Sunday, May 3, 2015

RAND PAUL SIGNS ON TO the JEWISH run GENOCIDE of PALESTINIANS for Jewish cash... even as his father, RON PAUL, Courageously Speaks Out AGAINST the JEWISH RUN GENOCIDAL WAR against RUSSIANS _and_ UKRAINIANS !!

HORRORS!   Senator Rand Paul takes the evil jew money...
to support mass-murder, TERRORISM, and genocide   "from the Nile to the Euphrates";  

 from Gaza to Central Asia;   from Georgia to the Ukraine to  Russia...
from  Africa, Asia, & South America to

the  NEW "RED TERROR" judeo war against humanity
_here_ against AMERICANS
in the (late) United States

Horrors! Moments before she is killed by a usa supplied bulldozer,
American peace activist Rachel Corrie

courageously confronts  the 
dispensing bulldozer  that KILLS HER
seconds later  in 2003.

Senator Rand Paul cozies up to RACHEL'S KILLERS
for  legalized foreign bribes  "campaign donations" - 
signalling his total complicity with the jews' insane
not jewish
between Egypt and Iran
... now extending to Russia, the Ukraine,

 and, ultimately,  including _Americans_ on the insane jews'
hyper- mass-murder genocidal "purges" lists

  horrors - often outspoken 'populist' Senator Rand Paul SIGNS ON TO the ENTIRE 'Neo-Con' 
 = JUDEO SUPREMACIST "evil empire" genocidal, mass-murderous,
"Greater Israel" Zio-Nazi agenda:

thousands of murdered corpses piling up in the fraudulent, farcical, JUDEO INSTIGATED "Muslim Terrorists" "war on terror".... 
overt Jewish genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank...
Netanyahu's equally GENOCIDAL  TERRORIST PROXY WAR against Syrians follows
the successful, judeo orchestrated,, NATO bombardment and terrorist invasion of Libya...
now including not only the insane Jews' overt lust to  kill tens of millions of Iranians by NUKE attacks on IRAN, 
but their even more insane desire to GET AMERICANS and NATO
to take up where TROTSKY, Frankel, Yezhov, Yagoda, KAGANOVICH,
and other JEW "bolshevik' RED TERROR COMMISSARS LEFT OFF,  

KILLING  TENS of MILLIONS  of Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Polish, other victims
in the  JUDEO ETHNIC CLEANSING run _genocides_ 
of the 'Soviet Union' former Czarist Russian empire..  

Rand Paul is signing on to the entire bat-sh*t crazy,  NETANYAHU genocidal, insanely racist, mass-homicidal Judeo Supremacist,  Zio-Nazi agenda

whose clearly stated "GREATER ISRAEL" goals
are to  WIPE OUT,
"ethnically cleanse"
  _ALL_ non-jews "from the Nile to the Euphrates"

  and now extending to Iran, THE UKRAINE, and RUSSIA....

even as the insane, demonic Jews WRECK the economies and Social Contract,
and turn their "Western democracies" host nations
in to PRISON GULAG terrorized  DEBT SLAVES and hired mercenary wars cannon-fodder!

the jews' wars against (left to right) IRAN, GAZA, SYRIA, and  UKRAINE...
they intend to get the United States and NATO into a NUCLEAR  WAR with RUSSIA.
Indeed,  Jewish "Veterans Today" editor Gordon Duff  credibly says that the  jews (Netanyahu's israel army) have _ALREADY USED small nuclear warheads_"Tactical nuclear devices" to attack & destroy targets of the Jews'  Wars in Syria and the Ukraine...
with Russia in the immediate cross-hairs, and with U.S. nuclear-tipped "anti-missile-missiles" stationed in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania
the intention is to drive Russia to the stress-point of all-out war...
that will quickly  and  _intentionally_  ESCALATE  to first TACTICAL nuclear weapons attacks...
then swiftly to  full-sized nuclear bombs annihilating entire cities in the region

  THEIR FANTASY is humanity's NIGHTMARE... and the stupified,  terrorized,  police-state gulag cannon-fodder conscripts and slaves "citizens"  of the Western Europe, Britain, NATO, Canada, Australia, and United States 
directed by  the evil HATE propaganda of  the demonic jew owned corporate whore media)

  for  SCRAPS from the Rotschilds, Warburgs, GoddamnSachs

(et al) 
judeo 'elite' 'bankers' financial rapists and economic saboteurs'   tables!

 (and those in the U.S. and NATO militaries, for  pats-on-the-head from the jew politicos running the 'Defense' War Department, in the form of medals, promotions, and retirement  'consulting fees' and board-member seats, for, as in Iraq, killing thousands of hapless civilians while running their own troops  into Depleted Uranium, eternally toxic hell-holes that will soon be radioactive hell-holes.) 


We -  "liberal, progressive" fans of  the Declaration of  Independence, Constitutional rights, and Age-of-Enlightenment ideals of 

           "RESTRAINT on the ABSOLUTE POWERS,  despot, dictator, 
     divine-right-of-god authority claimed by murderous rulers everywhere" 

as we are...

 ...we genuinely held out hopes that Senator RAND PAUL,
   in his "don't tread on me" and "audit the Fed"  'Tea Party'  persona,  
would rise above the "Neo-Con"  treachery and treason narrative pounded out by the dismal, traitorous, relentlessly lying,  mass-murderous judeo owned corporate press/media,

  and would  at least give millions of us Americans a good political fight and discussion of the REAL issues this coming election season.  

   But, alas, "Senator Rand" is not the sharpest tool in the cabinet,  and
- being forced to toe the Rethuglican Party line like all the other bought-&-owned Rethuglican 'Neo-Con' whore senators & congress-critters -
 Rand Paul has just come out with the most atrocious policy statement imaginable:

effectively stating that the Jews' remorseless GENOCIDE against  Palestinians will not only go on...

but will  continue   to

 and furthermore,  American soldiers put to use as hired mercenary killers
in the evil jew Wars since the treason/terror 9-11 attacks   (see this blog) 
will continue to be given carte blanche to kill anyone, anywhere in the world with impunity -

you know, the way the Nazis, Romans, Mongols,  and Japanese in World War II operated, praise be!


and SUPPORT GENOCIDE against hapless people

 (including your own hapless,  manipulated by corp. media HATE,  on-the-chopping block of genocide people!) 

  - JUST LIKE RAHAB,  the treasonous, mass-murderous  WHORE of JERICHO !! 

Joshua 2  Rahab and the Spies

Then Joshua son of Nun secretly sent two spies from Shittim. “Go, look overthe land,” he said, “especially Jericho.” So they went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab and stayed there....
20 When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city. 21 They devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed [SLAUGHTERED]  with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.
22 Joshua said to the two men who had spied out the land, “Go into the prostitute’s house and bring her out and all who belong to her, in accordance with your oath to her.” 23 So the young men who had done the spying went in and brought out Rahab, her father and mother, her brothers and sisters and all who belonged to her. They brought out her entire family and put them in a place outside the camp of Israel.
24 Then they burned the whole city and everything in it,
   [Like the Moses, "PASSOVER" story, this horrid bible story is A METAPHOR for HOW JEWS SHOULD DEAL with NON-JEWS:  using TREACHERY, DECEIT, and TERROR to EXTERMINATE non-Jews - even in their own nation/empire of Egypt! - at the earliest possible moment.  Notice how  RAHAB the WHORE who BETRAYED HER PEOPLE to MASS-EXTERMINATION was  SPARED, praise be! 
note how this story  _
appears to be  about 
"He can make huge city walls collapse at a blink!"
   But upon closer examination,  the story of g-o-d's "omnipotent greatness" is slightly marred by the inclusion of a story of  SPIES and  A  WHORE
who  _BETRAYS HER OWN PEOPLE_  for JEW CASH  - which is actually the typical "modus operandi" operating procedure for the Judeo War of stealth, infiltration and treachery against Humanity;

which is repeated throughout the real pages of the 'holy'
(sic) bible,
verse after verse after verse, chapter after chapter after chapter, sordid story after story after story...
and is, in fact, the real "lesson" of the bible

"how to infiltrate people of other nations and reduce those nations TO RUIN, enslavement, &  GENOCIDAL EXTERMINATION
through deceit, deception, BRIBES, BLACKMAIL, extortion, treachery... and 'commanded by g-o-d'  mass murder genocide."]

 RAND PAUL and ALL the other  "U.S." SENATORS... supports GENOCIDE against NOT ONLY PALESTINIANS,  Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, and _all_  others across the Mideast, North Africa, East Asia, now extending into sub-Saharan Africa and even to the Ukraine and Russia... 
   but  inevitably they  must support

the price that will be paid when AMERICAN COLLUSION with premeditated judeo supremacist policies of   mass-murder, terrorism, treason, and
U.S. military perpetrated GENOCIDAL CONQUESTS overseas

reach their ultimate ("blowback")    fruition,
(the late U.S.A) America
(see below in this post) - Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Kazakhs, Lithuanians, Poles, and other brutalized, massacred, terrorized, starved,  tortured, exiled, & enslaved  nationalities discovered to their horror in the 1920s and 1930s
  TENS of MILLIONS KILLED  during the 2+ decades of the  judeo "bolsheviks" run  RED TERROR mass-murder purges, intentional famines, and "gulag archipeligo" slave/death-camps in the former
so-called "Soviet Union" from  1917 to the collapse of the "Soviet Union" in 1991.... 


  Can you say "another craven U.S. senator
gives a GREEN LIGHT"
to 'GREATER ISRAEL' premeditated
by jews mass-murder GENOCIDE? 

the "ethnic cleansing" of  EVERYONE not jewish
from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq-Iran??  

KILLING PRISONERS and other defenseless people

nay, serially COMMANDED by the genocidal judeo  g-o-d 'Yahweh' in the judeo "holy" (sic) bible
in page after page after page, verse after  verse after sordid, sadistic, diabolical, satanic verse..

"U.S." SENATOR RAND PAUL - in exchange for thousands of evil jew "judenfetzen" greenspan/bernanke/yellen
LEGALIZED FOREIGN BRIBES "campaign donations" dollars,
SUPPORTS the judeo  "religious EXTREMISTS"  __MURDERERS_  
of  courageous AMERICAN human-rights activist RACHEL CORRIE...
here shown moments before she was killed by the usa supplied bulldozer used to bulldoze Palestinian homes..
and used to TERRORIZE   _anyone_  who objects to  the jews' insane delusions of "GREATER ISRAEL"
- the premeditated, biblically commanded GENOCIDE "ethnic cleansing"
of EVERYONE from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates river on the Iraq-Iran border..  

American human rights protester Rachel Corrie, injured and about to die
after struck by an "ethnic cleansing" jew bulldozer, Occupied Palestine 2003.

 SHED TEARS NOT for  MURDERED, bombed, blasted, bulldozed and incinerated Palestinians, Syrians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Russians, or Africans,  America...
for the hate &  demonic mass-murder that you perpetrate and/or  enable at the instigation of   the demonic jew state

by the very people demons you aid, abet, and assist  in their GENOCIDE, TERRORISM, & MASS-MURDER was worldwide !!!  

Former Congressman Ron Paul correctly points out that the usg -
the Judeo-Nazi captured "United States Govenment" -
in the Ukraine against any and all politicians who speak out against
the jews' puppet, installed, genocidal-against-Russians proxy 'leaders'

video below...

"GLOBALISTS" - Ever since the Babylonians CONQUERED JERUSALEM in 587 B.C.
and forcibly drove the Hebrew nobles and surviving 'elites'  to Babylon as slaves and hostages
in what is now called "the Babylonian Captivity", Jews have been an "INTERNATIONAL"
tribal, theocratic ethnicity;  what we today would call an international diaspora. 
At the time,  the Babylonian empire may not have occupied all of
"the four corners of the known world"

- just the most important parts of the known world.
Here, the Jewish author of this book written for Jews makes it very clear that he considers
Russia to be part of  the Jewish world -
it's right there in the book's title, "JEWISH RUSSIA & the UKRAINE."

As if that wasn't  bad enough, not only does he make clear that Jews consider being Jewish
far more important thanbeing Russian, or Spanish, or citizens of any other host nation...

 but his comment, "the largest Jewish community in the world is located in the United States of America" carries faint praise for America - or Americans...

    just another expendable "goyim" human chattel vermin cannon-fodder slave nation/empire
  to be used & DISPOSED OF  when the jews no longer regard them as necessary allies.. 

  Why  the above arcane discussion of "U.S." foreign policy in PALESTINE and the UKRAINE matters:  if  Jew proxy politicians and 'interest groups" (read, "jew Nazi TERRORISTS"!)

  - in this case the U.S. & Jews sponsored mass-MURDER COUP in the UKRAINE -

  and  can CREATE A CRISIS by instigating a coup or economic crash,  
and  then  just MURDER OPPOSITION LEADERS WITH IMPUNITY anywhere in the world

and if Jews can just get Americans to SIDE WITH their BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL

   "ethnic cleansing" policies in Gaza, Palestine, and elsewhere - well, then,


or  foment terrorism in America to "justify"  

  MASSIVE GOVERNMENT  "RED TERROR" style  REPRESSIONS, Crack-downs, and, ultimately,  FEMA

CONCENTRATION CAMPS to make even the  TWO MILLION AMERICANS  _currently held_ in Amerikan prisons & jails look like a warm-up act??   

Think that our paragraph preceding this screen-capture picture "they can CREATE A CRISIS by ASSASSINATING LEADERS"  - here in America! -  is just our rhetorical
hyper-ventilating?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!    The Jew "religious extremists" OPENLY TALK ABOUT ASSASSINATING U.S. presidents,

whom they respect no more than they respect the leaders of any other nation or empire...
and credible sources write that the Malaysian airliner shot down over the Ukraine, was actually an JEW  (israeli) air force fighter/missile-attack  ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on Russian President Putin,  returning home  from a European state visit about his Russian state airliner.. 

  _ALREADY_ the COWARDS, TRAITORS, and genocide perpetrating ghouls in the
"U.S."  Con-gress and the Senate APPLAUD the MURDER of an American mother who panicked when her car was surrounded by black-suited gunmen in a Washington D.C. police "security drill" -  JUST IMAGINE  the LICENSE TO KILL when they start setting off  'dirty-bombs', bio-war attacks, and real nuclear bombs !!!!!
(to be blamed on Russians, Iranians, or our Arab "ISIS" partners in terror, of course)

 America is ALREADY a  PRISON GULAG terror state:

as we reported previously,  jewish judges and jewish sheriffs can OVER-RULE a  jury of  A DOZEN AMERICAN CITIZENS who found that a police dog handler did, indeed,  "sic" his police dog on a suspect who had already surrendered and then lied about it... but the jury was over-ruled, almost certainly because the government lawyers  "SALTED" the jury with people they knew they could get the case tossed out over  later...  and the below image shows that  PROSECUTORS,  JUDGES, and police  ALL FAVOR LYING  = PERJURY! - to CRAM MORE AMERICANS IN to the jew run "U.S." prison gulags - the closest they can get to bringing chattel slavery back at the moment.... 
PRISON GULAG  usa - overwhelms the population and percentage rate of all other nations.
America's PRISONS are now a SLAVE GULAG
terror system...

just as prisoners could be WORKED TO DEATH and MURDERED
on CHAIN GANGS during the entire post-Civil War segregation era..
According to the evil judeo bible,  Jews are entitled, nay COMMANDED BY g-o-d
to ENSLAVE their neighbors and the non-jews around them
Leviticus 25:44-46
44 ‘Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you;
from them you may buy [KIDNAPP] slaves.
  45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents  [KIDNAPP ANY FOREIGNERS who DARE to live]  living among you, and members of their clans born in your country,
and they will become your property 
[to RAPE, WHIP, TORTURE, TERRORIZE, work-to-death, and DISPOSE OF as you see fit]


 Dr. Ron Paul:   it looks like American policy in the Ukraine is 'crafted' by... MURDER and TERRORISM.

   And Americans - whipped to hate and rage by the evil jew owned corporate media - 
are willing to ATTACK SYRIA, IRAN, and EVEN RUSSIA....


  especially once the  NUCLEAR  "FALSE FLAG" TERROR ATTACKS start wiping out U.S. cities, 

and the jew-owned media blames foreigners and "domestic extremists"   patsies for


 _LABEL_ everyone opposed to their evil insanity as "EXTREMISTS"  then 
RE-CREATE a   RED TERROR regime of  MASS MURDER TERRORISM, slavery, and GENOCIDE   here in America... _as_  they ran in the former Czarist empire "Soviet Union" for decades after the Judeo billionaries financed and directed "Communist Revolution" in Russia...

IGNORING the fact that a JEW newspaper editor  _OPENLY_  discussed
 - wrote about in the pages of his jew hate rag! - 
jews plotting  the ASSASSINATION / murder / killing  of President Obama,

 evil jew Con-gress whore DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ attempts to LABEL  all Republicans disgusted with the McCain-Bush-Cheney-Romney-Gingrich-Chertoff reign of  treason, wars,  corruption, and economic SABOTAGE as "EXTREMISTS!" - to be packed up and shipped off to Siberia, no doubt... if not shot en masse the next time the Jew traitors whip up another GREAT DEPRESSION ECONOMIC CRISIS,  or
"HECK OF A JOB, BROWNIE!"  natural disaster CRISIS by SABOTAGING FEMA's  competent disaster responses...

jew TRAITOR Con-gress whore & "Democrat" Party boss  debbie wasserman schultz  ATTEMPTS to LABEL AMERICANS DISGUSTED with NEO-CON WARS, govt. CORRUPTION, and economic SABOTAGE  as "extremists" aka   'TERRORISTS' -
 - even though her own vile, traitor pig coreligionists OPENLY DISCUSS ASSASSINATING
a sitting U.S. president!!!!!!