Monday, December 8, 2014

TELEGRAPHING their Punches: Anti-American JUDEO SUPREMACIST Congresswoman DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ _SIGNALS_ the Neo-Cons' INTENT to LABEL, DEFINE, DESIGNATE the _90%_ of Americans DISGUSTED with NEO-CON Policies to be "Extremists", i.e. to be TERRORISTS... to be ROUNDED UP in the looming CHERTOFF/dhs/fema JEW RUN CONCENTRATION CAMPS !!

"Telegraphing their punches":  every good boxer,  martial arts fighter, or competent trainer knows what it means to "telegraph your punches" -   it means a boxer or fighter subconsciously and unwittingly  signals to his  opponent what he (or she) is going to do next, giving the opponent the opportunity to prepare a knock-out punch as soon as the first fighter is overextended, out of balance, and unable to react to his opponent's counter.  "Don't telegraph your punches... You'll be flat on your back in twenty seconds!"

TELEGRAPHING their punches:  Anti-American, 
 ISIS TERRORISTS IN SYRIA supporting genocidal Jewess Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    signals the "Neo-Con"  = judeo supremacists  INTENT, their foul, treasonous designs,

   their plans to LABEL the  _90%_ of  Americans_  who do *NOT&  approve of this vile, foul,  TREASONOUS, judeo run,  ISIS TERRORIST instigating Congress  as  "Extremists"... 

   i.e. to be labeled or designated as "terrorists" or "TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS" and rounded up and treated as criminals the moment the coming "crisis"  metastasizes out of the foul brew of  ISIS & drug war TERRORISM INSTIGATION, EXPANDING WARS, OPEN SABOTAGE of our borders,  the blatant  ebola "bio-war on the American public" and the ECONOMIC CRISIS that will result the moment  bombs, bullets and missiles start flying in the Persian Gulf - the IMMEDIATE  policy goals for our insanely corrupt & SERIALLY TREASONOUS  114th Congress that will be coming in to session this January, 2015... 

'ISIS' TERRORISTS in SYRIA supporting,  genocidal, mass-murderous, CHRISTIANS EXTERMINATING
JEWESS CON-GRESSWOMAN Debbie Wasserman Schultz

displays her treasonous, anti-American tendencies:   she SIGNALS to anyone not comatose, that the  insane, 'Neo-Con' judeo supremacists running the  'U.S.' government  intend  to LABEL or designate  millions of Americans who are  DISGUSTED with the vile, TERRORISM, TREASON,  & SABOTAGE policies of the 'Neo-Cons' in Congress,
(in the White House, in Wall St. banks & throughout global finance,  and in corporate media)
to be "Extremists"... aka to be TERRORISTS  or  TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS! 

   JEWISH, "Neo-Con" SABOTAGE of the (late) "Democratic" Party:   if   you point out that the policies of the past 6 years of the Jacob Lew, Rham Emanuel,  Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke, Mona Sutphen, Victoria Nuland Kagan,  et al run Obama Presidency

   ARE MORE OF THE SAME of the detested Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-CHERTOFF-Libby-Bernanke-MUKASEY-BOLTEN-BERNANKE  policies of  LIES TO WAR,  of CONCENTRATION of wealth, of SERIAL COVER-UPS of CRIMES & CORRUPTION & fiancial fraud in high places of  the despised previous Republican administration -

then the  vile  'Democrat'  "leadership" (sic)   will  TRY TO LABEL YOU 
as "an extremist".... as a  "TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER" !! 
Midterm Elections Nov. 2014 revealed what a FOUL MESS the  TREASONOUS 'Neo-Con' 'Democrats'  like DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, CARL LEVIN, RAHM EMANUEL, JACOB LEW, NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID, and all the other  "TAKE ORDERS FROM AIPAC" TRAITORS in the "Democrat" Party have made of American democracy:    AMERICANS  UNDERSTOOD the VILE INTENTIONS of the "Neo-Con'  Demorat Party, and voted to REMOVED THEM from control of the Senate.

  Unfortunately, this drove the recently DISGRACED Republican Party of  Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, McCain, Libby, Perle, Feith, Spectre, Coleman, Chertoff, Mukasey, Bolten, Cantor, et al  BACK IN TO POWER.

UNDER the foul,  VILE, evil  "Neo-Con',  AIPAC, JUDEO SUPREMACIST HIJACKING of the Democrat Party
(a process that actually started over 100 years ago with Woodrow Wilson cultivation by the "moneyed elites" and his subsequent approval of both the "Federal Reserve" privately owned fiat money extortion banking cartel, and his WWI censorship &  "SEDITION" laws)
of the 'Neo-Con'
& ECONOMIC SABOTEURS who are just openly driving America & humanity into the sewer of EXPANDING WARS,  anti-humanity CONCENTRATION of WEALTH,  blatant EBOLA 'weaponized'  BIO-WAR against the American public as well as tens of millions of Africans!,
   and the pending, looming, CRIMINALIZATION of vast swaths of the American public in the CHERTOFF/NAPOLITANO/jehJohnson DHS/fema/police
PRISON SLAVE GULAGS, bio-war mass-homicide,  and mass-executions & death-camps!  
the ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, EXPANDING WARS, &  ISIS TERRORISM  INSTIGATING  'Democrats"  from 2009 to Dec. 2014 have taken a page from the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-Libby-Bolten-Mukasey-CHERTOFF-ROVE  Rethuglicans:
  they attempt to mask TREASON & SABOTAGE

as merely "incompetence"!

95% of  INCOME GAINS GOING to the TOP 1%
is NO ACCIDENT of "Democrat" "leadership" -
It IS  what their policies are DESIGNED to do !! 

  - TURN tens of millions of  American citizens in to disenfranchised, dispossessed,
CRIMINALIZED UNDERCLASS  DEBT SLAVES on the GoddamnSachs /Netanyahu/Chertoff/Napolitano