Thursday, September 11, 2014

Were the 9-11 Attacks of 13 years ago a NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACK, in addition to being a TREASON "black ops" Secret Shadow Government attack?

Were finely tuned  small NUCLEAR 'devices' -  the modernized, refined versions of 1950s era man-portable   "Davey Crocket" infantry artillery mini nuclear bomb pictured here on the left - used to assure the dramatic, catastrophic collapse and destruction of the World Trade Center towers by treasonous Mossad (israel) and U.S. government "black ops" forces intentionally placing nuclear bombs in the NY World Trade Center towers before the 9-11 hijacking attacks went down?

 Nuclear Weapons engineers, high energy physicists, and other nuclear weapons experts retired from or intimately connected to America's nuclear weapons labs are bringing to American public attention the horrifying prospect that not only were the 9-11 terror attacks  PERPETRATED by the "Black Ops" or  "SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT"    agents of the judeo (israel) and TREASONOUS USG (u.s. gov't) High Commands...  
  but that those attacks involved NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS  bringing  down the World Trade Towers in those spectacular and horrifying images that have become engraved on our American psycheafter the hijacked airliners impacting those towers  gave sufficient cause to believe it was all the work of  Islamic terrorists...  

All this  instigated terror, horror, and mass-murder violence to "bum-rush",  or stampede,  the American public in to supporting wars of brutal imperial hegemony and genocidal global aggression against innocent nations and innocent people all over the Mideast... and world...

   the judeo supremacist "Greater Israel" "realign the Mideast through  chaos & destruction" plan writ large, not just across the Mideast, but over the entire world.

    The FRANTIC efforts of  America's  bribed, bought-off, co-opted, blackmailed, and extorted "elites" - in the Senate, in the Con-gress, in the White House, in corporate America, in the halls of government, on Wall Street and in international big finance

and especially in the judeo controlled corporate media
to STEAMROLL a NATO, US WAR AGAINST RUSSIA in the Eastern Ukraine  

now lays bare the GENOCIDAL INTENT of the insane judeo war lobby and its TREASONOUS  American, European, and Gulf Arab oil dictator despot  JUNIOR PARTNERS in high crimes, treason, and genocide...

 ...for the treasonous,  mass-murderous U.S. corporate media,  senators, & White House, and government officials  aren't even making any PRETENSE of "HUMANITARIAN CONCERN" in the Ukraine or Syria... 
  they are simply in a DEMONIC FRENZY and  FURY to  START NEW WARS with America's hijacked military....
 to bring about the evil AIPAC/Likud orchestrated RED TERROR style genocidal judeo mass-murder purges
here in America,
the "infiltration.... and EXTERMINATION" agenda  so deeply embedded in insane bronze age judeo supremacist ideology & theology,  as we  outlined in our previous two posts...  


 In this post, we will attempt to begin to outline the NUCLEAR TERRORISM aspect of the INTENTIONALLY MASS-MURDEROUS,   TREASON  & TERROR "black ops" or  'Secret Shadow Government" here in America that is now in the very final stages, the late, late endgame, before they "PULL THE TRIGGER" and bring all these horrors to reality.....  to make the 9-11, the invasion of Iraq, the anthrax attacks, and the on-going  DRONE WARS look like a little girl's tea party in comparison, as these INSANE, TREASONOUS  LUNATICS in service of a BRONZE AGE GENOCIDAL AGENDA  were feverishly to embroil America in WARS IN SYRIA, IRAN, RUSSIA  all while  NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS start popping off - placed by OUR OWN TREASONOUS "secret shadow government" here in America! - like so much popcorn or firecrackers....

When former Vice President  DICK CHENEY warns of "NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACKS COMING TO AMERICA"   if  we Americans DO NOT START NEW, overt U.S. military WARS in Syria, against Iran, and AGAINST RUSSIA  per his Judeo War Lobby 'handlers' dictates, 
America's serially treasonous  former Vice President knows what he is talking about: 

  technical details suggest that the 9-11 World Trade Center towers' spectacular destruction were probably triggered by "mini nuclear devices" planted in advance of the airliners striking the buildings on 9-11-2001...   to make sure the American public was suitably horrified to support whatever wars Cheney & the 'Neo-Con'  judeo war lobby High Command directed the U.S. military to launch. 
 That would mean that we Americans HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED and suffered NUCLEAR TERRORISM, in America... already...

 In the long summer  months of 2001 before the 9-11 attacks went down, former SECRETARY of DEFENSE  Dick Cheney did NOTHING to avenge the lives of U.S. sailors murdered when their ship, the USS Cole, was attacked and nearly destroyed by a massive al Qaeda terrorist suicide bomb in a Yemen harbor on October 12th  of 2000... a mere 9 weeks before Cheney would be inaugurated as Vice President on January 20th, 2001.   

 USG  (U.S. gov't.) and corporate media propaganda 'spin' may try to place the blame for the U.S. military and "intel"/national security apparatus abjectly FAILING to either AVENGE the USS Cole, or do anything to deter the 9-11 terrorist hijackings, 

on the U.S. State Department and President Bush's incompetent NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, Condi Rice, 

but all that  PROPAGANDA  "spin"   COVERS UP the BIG QUESTION: 

  WHY did FORMER Gulf War I experienced DEFENSE SECRETARY  DICK CHENEY,  his former subordinate and new UNDERSECRETARY of DEFENSE, PAUL WOLFOWITZ over at the Pentagon, and all the other "PNAC"  and "Neo-Con" NATIONAL SECURITY and "COUNTER TERROR" 'experts' and officials  in the Cheney-Bush White House, in the Defense Department, at the CIA, in the NSA, and in the various Jewish War lobby front groups and action organizations
  (whether the Israel embassy, which is a Mossad front,  or the PNAC jewish war lobby, which was also a Mossad, jewish,  directly-connected-to-Israel government front group posing as an "AMERICAN" interest group) 
 DO NOTHING to either avenge the USS Cole bombing, or  PROTECT Americans from FURTHER terrorist threats,  before the 9-11 attacks went down?

despite being a former SECRETARY of DEFENSE, to AVENGE the lives of U.S. sailors murdered when the U.S. Navy ship USS Cole was attacked states that "AMERICANS WILL SUFFER NUCLEAR  TERROR ATTACKS, here in Ameria"  if we don't  LAUNCH NEW WARS  per Cheney's Judeo War Lobby handlers'  dictates,  


The TERROR ATTACKS of 9-11 that Killed Nearly 3,000 Americans 13 years ago today, were not only TREASON Terror Attacks PERPETRATED by agents of the judeo war state High Command (the Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon Israel prime ministers and Israel military defense ministers, army commanders, intel administrators & Mossad generals, etc. -
    and their subservient TREASONOUS  AMERICAN HIGH COMMAND  junior partners in TREASON, TERROR, and global exotrtion  - the Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby, Gen. Meyers High Command  that effectively ran the entire U.S. government military, and 'national security' apparatus behind puppet front-man president George W. Bush -  
but were probably NUCLEAR terror ATTACKS  as well,
using finely tuned  fission-fusion NUCLEAR DEVICES to trigger the spectacular demolition of the World Trade Towers,  the images which have become engraved on the American psyche in the months and years since those mass-murderous,  treasonous  terror attacks went down