Thursday, November 6, 2014

The ELITES Are INSANE !! 'They' are JUST _OPENLY WAGING_ 'Exodus' style "plagues of Egypt" BIO-WAR on, AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!

Bio Weapons Expert: Ebola Outbreak Is an [INTENTIONAL!]  BIO-WEAPONS RELEASE

 Hold on to your seats, ladies & gentlemen:  "Full Spectrum Dominance" is not only
America's insane ruling "Neo-Con' commissariat's" declaration of  war against the world,  and against  all of humanity beyond America's borders... 
but  "America's elites" are *intentionally*  WAGING  NUCLEAR & BIO-WAR ATTACKS on... against   not only the people of Russia, the Ukraine, (Georgia), Syria (soon enough, against Iran) and against millions of people in Africa, in Japan, in China and Asia...
  but AGAINST THE PEOPLE of  the United States,  against AMERICANS,    AS WELL as we speak....!!!

  Dr. Francis Boyle  discusses  the "elites" LATEST  BIO-WAR ATTACKS ON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC,   against the American people, an attack that,   make no mistake,
Dr. Boyle explains, follows the earlier TREASON/TERROR  BIO-WAR ATTACK on American public spaces BY AGENTS and highly placed members of the U.S. government,
    namely, the Anthrax Terror attacks that "piggy-backed" on the terror incited by the 9-11 terror attacks and were released, by letters posted in the U.S. mail, in the weeks immediately following the more visually spectacular 9-11 airliner hijackings/flying bombs  that killed over 3,000 Americas in New York and Washington D.C. that day.   In this post, we will attempt to outline this  HIGH TREASON against America and ATROCITY being perpetrated AGAINST  HUMANITY by senior officials in the Obama White House -  IN CONCERT with the  EQUALLY TREASONOUS REPUBLICAN "leadership" in the House, Senate, and in the judiciary/legal governmental system -  and we will try to  provide some background, context, and "connect the dots" to show how TREASON and INSANITY are not only deeply entrenched at all levels of the U.S. government and 'corporatocracy' de facto fascist dictatorship ruling America  (what we have long been calling the "Neo-Con commissariat")  - but that this TREASON and INSANITY are now THE DEFINING ELEMENTS of, not only our government and governance, but of all attributes of American society as well.  We apologize for the complexity, scope, and length of this post - it is a dreary and soul-wrenching task to compile all this evidence (much less sift it, sort it, and try to put it all in to readable, understandable prose and well organized outline)  but at heart it is actually a very simple story that we are all familiar with... as we will explain in just a few moments.

  Think we are "conspiracy theory nuts," that we're exaggerating???  We don't even have to go in to 9-11 treachery & treason, or "missing nukes," or  threatened nuclear attacks against, in America in this post...  we can lay out the  TREASON-TERROR WAR  on and AGAINST AMERICA, by agents infested in the highest levels of our own government,  simply by using only an informed look at other "out in the open" stories and sources!  And it is simply a case of  looking at existing material, and well honed "stories" in a different light... REJECTING the corporate-media/government/academia "NARRATIVE" and connecting some very simple dots to reveal the horrible reality:    just exactly as the bible has jewish war-lord Joshua looking at the hapless people living in the Canaan Valley as "PREY" to be murdered, massacred.... DEVOURED, and killed off en masse....  so to do our 'elite'  "leaders" (sic)   LOOK AT MILLIONS OF US AMERICANS  TODAY, as "PREY"  to be DEVOURED,  DESTROYED,  DISPOSSED OF... eliminated, EXTERMINATED.

Fukushima's water-borne RADIATION PLUMES are JUST ONE FACET
of the TREASONOUS, genocidal, EXTERPATION WARS waged by "America's elites"...
not only against the people of JAPAN, CHINA, and all of Asia...
but against the PEOPLE of  the (late) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as well!
heading from Japan a hop-skip across the Pacific to NORTHERN CALIFORNIA,
Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia?  
in those states & others!! 
THIS IS A U.S. government, NOAA MAP..! 

    and "our" corrupt "leaders"  are not only IGNORING THIS  THREAT to American life, liberty, health,  and well being, but 'they'  are simultaneously ARMING AND FUNDING TERRORISTS IN SYRIA, Libya, Iraq, in the Ukraine, and across the world... at the same time !!!! 
 THIS INSANE WAR ON HUMANITY _is_ "the NEO-CON agenda", as we have spelled out in our posts, citing   and highlighting countless  articles on this blog, and  is directed by "the MONEY POWER" and the Israel jewish War Lobby (which are, at their core, one and the same) and involves a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY to LIE to the people of America and the world,  by "hirelings"  agents both willing and unintentional (ignorant & uninformed)
each and every single day
YOUR GOVERNMENT, America,  is NOT ONLY _IGNORING_  the threat of CANCER,
 immune systems failure, and other health crisis CAUSED BY FUKUSHIMA RADIATION...

'They', the insane, treasonous ghouls,  ARE TRYING to CREATE A MASS-MURDEROUS  PANDEMNIC, so to declare a medical  STATE OF EMERGENCY  MARTIAL LAW in America... a  bio-war TREASON/TERROR  "false flag" attack ON AMERICA, DESIGNED TO KILL THOUSANDS (if not millions) of AMERICAN PEOPLE !!! 


 In the above exceptional video discussion with Dr. Francis Boyle, independent news producer Alex Jones expresses some confusion and angst over just how 'the elites' could so blatantly and boldly just   telegraph their moves - their waging biological 'bio-war'  weaponized infectious agents ATTACKS ON AMERICANS - so blatantly, so boldly, so callously, so cruelly...

    In reply,  Mr. Jones' guest, bio-war expert, Harvard PhD international law,  strategic analyst, and policy  expert Dr. Francis Boyle  details, explains, and exposes  JUST WHO EXACTLY those INSANE, TREASONOUS 'elites' are:  HIS FELLOW  HARVARD (and Yale) LAW graduates and highly placed government appartchiks - an entirely RUTHLESS, cold, cruel,  amoral.... and in fact TREASONOUS  cabal. 

   Mr. Jones' should get over his confusion and angst:   as he and Dr. Boyle mention several times in the above video,  there are TWO MAIN FACETS of this hideous, treasonous  BIO WAR ATTACK  by agencies of the hijacked U.S. government AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: 
 #1.  "hiding in plain view",  and,
#2.   "blowback" 

  BLOWBACK is a theme that all Americans  should by now be familiar with.
  Our decade-and-half ever metastasizing,  trillions of dollars already spent
(and tens of thousands of American war veterans wounded, injured, traumatized, or with impaired immune systems)
  "war on terror" or "global war on terror"  ever since the 9-11-2001 terror attacks destroyed the World Trade Center towers in New York, and damaged parts of the Pentagon in Washington D.C....

 namely,  ACCORDING TO the U.S. GOVERNMENT's  OWN  9-11  _"narrative"_  and explanation for the  9-11 terror attacks,    ISLAMIC TERRORISTS  hijackers attacked America  because of America's involvement in the Muslim world... what is termed  "BLOWBACK." 

  And we are all familiar with "HIDING IN PLAIN VIEW" -  aside from our own government & corporate media press officials  claiming that   "the 9-11 hijackers were Yemeni AND SAUDI ARABIAN fundamentalist Moslems" - before using the 9-11 attacks AS AN  EXCUSE to ATTACK Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, which Baathist Party regime was secular (non-religious) and actively waged police state suppression tactics against Al Qaeda Sunni and Shia extremist (sectarian, religious fundamentalist) factions - there is an even more ancient story and narrative "HDING IN PLAIN VIEW"   which purports to be humane, civilized, humanitarian, and "just"  but is, on closer examination, a veritable "HOW TO" book on GENOCIDAL MASS-MURDER and  dictatorial RULE BY TERROR & DECREE, namely, the Hebrew, or jewish bible,  "the Old Testament." 
     While (among many tens of thousands if not millions of others)   Harvard Jewish law school professor Alan Dershowitz claims that the bible was the genesis of "justice' in the western world, 
quite to the contrary,  two of the bible's most famous and fundamental stories - the Garden of Eden CREATION story, and the Noah and the flood story - are cases where "god" not only KILLS  or CONDEMNS  INNOCENT CHILDREN to SUFFER for their sins of their ancestors,  but conditions readers to believe that  "g-o-d" is "perfect" so - when subjected to 'his' wrath - WE ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO PITY the VICTIMS !!    

    We regret that we have not developed this theme more clearly and in depth over the preceding months - we are just now getting around to addressing the deeply embedded DEHUMANIZING  HORRORS inherent the bible - but despite the fact that millions of Americans believe the bible is the font of "morality," "justice" and our modern American notions of  equality under law and basic human rights,  IN FACT - HIDING IN PLAIN VIEW - the bible expresses NO concern for human life, and EXPLICITLY regards NON-JEWS  as  NOT EVEN fully HUMAN - and thus fit for ENSLAVEMENT, VIOLENCE, TORTURE,  DEGRADATION,  "DISPOSAL," and, ultimately,  EXTERMINATION.    As we have written previously, the true, dismal core of the bible is that Jews are not only empowered, they are explicitly directed by "g-o-d"  to  EXTORT, ENSLAVE, and EXTERMINATE their neighbors...   to "DISPOSE OF THE USELESS MOUTHS"  who can not make a profit for their "judeo elite" slave-owners. 

  IT'S ALL THERE, HIDING IN PLAIN VIEW in the pages of the "holy" (sic) bible which is the single most widely published and distributed book in the world,    so not only are our  "elites"  COPYING, DUPLICATING, REPLICATING the  cruel treatment that "g-o-d" dished out to the victims of "The Great Flood" - not only are our 'leaders'  DUPLICATING  "g-o-d's"  'EXPULSION' of humanity from the paradise Garden of Eden... but, if you look at our  governmental, corporate, financial, and press/media/academia elites as a "commissariat" who see themselves, collectively, as wielding g-o-d's power on earth,   THEN THE  NUCLEAR RADIATION,  BIO-WAR,  sabotage-of-borders emigration, and metastasizing "war on terror"  are SIMPLY A REPEAT of  "god & Moses" WAGING PLAGUES.... = bio-war! - on the  HOST POPULATION of Egypt, detailed so horrifically in the bible's grim  "Exodus" tale.  
 (And don't for a moment forget:  the "g-o-d" of the jews KILLS  MANY THOUSANDS of HIS OWN JEWISH FOLLOWERS in the months and years following "the exodus"  for the sin of "idolatry" and for far less serious shortcomings as well.. for example, sending plagues to kill INNOCENT PARTIES when one jewish tribesman hides gold under his tent.) 

  partial transcript and highlights: 

Bio Weapons Expert: Ebola Outbreak Is A Bio Weapon Release
Alex Jones, at 14:00 in video:   "and the Africans are saying, listen, THERE HAVE BEEN U.N  Vaccination Programs... THAT IS WHERE THIS  [INFECTIOUS EPIDEMICS!]   IS COMING FROM..."  and then it goes back to the BOLDNESS of the ESTABLISHMENT...    then I guess it's to HOLD THE PANIC TILL their ready to roll it out, and THEN POSE as SAVIORS??
 "this is  THE MOST CRAZY THING I have EVER Broadcast on,  THIS IS OVERWHELMING ME  PSYCHOLOGICALLY"....     Dr. Francis Boyle, what do you think is happening?

Dr. Boyle (15:01) -  "Yes, it FITS THE PATTERN of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001,
 with the ANTHRAX ATTACKS,   that WE KNOW _those_ were U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENTS INVOLVED, THAT was SUPER WEAPONS GRADE ANTHRAX,  manufactured at Ft. Dietrich and  (Patel?)  Dougway Proving groujnd,
   and WE KNOW that the ENTIRE WHITE HOUSE was ON CIPRO PRIOR TO THE ATTACKS, because THEY KNEW THEY ATTACKS WERE COMING..."    "so my assessment of the situation is that GALVESTON and NIH  ALREADY HAVE THESE VACCINES,  along with the agents, and I suspect OUR ELITE  have ALREADY BEEN Administered THESE VACCINES, to  PROTECT THEM FROM THE __BLOWBACK__ which is DEFINITELY COMING..."   
  If you look at the NY Times there,  they have been WORKING ON THESE VACCINES  SINCE  Ebola was first __sent___ -  the WHO, which by-the-way DOES WHAT THE CDC TELLS THEM TO DO - ordered Ebola in 1976  SENT  to  Porton-Down    which is the British equivalent of OUR Ft. DIETRICH, 
 Ebola was OBVIOUSLY SENT THERE FOR WEAPONS PURPOSES.... and then it was sent to
CDC... And CDC was up to its eyeballs in WEAPONS RESEARCH,
   I have an official government document here, establishing that   CDC was doing BIO-WARFARE work  FOR the PENTAGON  no later than 1988, and they had to have constructed the lab before then.. 

  SO THE CDC is 'in' on this...."   They've had all those years,  from 1977 till now, to develop EBOLA AS A BIO-WEAPON, and a vaccine....   the BIO WEAPON ALWAYS COMES FIRST, and then the vaccine...


Alex -  Dr. Boyle is our guest,  talking about

[note:  the EBOLA  SCARE - the INTENTIONAL IMPORTATION of EBOLA  IN TO AMERICA, so to CREATE A MASS-MURDEROUS CRISIS -  is actually JUST A DISTRACTION ISSUE, to keep the REAL GOALS of the treasonous, insane, mass-murderous 'elites' OUT of the news:  namely, the USE OF TERRORISTS  to MURDER CIVILIANS IN SYRIA to allow the Jewish War Lobby to play the American people in to SUPPORTING A US INVASION OF SYRIA,  which is the back-door to the REAL GOAL:  the  WAR AGAINST IRAN. 
   Similarly,  the  UKRAINE COUP  was originally intended MERELY AS A REVENGE FACTOR against Russia's President Vladimir Putin for his PREVENTING A U.S. military attack on & invasion of Syria - which was mere moments away from taking place - in August & September of 2013.    In this later INSTIGATED CRISIS - the U.S. government, Israel,  CIA, State Department, and various Soros, et al, supported FASCIST COUP in the Ukraine - "they" can barely believe their good luck - they now, via their usual BRIBERY, EXTORTION, PROPAGANDA LIES, and MEDIA MANIPULATION tactics,  have both the USA  AND WESTERN EUROPE _PRIMED_ for a WAR AGAINST RUSSIA in the Ukraine region -  a war that will generate HUGE GOVERNMENT DEBTS, and thus  HUGE "profits" for the demonic, treasonous, mass-murderous  Rothschilds, Warburgs, Lazard, Bank of England, et al  PRIVATE "money power" BANKING CARTEL...]

   [Alex Jones, continued]  THEY MAY BE GOING FOR BROKE, this may be THE BIG ONE.
That's why I'm so upset... the GOVERNMENT  acting AT THE TOP is ACTING SO CRAZY,
      is  I don't think it's INEPTITUDE...  as Dr. Boyle says, IT's PRETTY MUCH a STAGED DEAL...
 ...You end up getting MENTAL ILLNESS in government and corporations throughout history....
 it's kind of like a dark logic, its like a TWISTED ECONOMY,  people start CHEATING in war, CHEATING IN BUSINESS,   and then it become WHOLE SYSTEMS of FRAUD,
 then you get INVENTIVENESS in corruption, and PLOTS, and CONSPIRACIES.  
  and now matter how many of them get declassified, or  whistleblowers expose... 

    So I'm kind of answering my question that I asked Dr. Boyle, I want Dr. Boyle's take on this,
 I see the actions of the ruling system [class]  worldwide, IT's VERY  NEROesque,  it's very arrogant, narcissistic, mentally ill...
  Mental illness CAN DESTROY FAMILIES, has destroyed friends of mine, I've seen it destroy people in business,   I've seen nervous breakdowns...schizophrenia...  you name it
but when you get it in government,  and incompetence mixed in, and CORRUPT BIG PHARMA,
and a bunch of EUGENICISTS saying  'there's too many Black people" 
 and that's what this EBOLA CZAR is AN EUGENICISTS, 
When I first saw that, I said 'I've heard of him, oh yeah, he runs all AL GORE's stuff,
and then it's DECLASSIFIED all the things  they've DONE TO AFRICA  with all BIO WEAPONS
BLACK PEOPLE it's just OPEN SEASON on them, 
 they do it to everybody,  but they REALLY LIKE TO GO AFTER BLACK PEOPLE, 
that's the apple of their eyes,

  and people's KIDS DIE FROM THIS,    folks are going to know what did it.

Dr. Boyle - You mentioned 'Czar' RON KLAIN,  Obama,  "THIS IS THE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL MAFIA AT WORK"   -

TREASON - Obama co. appoints jew RON KLAIN as 'EBOLA CZAR'...
=  DIRECTING the  Exodus "PLAGUES OF EGYPT" style
AGAINST Americans, and in particular to KILL  AMERICAN CHILDREN !!!

 the Larry SUMMERS, Bob RUBIN  **JUDEO COMMISSARIAT**   RULED_  HARVARD University  that directed, coordinated, and oversaw the   ECONOMIC RAPE of  RUSSIA and other former 'Soviet' Republics  after "the end of the cold war" that (according to Dr. Michael Hudson's quoting of  Russian PM Putin's comments) KILLED MORE PEOPLE  in the  economic RAPE of  post-Cold War Russia, than DIED during the GERMAN INVASION of WWII !!! 
(that was 20 millions killed in the Nazi invasion of Russia/USSR during WWII)


  HELLO ALEX...!!!    YOU KNOW the familiar antecedent to this horrible, awful, tragic, mass-murderous,  and treasonous  story unfolding in front of your eyes...!

       The  USA today in 2014....     is a verbatim REPEAT of  the EGYPT of the 'holy' bible "Exodus" story -  a HOST NATION     UNDER ASSAULT by  the "elite jews" (Moses & his brother, et al) and their  ruthless, tribal,  racist, genocidal  national "g-o-d" Yahweh... 
     who, rather than smiting Pharaoh, BRAGS about the KILLINGS of  EGYPTIAN CHILDREN who had no hand in any misdeeds or wrongdoings for which they were killed by a cruel and callous "g-o-d" !!

     IF you look at    "G-O-D and MOSES CONSPIRING to HUMILIATE PHARAOH and KILL _innocent_ Egyptian CHILDREN back then"  (allegedly around 1,400 BC)  as a single entity - "the judeo high-priests and their g-o-d" 
   then,  TODAY,    it is OUR  NEW "god" - the (billionaire) JUDEO COMMISSARIAT CONTROLLED   U.S. government war (military), finance (= debt extortion!), and  "BLACK OPS"  secret, compartmentalized agencies  that ARE WAGING WAR  on THEIR  HOST POPULATION... the people of the (late) USA !!!!!! 
  below articles - from today's PrisonPlanet home-page, alone - ARE ALL UNIFIED by the "NEO-CON AGENDA" -  by the  ability of the RULING "elites"  TO RAM DESPISED, UNPOPULAR POLICIES DOWN AMERICA's THROATS - spending billions on secret 'bio-war' programs, and THEN IMPORTING THE RESULTING BIO-WEAPONS IN TO AMERICA TO CREATE PANICS, PANDEMICS, and MASS-MURDER as a PRELUDE to DICTATORSHIP POWERS -  but Mr. Jones refuses to address the JUDEO SUPREMACIST current underlying all these "Neo-Con" ATROCITIES... despite he and Mr. Boyle NAMING THE PERPETRATORS  BY NAME!! 

Ron Paul: Two-party Monopoly Must be ‘Infiltrated’ with Ideas 
“They claim it’s two parties, but it’s a monopoly of a one-party system…”

  [in fact, the judeo war lobby/money-power have INFILTRATED and CONTROL __both__ political parties - whether John McInsane, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their WOLFOWITZ, ADELSON, KOCH, et all "supporters and advisors"  OR  the  PRITZKER family,  Katzenburg, Ron Perleman, of other BLATANTLY JUDEO SUPREMACIST "HATE the HOST POPULATION"  sugar-daddies of the 'Democrat' Party] 

The Economy Is So “Strong” It Just Cost Obama The Senate 
Zero Hedge   November 5, 2014

Based on the ridiculous, seasonally-adjusted data released day after day by the various US “Departments of Truth”, also known as the BLS, the Census, the Dept of Commerce, UMichigan, ADP, the Conference Board and so on, the US economy is so strong and consumer confidence is so resurgent, America is on the verge of a second golden age. Sadly, for Obama, and last night’s epic rout for Democrats, it was all a lie - a lie perpetuated by a manipulated S&P500 which now hits daily record highs on unprecedented central bank liquidity injections which have now terminally disconnected the “markets” from the economy, and the welfare of the vast majority of the common “folk” – and said “folk” saw right through it.
Bloomberg’s take is just one of many observations on the historic cognitive dissonance that is plaguing the mainstream media this morning, which has been furiously pumping up US confidence by pitching the endless array of “fake data” (to use Paul Singer’s words), only to see it all blow up in its face today.

    [ALL the "economic statistics" PUT OUT by the LIARS and TRAITORS in the OBAMA administration, in ALL departments of the U.S. government,  and by 'Democrats' in Con-gress and the Senate - WITH the FULL COMPLICITY of their RETHUGLICAN Party PARTNERS in CRIMES, ATROCITIES, and ECONOMIC RAPE - are LIES !!   This  MASS of LIES  is  perpetrated and maintained by FINANCIAL TERRORISM -  Americans TERRORIZED in to GIVING the BANKERS TRILLIONS of dollars, by the FEAR of  LOSING THEIR JOBS, HOMES, pensions, and savings... ] 

The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now
Michael Snyder | How do you fix a superpower with exploding levels of debt?
  [see our above headline/link & comments]

How Monsanto Keeps Halting GMO Labeling Despite Over 96% Approval
 [read your god-damned 'holy' bible: SLAVE HAVE NO RIGHTS, and  the "chosen" SLAVE OWNERS can  FEED their  slaves POISON, the moment they regard them as "useless mouths" !!]

Defiant Ebola-Quarantine Nurse Was CDC Intel Operative  
  [ the TREASONOUS  members of  'our' U.S.  government - both political parties and the entire corporate press/media  - are IMPORTING  Ebola  BIO-WAR  TO AMERICA... along with FUNDING and INCITING Saudi aligned TERRORISTS overseas, and PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE the  WAVES OF  RADIOACTIVE, PLUTONIUM contaminated water plumes heading to AMERICAN SHORES from the GE, GENERAL ELECTRIC REACTORS that were DESIGNED TO PRODUCE PLUTONIUM, and, in Fukushima, Japan, are now releasing torrents of deadly radioactive waste products in to the world's critical oceans... just exactly as the "g-o-d" of the jewish bible,  CONDEMNED HUMANITY to SUFFER, by expelling Adam & Eve from the Garden of Eden...] 

Video: Police Cite, Threaten Arrest of 90-Year-Old Volunteer For Feeding the Homeless
Paul Joseph Watson | Fort Lauderdale bans the sharing of food, prompting outrage.
[to repeat, SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS, and the  "CHOSEN"  elites  want to DISPOSE of  "USELESS MOUTHS," then you will be TAGGED, LABELED,  PROSECUTED AS a "CRIMINAL" for interfering.  SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS, and  "CHOSEN" 'elites'  regard pity and mercy as WEAKNESSES to be condemned an derided - ON THE DEATH BED, SLAVE,  WE NEED TO HARVEST YOUR ORGANS!]   

 JACK LEW, TIM GEITHNER,  gary gensler, (bob rubin, hank Paulson, jon Corzine, mary jo white ) -   ALL = FINANCIAL CRIMINALS !!

IT DOESN'T MATTER whether vote for a REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT presidency,
WE GET GODDAMN-SACHS, citi, & jpm CRIMINALS & FINANCIAL RAPISTS  in high government places - THEIR JOB is TO EXTORT the LAST DROP OF BLOOD _out_ of the American (and global) economy! 

US Pension Plans Need Massive $110 Billion In 7 Years, Moodys Warns
Zero Hedge | Thanks to improving life expectancy and the Federal Reserve’s financial repression lowering yields, US company pension funds have been hit by a double whammy.
  [ho hum.  JUST MORE CORRUPTION and INSIDER TRADING EXTORTION going on under JACK LEW's Treasury Dept, and Mary Jo White's  SEC...  NOTE how the MEDIA WHORES keep these names - Lew & White - OUT of their "news"....] 
SRSrocco | As the Banking Cartel continues to push the paper price of gold lower, the Comex experienced another large withdrawal of gold from its inventories.
[TITANIC FRAUD in the  GOLD MARKETS has the support of  BOTH the REPUBLICAN _and_ 'DEMOCRAT' parties - they are BOTH  bought-out, wholly owned, TREASONOUS,  CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES.] 
Reuters | The U.S. Mint said on Wednesday it has temporarily sold out of its American Eagle silver bullion coins following “tremendous” demand in the past several weeks.


Tucker Carlson: They Will Take Our Guns
Prison | Alex Jones talks with Tucker Carlson about what we can expect after the election and what the two parties will really give us.

 TUCKER CARLSON is a stupid  BILL REILLY clone - a USEFUL IDIOT  __WORKING FOR__ the VERY PEOPLE who want to CRIMINALIZE and DISARM gun owners in America...   THE JUDEO "Harvard/GoddamnSachs/AIPAC    'money power" &  jew war lobby "elites" who OWN THE CORPORATE MEDIA....

Billionaires Buy Gun Control in Washington: ‘Straight to Voters, Bypassing Politicians Terrified of NRA’
Mac Slavo | Can billionaires buy the disarmament of America?
  ["can 'Neo-Con' billionaires  disarm America" - THEY ARE JUST BLATANTLY _IMPORTING_ EBOLA  IN TO America... and SABOTAGING OUR BORDERS, and  FUNDING TERRORISTS in SYRIA and Ukraine...    
and IGNORING the FUKUSHIMA  tsunami of PLUTONIUM  WASHING UP on America's shores...   and you CAN'T CONNECT these very simple dots....??!!] 

EFF | As we foreshadowed, a new law requiring mandatory data retention by ISPs was introduced into the Australian federal parliament last week.
[CANADA is now a virtual JUDEO DICTATORSHIP GULAG - mention ANYTYHING CRITICAL of the GENOCIDAL  JEWS RUNNING ISRAEL, and it is OFF TO THE GULAGS with you... if you aren't "taken out" on the streets first...] 
John W. Whitehead | Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Intimidation tactics. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment schemes.
  [What else is new?  FBI DIRECTOR  HERBERT HOOVER was BLACKMAILED by 'organized crime" members who possessed photos of him 'in drag' with his homosexual lover... who was also his deputy and #2. man at the FBI for decades.    Net result - NOT ONLY WAS HOOVER, and thus the ENTIRE  FBI, IN BED with "mob" organized crime  CRIMINAL CARTEL EXTORTIONISTS (terrorists!) for DECADES, but Hoover was also  PART OF THE "COVER UP" cartel  that ARRANGED the shooting and cover-up of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, in November of 1963.] 
Prison | Tabloid Journalism Against Alex Jones.
   [Alex, IF YOU GO  "limp noodle" SOFT on  IDENTIFYING the  TRAITORS who ARE TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA from WITHIN... then YOU DESERVE to be attacked!] 

Wendy Davis Supporter Deletes Tweet Calling for Mass Infanticide 

Twitter user goes ape after embarrassing democrat loss
Adan Salazar   Prison   November 5, 2014

Following last night’s embarrassing defeat, “butthurt” supporters of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, with one user declaring it’s a woman’s right to “KILL ALL THE BABIES” due to overpopulation.

The woman’s tweet is indicative of the typical “tolerant” authoritarian liberal mindset, and demonstrates how effectively the Ford, Bill Gates and Rockefeller foundations have managed to sell their eugenics depopulation agenda to the public as a “women’s right” issue.
The liberal’s “crass” rant is also reminiscent of the time pro-abortion advocates chanted, “Hail Satan!,” on the Texas Senate floor in opposition to a pro-life bill which, among other things, sought to ensure abortion doctors had admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of their facilities..... 

    according to the jewish "holy" bible... the awful, atrocious Moses & Exodus story -
    KILLING LARGE NUMBERS of  BABIES and innocent CHILDREN is what "g-o-d"  PROUDLY PROCLAIMS  'himself' as doing...,  according to the "holy" (sic) bible,  KILLING LARGE NUMBERS OF  BABIES & CHILDREN... IS  being "god-like" !!! 

 THEY ARE ALL _CONVERGING_  on America  in  a series of policies [the "Greater Israel" agenda, aka the "Yinon Plan," aka  the "Securing the Realm plan,"  aka the "Defense Policy Guidance of 1991" plan, aka the "Wolfowitz Doctrine" aka the "TAKE OUT SEVEN COUNTRIES in FIVE years" plan;    aka  THE NEW JUDEO BOLSHEVIK RED TERROR WAR on RUSSIA, the UKRAINE... AND  NOW  AGAINST AMERICA.....  


  YOU, AMERICA, ARE ON THE MENU of the 'chosen'  "predators" and their  "BRAGS ABOUT KILLING CHILDREN"   'g-o-d'  !!!