low is  energy costs - but these are more a result of  geo-strategic politics (getting the Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, et al to pump out cheap oil, in an attempt to break the Iran & Russia energy markets & treasuries), and, to repeat,  SINGLE TORPEDO against a super-tanker in the Persian Gulf would see oil prices sky-rocket, to astronomical highs, overnight!  Finally, REAL INFLATION is MUCH HIGHER than 2% -  just try to buy health insurance, milk, ice cream, or pay for a college tuition.]

We even have negative interest rates attesting to the absence of inflation. Why will creating money for Greece create inflation but not for Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JPMorganChase?
[GODDAMN-SACHS,  Citi' 'bank' and JPM are just FRONT COMPANIES for the ROTSCHILDS,  WARBURGS, SCHIFFS, and other  NY, London, Paris, Tel Aviv  (& etc.) billionaires. THEY - a select group of a few hundred individuals - are raking in the lion's share of tens- upon hundreds of  _BILLIONS_ of  Euros or dollars of "money"  'created'  by the ECB & Fed.... but since THEY OWN the  relentlessly treasonous, relentlessly lying corporate media,
they face NO SCRUTINY for their INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of their host nations' economies.]
Obviously, the Western world doesn’t want to help Greece. The West wants to loot Greece.
[This is practically a verbatim repeat of  the 4th Crusade SACKING CONSTANTINOPLE in 1204... except the victims die in the gutter or from lack of medical care, instead of  Christians in Constantinople being BUTCHERED by "Christian" Crusaders
The deal is that Greece gets new loans with which to repay existing loans in exchange for selling municipal water companies to private investors (water rates will go up on the Greek people), for selling the state lottery to private investors (Greek government revenues drop, thus making debt repayment more difficult), and for other such “privatizations” such as selling the protected Greek islands to real estate developers.

This is a good deal for everyone but Greece.

If the Greek government had any sense, it would simply default.  That would make Greece debt free. With just a few words, Greece can go from a heavily indebted country to a debt-free country.

Greece could then finance its own bond issues, and if it needed external credit, Greece could accept the Russian offer.

Indeed, if the Russian and Chinese governments had any sense, they would pay Greece to default and to leave the EU and NATO. The unravelling of Washington’s empire would begin, and the threat of war that Russia and China face would go away. The Russians and Chinese would save far more on unnecessary war preparation[s than] saving Greece would cost them. 

Jack Lew, the ORTHODOX JEW currently running the captured and conquered U.S. Treasury for his foreign Jew 'banker' overlords, has already mouthed similar comments,  he wants  to  INFLICT  "AUSTERITY"  ON AMERICANS... at the SAME TIME that "the Fed" GIVES AWAY  $80 BILLION PER MONTH in "QE'  to those TREASONOUS,  GLOBAL EXTORTION,  GENOCIDE, sabotage, &  MASS MURDER parasitic, traitor financiers!!!

   There are now two kinds of people in Europe & America: 
  1. those who realize that the bankers are PRINTING  THEMSELVES   SIXTY BILLION  EUROS (in Europe)  _AND_  EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS  (in America) each & every single month as so-called "Quantitative Easing"
  2. and those clueless, propagandized,  stupified, misled clods & peons who have no idea.  
  The 'bankers'  or  financiers or "money changers"  DO NOT WORK for this  "money" -

 - they have their interns at the ECB or NY Fed  hit a few dozen keystrokes to "CREATE"  some portion of  SIXTY BILLION EUROS (or dollars) every_single_month (repeat as required)
as debits or credits on digitized ECB bank accounts -
 "money" 'CREATED'  out of thin air at the click of a few keys on a computer keyboard.  

 Actually,  they  DO "WORK for their money"  - in the old fashioned way:  EXTORTION.

 The insanely greedy pigs consider it a game, every single year, year after year after year;  decade after decade after decade, to see how much they can get away with  raping, defrauding, and extorting their European (Australian, Canadian, American, & etc.) victims "fellow citizens" - and now their stranglehold over the U.S. economy, financial system, corporate media/propaganda system,  U.S. government, war department, state department, and treasury is so complete... that they have U.S. armies poised to murder Syrians, Iranians, Russians, & Chinese for them, all poised to be triggered at the drop of a feather...

jewish 'Fed' chair "JUDENFETZEN JANET" and  Citi-''bank'  
WANT TO STARVE a few million AMERICANS, too....
that's what rich, wealthy, and powerful jews ASPIRE TO...
SABOTAGING the economies of their host nations, and 
STARVING PEOPLE,   the same way that jew Commissars TROTSKY and KAGONOVICH 
STARVED  Ukrainians, Russians, Latvians, Kazakhs, and other hapless victims
in the "Soviet Union" in the 1920s & 1930s...
 LOOTING their wealth, and leaving them TO STARVE  

and his vile Citi-'bank' & Goddamn-Sachs
(et al) cronies...
'AUSTERITY', dispossession, poverty, foreclosure,  and STARVATION for everyone else...
a RADICAL RIGHT-WING 'neo-con' agenda SOLD to the stupid clods & peons
of America as "the best the 'Democrat' party can do."


Here is Evelyn de Rotschild himself...
   BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE for the 2008 U.S. market crash! 
 (Which was actually preceded by a market crash in Evelyn's own London exchange... a "trial run" to see what they could get away with.) 

  USING the PANIC of the moment during the 2008 crash,  CNBC and clueless media stooge Maria Bartiromo  actually tried to present "BAILOUTS" - giving  trillions of dollars of  government, taxpayer extorted  money to FAILED BANKERS and FRAUDULENT, casino-gulag financiers -  
     as "saving capitalism"!!!

    This would be exactly akin to our lending our neighbor, who is a known gambling addict,  $2,000 to go to the races... and then going crying, scheming, begging, & extorting  to the government and Con-gress for a "BAILOUT" when our neighbor was unable to repay our  stupidly lent out money!   And, worse... in half the instances, our "gambling addict neighbor" is actually our brother in law... he doesn't actually lose the money at the races, but diverts it into an offshore tax dodge or  slush-fund which we split... but we still go crying, screaming, begging & extorting to Con-gress for "bailouts"  - and if we don't get them,  we and all the other "big banks" on Wall St. will wreck your pension funds and 'investment' portfolios!  


Promised "CHANGE!" in the 2008 presidential elections, tens of millions of Americans
had no clue as Team Obama - Bob Rubin's Goddamn-Sachs & Citi-'bank' jewish financiers 
financial fraud appartchiks - just  RAPED American taxpayers with serial 'BAILOUTS' EXTORTION...
As blatant and grievous as Citi-'bank', Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and other 'banks' bailouts take was...

it was but a prelude to the "PERMANENT BAILOUTS" "Quantitative Easing" that the vile "FED"  'bankers' & OVERSEAS judeo financiers have EXTORTED out of the American & European people
over the past 7 years (of the Obama presidency)
80 BILLION dollars _AND_   60  BILLION Euros... each and every single month for years now !! 

 The UK Telegraph and editor/writer Alistair Osborne are LYING....
  the Rotschilds & their junior partners in crimes & global atrocities, 
the Rockefellers, are NOT  "CREATING WEALTH" -

and EXTORTING IT from them via 
(using huge slush-funds to incite market booms & market-bust panics = crisis incitement)
 and FIAT MONEY (their license to print 80 billion every month... which goes to them)

they're  _NOT_ "CREATING WEALTH"...   they're STEALING  OTHER PEOPLE'S wealth,
by inciting  "pump... AND DUMP"  economic CRASHES, and then riding in
with their FRESHLY PRINTED TRANCHE of  _billions_ of  Euros or dollars
to buy up all the assets of the world  with "money" they have a government extorted license

 Lazar Kaganovich
(same jewish family name as Robert & Victoria KAGAN, currently running
the U.S. Nazi-Ukrainian coup
in that
 present day Soros/Jew-financier raped, extorted, bullied, & bloodied nation)
instigated and oversaw the MURDER of 10 million,  TEN MILLION Ukrainians in 'the HOLODOMOR'
, the biggest and bloodiest of Stalin's Red Terror purges and genocide by famines, massacres, and slave-labor deportations....
WITH the SUPPORT & approval of the jew owned SULZBERGER NEW YORK TIMES'  
man in Moscow,  "STALIN'S APOLOGIST"  Walter Durante all through the 1920s and 1930s.... 

below: Victoria Nuland [KAGAN - she's WIFE of RADICAL RIGHT-WING 'Neo-Con'  jew-Nazi REPUBLICAN BOB KAGAN, pictured with the burnt corpse of one of their  many thousands of murdered Ukrainian 'Neo-Con' coup victims]   

 ...WITH the APPROVAL,  and at the instigation of the overseas & traitorous "U.S." JEW BILLIONAIRES 
who  _own_  the U.S. government,  state department, war department, treasury, obama administration, Bush administrations, courts,  con-gress & "U.S." senate

like their own private brothel whores...

  Humanity's mass 20th century _civilian_  suffering wasn't confined  only  to victims in the former Russian empire under  TROTSTKY, KAGANOVICH, Lenin (Lenin's grandfather was Jewish, and he spoke Yiddish... good enough to make him Jacob Schiff & other jew billionaire's FRONT MAN running the COMMUNIST MASSACRES, INTENTIONAL STARVATION, & MASS-MURDER death-camps GULAGS system posing as "the workers' revolution")
and other Commissars under JEWISH DIRECTED COMMUNISM....

 ...over in post WWI  Germany, the right-wing "CAPITALIST"  BANKERS of the Allied nations -  in New York, London, and the wealthiest ones in Paris 
(read, "the descendents of James Rothschild, founder of the Paris branch" of the international Rotschild banking clan)

on billions of dollars (in 1920s money) of  WAR PROFITS...  

after the Armistice and Versailles Treaty.
(The German army had been so successful during the WWI war years that NO fighting occurred on German soil during the entire war.) 

One need look no further than GERMAN BORN jew financier PAUL WARBURG
to see some truth behind Hitler's rants against "TREASONOUS  JEWISH WAR PROFITEERS"....
as GERMANS STARVED in Germany after Versailles Treaty ended WWI.

Ironically,  despite PROMISING _AMERICANS_  that  his  so-called
"Federal Reserve" PRIVATELY OWNED govt. authorized MONOPOLY CENTRAL BANK
exactly 15 years after it went into effect 1914 > 1929  (Warburg died in 1932)


"IRONICALLY"  because the GREAT DEPRESSION financiers would KILL MORE AMERICANS - from MALNUTRITION and other
"vagrants" being treated as CRIMINALS,
etc. etc. etc. - than Americans, French, British AND GERMAN  soldiers _put_together_ died in all of World War I..!! 
An estimated  EIGHT MILLION Americans died UNTIMELY DEATHS
from malnutrition, disease, poverty stress, lack of medicine, and other related causes
through the Great Depression years...
AS the  RICHEST of the rich PAID NO PRICE
for their financial LIES & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE!

What the bloodthirsty financiers did to the people of Germany, Russia.... Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, England, America, Canada, Kazakhstan,  and other hapless countries after World War I...

RED TERROR PURGES years,  1920s-1930s)
...they are doing _today_ 

to tens of  _millions_  of hapless, clueless, ignorant, sold-out, cannon-fodder  civilian victims
 all over the world...


"Obama ADMITS 95% of INCOME GAINS has gone ONLY to the TOP 1%"???
That's  not "liberal Democrat".... that's a RADICAL RIGHT-WING FASCIST / ZIO-NAZI agenda!!

who just blatantly support  SAUDI FUNDED "Islamic Terrorists" to KILL CHRISTIANS, Druze, Kurds, Shia, Allawites, and all other  non-Sunni ethnic & religious minorities

The lying,TERRORISM & MASS-MURDER whitewashing  traitor whores
the Rothschilds' owned  "The E-CON-omist" magazine
is nothing more than "a rebel civil war for human rights"....

 but over at       (the also ROTSCHILD's  JEW-NAZI controlled 'FP')
                                    FOREIGN POLICY"

they just BLATANTLY CHEER the CHRISTIANS, Shia, Druze, Kurds, Alawites, & etc.   KILLING 
      "Islamists"  REIGN OF TERROR  against Syria !!  

The ROTSCHILDS   demon jews mass-murder handiwork:
Syrian POISON GAS ATTACK VICTIMS  BURIED, including children...

 While the treasonous, lying  WHORE  jewish owned western media TRIED to BLAME the SYRIAN ARMY for the attacks
   the Syrian army STOOD  TO GAIN _NOTHING_ from using Poison gas...

while the JEWS & their  U.S. & NATO  PUPPETS in WAR CRIMES sought to use the attacks,
    of the above FP  cheerleading, 

as AN EXCUSE to  have the US INVADE  Syria. 


  then wailing about  "ATROCITIES AGAINST CIVILIANS"

as AN EXCUSE to wipe out a good portion of the survivors
(with a jew instigated  U.S. war & invasion of Syria) !!!!


The lying, murderous psychopath jews show their hands:   

   they GLEEFULLY DEMAND that their captured, conquered, terrorized, & extorted whores in the "U.S." Congress FINISH the TERROR, GENOCIDE, & ETHNIC CLEANSING
  WORK THEY HAVE STARTED in Syria.... with a full-on  U.S. INVASION of that  
judeo-nazi + Saudi jihadi TERRORIZED, MASSACRED, & PULVERIZED nation: 

In case you think we are making things up - that we are lying when we say that JEWS WOULD USE  their clearly JEWISH SUPPORTED "rebel"  civil war [TERRORIST INVASION!]  of Syria as AN EXCUSE to get the U.S. military to BOMB, PULVERIZE, TERRORIZE, and INVADE Syria....

just go look at this web-page at the JEWISH run "HAARETZ' 'news' site:

detailing how the entire Rotschilds run vampire Jew war lobby  'AIPAC'  descended on Con-gress like a plague of locusts in September of 2013

to DEMAND yet ANOTHER  American military perpetrated JEWISH WAR in the Mideast against Syria  using their  PROXY  AL QAEDA/ISIS  POISON GAS ATTACKS on murdered civilians as an excuse!!


 In case you're wondering about "the staying power" of the clearly psychotic,  mass-murderously blood-lust insane jew state (israel) Prime Minister Netanyahu, there's no great mystery:

  there's an ENDLESS SUPPLY of  psychotic, mass-murderous genocidal JEW COMMISSAR EXECUTIONERS all willing to scramble for at chance at the Israel Prime Minister job, 

pictured here israel P.M.s Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and Yitzhak Shamir...
      ...all of them  bat-sh*t-crazy, blatantly Zio-Nazi  judeo supremacists who LUST for the powers to  EXTERMINATE ENTIRE TRIBES and nations....
  as bronze-age dictator god-kings in the ancient Near East once did....

blatantly JUDEO SUPREMACISTgenocidal  Jew state Prime Ministers
as Shakespeare portrayed assassin Tyrel hired by Richard III  to kill the princes in that play,

...there are ALWAYS assassins, ambitious politicians, and blood-thirsty COMMISSARS 

ready to do other people's  dirty work... especially when they are funded by billionaires, ROTSCHILDS (et al) _trillionaires_, more mundane millionaires & multi-millionaires...
and by  the entire treacherous  jewish  supremacist, "AIPAC"  supporting diaspora in America, Europe, & elsewhere.


Monday, June 8, 2015

MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER - We Salute the Life of the Courageous Zio-Nazi, Jew War Lobby Opponent who Wrote "HIGH PRIESTS of WAR" ....WAS HE _MURDERED_ by the Jewish 'Mossad' TERRORISTS?

 We Salute the passing of  courageous writer and steadfast,
   Zio-Nazi traitors &  AIPAC  Jew War Lobby terrorists  opponent  Michale Collins Piper,
the courageous author of  several books including "THE HIGH PRIESTS of WAR"  that are  damning indictments of the  Zio-Nazi,  jewish war lobby infiltration, subversion, perversion, degeneration, and of the outright, treason, sabotage, & mass-murder  ATTACKS on America...  and we must echo the suspicions of  others,   who note that Mr. Piper's death was preceded by a mysterious fire,
    "Was Michael Collins Piper assassinated, MURDERED by those whose crimes he so doggedly exposed over the years?"
  "It is best to assume Piper was murdered.  He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down.  This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found."
 Michael Collins Piper (center) with "High Priests of War" cover (left) and
(right) image capture
that outlines THE MOTIVES behind
 Criminal  Jewish mobsters, financiers, & Israel government  involvement
in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as documented in Mr. Piper's landmark book,
FINAL JUDGEMENT: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

We refuse to let Michael Collin Piper's death be in vain!

     And we will use the occasion of his death to make an unambiguous assertion, that
TALMUDIC  JUDAISM  is   as TREASONOUS  against the people and Constitution of the (late) "United" States of America...   as were  those who supported  the SPANISH INQUISITION against the people of  Protestant England  during  and after the ill-fated Spanish Armada attempt to conquer England in 1588... 

 HIGH PRIESTS of WAR:  the  JEWISH TRAITORS behind 9-11 and the MASS-MURDEROUS,  based-on-HATE &  LIES  of the   U.S. invasion of Iraq, 2003...   
by Michael Collins Piper, free on-line booklet...
"Mike was instrumental in founding AMERICAN FREE PRESS in August 2001
dedicating his life to, among other things, writing books and articles that exposed the machinations of powerful Zionist forces, including
The NEW JERUSALEM: Zionist Power in America;
The NEW BABYLON: Those Who Reign Supreme
The JUDAS GOATS: The Enemy Within;  and   SHARE the WEALTH: Huey Long vs. Wall Street."

 In the below youtube  video (audio) commentary,  Michael Collins Piper, Jim Condit Jr., and callers discuss the

  We are no great fans of the Roman Catholic Church - either historically, nor post "VATICAN II" -

 except to acknowledge that, historically,  for Western Europeans to fend of  Islamic Conquest - whether Charles 'THE HAMMER' Martel who fought  the Moor from Spain and prevented their taking France (and Europe!) in the Battle of Tours, 732,  or the defense of  the GREAT SIEGE of MALTA 1565, or     the Battle of  Lepanto, 1571, where the navy comprised of the  Holy League (Phillip II's Hapsburg Spain, Venice, and the Papal States) were able to defeat a great Ottoman war fleet, finally ending the Ottoman's  attempts to conquer and control the ENTIRE  Mediterranean and all adjacent  nations...   those western European nations HAD to UNIFY behind a single force... and, for nearly two millennia, that force was the Catholic 'universal' church... 

  The problem with Catholicism (and Christianity in general, including Protestant denominations)
is that it is BASED ON JUDAISM... and the  Hebrew, JUDEO TRIBAL g-o-d  YAHWEH.  

Not only is Yahweh a blatantly  GENOCIDAL ancient (late Bronze/early Iron Age) tribal war god...   
   but in compiling the jewish bible,  "the Old Testament,"  jewish scripture writers  JUST BLATANTLY STOLE the myths, legends, and  stories from _everyone_ around them.
 Not only that,  but in the manner of  thieves everywhere,  the Jews HEAPED SCORN, DERISION, LOATHING, and HATRED on those whom they "burrowed", plagiarized,  and STOLE from...   including their Babylonian hosts
(it was during the "Babylonian exile," starting 587 B.C.,  that jewish elites, priests, and scholars found time and a cause to write up their centuries of accumulated, borrowed, & stolen myths, legends, and oral traditions)
  their Midianite cruelly discarded and destroyed  former allies,  of course the Egyptians....

  ...according to the jewish bible,  EVERYONE  not jewish is evil....

    and  THAT demonic, anti-human, genocidal  outlook, and THAT g-o-d, is the foundation of Christ-ianity !!

 click here for the fantastic discussion  by YUKON JACK, and for  a preview of our long overdue look in to -    the origins of Zionism IS JUDAISM... 


  the ORIGINS of  JUDAISM is  as just _another_ GENOCIDAL, racist, intolerant, theocratic,  absolute dictator warmongering TRIBAL nation-people of the ancient Near East,     and their  TRIBAL,  GENOCIDAL, hate-mongering, absolute dictator, mass-homicidal jew WAR-GOD, Yahweh...

  John F. Kennedy HAD TO PLEDGE  INDEPENDENCE from the VATICAN, he had to pledge INDEPENDENCE from the ROMAN CATHOLIC Church in order to win the election of 1960 to become U.S. president.

  Today,  millions of "American" JEWS  _REFUSE_  to make similar pledges
    and just blatantly wear their JUDEO SUPREAMCIST    
  "ALL AMERICAN POLITICANS must kow-tow to israel, jews, zionists, & netanyahu"  TREASON & TREACHERY on their sleeves!  

  as "Yukon Jack" explains, 

  They TELL US  Americans  that "WE MUST SUPPORT FREEDOM OF RELIGION and human rights for JEWS OPPRESSED in Nazi Germany, in Inquisition Spain, in  'pogroms' Russia & the Ukraine, and in all other places"...

  while Jews in America  SHOVE their "CHOSEN BY G-O-D"  and  "PROMISED LAND"   RACIST, INTOLERANT, THEOCRATIC  DICTATORSHIP junta dogman & THEOCRATIC TRIPE  and  GENOCIDAL  LAND-LUST  down our American (and world's)  throats! 
above image a fantastic outline and survey, in just 4 sentences, of the depth, breadth,  ferocity  and reach of Judeo criminal, racist, Jewish Supremacist ("Zio-Nazi") roots and tentacles 
in American society and in American 'leadership'
  While "Israeli-Red China scientific partnership in building atomic bombs" might seem an outrageous charge on its face, the jewish state (israel) has been absolutely monstrous  in perpetrating the proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology for decades.. including well founded accusations that Israeli, Mossad operatives have stolen "nuclear pits," the plutonium or enriched radioactive cores for all nuclear weapons, from AMERICAN stockpiles using blackmail, bribery, extortion, and total, complete, 100% control of the American corporate media to stomp out any of those stories which do break the surface of  Judeo criminal nuclear weapons extortion & proliferation...