Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PROVING that the Editors, Senior Writers, and Publishers at the WASHINGTON POST and Sulzberger NEW YORK TIMES had FOREKNOWLEDEGE OF, and were ACTIVE PARTICPANTS in the Planning & Execution of the 9-11 TREASON, TREACHERY, & MASS-MURDER TERROR ATTACKS against NY & DC 13 years ago tomorrow Is Easy: We will do so in this post. THE GREATER ATROCITY is that the Publishers of these TREASONOUS, mass-murdeous rags STILL BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED to WAGE TERROR WAR _AGAINST the AMERICAN People... and against Anyone anywhere on planet earth to suit the Vampire, Ghoulish, Demonic "WAR LOBBY" Goals of GLOBAL GENOCIDE and Anti-Humanity Mass-Murderers, STARVATIONS, & War Crimes...

Part I:
that the Editors, senior writers, and publishers at the MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST and the Sulzberger NEW YORK TIMES had FOREKNOWLEDEGE OF, and were ACTIVE PARTICPANTS in,  the Planning, Execution, and COVER UP   of the 9-11 TREASON, treachery, & MASS-MURDER TERROR ATTACKS against NY & DC that were perpetrated 13 years ago tomorrow

 (in order to get the United States military to start waging wars all over the Mideast, and now in to Africa, Central Asia, and to very borders of  Russia & China) 
     is easy....   we will do so in this post.

    THE GREATER ATROCITY is that the Publishers & editors  of these TREASONOUS, mass-murderous, genocidal rags STILL BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED to WAGE  covert TERROR WAR _AGAINST the AMERICAN people... and against anyone else on planet earth they want to murder, exterminate, rob, plunder,  and wipe out to suit the vampire, ghoulish goals of their "WAR LOBBY" anti-Humanity, mass-murderers &  unlimited War Crimes depravity and genocidal blood-lust.
  EXPANDING AMERICA's  jewish wars to SYRIA and AGAINST RUSSIA (in the Ukraine) ARE the TOP PRIORITIES for the MASS MURDEROUS WAR PIGS at the MEYER/graham/Bezos WASHINGTON POST and  SULZBEGER New York Times -
  as this today's  headline story  from the WP front-page illustrates.   (below)

   INSTIGATING MASSIVE NEW WARS, and  INSTIGATNG  TERROR "blowback" and/or TREASON ("false flag") TERROR ATTACKS _IN AMERICA_, is the only way these genocidal  mass-murderous TRAITORS  can COVER UP THEIR LONG REIGN of TREASON & TERROR SUPPORTING PROPAGANDA against Americans, and against humanity over the long, bloody previous century, and perpetuate their STRANGLEHOLD over Americans in this  ever increasing,  already blood-drenched  century...

 today's mass-murderous editors at the SULZBERGER TRAITORS  New York Times, &  MEYER/graham/Bezos Washington Post are STILL PIMPING AMERICAN WAR AGAINST SYRIA - this time to BOMB THE ISIS TERRORISTS we SUPPORT & DIRECT THERE, instead of  bombing the Syria army IN SUPPORT OF THOSE ISIS TERRORISTS as the Post & Times advocate last year. 
   This is, of  course, merely the mass-murderous "camel's nose in the tent" - once the demonic jews have U.S. drones dropping bombs in Syria, they will just START ATTACKING THE SYRIAN ARMY, which has amazingly prevailed against the ARMIES of ISIS  JIHADIS  America & Israel's demonic, TERRORIST FUNDING TRAITORS  have directed against the Syrian people thus  far...  
PIMPING NEW, ever greater MASS-MURDEROUS WARS - against Syria and against Russia in the Eastern Ukraine - are the insane blood-lust TOP PRIORITY for the MASS-MURDEROUS LIARS and TRAITORS at the Sulzberger New York Times and MEYER/graham/bezos Washington Post - as this TODAY'S HEADLINE,  that leads Americans to believe that  the Obama co.  WAR PIGS CAN  START A MASSIVE NEW WAR (against Syria) WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL   These mass-murderous pigs have NO respect for the American Constitution,  freedom of speech, freedom of press, human rights, or the restraint of mass murder wars and instigated terrorism.   Syria is the back-door to the IRAN WAR -  these mass-murderous D.C. "Neo-Con" war-pigs will immediately run ISIS TERRORISTS ATTACKS ON IRAN, as they are now doing against Syria from NATO "ally" TURKEY - PURE TREASON, TERRORISM,  and MASS-MURDER by the NY, DC,  London, & NETANYAHU/LIKUD/AIPAC TRAITOR ELITES...

ALL that America need do to END the  ISIS "terror threat"
- in SYRIA, in Libya, in Iraq, and across the Mideast and Africa -
is to TELL THE SAUDIS, Kuwaitis, Qatiris, Turks, NATO,
("Islamic State" = rebranded Al Qaeda - Saudi, et al, funded Sunni Wahab/Salafist)
by the insane   anglo, euro, judeo AND AMERICAN  'Neo-Con' = judeo war lobby "elites"  -

 ...INCLUDING the looming, massivenuclear   "I.S. TERROR ATTACKS AGAINST AMERICA" that will actually  be perpetrated by  OUR OWN TREASONOUS "BLACK OPS"  "SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT" agencies
  a verbatim (but much, much more deadly )  TREASON/TERROR 9-11 attacks  that will make the original terror attacks on 9-11-2001 look like a TREASON/TERROR WARM UP ACT in comparison....

  ...these massive,   "black ops,"  "FALSE FLAG"  "secret shadow government"  TREASON/TERROR ATTACK  ON AMERICANS, that will signal the  FEMA, DHS, FBI, militarized police, and military units running GESTAPO, KGB, Stazi, & NKVD sytle  Russian/'Soviet' style  RED TERROR  mass-murder purges, summary executions,  death-camp slave gulags, and  bio-war against the American people,
  are now  "BAKED IN THE CAKE"  _unless_ the American people CONFRONT the COMMISSAR,  judeo supremacist liars at the Post and Times,
   and their armies of   corrupt, traitor, sell-out politicians, "leaders" and government officials soon...

(A highly unlikely probability, we readily concede...  even given the reams of  information and data that support these horrid conclusions;  and even with this blog spelling it out in simple black-&-white,  Americans simply can't come to grips with the grim realization that our treasonous "elites" want to murder millions of us, and indeed the source of refuge and strength worried 'conservative"  Americans are increasingly looking to - their  Christian churches -
are directly, intimately  tied  to the  very JEWISH 'money power" & WAR LOBBY FINANCIERS, who are DIRECTING (via their puppets in NATO and US govt.) the EXTERMINATION of CHRISTIANS in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt...AND ISRAEL.)

 (Although the later - Christians in Israel & Palestine -  are currently being driven out of Israel merely by being spit-on, economically marginalized,  and harassed by Israeli jews... as opposed to machine-gunned, raped, tortured,  blown-up, and watching their family members MURDERED by the demonic judeo supremacists  hired, I.S.I.S/al Qaeda proxy terrorists.)

Note how our above headline screen-shot shows the bloody WashPost/Obama co. PROPAGANDISTS
 (Obama is a blackmailed homosexual PUPPET to the "Neo-Con" judeo war lobby "handlers" who the Obama presidency, the "Democrat" flavor of the "High Priests of War" and GoddamnSachs/Fed bankers who ran the Cheney-Bush-Libby-Wolfowitz-Paulson-Chertoff White House, Treasury Department, "Justice' Deparment (sic), State Department, WAR DEPARTMET, and _all other_ branches & agencies of the (late) "United States" federal government)

   trying  to advocate that CHINA  "join in" AMERICA's DEMONIC judeo designed  WARS  of  MASS MURDER IMPERIAL HEGEMONY,   of  INSTIGATING TERRORISM to give a causus belli, or excuse, to unleash the nuclear armed U.S. military to attack, bomb, devastate, destroy, and leave a terrorized, terrorist  run rump nation in ruins... 

    ...just exactly as Obama Co. got NATO to do to LIBYA in 2012, and  as PNAC Bush-Cheney REPUBLICAN jew warmonger ROBERT KAGAN's  wife,   Hillary spokesperson /  so-called "Democrat" STATE DEPARTMENT Assistant Secretary of State,    did in the Ukraine earlier this year:    

   ...FUNDING THE MOST TERRORIST,Neo-Nazi,  UKRAINIAN FASCIT  RUSSIAN-HATERS the Jews could find & bribe in the Ukraine to  SHOOT BOTH SIDES - police and protesters - in the U.S. instigated "protests" there;    which INSTIGATE TERROR VIOLENCE  led to the US/judeo installed COUP in the Ukraine, which junta was given a  fig-leaf  "democratic election"
(using the typical  WaPo/NYT style CONTROL of the so-called  "opposition press")

 a faux  "democratic" regime that is now SHOVING MILLIONS of UKRAINIANS IN TO A WAR THEY DO NOT WANT, a war that will - like the Serb-Croatian  (Bosnia-Kosovo) war,  brutally divide and FORCE MANY FAMILIES into killing each other.   

  Famed and prescient global strategic analyst William F. Engdahl spills the beans on the murderous, treacherous Washington Post's  CROCODILE TEARS for "China's security":  DESTRUCTION of China's economy (the "economic miracle") and then funding one partisan faction to wage war against other factions in China IS THE GOAL of  the mass-murderous, genocidal "WASHINGTON"  High Priests of ever expanding Wars,  and the  WASHINGTON POST  (and Sulzberger NY Times) are their TWO LEAD PROPAGANDA RAGS of  TREASONOUS LIES,  RELENTLESS HATE, and anti-humanity provocations and instigated wars - which is exactly  why these DEMONIC, MASS-MURDEROUS TRAITORS & WARMONGERS in Washington, New York, London, & Tel Aviv are DESPERATE TO GET NATO in to the Ukraine, because the UKRAINIAN PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THIS WAR,  but once NATO in installed AS AN OCCUPATION ARMY in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian people will be SHOVED IN TO THAT WAR LIKE CANNON-FODDER even more than they are today... where war resistors and deserters  WILL BE SHOT OUT OF HAND by NATO troops and their  BRIBED, MASS-MURDEROUS  Ukraine proxy government "leaders" and SAKASVILLI (Georgian warmongering dictator of the infamous Georgia war against Russian minorities in South Ossetia) style SECRET POLICE....

  TARGET CHINA  by F. William Engdahl
  "Step-by-step, just as with the boiling of frogs, Washington has been turning the heat up on China since about 2005. Today it is dangerously close to a boil.
It is not too late for China but its people and leaders must have absolutely no illusions about the ruthlessness and determination of their adversary, the elite policy circles of the Anglo-American axis.
The book you are about to read details how US policy circles increasingly plan to mortally wound and eventually kill China’s economic wonder." (Engdahl, Target China)
So says F. William Engdahl, one of today’s pre-eminent geopolitical analysts, who has spent years studying China and the west’s vendetta upon that country.
Target China is about to make its debut in English. Engdahl accounts for the whole strategy: everything from currency and debt manipulation to the all-out attack by Monsanto, which ultimately isn’t what we think it is. It’s much worse than that.
In other words, the brutally effective full spectrum dominance attack that has been honed to a fine ‘art’ and is now turned as a deadly accurate cultural and social water cannon upon any population in the path of what the ravenous powers desire. The good news? Engdahl is a master at taking the overwhelmingly complex and making it understandable to Everyman.... (cont'd)

 PUTTING LEADING and misleading headlines on the FRONT PAGE is  the number one means, or propaganda tactic, that the TREASONOUS MEDIA WHORES at the Post, the Times, and all the "follow-along"  corporate media whores use to BROWBEAT AMERICANS to support their  ever expanding agenda of  'Neo-Con' war-lobby LIES  & financial rape ATROCITIES, those atrocities  pimping "elites" are relentlessly ramming down the throats of American &  European (much less "disposable" "brown & yellow skin") citizens of the world.    


 Well, we've laid out the horrifying,  awful,  treasonous  strategic outline to where the TREASONOUS, TRAITOR editors and publishers at the Washington Post & NY Times
(and the armies of undead 'Neo-Con' traitors they are the lead propaganda mouthpieces & megaphones for)
WANT TO TAKE US:    TO WAR AGAINST RUSSIA,  Syria, Iran and eventually China, 
 with US, Nato, & ISRAEL DIRECTED Saakashvili style DEATH SQUADS against any Ukrainians who don't support their evil  de facto civil war of intentional mass-extermination of Russian speaking Ukrainians;

 and of course the   MASS-MURDEROUS, TREASONOUS  U.S. government officials who ANSWER TO the treasonous, anti-American  "SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT" officials
   in NOT ONLY SUPPORTING SAUDI funded "ISS"  TERRORIST  ALL OVER the Mideast, Africa, Central Asia, and the globe (next up: Malaysia, Russia, China, etc.)   but those mass-homicidal  TERROR ATTACKS  AGAINST  AMERICAN CITIES... and MASSIVE POLICE DICTATORSHIP "RED TERROR" MASS-EXECUTIONS & DEATH-CAMP GULAGS _already_  planned, fine-tuned, and READY TO ROLL OUT   by the TRAITORS in our government...
    Now, we will PROVE how the NEW YORK TIMES and  WASHINGTON POST  _KNEW_ that the 9-11 attacks were going down...  and INTENTIONALLY DOWN-PLAYED that THREAT,

 INTENTIONALLY lulled Americans to sleep,   INTENTIONALLY left Americans  swinging in the breeze like SO MUCH BAIT  for the terror attacks to go down... so they could get their treasonous, mass-murderous "NEW PEARL HARBOR"  excuse to unleash the U.S. military to start killing people across the world by the millions  for their evil, demonic greed &  fancy...