Friday, December 5, 2014


 GEORGE SOROS is NO "liberal" - he is a classic judeo fascist FINANICAL RAPE & ECONOMIC SABOTAGE operative (agent) of the "Money Power"  (Rotschields, Lazards, Warburgs, Schiffs, et al) - seen here exposed as the JEW NAZI WAR PIG,  the "millions-killed so the 'money power' can rake in billions in profits"  hyper mass-murderous global thug that he really is and always has been... regardless of how many "liberal Democrat" politicos have been happy to accept his blood-money funds & 'campaign donations'...

WHO do barack Obama - and JOHN McINSANE, and  JOHN BOEHNER, and Hillary Clinton, and JOE BIDEN, and NANCY PELOSI, and HARRY REID, and NEWT GINGRICH   really work for???    
THE INSANE   "ENTITLED by g--o-d to EXTERMINATE our enemies"
JUDEO SUPREMACIST,  JEW NAZI WAR LOBBY - of which GEORGE SOROS is only one of  dozens of BILLIONAIRES who can buy the ABJECT SUBSERVIENCE of almost every politician in America... or the world!! 
We agree completely with everything that the courageous American veteran Mr. Stephen Lendman says here.    Just two things to keep in mind: 
  #1. the "corporatist," "globalist,"  and "imperialist" thugs that Mr. Lendman speaks of  ARE ALL SUBSERVIENT TO  the JEW WAR LOBBY,  which is itself SUBSERVIENT TO the JEW MONEY POWER... aka the Rotschields, Warburgs,  Schiffs, Lazards, Goldmans, Schiffs, et al.

  #2.  AS COMPLETELY CRIMINAL, GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDEROUS, and  TREASONOUS  as Mr. Obama's regime is,  HE was THE ONE and ONLY PERSON ON PLANET EARTH who was able to prevent the other two 2008 presidential contenders -  fellow Demorat Hillary Clinton or the even more venal and treasonous jew war pig puppet John McInsane - from  LAUNCHING AN IMMEDIATE (2009) WAR ON IRAN.

  Mr. Obama, despite his clear and present venality, corruption, sell-out hypocrisy, lies, and all the other horrors & atrocities of his foul,  anti-humanity presidency,  HAS BOUGHT US  sentient humans SIX PRECIOUS YEARS to realize the DEPTH, BREADTH, and FEROCITY of the INSANE   JEW WAR LOBBY that is attempting to drag humanity into a nuclear war and global extirpation "AGE OF DARKNESS"  NIGHTMARE....

  the JUDEO SUPREMACIST  ENTITLEMENT to regard the people of the world as "GOYIM,"

and used up,
or as VERMIN to be exterminated - 

  ONLY by COMING TO GRIPS with this grim reality,
do we have any hope or prayer of arresting the insane "GOD IN THEIR BACK POCKET"  genocidal war pigs on their march to SELF DESTRUCTION - taking the entire human race with them.

   **note:    It is difficult to understand the FRANTIC FERVOR with which the JEW WAR PIGS and their  "goyim" PARTNERS IN CRIMES, TREASON, BRIBERY, extortion, & MASS-MURDER  ATROCITIES are engaged in to START WARS AGAINST RUSSIA _and_  IRAN (which will be easy once they put "boots on the ground" in Syria in early 2015) - 

 but it is actually quite simple,   THEY *MUST*  PUSH AMERICA IN TO A HUGE NEW WAR,   and CREATE TITANIC state-of-emergency  CRISIS HERE IN AMERICA,
      SO THEY CAN DECLARE MARTIAL LAW  and ARREST and MASSACRE  ALL regime opponents - 

   BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE SWIFTLY COMING TO THE REALIZATION that  9-11 (much less the blatantly obvious anthrax attacks that followed!) was "an inside job" -
 -  a 'FALSE FLAG'   treason/terror attack on the American public,
  PERPETRATED BY THE JEW WAR STATE in league with TRAITORS  at the highest levels of the U.S. government - DICK CHENEY,  PAUL WOLFOWITZ, SCOOTER LIBBY,  GENERAL MEYERS, and others at the highest levels of NORAD, AMRIDetc....

Obama: War Criminal, Tyrant, Torturer, Racist, Corporate Tool, World-Class [genocidal, mass-murderous, nations destroying, global economy wrecking] Thug

by Stephen Lendman

His record speaks for itself. Ideologically over-the-top. Lawless. Reckless. Ruthless by any standard. Reflecting the worst of rogue leadership.
Mocking democratic values. Breaching rule of law principles. Riding roughshod over responsible governance. Serving monied interests exclusively. They never had it so good.
Responsible for protracted Main Street Depression conditions. Letting popular needs go begging when most needed.
A reliable corporate tool and then some. Pro-war. Pro-business. Pro-privilege. Pro-super wealth. Anti-populist.
Anti-government of, by and for everyone equitably. Presiding over a gangster state. The most ruthless in world history. Most reckless. Most dangerous.
Exceeding the worst of his predecessors. After promising hope and change, he delivered betrayal. Straightaway.
Breaking every major promise made. Selling out to Wall Street. War-profiteers. Other corporate favorites.
Handing them trillions of dollars illegally. More on request. Letting them make money the old-fashioned way.
Waging class war. Targeting middle America for elimination altogether. Stiff-arming America’s most disadvantaged. Blacks. Latinos. Muslims. Immigrants of color.
Supporting capital’s divine right to use money to make more of it. Institutionalizing inequality. Force-feeding neoliberal harshness.
When vital stimulus is needed. When growing millions are impoverished. Millions more unemployed or underemployed.
Over half the population needing dwindling amounts of federal aid. Cutting social benefits en route to eliminating them altogether.
Transferring unprecedented amounts of wealth from ordinary Americans to corporate interests and super-rich elites.
Waging war on organized labor. Calling it shared sacrifice.  Corporate interests share. Like never before. Gorging at the public trough.
Workers sacrifice. Losing good jobs. Mostly rotten ones alone left. Earning poverty-level wages. Few or no benefits. Under gutted work rules.
Poor health and safety protections. Promised pension benefits disappearing. Losing the right to bargain collectively with management on equal terms.
Other hard-won benefits gone. Blood and lives sacrificed to win them. Disappearing in plain sight.
Destroying public education. Commodifying it. Into another business profit center. Obama’s Race to the the Top continuing the worst of Bush’s No Child Left Behind.
Depriving children of real education. Promoting school closures. Mass teacher layoffs. Wage and benefit cuts for those remaining.
Consigning millions of kids to oblivion. On their own. Out of luck. Destroying a nearly four-century tradition. Replacing it with marketplace inequality.
Hardening a police state apparatus George Bush established. Militarizing America. Making it a battleground more than ever.
Arming police nationwide with combat weapons. Using them irresponsibly. Terrorizing America’s most disadvantaged. Peaceful protesters.
Waging war on freedom. Targeting it for elimination altogether. One major false flag terrorist attack away.
Followed by martial law. Constitutional suspension. Hardening police state viciousness. Making America unsafe to live in. Without fundamental civil and human rights protections.
Endangering whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing. Journalists doing their job.
Working-class people struggling to get by. One missed paycheck away from homelessness, hunger and despair.
Rationing healthcare. Enriching insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains. A “pay or die” system, according to Ralph Nader. Instead of recognizing healthcare as a fundamental human right.

Putting bankers in charge of financial reform. Deform by any standard.
A stealth system for global money control [for GLOBAL, GENOCIDAL RESOURCE RAPE & EXTORTION].
Gaming the system for profit. Legalizing grand theft. The world’s greatest ever money making racket. Complicit with privatized central banks. Making the world safe for monied interests.
While increasing poverty, unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, hunger and despair.
Ignoring vital people needs. Hanging millions out-to-dry on their own. Sink or swim. Live or die.
Enforcing white supremacist policies. Terrorizing and deporting more undocumented immigrants than all previous US presidents combined.
On average 1,000 a day. Called “Deporter-in-Chief” for good reason. Telling poor, desperate arrivals they aren’t welcome.
Authorizing Gestapo-like Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) warrantless raids. Targeting communities, workplaces and other locations.
Armed with shotguns and automatic weapons. Pulling immigrants from beds. Rousting them from workplaces.
Confronting them without explanation. Often targeting US citizens by mistake. Unapologetically.
Conducting lawless searches and seizures. Making arrests based on ethnicity, race, appearance and English proficiency.
Separating children from parents. Treating immigrants like common criminals. Like terrorist threats.
Pretending otherwise. Obama’s so-called immigration reform by presidential diktat is farcical. Covering less than half the undocumented population.
Offering them pathetically little in return for demanding plenty.
Subjecting others to brutalizing treatment. Deportation with no right of appeal.
Waging state terror worldwide. At home and abroad. Big Brother is real. Watching everyone. With technological ease.
Trampling on fundamental rights. Leaving no one safe anywhere. Threatening free speech. A free press. Free thought. Intellectual inquiry.
Without them, all other freedoms are endangered. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Candidate Obama called it “the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse.” Saying whistleblowing reflects “acts of courage and patriotism.”
“Often the best source of information about (government wrongdoing) is an existing employee committed to public integrity willing to speak out.”
“We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance.”
Promising “strengthen(ed) whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government.”
Stressing “(g)overnment should be transparent. (Claiming he supports) accountability and…information for citizens about what their government is doing.”
He says one thing. Does another. Giving rogue governance new meaning. Wanting total control over what’s made public.
Obsessed with secrecy. Wanting dissent crushed. Wanting people denied information on what’s most important. Affecting their lives, welfare and futures.
Inventing nonexistent threats. Fear-mongering to get people to believe them. Support police state lawlessness.
WAR ON HUMANITY.   Imperial adventurism. NAKED AGGRESSION.
Against one sovereign independent country after another. Posing no threat to America or its neighbors.

bonus:  We here present a video preview of a discussion we will hopefully get to soon - 
   towards the end of this video (at about 20 minutes) Dr. Francis Marion Boyle lays out exactly who is COORDINATING  ALL THIS TREACHERY, TREASON, and  CRIME emanating from the  captured and now insanely genocidal U.S. government....  the LAWYERS of the HARVARD LAW CABAL...  which (Harvard law) was of course Mr. Obama's entre into this despicable, sordid, demonic world of treachery, treason, titanic financial rape, instigated global crisis, serial economic sabotage, and global genocide:

  Dr. Boyle:
  "Czar Ron Klain, Obama, Mrs. Obama, all the rest of them,  they all went to HARVARD LAW SCHOOL,every one of them, they were after me.
    Cass Sunstein,  DAVID BARON, who said OBAMA COULD MURDER AMERICANS, they put him on the FIRST CIRCUIT [as a lifetime judge appointee],   HAROLD 'KILLER' COHN, "Mr. DRONE" 
 [ = assassinations & terror-bombings by government !! ]
    occasionally there's a Yale person like Mrs. Clinton...
  I could go down the entire list...  ELANA KAGAN,  LARRY SUMMERS.... stole from Main St. to give to Wall St... 
    I went through the same program when I was there.  These people, they are NOT INCOMPETENT, they are very well trained, THEY ARE COMPLETELY RUTHLESS and UNPRINCIPLED.
 [they are _all_  ruthless,  PATHOLOGIC LIARS  and TRAITORS who are now WEDDED to their WW III  SATAN's SLEIGH RIDE TO HELL....]
 (host Alex Jones) "I know they are scientifically COLD BLOODED and SMART, but to me, it's a form of POWER-MAD  MENTAL ILLNESS..."  

   [not to mention serial TREASON, TREACHERY, HIGH CRIMES, and serial CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! ] 
   [Mr. Jones is absolutely correct - what he  _fails to correctly analyze_, is that the  JEWISH RELIGION CALLS FOR  perpetual, eternal WAR against the NON-jews...  
 it's right there in the 'holy' (sic) jewish bible, 
 Leviticus 25:44  "you SHALL ENSLAVE the non-jews around you...." 
   (and, furthermore, DISPOSE of those who are of no material value to their jewish slave owners... and CONQUER those who stand in the way of  JEWS CONTROLLING EVERY RESOURCE ASSET, and EVERY HUMAN on earth...  )