Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FERMI'S PARADOX: Judaism, the Rothschilds, the "GREAT FILTER" and the DESTRUCTION of humanity..

Regardless of what 'holy scripture' says.... our terrestrial home, planet earth, is still an earthly, astronomical paradise.  The ancient Egyptian creation myth was far more 'civilized' and appreciative of the nurturing biosphere of life on earth, than the dour, judgmental, and mass-homicidal "expulsion of humanity from Eden by a jealous and damning god"  story of the jewish bible...

In scenes  from a video we post below, Dr. Lynn Rothschild and other hard-working scientists explain how "our lucky moon" SAVES  life on earth - or at least human civilization -  by moderating the earth's precession
This moderating influence on the earth's planetary tilt saves the earth's biosphere from catastrophic climate extremes that would result if the earth's axis wobbled, or tilted  more severely than the 23° it exhibits.
Earth is thus lucky to have a single large, friendly moon  of just the right size to stabilize the planet's orbit - a fortuitous astronomical rarity that belies the religious myth that
a judgmental "god" "expelled humanity from Eden"   (aka "DAMNATION") !!! 

Today we are delighted to bring you two  (actually we include a third)  fantastic videos about the universe around us.... and,  as well, we are delighted to have something good to say about a member of the Rothschild family.  
But hold on to your seats, because it may be the last good thing we have to say about them for a very long time!

 "We should be seeing alien civilizations  *everywhere*"
   "Fermi's Paradox", as narrated by astronomer Tony Darnell

We, your humble writers/editors/publishers here at TJW,  like to believe that our information
(if not our writing) is  SUPERIOR to that you will find anywhere else in the 'news' and information ether out there
 (that great-info-soup-kettle-in-the-sky  if you will)
(we certainly like to believe that our sources and reporting are far better
than those horrible corporate media 'news' outlets out there)  
  • first, our outlook encompasses the entire time-frame of human and biological existence without prejudice - we will discard favored ideas, and accept unpopular ideas,  as the facts and evidence merit...
  •  ....and even more importantly,  because we are not afraid to look where others fear to tread.... quite simply, we are NOT AFRAID to ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS,   the avoidance of which defines the grim reality of  American corporate media (and academia and government ) whoredom.....

So,  for just a brief minute or two still early in the new year 2015,  we can take a moment to look at a some questions that are not usually  front page news or headline leading stories of  the corporate press & TV media  'news'... 
  but, alas, all things being connected,  

   even a question that directs our gaze outwards, to the farthest corners of the universe,
  will swiftly and inevitably direct our gaze back to the world immediately around us
  - to the  'news' issues of today - to the questions of our governance, our societal goals and mores (our perceived "moral values")
 and to the immediate course or direction  set for our civilization by "our leaders"...

  ...because the great question "WHY are we not aware of other civilizations in the universe?"

 leads directly to the question, "is there some tendency that leads to the DESTRUCTION of civilizations?" and, in particular, is there something that leads to the SELF-DESTRUCTION of  intelligent civilizations?

  So we are delighted to present the 2 videos below  that help to explain
(or at least define the parameters of) two of humanity's greatest questions -
  1. "Is there intelligent life anywhere else in the universe?"
  2.     and,  if there is  "SO WHERE ARE THEY??!"
 And as well,   we are delighted to have something positive to say about a Rothschild. 

  Now we are in no way certain that  evolutionary biology scientist Ms.  Lynn Rothschild is a descendent of  _the_ Rothschilds -
 so please  forgive us for operating under the presumption that Ms. Rothschild is indeed a descendent of  the Rothschilds,  so we can permit ourselves to heap a little praise on them.
    But hang on to your seat belts, because this will be one of the last positive things we have to say about them for a very long time, as we focus our "great filter" universe searching gaze closer to home! 

  "THE GREAT FILTER":  is there something that happens, that DESTROYS other civilizations in the universe before they are able to contact us... or before they develop the technology to leave their home solar systems? 

 MAYBE there is SOMETHING that 'happens' to civilizations that PREVENTS THEIR EMERGENCE  as interstellar SPACEFARING civilization... some mechanism that "filters" other civilizations from expanding beyond their home planetary systems...
 Enrico Fermi, "The Fermi Paradox":   "the timescale needed to COLONIZE a galaxy, is very small compared to total timescale OF  that galaxy" 

That is, once life becomes self-aware, intelligent, and starts to create an advanced civilization,
 the time needed to colonize a galaxy is very small, compared to the time scale of that galaxy.
  Once a civilization masters the basic technology of  spacefaring,

   "Once an interstellar space-faring civilization develops, 
 they should sweep across [their]  galaxy like wildfire..." 
(astronomer Tony Darnell)  

Life in the Universe #2: Where is Everybody? 

Life in the Universe #3: The Great Filter

The modern search for other life in the universe leads us to one startling conclusion...

 DESPITE what the evil jew bible says about "DAMNATION"  and the jewish "god's"  proclaimed unilateral, cruel,  enraged, and GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONAL (to the 'original sin')  punishment of "the EXPULSION of humans from Eden"...   


   PLANET EARTH is  __STILL__ an  
 - the ONLY body we are aware of  in the entire universe where men, women, and children (by the tens upon hundreds of millions) can run around wearing nothing but little or no clothing -

   -  and the  "Garden of Eden" story is not only STOLEN, WHOLESALE, from the Sumerians and 'Mesopotamians' who came before them.... 

  ...but the  Jewish retelling of the ancient Sumerian "great flood" myth ("Noah's Ark")   is a PERVERSION,  
for in the original Sumerian versions of the story
we can understand that fickle, vain, arbitrary, and capricious gods become upset with a noisome and rowdy human race...

    but Judaism PERVERTS the Sumerian version,
and BLAMES THE human VICTIMS for being EXTERMINATED by a "g-o-d" who is equally capricious and cruel as the Sumerian gods.... 
but far more sinister, diabolical, & evil, 

   and even more of a whinny, miserable,
BABIES KILLING, child raping,  humanity terrorizing psychopathic fiend!   

 Earth Without A Moon 
(How the Moon ENABLES  LIFE on planet earth)

  FAR from humanity being "EXILED FROM EDEN"  we are all FORTUNATE, blessed beyond calculation, to live on a planet, a bio-sphere, that so comfortably hosts life - the only one we are aware of out of the BILLIONS of  galaxies, stars, and planets in the universe that we as yet know of! 

   NOT ONLY are the jewish bible's "Garden of Eden" & "GREAT FLOOD"  stories STOLEN, wholesale, from the Sumerians  ("Mesopotamians") -  but  those STORIES are A LIE!

 WE STILL live in an

a   PARADISE that is THREATENED beyond sanity BY  THE CORRUPT,  WICKED, and EVIL "leaders"  whose SELFISH GREED and SELF-RIGHTEOUS  pseudo "morality"  THREATENS TO KILL NOT ONLY  TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent men, women & children
 (in the evil, on-going JEWISH WARS - see this blog!)

- but  the  "full spectrum dominance" 

UNLEASHING of EVERY MURDEROUS  BLACK ART of HIGH TECHNOLOGY WAR that can be whipped up and funded by the judeo run U.S. government, on and against the human race  which is  the "Neo-Con" agenda,  the JUDEO SUPREMACIST 'master plan' 

 (which is to say, NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, and ADVANCED COMPUTER ("nano-bots", "Sky-net" & etc.)  WARFARE creating a toxic stew against humanity...)

 =  WAR technologies that  

**(note:  not even the most toxic, evil,  deranged human psychopathic soup of chemical, bio, nuclear, & computer war toxins  would completely exterminate all life on earth - microbes & cockroaches would continue to survive even a radioactive toxic soup  - unless some robotic brains figured out a way to FOCUS the sun's energy on our fragile planet, toasting it into oblivion.) 

 -   a process that is BEING DRIVEN, nurtured, guided, and DIRECTED by the INSANE "money power"  financiers at the apex of humanity's wealth & power & influence -

    -  and their  corporate media ghouls  & treasonous, government puppet "LEADERS," 

INSANELY corrupt TRAITORS and MASS-MURDERERS  like GEORGE W. BUSH, TONY BLAIR, EVELYN ROTHSCHILD,  HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN McINSANE, Paul WOLFOWITZ,  BARACK OBAMA, JOHN KERRY, John Boehner, Mitt Romney,  NANCY PELOSI, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  Sheldon Adelson, 'king bibi' Netanyhau, Michael Bloomberg, the Koch brothers, 

and all the other insane & corrupt toads, "leaders," and billionaires  who are ALL DRIVING THE BUS carrying humanity
    directly over the cliff  to  oblivion  -
 - the total EXTERMINATION of civilization & humanity
by insane self-destruction annihilation