Friday, April 3, 2015

HITLER'S REVENGE: this "PASSOVER" April 2015 marks the Culmination of 100+ yrs. of JEWISH TREACHERY, TREASON, DECEIT, & SABOTAGE _from within_ against the Nation & people of the (late) United States of America... perpetrated by the JEWISH TRAITORS in EVERY Temple, synagogue, and Jewish civic organization in America...

"Passover" 2015  is  the tipping point for Judaism's infernal, eternal

netanyahu is just the _latest_ INSTALLED COMMISSAR of the "Judeo elites"....
...of _JUDAISM's_ infernal,  eternal, blatantly self-professed

with the full & tacit support of  _EVERY_
jewish temple, synagogue,  & civic group
in judeo-HIJACKED Amerika...
the jewish traitors at Hollywood mega-media corp. Time/WARNER co. dub genocidal
"greater israel is g-o-d's divinely ordered 'LIEBENSRAUM' for jews'  pyschopathic judeo supremacist dictator
Prime Minister Netanyahu "KING Bibi"... and give him fawning coverage.
WHITEWASHNG judeo supremacist CRIMES & ATROCITIES... and labeling all others as criminals or "terrorists" is the essence of the propaganda front of the Judeo supremacist war on humanity, civilization, and America...
Netanyahu's JEW Commissars WAR-PIGS'  reign of  TERROR worldwide:
(left to right) against IRAN;  against GAZA & Palestine; against SYRIA,  and AGAINST the CHRISTIANS
of not only RUSSIA... but against the  JUDEO  HIJACKED
"cannon fodder conscripts"

_SLAVE_ army  of the  UKRAINE as well!! 

_All_ the above
of   _AMERICA's_   genuine national security interests - 

overwhelmingly supported by Jews in EVERY temple,  in every synagogue,
in every lobby group, and in every jewish  civic group in America!!

Believe that the Jew dual-citizens in America are "EXPERTS"
about AMERICA's genuine national security...
and that ISRAEL's eternal Judeo  wars against humanity  are good for America's
(genuine) vital national security interests?
     THINK AGAIN !! 

Mere moments after then former Jew-state (israel) PRIME MINISTER  Ehud Barack conceded
live on a  BBC telecast on Sept. 11, 2001  that 
"we DON'T KNOW who is responsible"
for the then on-going chaos & destruction of the 9-11 attacks...
he blamed Osama bin Laden hiding in a cave in Afghanistan!
HAVING YOUR CAKE, and EATING IT TOO... is the essence, the core of Judeo supremacy!

(btw, this infamous BBC news feed, from the day the 9-11-2001 terror attacks
were murdering Americans and traumatizing the whole world,  also captures...
BBC news hosts discussing the collapse of World Trade Center building 7 _before_ it occurs!)
     EVERY  jewish templeevery jewish synagogue &  religious group; 
and every jewish 'civic organization' in America
is home to  JEWS who are  PARTY TO  the campaign of
against the people and nation of the (late) United States of America
as we shall sadly,  horrifyingly, but overwhelmingly prove in this  blog-post/analysis.  

EVERY jewish temple, synagogue, lobby group, and civic organization in America is party to
 the wall of  LIES, DECEIT,   treachery, treason, and 
VICTORIA NULAND KAGAN to maintain her demonic perch 

  in the "U.S." STATE DEPARTMENT....  because

JEWS SUPPORT their co-religionist  "Neo-Cons" 

against not only the people of  Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and RUSSIA...
but against the hapless SLAVE conscript armies of the JEW HIJACKED UKRAINE, as well... 

 cease and desist from your agenda of demonic,  genocidal mass-murder,  global enslavement,
 & economic sabotage worldwide,  you vile, traitor jew war pigs!

Demonic jewess mass-murderous  witch of the east/west, Victoria NULAND KAGAN  hands out 'free'  bread
in SUPPORT of the FASCIST COUP  she helped instigate & incite in the Ukraine...
(with a slush-fund of  FIVE BILLION American taxpayer dollars to whip up that coup)

a DEATH TOLL of THOUSANDS already  murdered, burnt, and blasted to bits, 
with a death toll of TENS of THOUSANDS to come, as the evil jews attempt to replay
their  _PREMEDITATED_  "pretend incompetence"  spiral to total destruction
BLOODY PARTITION of YUGOSLAVIA "Serbia-Bosnia-Kosovo war"  gambit
this time playing NATO, the United States, Israel,  and Ukrainians
against Russians who have lived their entire lives in eastern Ukraine.
TO BE JEWISH is to want to hold the POWER of life  and 
in the entire world!

The KAGANS - Victoria Nudelman & her PNAC 9-11 perpetrating husband Robert -
bring DEATH and MASS MURDER to tens of thousands
(soon to be MILLIONS)  of Russians & Ukrainians...

just as 
Stalin's sidekick,  JEW COMMISSAR  Lazar KAGANOVICH   did in 1920's...

Stupified, dumbed-down, clueless
"Democratic" voters and officials have no idea that
Obama's so-called
"liberal Democrat" State Department appointee Victoria Nuland is actually Victoria Nuland KAGAN... she's married to one of the Bush-Cheney gang's most influential jew war-pig movers & shakers.   

BOB KAGAN should be TRIED for COMPLICITY in the 9-11 TREASON/TERROR ATTACKS & cover-up... and his wife should be charged in the same manner HERMAN GOERING was at the Nuremberg Trials, as a PERPETRATOR of  CRIMES OF WAR,
CRIMES of AGGRESSION,    and for crimes against humanity...

but these two vile jew war pigs HAVE THE SUPPORT of the ENTIRE 
'American'  jewish diaspora in America
(and the "military-industrial-complex)   aka "American jews"whose entire Judeo "holy bible" (sic) narrative is one of seeking 
to  EXTERMINATE  & enslave non-jews
judeo "commissariat"  'elites' have amassed
sufficient wealth and
military power 
to revert to the bronze-age genocidal Judeo supremacy
that is the actual core of judaism...

   IF YOU are NOT  SPEAKING OUT _against_ the ruthless,  JUDEO imperialism "Neo-Con"  jew-NAZI HIJACKING of America... as informed jewish commentators and experts like  Gilad Atzmon, Stephen Lendman, Gordon Duff,  Alan Sabrosky, Seymour Hersh, Mordachi Vannunu, Jeff Rense, and others courageously outspoken  commentators are...

then you are either a clueless dupe & idiot... or you are  party to   the LIES, DECEIT, TREACHERY,  sabotage, and TREASONS  behind that ruthless, brutal, cold-blooded,  judeo supremacist  hijacking of America...

below:  "Obama's BIG SELLOUT" 
     and it's entirely predictable results: 
        the SERIAL RAPE and SABOTAGE of the American & global economies....
by evil FINANCIAL PARASITES _hoarding_ all the world's wealth...  

  is a total abrogation of the "social contract" 

"Obama's BIG SELLOUT" =  Obama's  "RUBINITES,"  the Goddamn-Sachs & Citi-bank  JEWS under Bob Rubin  HIJACKING the "Democratic Party" and exerting  financial terrorism  and economic SABOTAGE
that results in the entirely predictable  sabotage  of  U.S. & world economies...
and in the entirely predictable  total  SABOTAGE of the Democrats'  House, Senate, and electoral popular majorities,
all TRASHED in service of  ruthless, bloody, and mass-murderous 
genocidal JEW DICTATORSHIP over the (late) United States...
  The above agenda of  FINANCIAL TERRORISM, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, and  SABOTAGE of a genuine, functioning democracy by DECEIT & TREACHERY
- the sabotage from within of  an alternative to the blatantly war-mongering,
blatantly concentration-of-wealth agenda of the  Cheney-Bush  "PNAC" REPUBLICAN  jews -    

of   (most) Jews IN EVERY TEMPLE, SYNAGOGUE, and  jewish lobby group & civic organization in America....

Here they are:  the men behind "Obama's Big Sellout",   just some  of the powerful men and women behind the INTENTIONAL SABOTAG of the "Change!" agenda that millions of Americans voted for in 2008,
     Americans who were  hoping to get an ALTERNATIVE to the MORE WARS,  _more_ concentration of wealthmore income inequality, and more ruthless global financial extortion & economic sabotage of the radical right-wing Cheney-bush-WOLFOWITZ-BERNANKE Goddamn-Sachs Republicans...
  Americans who were hoping for an alternative to  more  POLICE STATE gulag repression here in America
but were BETRAYED by these Rubinite, GoddamnSachs/Citibankers  JUDEO SUPREMACIST "commanded by g-o-d to extort and  DEFRAUD 'the goyim' by every device of fraud  imaginable" 
, financial rapists,  & 
economic saboteurs:
Obama's "RUBINITES" handlers & overlords (from left)  former GODDAMN-SACHS chairman &  "U.S." gov't. TREASURY SECRETARY  BOB RUBIN... (top row, from left to right)  Obama's White House Chiefs of Staff  RAHM EMANUEL and JACOB LEW (Lew now current U.S. TREASURY SECRETARY);   and  Lew's predecessor as Treasury Secretary  commissar enforcer of global economic rape little  Tim Geithner; (middle row, from left)  former "OBAMA's PICK" Fed Chairman BEN BERNANKE;  Clinton's 3rd Treasury Secretary, current Harvard president,  and Obama "transition team" economic hack Larry Summers;  Obama's new so-called "Federal Reserve" CHAIRMAN of  the judeo financiers' war to destroy the U.S. dollar and to oversee global economic extortion JANET YELLEN (bottom row) - more rubinite ECONOMIC SABOTAGE"GODDAMN SACHS, Citibank, & "israhell UBER Amerika"  appartchiks  CFTC fraud running Chairman Gary Gensler, Gene Sperling,  and Peter Orszag - all the above officials  just the tip-of-the-spear of the JUDEO INFILTRATION & SABOTAGE of not only the "Democratic" Party... but of American democracy, the American economy, and America's genuine national security.

   In the case of Ben Bernanke & little Timmy Geithner,  "Obama's 'DEMOCRAT' officials" - were  not only hacks installed by the REPUBLICAN George W. Bush administration... but were THE economic HACKS who PRESIDED OVER the financial stock markets & economic CATASTROPHE of  Sept. 2008 that precipitated the 
the "BAILOUTS" and "permanent bailouts" 'Quantitative Easing" era!
= the "free money for connected, global larceny, extortion, & genocidal elites" era...
The insane,  TREASON, TERRORISM, & warmongering Jewish REPUBLICAN counterparts to the ECONOMY WRECKING global larcenists and TERROR WARS INSTIGATING  Jewish "Democrats" of the Obama administration:
Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Chertoff  & co...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  and dozens of others,
the Jewish "liberal Democrats" are EVERY BIT as PSYCHOPATHICALLY MASS-MURDEROUS,
genocidal, and contemptuous of cannon-fodder, economic slave AMERICANS...
as the most  fervent of above Republican "PNAC" jew war pigs are... 
the "PNAC" Jews... they were "SO EXPERT" at  America's "national security" that they INFESTED _all_ the top layers of the George W. Bush & Dick Cheney Republican presidency
& defense/intel/national-security apparatus.... 
but,  "OOPSIE!"  NOT ONE of these vile, traitor pigs DID ANYTHING to either deter a well known possibility of  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  hijacking an airliner in America in the long summer of 2001... 
nor did they do a damn thing to WARN AMERICANS**

about such a potential threat... "So sad"!! 

**(except for their fellow Jew compatriots in New York at the World Trade Centers)

WHAT IS IMPORTANT for this  post is to realize that this REIGN of  INCOMPETENCE & DERELICTION of DUTY  (at best)  and/or  TREASON (at worst) of  Jews in high places in _both_  the Bush-Cheney  _and_ OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS... COVERED UP, WHITEWASHED,  written OUT of the script, IGNORED and buried... 

by not only EVERY SINGLE component of the JEWISH OWNED and dominated "corporate media"...  

   but with tacit JEWISH COOPERATION at (almost) all levels of academia, the independent news,  and certainly by every JEWISH RELIGIOUS GROUP, civic group, and lobbyist group in America!   

(much less intentional treason)
        ISN'T SABOTAGE... then what is?? 


  THE IRON TRIANGLE:  the nexus of power behind the abject  JUDEO takeover/hijacking CONTROL of America and over their  American "goyim"  peons, serfs,  cannon-fodder, and conscript  chattel slaves:
  1.  At the apex,  the Judeo "elites" - billionaires who control  trillions of dollars of global wealth &  assets, in close coordination with "religious leaders" in judeo temples, synagogues, and political action groups...
  2. the Judo "appartchiks" - hired servants to the hyper-wealthy,  the "mere" millionaires,  nouveau riche billionaires,  and professional-class operatives (in politics, in finance, in corporate media, in academia, and in government)  who do the bidding of the above elites... or find themselves the VICTIMS of  CORPORATE/govt  judeo instigated RETRIBUTION, effectively (professionally)  EXILED to SIBERIA...
  3.   the JEWISH PUBLIC in America - who after World War II, and especially after the Vietnam War, were willing to challenge their  civic, cultural, and religious leaders (especially the bat-sh*t crazy, blatantly judeo-supremacist fundamentalist ones)... but who now - a dozen+ years after the stolen election of 2000,  after the 9-11-2001 terror attacks;  and well in to  the Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, Syria, & Ukraine wars,  TOE THE LINE that their  boot-heel Judeo "elite" overlords set for them...  
When we learned, in an Asian-Pacific international studies (political science) graduate course we took  the year of the stolen election in America (2000)  that
  "Japan is RULED by an IRON TRIANGLE where GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS have MORE POWER than Japanese industrialists, financiers,  citizens, news/media executives, and even politicians put together" 
we scoffed:

    "Why don't the Japanese people simply support some COURAGEOUS politicians & media publishers?"  "Don't the Japanese people  _want_ to have a fair & functioning democracy?"
 Well, as always,  HUBRIS and ARROGANCE are the eternal sins,
so imagine our horror and consternation to learn, over the next decade and a half,

that  it is AMERICA, the late United States, that is ruled by an IRON TRIANGLE that is every bit as ruthless, sadistic, genocidal, and mass-murderously homicidal as anything that the Japanese ever produced, from the era of the Samurai warriors executing peasants for the most trivial of excuses, to the brutal, genocidal army generals and ministers who drove Japan's military to run amok in Asia -  leaving a trail of rape, pillage, mass-murder, terror, torture, genocide, ruin, and butchered bodies strewn  from Indonesia to the Philippines to the South West Pacific islands to Manchuria and China! 

Dr. Alan Sabrosky:  JEWISH ex-Marine, author, and PhD Strategic Analyst,  who, among other assignments, 
served at CSIS,  the Center for Strategic Studies   which was the springboard that  Judeo 9-11 perp PAUL WOLFOWITZ  sprung to the dizzying heights of the  NUMBER TWO,  #2. man (Undersecretary of Defense) in the ENTIRE  U.S.  DEFENSE/military/intel  establishment WAR-MACHINE;
 first under Secretary of War  Dick Cheney (and then Don Rumsfeld)  in the Bush-1 administration (1990s, during the U.S.-Iraq Gulf War I  against Iraq's 1991 invasion of Kuwait);
   and then  _again_  under Bush Jr. (W) as Undersecretary of  the War Department  in the weeks and months leading up to the 9-11 terror attacks in 2001... and the years when the jew directed U.S. military was unleashed against Iraq, Afghanistan... and now against the entire  f***ing world -

    Dr. Sabrosky (paraphrasing): 
  "There are SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS to arrive at the INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION that, not only was 9-11 an  'INSIDE JOB' -  PERPETRATED by actors and agents  from WITHIN the U.S. government,  defense agencies, intel agencies, and within the targeted buildings of the New York World Trade Center complex -   but close examination of those investigative leads reveals that  ISRAEL  government agents WERE THE LEAD participants of the 9-11 terror attacks...  
There was simply NO WAY  that  19  "Arab hijackers" could have defeated  so many government,  airline, defense & intel security systems.... SYSTEMS that were INTENTIONALLY SHUT DOWN...  critical  defense, intel, & command & control agencies  that were   all 'ordered to STAND DOWN' on the day of the attacks" 
  We will flesh out a few new of those "detective analysis" leads later in this and other  posts...

but for now the CRITICAL ISSUE is that _every_ JEWISH OWNED "news" organization,
_every_ Jewish run financial  center..
_every_ JEWISH aligned LOBBY GROUP....
_every_  JEWISH identity CIVIC GROUP...
and certainly _every_  JEWISH  "religious group"  are all hard set behind  (in total support of) 
the LIES, DECEIT, duplicity, hypocrisy, and  treachery
that marks  not only the 9-11 COVER-UP...
but  all  the subsequent WARS against  innocent nations  which were the pre-planned, premeditatedINTENTION and hallmark   of the 9-11 treachery & treason terror attacks that killed 3,000+ Americans that day...
 including N.Y. police and firefighters lured to their doom in the towers in the minutes and moments before the pre-planted nuclear devices were detonated in the doomed buildings' basements...


  The picture that PROVES  that 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB!
"HOW?"  you might ask, "Does this picture _prove_ that the 9-11-2001
terror attacks WERE AN INSIDE JOB?"    

We're glad you asked!  read on...!