Friday, May 8, 2015

Jewish WAILING, Whining, Sniveling, & _ARROGANCE_ proves the impossible: that The GREAT DEPRESSION was an _instigated_ 'financial crisis' / ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and PARTIAL FAMINE... it was ECONOMIC SABOTAGE _INSTIGATED_ by the JEW FINANCIERS over and above puppet president Franklin D. Roosevelt, WITH the INTENTION of DESTROYING the life's savings, Jobs, and means of sustenance for tens of millions of Americans...

In this one brief article we screen-shot below,  Jewish writer   Ronn Torossian's  typical jew WAILING, Whining, SNIVELING, and ARROGANCE
_inadvertently_ proves three important truths:

that the jews' relentless whining and wailing is so pervasive, so relentless,
 and so on-going, that it is actually a clever means of  burying,  drowning-out,  and WHITEWASHING from the pages of history  all non-jewish vicitms:  whether of conquests, of wars, of genocides,  of natural famines, or of intentional economic famines and other causes:
  1. that  the GREAT DEPRESSION was an INSTIGATED Economic Collapse / PARTIAL FAMINE &  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE;  _INSTIGATED_ by the wealthy JEW FINANCIERS over and above puppet president Franklin D. Roosevelt...
  2.   that  _all_  "e-con-omists" and financial writers... whether in academia,
    in government, in 'think tanks',  in finance, in private research groups, or just private writers  who FAIL to understand and explain that  the TEN YEAR ECONOMIC CONTRACTION of the Great Depression was _INTENTIONAL_...      it was not only DESIGNED to financially rob, impoverish, disposes, and socially 'disinherit'  tens of millions of Americans, their families, their children, and their communities....
    but that the intent was actually to KILL millions of  Americans
     those forced to stand in bread-lines for a scrap of bread or cup of soup
    as  the JEW FINANCIERS' puppet of a Treasury Secretary &  president 
    _millions of tons_  of  food crops, orchard harvests, dairy products,   and livestock
     - in the name of  TRAITOR  JEW SABOTAGE ECONOMICS "increasing prices by reducing the supply."       It was  IMPOSSIBLE to  "RAISE THE PRICES" because the TRAITOR FINANCIERS behind the  EUGENE MEYERS run so-called "Federal Reserve" criminal banking cartel had _INTENTIONALLY  CONTRACTED_ "the money supply" -
     with the intention of dispossessing Americans and turning them into STARVING CORPSES!

      ALL 'ECONOMISTS' and financial writers who refuse to CONFRONT the facts that  AMERICA COULD HAVE _PRODUCED_MORE_ during the Great Depression... but was hamstrung, SABOTAGED by  'the elite' financiers and their media, academic,  'economic' & financial writers stooges...
    are either ignoramuses... or  

  3. in WAILING that  "OF COURSE the United States COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING for German, Austrian, and Polish  jews  during the early years of  the Nazi party rise to power"

    jew supremacist pig  Ronn Torossian  inadvertently proves that  ALL TALK,  TODAY,  of "AUSTERITY" is a REPEAT of the  GREAT DEPRESSION era ECONOMIC SABOTAGE that was INTENDED to  REDUCE PRODUCTION,   _intended_  to  _contract_ the economy,  and,
     ultimately,  intended  to disposes American families... from not only their _life savings_ saved wealth,  but intended to separate Americans from  their future jobs, future wages and future earned income...    ...what would inevitably lead to PEOPLE STARVING
    "just-go-ahead and die!"
in typical jew-centric WAILING that holds that  "leaders and the U.S. government
didn't do enough  for European jews  during the Nazis' rise to power"

 sniveling jew SUPREMACIST writer Ron Torrosian WHITEWASHES the pain and suffering
endured by millions of  _AMERICAN_ families during the 'Great Depression' -- right out of history!

This jew-centric pig inadvertently proves  that the United States government AT ANY TIME DURING
'the Great Depression'
COULD HAVE  INCREASED  economic PRODUCTION to reduce suffering and poverty...
...but, guided by the "economists", financial shills, and corporate media whores who were all controlled by the wealthy elites, the U.S. government's "Great Depression" policies EXTENDED the economic depression for an entire decade,
until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, almost overnight, FORCED the U.S. government to  
spend  billions & billions & billions of dollars
for war production  & war material
that according to the TREASONOUS, LARCENOUS,  economic SABOTAGE  "financial elites" 
'didn't exist"  before  the U.S. entry into the war
but "PRESTO!" appeared out of thin air once the U.S. was forced in to World War II...

In his relentless  
      "ALL ABOUT JEWS and judaism -  and  NO ONE or anything else counts!"

  judeo-centric  WAILING,   jewish writer  RONN TOROSSIAN inadvertently makes the case that we have outlined previously, but had a hard time explaining:


by "the elite" financiers over and above puppet U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt...

    When Algemeiner writer  RON TOROSSIAN states that  Rabbi Stephen Wise has a "SHAMEFUL" legacy for  NOT  DOING MORE to  HELP _JEWS_  facing Nazi persecution in 1930s Europe....

he  intentionally - even if only subconsciously - OMITS  some very important CONTEXT:

  namely,  that during the 1930s the AMERICAN PEOPLE...
 millions of American people
  unemployed for not months but years;  their lifetime savings in 'Federal Reserve'  overseen 'banks' GUTTED when so many of those banks declared bankruptcy, all  while  "Federal Reserve bankers" like Eugene Meyers retained much if not all of  _their_ wealth...
                     "weren't  they special?" !!

but la-de-da,  jew supremacist pig  RONN TOROSSIAN  IGNORES the plight of  millions of Americans


 EVEN at  THE VERY HEIGHT of the  "Great Depression",  the U.S. GOVERNMENT _COULD_  have provided FOOD, SUPPLIES, clothing, and shelter to hundreds of thousands
of people, whether European Jews... or dispossessed, unemployed, marginalized, borderline starvation Americans..., indeed, in the dozen months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,   the American "arsenal of democracy"  WWII   economy and war industries shipped MILLIONS of  tons of  expensive weapons and MILLIONS of tons of supplies to MILLIONS of  allied troops on the far side of the world,  
- millions of tons of  war material that included expensive bombers, fighters, and other aircraft; expensive navy battleships, submarine fleets, oil tankers,  &, aircraft carriers; tens of thousands of army tanks, trucks, guns, military depots, & far-flung bases;  expensive research into high-technology code-breaking and early computer development, radar research, A-bomb research, etc. -

  - war production costs and supply distribution lines that were far more expensive than the costs of merely providing  the food and shelter needed to feed and house the soldiers soldiers of  those armies...
or to provide food and shelter to Americans in need  _during_  the Great Depression.

  But the U.S. government COULDN'T just come out and help German and Polish jews  during the Great Depression in the 1930s...

because that SAME, financier dominated U.S. government was  
         TELLING _millions_ of AMERICANS  that
"there was NOTHING  they could do to ramp up the American economy more swiftly than the 10 years of the 'Great Depression'  ECONOMIC CONTRACTION" 
  -   most of  those Great Depression economic horror years overseen by  puppet President Franklin D.  Roosevelt's  JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY, Henry Morgenthau jr. !!! 
(far right in below illustration)

Mass-MURDEROUS jew FINANCIAL OVERLORDS of the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE "Great Depression" - (from left to right) PAUL WARBURG, german/american/judeo 'banker' billionaire, reputed Rotschilds top lieutenant, and founder of the so-called  'Federal Reserve'  privately owned, monopoly fiat-money printing, PREMEDITATED ECONOMIC CRASHES inciting banking cartel...
JACOB SCHIFF, euro/american/judeo billionaire financier, reputed  jew FINANCIAL OVERLORD of the jew billionaires' SUPPORT for  TROTSKY, LENIN, and the Russian 'Communist Revolution' (Russian Civil War) & mass-murder purges
BERNARD BARUCH, reputed political 'handler' and campaign funds sugar-daddy of WOODROW WILSON's meteoric rise to U.S. presidential candidate, and subsequently president Wilson's  World War I  _ECONOMIC CZAR_
 = absolute DICTATOR of America's  wartime WWI economy
EUGENE MEYERso-called 'Federal Reserve' Director (board member)
leading up to the "BLACK THURSDAY" market crash,
made CHAIRMAN ("governor") of the 'Federal Reserve' after the 1929 market crash - hounded from the Fed by
courageously outspoken condemnation by Congressman L.T. McFadden (later poisoned at a New York press banquet),

Eugene Meyer simply took his ill-gotten riches to Washington.. where he purchased the FINANCIAL CRIMES & ECONOMIC ATROCITIES  WHITEWASHING Washington Post...
(far right) so-called "liberal Democrat" president Franklin D. Roosevelt's GREAT DEPRESSION & WORLD WAR II jewish ECONOMIC OVERLORD,  TREASURY SECRETARY HENRY MORGENTHAU jr....
 (thus allowing his foreign jewish  overlord financiers to essentially CONFISCATE America's privately held gold at below market prices) 
  spent millions of dollars during the 'Great Depression'
to DESTROY FOOD STOCKS while millions of Americans were borderline starving...
and who authored  the infamous  "MORGENTHAU PLAN" to turn post-war  Germany into ONE BIG CONCENTRATION CAMP, with food to be rationed at below required daily calories requirements...
so to induce malnutrition, starvation, and deaths in conquered, occupied post-WWII Germany! 

 As far as  JEW TRAITOR  Ronn Toriossion is concerned,
AMERICANS who STARVED AND PERISHED due to malnutrition, poverty, stress, exposure, trauma
(dispossessed, starving, unemployed "drifter" Americans being thrown in brutal 1930s prisons & work-to-death chain gangs by lynch-mob judges,  etc.)
and outright STARVATION  during the Great Depression   "just DON'T COUNT..."

  The ONLY thing that counts, according to jews,    is  JEWS!
in their relentless WHINING,  WAILING and jew-centric TREACHERY,


   As if the above story isn't horrific enough...
a typical 2015 'American'  jew  writer "oops!" WHITEWASHING the pain & suffering of millions of American families during the Great Depression  _right_out_of_  his little historical narrative whine - 

it was  JEW RABBI STEPHEN WISE who was using the term

U.S. government (Roosevelt administration & U.S. corporate press/media)
SUPPORT for the "Soviet government" in the 1920s & 1930s...
BEFORE Hitler and the Nazis even appeared on the world stage!    

  i.e. American government and "elite" owned media_support_ for the Communists' reign of terror!

"carnival of sadistic, mass-murder terror" 

SUPPORTED by NEW YORK 'american' & European
all through the 1920s and early 1930s..!!

_$35 million_ - in 1920s money! - to support "JEWISH WAR SUFFERERS in EASTERN EUROPE"
this was a FRONT, or  fig-leaf cover story...
to SUPPORT the "SOVIET" regimes of mass-murdering terrorists

The "carnival of  SADISM and MASS-MURDER TERROR" killing, raping, starving, and enslaving millions
of  CHRISTIANS (and, in Kazakhstan Muslims, in 'Outer Mongolia" Buddhists, etc. etc. etc.) 
by the JUDEO run  "Soviet" COMMISSARS   RED TERROR, mass-murder PURGES !!

"six million [jews] face horrifying conditions of famine, disease, and death"
=  the EXCUSE that
The fund for Jewish War sufferers in Central & Eastern Europe"
led by RABBI STEPHEN WISE in New York, 
European, & 'American' jews 
  RAISED $35 million  ( in 1920s dollars!) 


because "Communism" was a fig-leaf  _front_ for
 JUDEO SUPREMACY USURPATION of power and  MASSACRES of non-jews !!!

"The Fund for JEWISH WAR SUFFERERS in Central & Eastern Europe" 
was actually a fig-leaf  for wealthy AMERICAN and EUROPEAN _JEWS_
"Communism" REIGN OF TERROR,

TWENTY MILLIONS KILLED in the various 'RED TERROR' purges, INTENTIONAL "Holodomor" FAMINES, and brutal, sadistic, GULAG  slave/DEATH CAMPS!  

yes, our above photo-captions all come from this May 7, 1920
SULZBERGER NEW YORK SLIMES article that essentially captures
the wealthy JEWS'  SUPPORT for COMMUNISMS'  3+ decade reign of
TERROR and MASS MURDER in the former Russian Czarist empire "the Soviet Union" !!
  That's  a DECADE or two _before_
the horrors of Nazi Germany arose,
for those who are counting!

  Because Rabbi Stephen Wise, like all the other judeo elites in 1920s to 1930s America,
  knew that "the COMMUNIST REVOLUTION"  in the former Czarist Russia was actually
a  JEWISH directed ruling 'elite'  INVASION and usurpation of  control over the lives of  tens of millions of  CHRISTIANS in the Czarist Russian empire...

...merely hiding behind the fig-leaf of  "for the workers and proletariat" 

the 'Communist'  jew Commissars could get down to their old and ancient business.....
 extorting, enslavingterrorizing, & EXTERMINATING  _everyone_ around them!!
 (exactly as commanded in the blood-drenched, human-sacrifice to a demonic jew g-o-d pages of the 'holy' (sic) bible.)  

this cartoon captures the grim truth: the jew commisar TROTSKY
(portrayed as driving the carriage and whipping the serfs hitched as human beasts-of-burden),

SVERDLOV, KAGANOVICH, YEZHOV, YAGODA, and thousands of other JEW COMMISSARS  turned the entire Czarist Russian empire into a MASS-MURDER CARNIVAL of TERROR, SADISM, and  genocidal horrors -
all DIRECTED by the  WEALTHY London, Europe, and New York JEWISH financial "elite"
who openly hated and wanted to destroy Czarist Russia for centuries.. 

the only reason that "governments worldwide are bankrupt" and "owe billions trillions of dollars of  debt" - is because the CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH GANGSTERS running the "central banks" are NOT BEING TAXED correctly and 'fairly' on their outsized, gigantic 'profits' -

 - they are  USING DECEIT, TREACHERY, bribery, blackmail, and extortion
to exchange their "JUDENFETZEN" farted-out-of-their-asses  so-called "Federal Reserve notes" to amass unto themselves ALL THE REAL WEALTH on planet earth...

     they are HOARDING  the world's resources to their
greedy, larcenous,  SABOTAGE, mass-murderous, TREASONOUS  selves...

with the intention of   killing millions billions of people in the process...

 THERE IS ONLY ONE  REASON why  CITI-'bank'  JEW FRAUD GANGSTER and BAILOUTS SUCKING WELFARE QUEEN JACOB LEW is the TREASURY SECRETARY of  these (late) 'United' States of America....      he is there because he is JEWISH, put there by the  JEWISH GANGSTERS criminal extortion mob that rules America's financial markets and thus the entire global economy......
   ...and he was put there to  BRING THE HAMMER DOWN on tens of millions  billions of people,  in the form of PREMEDITATED ECONOMIC MURDER

 "government AUSTERITY cutbacks" 

that will see the  evil jew financiers use debt on top of debt on top of debt
to EXTORT THE LAST DROP OF BLOOD out of humanity.

  This is a DEMOCRACY NOW screen-capture,  DemocracyNow run by the very JEWISH AMY GOODMAN,  and the two side-bar panels highlight that grim reality that  ALL  "budget crisis" and "debt crisis" and "FISCAL CLIFF" government dramas are
  _DESIGNED_ to  shift WEALTH and PRODUCTIVITY _away_ from the AMERICAN people and from the AMERICAN economy...

whose loyalty is to the demon  "commanded by g-o-d to ENSLAVE the nations around them" 
evil eternal judeo supremacism war state....
"AUSTERITY" is the evil jew financiers' plan to INTENTIONALLY STARVE AMERICANS...

AS they did during the "Great Depression",  when the government did "NOT" have "ANY MONEY" to HELP AMERICANS... but DID have "the money" to PAY FARMERS to DESTROY millions of tons of foodstocks!
"The plan" according to evil jew economics & treachery finance to "boost prices" 
  which is WHAT JACOB LEW was put into office as TREASURY SECRETARY
to do
to this generations'
stupified, ignorant, dumbed-down, violence & hate-whipped* 
 *(by jew-owned WARS PIMPING,  corporate mass-media racist, judeo-supremacist hate propaganda)    

  Think we are exaggerating or lying that 
during the Great Depression...  and that it was  JEW "economics",  JEW FINANCE,
JEW academia, and JEW "news" and reporting that  tried to "SPIN" this decade on-going national atrocity as an attempt to "revive the e-con-omy by boosting prices"???

   Read it and weep:  here's a photo of  AMERICAN LIVESTOCK - cattle - being walked down the plank from a truck in to a waiting HOLE IN THE GROUND where the animals will be KILLED, SLAUGHTERED and BURIED....
  the  EIGHT MILLION AMERICANS who DIED during the extended economic atrocity of the 'Great Depression'   WERE comparatively LUCKY:
 in Russia,  "the SOVIET UNION"  the former Czarist empire,  the JEW COMMISSARS at their coreligionists JEW BILLIONAIRE FINANCIERS' instigation....
    marched  MILLIONS OF  PEOPLE into  MASS-GRAVE HOLES-in-the-ground....
 many of them BURIED ALIVE

FOOD DESTRUCTION - the INTENTIONAL KILLING and BURYING of tens of thousands upon
millions of  heads of livestock -  sheep, pigs, goats, cattle,  & etc. - by GOVERNMENT AGENTS who HAD MONEY TO BUY and DESTROY  FOOD... but "NO MONEY" to  help Americans!!!

 WHINY-ASS JEW supremacist writer RONN TOROSSIAN  makes our argument for us!

"OF COURSE the United States government COULD HAVE
helped out hundreds of thousands of displaced victims
IF IT had WANTED TO....  

the Great Depression WAS INTENTIONAL !!! 

And "AUSTERITY" today -  _as_ the U.S.  government FUNDS WARS against Russia and Iran, and TERRORIST WARS against Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa  (etc. etc.  etc.)  -
 is simply a repeat  of this  demonic jew   "DEMOCIDE":     mass-murder by governments....
BERNARD BARUCH, Winston Churchill,  President Franklin D. Roosevelt:
 THEY enjoyed (or allowed)  INSIDER TRADING 'profts' -
their friends selling their stocks at  FINANCIER INSTIGATED MARKET "pump" HIGHS...
 just before  AMERICANS STARVED during the   Great Depression.
Being able to "pump... and DUMP" stocks - create artificial booms and panics
by "stampeding the public herd" - was and is the base,  core trading tactic
 of all the top financiers' profitable trading strategies
(i.e. SELL HIGH and buy low)  

jew flim-flam artist JIM CRAMER explains how to MANIPULATE STOCK PRICES...
by feeding LIES and RUMORS to lap-dog financial "journalists"...

by placing heavy "buy" or "sell" trades through many different brokers to either artificially
 "pump up" or depress  a target stock price...   once a successful "fomenting" attack succeeds in pushing a targeted stock price up or down, "the big boys" PILE ON with more anonymous, HEAVY TRADES that increase the momentum of that price change (up or down)...

   then the manipulators  exit the trade, GET OUT QUICKLY, either selling high, or buying after the clueless "sheep" investors have sold their stocks at artificially low,  depressed "dumped" prices.

  Jim Cramer learned these tactics as a GODDAMN-SACHS trader.
Doing these ILLEGAL, _COORDINATED INSIDER TRADING_  market attacks 
over and over and over again, week in and week out,  is how "the big boys" insiders
SIPHON value ('money' or real wealth) OUT of pension funds..

  and in to their own hedge-funds and mega-firms like Goddamn-Sachs.
 Note how Cramer specifically sneers "stock FOMENTING IS ILLEGAL.. but the SEC  NEVER DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT"...
...because the SEC is owned and run by  JEW SCAM ARTISTS  like "former" Goddamn-Sachs PARTNER  GARY GENSLER who until recently was the CHAIRMAN of the CFTC branch of the SEC... who are "in on the take" - the foxes are 'guarding' the henhouse!

  Repeat the above  "pump & dump" tactics with enough "Big Boys" 
   - insider billionaires - participating, and you can crash the value of a major currency
 (as the George Soros led Rotschilds syndicate attack did to the British Pound)... 

or  you can crash entire economies.... they did to instigate the Great Depression "Black Thursday" 
U.S. stock market crash in 1929,
 the prelude  (with clueless and/or cruel government complicity) 
to  _millions_  of  Americans either starving  or dying of stress, malnutrition, exposure, disease, and related gross poverty causes...

hoovervilles - ENTIRE American families reduced to living in corrugated shacks -
AS JEW BILLOINAIRES LAUGHED all the way to their banks...
and counted their extorted-from-Americans confiscated gold...