Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bill Murray as ruthless Media Exec in 1988 movie 'SCROOGED" fully Captures Corp. MEDIA WHORES as TERRORISTS who PROMOTE TERROR - even during Christmas!

Quick,  download this movie clip!
 Even when Hollywood is being playful and, ostensibly, selling Christmas joy and good cheer in a Christmas comedy movie, they can't help but let a bit of the truth slip out that corporate media execs - whether in Hollywood, in New York, in D.C., or in any of  the other power & financial capitols of the world - are paid and promoted to treat the public as 'sheeple' - as herd animals to be led, lied to, and "managed" in ways that are often diametrically opposite of what are good for the public welfare... or for a given nation's true best interests...   

Here Hollywood veteran movie 'star'  Bill Murray masterfully portrays a corporate media executive darkly obsessed with power & control - and in particular, with RUTHLESSLY CRUSHING and DISPOSING OF any people (aka "human beings") who pose even the slightest obstacle to his pursuit of greed, power,  power-lust, envy, malice, & hate,   in 1988's  'SCROOGED'...
 Note how in this below movie clip (from which we grabbed the above screen-shot),  Bill Murray plays a fictional 'IBC' network exec.... who delights in shoving scenes of VIOLENCE, EXPLOSIONS, TERRIFIED VICTIMS, and TERRORIST ACTS in his networks' viewers' faces... even on Christmas eve!

       AND REALIZE that this movie was made in... 1988... OVER A DECADE BEFORE the STOLEN ELECTION that put Bush, Cheney, and the WOLFOWITZ, PERLE, FEITH, LIBBY, WURMSER, ZACKHEIM, CHERTOFF, MUKASEY, GoddamnSachs (Hank Paulson)  GANG in charge & in power at the very apex of American government & power... 

  ...and the UNOPPOSED, UNIMPEDED 9-11  "False Flag"  TREASON/mass-murder TERROR ATTACKS  that immediately followed 
 (and that were, in turn,  a mere prelude to UNLEASHING THE NUCLEAR ARMED U.S. military on & against _all_  the nations in the Mideast around the infernal, diabolical, eternal  "entitled to enslave the entire human race"  demonic  jew war state (israhell) !!)

  bonus!  HERE's HOW THEY DO IT -  HERE's how  CORPORATE MEDIA whore EXECS -   owned by you-know-who - (note: this is a  *jewish* media source!)   'MANAGE' and MASSAGE the 'news'  and Satanic  PROPAGANDA  that they spew at the American public,

to MAINTAIN a FALSE NARRATIVE that is nothing but a huge stack of Orwellian lies... so insightfully and informatively deconstructed & explained in this short video commentary about the corporate media  'news' coverage immediately following the first announcements of  President John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas in November 1963:

 "One of the first times television [overtly] TRAUMA-based MIND-CONTROLLED the entire country..."
  "The assassination of JFK was a pivotal moment, not only because a president was killed,  and not only because A SHADOW GOVERNMENT TOOK OVER and used a HUGE, BIG LIE that it sold to the public,  but because the masses CONNECTED with this LIE through the television;   and it really set up an ENTIRE WAVE, a TIDAL WAVE of  MORE LIES and FALSE FLAG EVENTS...."
"...this new age of  so-called 'CNN SYNDROME'  where events are EITHER CREATED or EXPLOITED for their EMOTIONAL IMPACT...."
  "all in all, a pretty package FROM HELL..!"
    "a TV  mass-mind control event"  

   "Update!"  - TODAY'S  "modern" LIES:    the GODDAMN-SACHS'  PUPPET PRESIDENT who ORDERS THE MURDER of DOZENS  of  PAKISTANI CHILDREN by  "United States" (aka "Occupied colonies of Amerika under israhell")  HELLFIRE drone MISSILES... 
SHEDS CROCODILE TEARS over two police killed...

...even as he and his handlers SABOTAGE the (real) AMERICAN ECONOMY 
(creating rage, frustration, and relentless, serial dehumanization of American citizens all across the land),
 and even as he blatantly, criminally, and treasonously  just OPENS THE BORDERS to  thousands of  GANGLAND KILLERS (including known cop-killers!)  from south of the border !! 

  "or we will SHUT DOWN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT and CRASH the American economy"!!!