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PrisonPlanet DOCUMENTS PROOF: the JUDEO / "Neo-Con' HIJACKED U.S. GOVERNMENT IS PLANNING to WAGE WAR ON AMERICANS, by _INSTIGATING_ the _NEXT_ 9-11 TREASON-TERROR 'false flag' attacks, and then DECLARING AMERICANS, by the tens of thousands, TO BE "TERRORISTS" who will be rounded up amid summary mass executions....

Our previous post outlined the horrific reality:  while treasonous Vice President Joe Biden CLAIMS, for public consumption that he is going to "PURSUE I.S.I.S.   terrorists** to the gates of hell"...
  **("ISIS" = "IS" = "Islamic State" = rebranded Al QAEDA, aka Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari funded, U.S., NATO, & Israel coordinated Sunni Islamic 'fundamentalist' Jihadi terrorists)

     ...the grim reality here in America this decade is that not only are VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN and all the top members  the entire U.S. political/military/financial  'elite' COMMAND STRUCTURE  _IN SUPPORT of_  those Saudi, Turkey, Qatari, (et al) funded  I.S.I.S terrorists PERPETRATING MASS-MURDER  IN SYRIA...

    ...not only did America's bloody, MASS-MURDEROUS Vice President Joe Biden and the entire  top tiers of the 'Democrat' and Republican Parties  in America,   and all the NATO generals, politicians, and national  'leaders' of  western Europe SUPPORT I.S.I.S.  TERRORISTS  in the  U.S. (and israel) orchestrated NATO mass-murder 'regime change' BOMBINGS  of Libya in 2012...
   ...but even more horrific,   the  evil, grim reality is that THESE SAME TREASONOUS POLITICIANS and "leaders"  in AMERICA and Europe  TODAY,  are  FRANTICALLY HOPING and waiting  for THE NEXT  major TERRORIST ATTACKS  TO GO DOWN IN AMERICA...

    SO THEY CAN IMPLEMENT  their FEMA/dhs "state of emergency" STAZI,  'Soviet' style  RED TERROR,  communist takeover,   commissar CONTROL over AMERICANS

  and  SLAVE LABOR  prison GULAGS that are in reality DEATH CAMPS...
 ...against American citizens. 

  We understand that the comments and charges we are making here may sound "hysterical" and "CONSPIRACY THEORY"    but the simple facts are:   
     "WE REALIZE that (our hijacked) government  LOVES SPENDING BILLIONS upon trillions  of dollars on  INTEL AGENCIES and organizations like the FBI, CIA, DEA, & DHS - Department of 'HOMELAND' SECURITY  

     to (quote/unquote) "'PROTECT US' from criminal & terror threats"  -

   but while the American public would actually approve of efforts to CLOSE THE BORDERS to TERRORIST, DRUG CARTELS, and "coyote" HUMAN SMUGGLING crime cartels... 

...our insanely  corrupted, TREASONOUS   political and "national security" leaders (sic)  and  government agencies are not  only INTENTIONALLY  IGNORING  the wide open  U.S. borders - but they are ACTIVELY SABOTAGING _any_  substantive controls  over our American borders... they are THROWING THEM WIDE OPEN...     
(exactly as  Attorney General Eric Holder SHIPPED TRUCKLOADS of AMERICAN GUNS down to Mexico  to HAND THEM OVER TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS, to INSTIGATE a mass-murder killing spree there... so  AMERICAN GUN OWNERS could be BLAMED for "gun proliferation"  and  gun ownership OUTLAWED in America by Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Carl Levin, Michael Bloomberg, and all  the other ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS who would have willingly used this government plot as an excuse to CRIMINALIZE, prosecute, and TERRORIZE legal, lawful, law-abiding Americans.)

 THIS IS TREASON!   this is insanity! 

  Worse, this is A VERBATIM REPEAT  



  and Paul Wolfowitz took the oath of office as Deputy SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, in January of 2001 -

  just over 8 short weeks  after the U.S.S. Cole was bombed  by al Qaeda terrorists, and
nine full months before the 9-11 terror attacks went down.

    Cheney, Wolfowitz and other Bush administration supporters may CLAIM that Cheney, Wolfowitz, the George W. Bush White House,  and the Donald Rumsfeld  Defense Department  DOING NOTHING  between January of 2001 and Sept. 11th of 2001 to PROTECT AMERICAN AIRLINE FLYERS from the THREAT of  COORDINATED AL QAEDA TERRORIST HIJACKERS was   "merely an oversight"....

  ...but this  titanic LIE  is  easily disproved, by mentioning FOUR WORDS: the U.S.S. COLE.

-  The United States Navy ship  (destroyer)  U.S.S. COLE was BOMBED by suicide AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in a YEMEN HARBOR in OCTOBER of 2000....

  ...mere weeks before Wolfowitz, V,P. Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, and all the other  PNAC  "ISRAEL FIRST"  dual-citizen 'American' JEWS WERE INSTALLED IN the very TOP RANKS of the Bush/Cheney White House...

  ...and that they, led by Cheney,Wolfowitz, and VP Cheney's Chief of  Staff  intentionally

   even though they all  CLAIMED to be "national security experts"  regarding not only Iraq;
regarding not only the defunct "Soviet' threat & the inflated "China threat", 

   but regarding the  "Islamic & al Qaeda terrorists threat"  in particular, especially for the Jewish 'PNAC'  Neo-Cons in & out of the Bush administration, State Department, Defense Department, and NY & DC think-tanks & media!
 (Just as every pro-Israel jew in America today is  intimately aware constantly informed, if not  in steadfast support of,  the mass-murderous Netanyahu/Likud israel regime BOMBING "TERRORISTS"  in the DEATH CAMP the Judeo high command have made of Gaza, occupied Palestine over the past 3 months.) 

    In the immediate years after the Cole & 9-11 attacks went down, this "OVERSIGHT" was  BLAMED on the  STATE DEPARTMENT... where 
"important national priorities in business [OIL!] dealing with Saudi Arabia"  were cited
as an excuse to  stop F.B.I.  Counter-Terror expert John O'Neil and others  from conducting a thorough and determined investigation of  the SOURCES OF FUNDING for that ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORIST ATTACK in Yemen that led, in Counter-Terror expert O'Neill's determination,  directly to Saudi Arabia and Yemen financiers and terrorists supporters within those governments.  

    But there are several  problem with
blaming the State Department for these "oversights" and abject failure to fully investigate and prosecute the sources of funding for the Yemen Al Qaeda suicide terrorist attack on the USS Cole in the year after that attack went down on October 12th of 2000...

  To begin with,   "Project for a New American Century" ('PNAC')  Neo-Con Jew and former Assistant  Secretary of State  for Inter-American Affairs ELLIOTT ABRAMS was of course not only intimately connected to all those other  "counter terror" and "national security experts" in that treasonous,  demonic, PNAC jewish war lobby front group  posing as concerned with "America's national security" think-tank...
...but Abrams was a PAID GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL  dealing with exactly those sort of  "national security" concerns,  

as National Security Council Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights, and International Operations, appointed by (puppet, place-holder, front-man)  president George W. Bush to that position, according to our wiki entry,  on June 25th of 2001...

    ...well before the 9-11 attacks went down later, in September of that year. 

 According to the treasonous, anti-American Neo-Con  _narrative_
  - at the  meyer/graham Washington Post, at the Sulzberger  NY Times,  at  the jewish WARNER family owned TIME magazine; at AIPAC, and at all the other jew war lobby front groups and genocidal, mass-murderous  propaganda outlets _posing_ as  "American" and "committed to democracy & human rights"  
       it was "perfectly normal" for    paid government 'experts' in  government agencies ostensibly dedicated  to "NATIONAL SECURITY"  to just 
"FORGET ABOUT" a  recent al Qaeda terrorist attack on a U.S. warship! 

  It's not  just  Elliott Abrams,  "SENIOR DIRECTOR of the NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL" who  "forgot" that AL QAEDA HAD ATTACKED A U.S. warship, an ATTACK THAT WENT UNPUNISHED for nearly a year before the 9-11 attacks went down... 

    the problem is that EVERY SINGLE LAST god-damned one of the TRAITOR PIGS

 "PNAC"  "national security experts"  in that fiendish jewish war lobby front masquerading as an "American think tank"  and infested in the highest ranks of the Bush-Cheney White House, Defense Department, State Department, 'Justice Department'  and all other government agencies,
  _ALL_ of them   conveniently  "FORGOT ABOUT"
that recent, mass-murderous  Al Qaeda bombing of the USS Cole !!!

  If you think that we are making all this up,  HERE's  TREASONOUS  NEO-CON ELLIOTT ABRAMS... BLAMING  U.S. puppet President Barack Obama for... the ISIS TERRORISTS RUNNING RAMPANT in the Mideast... today!!
and throughout the Mideast.... then try to BLAME _AMERICAN_ politicians for THEIR metastasizing GENOCIDAL TERROR, rape, ethnic cleansing and MASS-MURDER CRIME WAVE!  
 Since NO American politician can withstand a tsunami of such "weak on terrorism!" TIRADES
 coming DAILY from the GENOCIDAL JEW OWNED corporate press/media, 
the demonic, GENOCIDAL, treasonous, economies-extorting & mass-murders instigating  JEWS
 have a de facto  STRANGLEHOLD on EVERY political office in America...

  even though anyone with more than 2 operating brain cells  who is interested in the metastasizing horror show of  terror wars in the region  knows that  ISRAEL, and the NETANYAHU-Likud judeo supremacist "greater Israel"  REGIME, are the architects and instigators of the "rebel"  ISIS TERRORIST INVASION OF SYRIA,
supplied directly from NATO proxy/partner in war-crimes Turkey,
   as they (the Israel & AIPAC jews)  see it as a means of first DESTROYING  SYRIA, and "ethnically cleansing"
 (murdering and chasing off the lucky ones who are able to escape) the entire (non-Sunni) population of Syria,
 as a prelude and prerequisite to the Judeo Supremacist jews next doing away with their Sunni ISIS/al Qaeda allies and then  ANNEXING Syria to "Greater Israel" !!  

 (left)  Benjamin "King Bibi" Netanyahu  - the de facto  HIGH COMMISSAR of JUDEO GLOBAL EXTORTION & global MASS-MURDER GENOCIDE, SHAKES HANDS with  an ISIS/al QAEDA Sunni TERRORIST Jihadi patched up at an Israeli field hospital and sent back across the border to KILL SYRIANS for the demonic jews...
(right)  Netanyahu SHAKES HANDS with ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORIST and TRAITOR,  Hillary Clinton - who, in exchange for LEGALIZED BRIBES "campaign donations"  approves of ALL the  ANTI-AMERICAN ATROCITIES, including the 9-11 cover-up,  FOISTED ON AMERICA, and against Americans,
by the treasonous 'Neo-Con' judeo supremacist war lobby...
On the very same front page they try to DEMONIZE IRAN
(for having a nuclear program consistent with international oversight... while the racist, hyper-hypocritical jews build hundreds of illegal nukes in their own vast, criminal nuclear program!) 
and on the very same page they mention "drinking the Kool-Aid" as a meme to bully and badger all those who are hesitant to support the FULL ON GENOCIDAL, NUCLEAR/TERRORISM IMPERIAL INSANITY of the Israel/Zionist death cult...
  the editors of the Jerusalem Post include a picture illustrating their favorite demonic offspring du jour... their "clever" WHOLESALE SUPPORT for  ISIS,  SAUDI funded,  re-branded Al Qaeda TERRORISTS   called from all over the Islamic world, trained, supplied, and paid for in Turkey, and SENT TO SYRIA to MURDER AS MANY SYRIANS AS POSSIBLE for the demonic jews!
Kool-Aid drinking stupidity & insanity of the Judeo Supremacist "ZOG' Zionist War Lobby: they think they can get away with PUTTING OUT A GLOBAL CALL for  Sunni "ISIS" JIHADI TERRORISTS to WAGE GENOCIDE & JIHAD AGAINST SYRIA - right there on their front page, Netanyahu's jewish army hospital patches up ISIS terrorists to send them back to Syria to destroy Syrian and to KILL SYRIANS !!   caption reads "Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu speaks to a Syrian man who was wounded in the civil war during his visit to a military hospital  on the Golan Heights yesterday"
AMERICANS have ALREADY BEEN VICTIMIZED by this EVIL,  JUDEO   AL QAEDA HIRING  TERRORISM on 9-11, and now the insane judeo High Command and TREASONOUS 'AMERICAN'  high command ARE PLANNING TO UNLEASH A TERRORIST CIVIL WAR _ON AMERICA_ - as ever, USING HIRED TERRORISTS to GIN UP the "terror" and then unleashing the military (and militarized, STAZI/COMMISSAR run police) to KILL CIVILIANS BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS!
just see Syria, Libya, and Ukraine !! 
GENOCIDAL JEW  Elliott Abrams (right)  AND ALL THE OTHER 
 TRY TO BLAME OBAMA for  METASTASING,  ISRAEL ORCHESTRATED, SAUDI funded,  NATO & U.S. government SUPPORTED  & directed   ISIS   (rebranded Al Qaeda) TERRORISM  METASTASIZING across Mideast & world.
Not only is Abrams a NAZI-esque WAR PIG, trying to BLAME  OTHERS for the policies, terror-wars, and brutal,  mass-murderous consequences that HE SUPPORTS...

 ...but as one of the  "PNAC" Neo-Con traitors in the Bush-Cheney administration "national security" apparatus,    Abrams and his pals   DID NOTHING to AVENGE the MURDERS OF SAILORS of the USS Cole, the warship nearly blown in two by an Al Qaeda terrorist bomb  

in the 10 long months after the attack on the Cole went down in Yemen in October of 2000,
before the 9-11 terror attacks went down in New York & D.C. on  September 11th of 2001; 

  ABRAMS, JOHN BOLTON, DICK CHENEY, and all the other
"Neo-Con'   "National security experts"

or  prevent 9-11 in the months between January and September of 2001,

AMERICANS KILLING,  blame innocent parties,   9-11 "false flag" TREACHERY, TREASON, & mass-murder  TERRORISM  game all over again this September 2014!!!

  Think we are lying, or exaggerating, when we say that  "ISRAEL and AMERICAN JEWS SUPPORT "I.S.I.S. TERRORISTS" in their orchestrated, PROXY TERRORIST, intentionally mass-murderous & genocidal "ethnic cleansing" TERRR WAR against the government & people of Syria??"

   Read it and weep:    in early September of last year, the  demonic Jews of the Jewish War lobby "AIPAC"  boldly, proudly, blatantly, and defiantly 
sent HUNDREDS OF  JEW WAR LOBBY LOBBYISTS  to  Congress, to DEMAND that the U.S. congress direct the U.S. MILITARY START BOMBING SYRIA in SUPPORT of those ISIS  jihadi terrorists attempting to destroy the Syrian army,
 and "ethnically cleanse" Syria of ALL of its  NON-SUNNI population...

     the JEWS ARE INTENTIONALLY WAGING GENOCIDE proxy TERROR WAR against the people of Syria,
but today are TRYING TO BLAME THEIR MASS-MURDER TERRORISM on their puppet U.S. president!!!! 

in their TERRORIST PROXY WAR against  Syria last September!!
 this is a JEWISH,  Haaretz newspaper source!! ISIS/al Qaeda  terrorist invasion of Syria FINANCED and SUPPORTED  not only by the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qataris, and other Gulf Arab oil dictator despots....
 but by the US government, ISRAEL,  NATO and western governments (and jewish billionaires and lobby groups in America)  as well!  

  NEXT UP on the TREASON, TERROR,  GENOCIDAL judeo blood-lust MENU:  

MORE Americans!  to make the 3,000 Americans killed on 9-11, and the five- to ten-thousand Americans killed so far in the Afghan & Iraq wars** look like a tea-party in a comparison!
** (not including the thousands of suicides of American veterans treated like refuse to be disposed of by the "Neo-Con elite" once those veterans  return to the Neo-Con sabotaged economy here in America) 


Proof! FBI Says Americans ARE MORE OF a TERROR THREAT Than ISIS 9-11 Style INFILTRATORS !!  -

[ = the FBI and entire U.S. govt are  GEARING UP to WAGE TERROR WAR ON AMERICANS!  ]
 by Mikael Thalen  Prison September 5, 2014
Feds ignore man screaming “ISIS is here!” at community meeting

An FBI presentation at a recent Georgia business meeting claims that “homegrown extremists” are more dangerous than the Islamic State or ISIS terrorist group.

Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion FBIMeetingSmall
TREASONOUS  FBI 'Counterterrorism' "EXPERT" Declares:
"Americans worse - [MORE OF A TERROR THREAT!] than ISIS TERRORISTS, who have KILLED 140,000 Syrians in the U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED ISIS/al Qaeda TERRORIST INVASION OF SYRIA over the past 4 years!

  Exclusive photographs provided to
 from a local business owner show an FBI power point presentation placing “homegrown” groups at the top of the agency’s terror watch list.

 [In 1920s-1930s JUDEO BOLSHEVIK  'RED TERROR" and "GREAT PURGE"  COMMISSARS'  fashion, the DHS, FBI, 'justice' system, MILITARIZED local police agencies, and the entire U.S. military, are being trained and directed towards WAGING MASS-MURDER 'war' on MILLIONS of Americans....  IT'S WHAT THE  "judeo Bolsheviks" - in either their Rotschields/GoddamSachs or "Workers Proletariat Communism" flavors - LUST FOR. 
     IF YOU THINK WE ARE HYSTERICAL or  making things up, YOU NEED TO READ YOUR "holy' BIBLE -  MORCACHAI becomes CHIEF VIZIER (prime minister to a feeble and incompetent Persian emperor) of the Persian Empire... and IMMEDIATELY SENDS OUT DEATH SENTENCES that kill  SEVENTY FIVE THOUSANDS PERSIANS. 

According to the business owner,the FBI agent, referred to as Special Agent Johnson, completely glossed over the looming ISIS threat to instead focus on American citizens.
Shockingly, as Agent Johnson broke for questions, a man named Mohammed in the crowd reportedly began screaming that ISIS had already arrived in the United States:
A middle eastern man, that has never been there, stands up and introduces himself as Mohammad. He is from Iraq and begins to give everyone in the crowd a dissertation on his life, journey and tells us and the FBI guy that we have it all wrong. He tells us that we will never win against terrorists because we try to fix only the branches but never the root and the root of Islam is strong and growing. Then he offers a document to the FBI guy, telling him that he has evidence. Everyone chuckles! Then he says, ‘ISIS is here, let me repeat ISIS is here and you don’t know who we are, we are business leaders, business owners, your customers. You don’t know who they are. And one day they will come and show themselves and then they will attack and stab us in our back!’ while waving his had like wielding a knife.
The FBI asks if there is anymore questions so I quickly raise my hand, not knowing what I am going to say. He calls on me. I thank him and the FBI for there service and his wonderful presentation. I ask my question: With all the wonderful things the FBI is doing to protect us and keep us safe in Atlanta, what are you doing about the pink elephant in the room? The failed policies of this administration have left our borders wide open and terrorist are walking across in our back yard. What are you doing to protect my family and friends? He quickly doges the question by blaming it on politics and that it’s not his district. Then they quickly shut me down and rush him off stage for pics.
Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion FBIPhotoOp
Atlanta Special Agent Johnson pictured with police.
Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion businessmeeting
Opening slide for the FBI’s terror presentation.

Attempting to talk to Agent Johnson about the open border after his photo op, the business owner says he was approached by police who told him that his “meeting was over.”

  [AMERICA's POLICE are  ever increasingly becoming GESTAPO/judeo-COMMISSAR BRUTAL ENFORCER THUGS... the "NEW CENTURIONS"';  just as the original Roman Centurions were tasked with TERRORIZING  ANYONE or any faction the emperor wanted them to seize, destroy, and kill.]
The agent’s brief mention of ISIS is surprisingly even more detailed than the FBI’s recent “National Threat Assessment for Domestic Extremism” document, which completely omits the threat of jihadist extremists.

 [the Wolfowitz/Chertoff/mukasey "WAR ON AL QAEDA TERRORISM" has NOW OFFICIALLY mutated to what it was INTENDED FOR ALL ALONG: the ZOG hijacked U.S. govt. WAR ON AMERICANS, to exterminate or enslave anyone not part of the insane "chosen ones" death-cult cabal.]

Similarly, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) also claim that domestic groups pose a greater threat than any other.  

Internal documents often show a much more clear picture of who the government truly deems a threat.
Earlier this year, Army troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby exposed a new military training course which labeled the American Family Association, a mainstream Christian ministry, a domestic hate group similar to the Ku Klux Klan. Military veterans and supporters of “individual liberties” and “small decentralized government” have been deemed a major threat as well.
Meanwhile, as reports indicate a possible “car bomb” or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) being used by ISIS in Texas, the border remains wide open. A seperate picture posted to social media from inside the US appears to show a man with a patch on his right shoulder that resembles the black flag of ISIS.
While in El Paso, Texas, Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was informed that the Vice President of the Border Patrol Council was silenced from talking about the risk on the border.
To show just how unsecure the border is, Biggs walked into the United States from Mexico on Thursday while dressed as an ISIS jihadists holding a fake severed head.


 We are making the claim (or accusation) here that  "Americans" of the jewish diaspora whose parents, grandparents, and great-great grandparents  have migrated to America from Europe and from Russia (from Poland, from the Ukraine,  and other nations in the former Tsarist Russia empire) over the past century,  have brought their ancient judeo "chosen" entitlement - which they regard as nothing less than a divine commandment, or orders from g-o-d to extort, enslave, and exterminate the non-jews around them -  with them -  which would be TREASON to the people and Constitution of the (late) United States of America.
  Thanks to and Wikipedia,  we can bring some historical "back story" to that MASS MURDEROUS VIOLENCE that is now roaring down upon millions of clueless, hapless, and unsuspecting AMERICANS, today.... exactly the same way that DICK CHENEY, PAUL WOLFOWITZ, and all the other mass-murderous minions of the George W. Bush presidency
were preparing to launch America's military to attack, invade, occupy, and destroy Iraq and KILL THOUSANDS of IRAQIS 
(and perpetrate and/or facilitate the killing of a million+ Iraqis from instigated factional, sectarian infighting, aka "insurgent rebels" and Sunni vs Shiite (and vice versa) terrorism in Iraq after the Wolfowitz/Cheney/bush invasion)

 even before the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center went down in September 2001.


Here, explains how the KIROV assassination was used by Stalin as an excuse  to unleash the RED TERROR PURGES, or "GREAT PURGE" that killed tens of thousands of "suspects" - anyone STALIN WANTED TO HAVE KILLED - in the wake of that assassination and Stalin's brutal repression of even the merest whiff of dissent: 

 Sergei Kirov’s assassin, Leonid Nikolaev, Executed by Commissars as PRELUDE to Stalin's "GREAT PURGE"
Kirov’s assassination was a double gift to the Kremlin, for not only did it remove the impediment himself, it licensed a furious security crackdown against the “terrorists” who orchestrated it. Said terrorists conveniently turned out to be dozens upon dozens (and indirectly, thousands upon thousands) of officials whom Stalin found convenient to destroy. “Kirov was killed in Leningrad,” Bukharin remarked upon hearing the news. “Now Koba [Stalin] will shoot us all.”

Below:   The murderous fury and mass-murder violence of  CENTURIES of "old-world"  ancient animosities, blood-lust,  genocidal imperial conquests,  and relentless wars across the Eurasian steppes  captured in this painting, of  Russian Czar Ivan the Terrible (kneeling, center, with knife behind his back in his right hand) about to murder - stab to death - one of his high-ranking nobles, or "BOYARS," whom he has forced to sit passively on his (Ivan's) own throne, awaiting the deadly knife

 From the jewish perspective,  all peoples in the Eurasian steppes - Russians, and UKRAINIANS, and POLES, and Kazakhs, and Georgians, and  Chechens, and Mongols, and GERMANS (Germans prevented from taking over much of Russia only by the Teuton Knights loss of the Battle of Tannenberg in 1410) 

are equally violent, mass-murderous... and dangerous, and thus deserving of extermination as the judeo elites believe they are 'commanded by g-o-d'  to be the ruling race on earth...

Ivan the Terrible (center, kneeling) about to stab one of his nobles, or "Boyars" (whom he has forced to sit on his own throne) to death.  From the jewish perspective, all races, nations, and ethnic nationalities in the Eurasian steppes are as brutal, violent, bloodthirsty, and mass-murderous as these Russians pictured here.... 

  which is why jewish commissars ("judeo Bolsheviks") TERRORISTS  had NO QUALMS in KLLING TENS OF MILLIONS of Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Chechens, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Kazakhs,  and other nationalities in the  Trotsky, Lenin, Yagoda, Frenkel, Yezhov, Kaganovich (et al) run RED TERROR mass-murder PURGES and Commissar Gulag death-camps in the 'Soviet' former Czarist empire. 
The judeo commissars made Ivan the Terrible and all the other Czars look like pikers in their blood-lust, terror, SADISTISM, genocidal, millions of children killed,   "dispose of humans en masse" mass-murder frenzies....
  ....they are EVERY BIT as GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDEROUS, and JEALOUSLY SADISTIC as any other warmongering race on earth, they have simply mastered  THE NARRATIVE that allows them to WAIL about "wrongs done to them"... at the same time that they CELEBRATE  PERPETARTING GENOCIDE  (under the small fig-leaf  of "g-o-d chose them")  against others... including the RITUAL CHEERLEADING by judeo elites of the MURDERS OF CHILDREN over the centuries....  

 This horrid  "divine" imperium dictate extends... we now know... to AMERICANS, Canadians, Australians, and English, along with  all the other more visible past victims of race-wars, slavery, and genocide in the "New World"  (Irish, native Americans, millions of Chinese killed in the Opium Wars, etc.)   - as well.  
(Just as millions of Americans were effectively "disappeared" - by hunger and famine-related diseases, exposure, stress, and suicides - during the financiers'  INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED   Great Depression here in America in the 1930s)...

WE Americans are now deemed AS EXPENDABLE as the ONE MILLIONS  British soldiers who were killed in action after they were ordered to walk straight in to German machine-gun nests and artillery barrages in World War I....