Friday, February 13, 2015

InfoWars, PrisonPlanet Blast VeteransToday as "CONSPIRACY THEORY" for VT's alleging U.S. government officials Involved in 9-11....

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON of  PrisonPlanet/  attempts to SLICE & DICE the "Conspiracy theory" community... even though the GOVERNMENT'S OPEN CONSPIRACIES massively outweigh any "conspiracy myths"  proposed by anyone on the planet!

 "Disinformation websites"   "self-proclaimed conspiracy theorists"   "fabricated myths"
 "Veterans Today a conspiracy outlet" 

"irate citizens staging massive uprisings"   "but of course the story is complete and utter bullshit"

 Putin Threatens to Reveal Bombshell 9/11 Evidence?

 IT IS  _no_  "Conspiracy theory" to point out WHO REALLY CONTROLS the media, politics, and finance... AND WARS! - of the Western World,  including  Britain, NATO, and the entire (late) "United States" of America...


Well, speaking of  "CONSPIRACY THEORIES"  here are a couple that are doozies: all posted by Paul Joseph Watson's own independent news outlet & mirror site - both sites owned and operated by Paul Joseph Watson's boss,  Alex Jones,  and all of these articles are perfectly true...  supported by overwhelming amounts of evidence from  both "mainstream" and  "independent" sources,  info that is as easily distilled and realized as the simple enough observations that, 

  #1.  THERE WAS NO AL QAEDA  ACTIVE IN IRAQ under SADDAM  HUSSEIN  until the U.S. invasion of Iraq - Saddam HATED  AL QAEDA Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari (et al)  funded Sunni fundamentalist Jihadis every bit as much as he hated the Shia majority fundamentalist aided by IRAN...

  ...and the entire  Baathist regime of  which Saddam was the inheritor
(by promotions,  self-promotion, &  assassinations or retirement of senior officials) 
was endlessly devoted to MINIMIZING  FUNDAMENTALIST JIHADIS of  both (Sunni & Shia) persuasions,  such that in Saddam's Iraq women could become doctors... but in AMERICAN OCCUPIED and post-invasion Iraq,  women across the destroyed nation are treated like women in SAUDI ARABIA - forbidden to drive and routinely TERRORIZED by jihadi terror groups. 

 Here's ANOTHER "CONSPIRACY THEORY" hosted by Mr. Watson's boss, Alex Jones, and that Mr. Watson well knows is fully true: 

U.S. General Dempsey: I know of Arab allies who fund ISIS 

 as are this headline and story true: 

President's Speech Shows Obama Is An ISIS Collaborator

Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say that AMERICAN GOVERNMENT & MILITARY OFFICIALS _conspired_ to create a  TORTURE GULAG where PRISONERS were  MURDERED, TORTURED, and routinely TERRORIZED  by 'U.S.' military men at ABU GHRAIB  and other locations, beginning in 2003?

Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say that the very JEWISH owned BLOOMBERG 'news' brags that the VERY JEWISH, lifetime DUAL CITIZEN with israel and career buddy with NETANYAHU  the "brilliant" PAUL WOLFOWITZ is credited by Bloomberg with being "The ARCHITECT" of the IRAQ WAR"?
Jew owned BLOOMBERG war-pig 'news' media whores proudly BRAG that 'DUAL Citizen' with Israhell JEW PAUL WOLFOWITZ (nominal #2 in the Defense Department under puppet front-man SecDoD Don Rumsfeld)  was  the "ARCHITECT of IRAQ WAR" - from viewpoint of treacherous Judeo elite "Neo-Cons",   getting Americans to kill Iraqis, and Sunnis & Shiites to kill each other... is simply "brilliant."  DRIVING stupified cattle/cannon-fodder Americans into bankruptcy - to the Judeo "money power" FIAT MONEY loan-sharking DEBT OVERLORDS - is imply an added bonus !!!!  Speaking of which, this article illustrates how  THE JEWISH "MONEY POWER"  CONTROLS  U.S. presidents and all appointees to higher office:  PAUL WOLFOWITZ had NO  EXPERIENCE running banks or financial institutions,  he "BOTCHED" America's national security leading up to 9-11, and he "BOTCHED" the IRAQ OCCUPATION... but  the Jew financiers pulling Bush & Cheney's strings got their puppet pols to APPOINT their blood-drenched mass-murder  jew Commissar Wolfo  to  be HEAD of the WORLD BANK (which is appropriate, because the World Bank is actually nothing more than a BLOOD DRENCHED  genocidal  DEBT EXTORTION tentacle of the evil, dehumanizing 'Neo-Con' money-power in the first place...) 

   IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say that the "BRILLIANT" Paul Wolfowitz and his career protege from at least 10 years earlier... "Washington super-lawyer"  I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby -  who as being connected to Wolfowitz, was never more than one degree of separation from Netanyahu and the entire LIKUD regime and thus from Mossad and
    WHO WAS VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY's CHIEF OF STAFF -   INTENTIONALLY IGNORED  the American  C.I.A. Director, GEORGE TENET, making a PERSONAL VISIT TO THE WHITE HOUSE on JULY 10, 2001 - his visit INTENTIONALLY IGNORED by Bush, Cheney, and their respective White House Chiefs of Staff (Andrew Card and the above mentioned I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, respectively)... and by EVERY  MOSSAD  APPARATCHIK like Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith,  Zackheim, et al infested in the U.S. Defense Department (Pentagon - the apex of  U.S. military high command), White House, Congress, CIA,  & etc????

puppet president George W. Bush and his  puppet "national security advisor" Condi Rice meet in WH oval office to discuss COVER STORY for  Bush, Cheney and their "national security experts" INTENTIONALLY IGNORING  C.I.A. Director GEORGE TENENT'S  URGENT  TERRORIST THREAT WARNING - made IN PERSON TO THE WHITE HOUSE on JULY 10, 2001 (just 8 weeks prior to 9-11-2001) - an urgent plea for action that was IGNORED by BUSH, CHENEY, their  White House Chiefs of Staff ANDREW CARD and  I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (respectively)... and by ALL the  JEWISH "national security" and "COUNTER TERROR" "experts" in the White House, CIA, Congress.. and over at the WOLFOWITZ, PERLE, FEITH, PODHORETZ, ZACKHEIM, et al run Pentagon!    OBSTRUCTION of NATIONAL SECURITY before 9-11 WAS TREASON!  THOSE, TODAY, who want to PRETEND that WOLFO, LIBBY, Zackheim, & co. HAD NO IDEA that  TENET and CIA "Counter Terror Czar" were "running around with their hair on fire" concerned about the threat of terrorist attacks  ARE AIDING, ABETTING, and COVERING UP TREASON !! 


    IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say that the above mentioned  jewish operative I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was CONVICTED IN COURT in open trial of PERJURY  regarding the  "CIA OUTING SCANDAL" that involved the wholesale executions of  America's foreign nationals spies all over the Mideast....   DOUBLE, TRIPLE TREASON:  Vice President Dick Cheney's White House CHIEF OF STAFF I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby was instrumental in the Bush White House IGNORING  C.I.A. Director George Tenents URGENT WARNINGS of  CIA "TERRORIST THREAT" assessments in the weeks leading up to 9-11-2001 (warnings further intensified in the Bush White House by 'Counter Terror Czar' Richard Clarke's "hair on fire" warnings). VP CoS Libby would DOUBLE DOWN on his TREASON, aiding V.P. Dick Cheney in INTENTIONALLY "OUTING"  C.I.A. operative Valerie Plame Wilson as a means of  pay-back...  RETRIBUTION - smearing her husband as a political hack of an over-ambitious wife,  for daring to expose the Cheney-Bush administration LIES that Saddam had obtained uranium "yellowcake" ore from the African nation of Niger after Saddam was defeated in the 1991 Gulf 1 War.    Libby & Cheney's INTENTIONAL 'OUTING" of  CIA agent Valerie Plame led to the EXECUTIONS of  EVERY American spy associated with ANY of Plame's visits, fellow operatives, or other agents throughout the Mideast once her cover was blown... 

    Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" and "utter bullshit",  Mr. Watson, to say that the Cheney-Bush administration GAVE NEW YORK TIMES  'reporter' (the very jewish)  JUDITH MILLER   fabricated stories alleging Saddam's  "weapons of mass destruction" program - and then when (the also very jewish)  Arthur Sulzberger owned NEW YORK TIMES  published Ms. Miller's stories based on Cheney-Bush admin. LIES and FABRICATIONS on the front page,
   Cheney, Bush, and the entire U.S. government and War Department TRUMPETED THOSE NEW YORK TIMES  HEADLINES and false reporting to  bolster their own LIES to justify war? 
  (= "an echo chamber" of corporate & govt. controlled news 'narrative" = PROPAGANDA LIES.)

  Is it a "CONSPIRACY THEORY,"  Mr. Watson, to say that the Sulzberger NEW YORK TIMES, the Meyer/Graham WASHINGTON POST, the Time/WARNER corp.  magazines and 'news' and media outlets were all JEWISH OWNED... and the most rabid, vocal, and thus relentlessly LYING  propaganda mouthpieces involved in both the LIES-to-Iraq-WAR  and the 9-11 COVER-UP...
even if that Cover-Up was "only" about  the (alleged) SAUDI perpetrators (and/or funders) of the 9-11 terror attacks??

  Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY"  Mr. Watson, to say that SOMEONE  in the U.S. military or civilian in the Defense Department   ordered U.S. military jets stationed in Italy to "STAND DOWN" when it was reported that the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was under attack by  al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists??
   and that the LACK OF FIREPOWER  in that fight resulted in Ambassador Stevens and 3 other U.S. embassy (State Dept.) staffers being KILLED in the terror attack?     WHO, Mr. Watson, ORDERED that  military "STAND DOWN" order - on the eve of a U.S. presidential election, in order to make the incumbent 'Democrat' president (obama) look WEAK... and assist the electoral chances of Mitt Romney, a died-in-the-wool "I will order attacks on Iran" Neo-Con  and typical pensions looting financial rapist operating within the larger "money power" financial extortion & economic sabotage game?

IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY," Mr. Watson, to say that  the U.S. instigated, NATO  BOMBARDMENT of the Qaddafi regime in Libya has TURNED THAT NATION INTO A TERRORIST HELL-HOLE... "scumbag woodstock" -  and that the LOOTING of  LIBYA's GOLD  by it's terrorist coup - who handed all that gold over to their Western, U.S. & NATO supporters and "handlers" - has facilitated the on-going 'Federal Reserve' and European central banks relentless MONEY PRINTING  economic larceny, the stealth rip-off of  trillions of dollars of real wealth from stupified, extorted European, British, & American citizens?

IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY"  Mr. Watson, to say - as your boss Mr. Alex Jones has repeatedly said -

  IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY"  Mr. Watson, to say that Jewish CONGRESSWOMAN Debbie Wasserman Schultz has tried to label American  "Tea Party" activists and Republican voters dismayed with the "Neo-Con'  ISRAEL & GODDAMN-SACHS ['money power']  Financial Rapists"  agenda as "EXTREMISTS' - i.e. as akin to TERRORISTS - 
  - while she and all the other Jews in Con-gress, in the U.S. government, and in the U.S. corporate media WHITEWASH reports - openly published in an Atlanta Jewish 'news' journal! - that  MOSSAD, Israeli operatives have DISCUSSED ASSASSINATING  U.S. president Barack Obama... apparently with the sympathetic SUPPORT of  many  "DUAL NATIONALS"  JEWISH 'Americans'  here in America..... THEY ACCUSE others of "extremism" - while HARBORING  'extremists'  who openly discuss the Jewish state's "inherit right" to ASSASSINATE  politicians and leaders across the globe... including U.S. presidents???

   Is if fair to say, Mr. Watson, that your IGNORING this DOUBLE STANDARD on the part of  JEWISH "extremists"  puts AMERICAN VOTERS  DISGUSTED with the 'Neo-Con' agenda AT RISK... making it that much easier for the corporate media, government, and jewish war lobby (AIPAC, et al) to label independent minded Americans as "EXTREMISTS" ????

   IS IT "CONSPIRACY TpHEORY" to say, Mr. Watson, that  NONE of the "Democratic" Party candidates, Con-gressmen/women, senators, or other politicians DARE  CRITICIZE  GOLDMAN SACHS or any of the other economies wrecking,  politicians bribing,  bailouts sucking,  homeowners looting Big Banks -  because the 'Democrat' Party has been HIJACKED by MILLIONAIRE and BILLIONAIRE financiers like PERLEMAN, SOROS, RUBIN, CORZINE, et al (all of these whom happen to be Jewish financial rapists)

    Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say, Mr. Watson, that just as GODDAMN SACHS serial FINANCIAL RAPIST BOB RUBIN has been the "KING MAKER" of  "Democratic" Party politics... too is  SHELDON ADELSON the unambiguously powerful KING MAKER of  REPUBLICAN politics - his  "golden shower" money the core of MITT ROMNEY,  JOHN McCAIN, NEWT GINGRICH, or any other aspiring Rethuglican hopeful?
      And is not the criminal loan-shark Adelson ONLY THE TIP OF THE SPEAR of  Jew BILLIONARIE  mega-donors who OWN  the Rethuglican Party... including the KOCH BROTHERS,  and all the other billionaires behind Jewish owned corporate media   WHO WANT AMERICA TO BOMB & DESTROY IRAN to serve the  insane religious fantasies of  5 million jews in Israel - who have been indoctrinated since birth that they are ENTITLED to  "inherit the lands" from "the Nile to the Euphrates"??

  IS IT "CONSPIRACY theory"  Mr. Watson,  to say that such an agenda - JEWS TAKING CONTROL OVER  _all_ the LANDS from the Nile to the Euphrates - would be a NAZI-esque, GENOCIDAL AGENDA  exactly of the same nature as Hitler's "Liebensraum" (conquest of Eastern Europe and Russian/Ukrainian Central Asia) "breadbasket for Germans" fantasies???

     Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say, Mr. Watson, that the Jews' above mentioned "GREATER ISRAEL" plan would demand the "REMOVAL" of  ALL PEOPLES  NOT jewish living in those lands - the "ethnic cleansing" of TENS OF MILLIONS of people, which would be GENOCIDAL in nature, lives killed, and trauma inflicted?

    IS IT "CONSPIRACY THEORY" to say that  WE ARE SEEING THAT "Greater Israel"  JEWISH RUN GENOCIDE IN ACTION NOW,  in Syria...    and that the JEWS,  NOT the Saudis or Qataris or even the Americans, are behind the "FSA"  TERRORIST INVASION of SYRIA, and that at a moment's notice the jewish owned corporate media could TURN on their PUPPET U.S. politicians - John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham,  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, General George Patreaus - and IDENTIFY THEM as SUPPORTING TERRORIST  ISIS/isil  if they wanted to??

      Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" Mr. Watson, to say that JEWISH STATE DEPARTMENT APPARTCHIK  Victoria Nudelman/KAGAN spent FIVE BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars WHIPPING UP A COUP  REGIME in the UKRAINE... and as a result of that coup,  the U.S. government installed JEWISH 'leaders' over Ukraine's population... and are now DEMANDING that the U.S. and NATO militaries WAGE WAR ON RUSSIA in the region in support of their BLOODY COUP INSTALLED PUPPET regime???

  Is it "CONSPIRACY THEORY" Mr. Watson, to point out that even though Ms. Nudelman/Numan is  PAINTED as a "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT" for being a HILLARY DONOR and campaign spokesman,  HER HUSBAND,  ROBERT KAGAN, was one of the co-FOUNDER of the "PNAC"  Jewish war lobby - that was in reality the CORE of the Bush-Cheney Republican 2000 elections stealing administration???

  That the JEW WAR LOBBY have  entirely USURPED and HIJACKED the late "Democratic" Party - and now all the DESPISED "Neo-Con"   policies of the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-   REPUBLICANS, are now  ENTRENCHED as official dogma of the so-called "Liberal Democrats" - including not only TORTURE,  EXPANDING WARS, institutionalized POLICE STATE BRUTALITY under the guise of  "security DRILLS" and that, indeed, using the intentionally inflicted trauma of the Sept. 2008 market crash as an excuse, the 'Democrats' have gone one better (far WORSE!) than Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Paulson,  the  Bush admin. "TAX CUTS FOR RICH" are now INSTITUTIONALIZED under the "Demcorat" GoddamnSachs financial rapists (the Harvard/GS Bob RUBINITES)  as  FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS...  "QE 1, 2 & 3"  amounting to the bought-off, bribed, extorted, & terrorized Con-gress just GIVING the banksters LICENSE TO PRINT THEMSELVES  over a TRILLION DOLLARS every year ($80 billion every month... that we know about!) 

 That this FIAT MONEY PRINTING  _DEVALUES_ the savings of EVERY man, woman, and child not invested in paper assets (stocks, bonds) in the stock market...  i.e. just another flim-flam SHELL GAME  rip-off??

  WHY DON'T YOU GO GIVE SOME FELLATIO to GEORGE SOROS,  Mr. Watson...  covering up the ROOT CAUSE of ALL these above crimes, economic sabotage, and GOVERNMENT SUBVERSION seems to be your new speciality,  deriding anyone who dares criticize the 9-11 cover-up as "conspiracy theory" and "utter bullshit" 






 Mr. Watson - WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING USEFUL for all your fellow STUPIFIED, ENSLAVED, OCCUPIED, EXTORTED, and SERVILE  English ("British") countrymen:  document and detail the  (minimum) THREE DIFFERENT TIMES that  Rotschields  agent  and, literally, former JEWISH NAZI  AGENT   GEORGE SOROS  has  RIPPED OFF the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and all "British"  peoples (and anyone who in the 1980s, 1900s, and to today saved their wealth in in stocks, bonds, or other assets denominated in Brit. pounds sterling)

Rothschild Governance Graphic Chart - Who They Own, Who They Control

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