Friday, April 3, 2015

'PASSOVER' 2015: JEWISH PhD National Security & Strategic Affairs author, & 10 yr. Marine veteran Dr. Alan Sabrosky CONFRONTS the "DUAL CITIZENSHIP" TREACHERY and TREASON of JEWS who put THEIR LOYALTY to 5 million jews in ISRAEL _ahead_ of their Loyalty, Patriotism, & Allegience to their fellow Americans...

see our previous post "HITLER'S REVENGE"  for our exploratory discussion 
into  the metastasizing, or  upwelling,  of  JEWISH TREASON against the people and national sovereignty of the (late) United States of America  this "PASSOVER,"  April 3rd, 2015...

...and note that Dr.  Sabrosky is not gleeful, vindictive, empowered,  nor proud of making these charges:
       that Jewish citizens in America overwhelmingly show more allegiance to 5 million jews in Israel than they do to their hundreds of millions of American citizen neighbors -

 -  a discussion that is long overdue.  

 An examination of the facts, a  CONFRONTATION of the
"have their cake & eat it too"  TRAITORS 

whose blatantly genocidal  goals are harmful to the genuine national security;  genuine  economic health & vitality;   and  genuine popular democracy "consent of the governed" interests of the American people...