Friday, September 26, 2014

F*CK YOU! STEVEN SPIELBERG and EVELYN de Rothschild. If these 2 men are DEMON VAMPIRES FROM HELL Sent to DESTROY Humanity... they are doing a damn good job of playing the part...

HITLER'S REVENGE:  Only the vilest, most fervent of Nazi "anti-Semitic"  propaganda could capture the plain evil,  ferocity,   and anti-humanity horror of the Judeo death cult religion:   they are so full of their "satanic delight' "CHOSEN ONES" ARROGANCE and HATE for others, that they are fouling their own homes, destroying their own communities;  DESTROYING THEIR OWN bio habitat in their grim, demonic lust to grab control over and enslave humanity. 

We've been wanting to write a new post that we  realized would instantly become a regular feature; 
"Hitler's Revenge" outlining and detailing the ANTI-AMERICAN TREACHERY and SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION  TREASON of the judeo "elite"  diabolical leaders in American politics, culture, and social discourse, but have held back from doing so only because - we confess out of a bit of writer's pride - we wanted the first post to be a Grand Slam home-run of a post that would capture the 10 or 20 most egregious judeo TRAITOR perpetrators and expose how THEY ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE, pushing policies that MUST,  are INTENDED TO   _destroy_  the great American society of freedom and equality and openness that, while never ever actually complete,  we could at least aspire to.  
   And therein lies the problem:  even just to  briefly  discuss the TEN or TWENTY most INFLUENTIAL  people who are ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGING America, and the context of their treachery,  betrayal, and "Fifth Column"  sabotage  is a hell of a topic,  and  to give a short a paragraph on each such person's role in their insidious destruction of  America would involve a complex and extended story.    But,  sadly and horribly,  SELECTING the TWENTY most insidiously treacherous Jewish 'American' "leaders" would leave dozens and hundreds out of the article...  so we've kept putting it off,  trying to find the mental energy, karmic tranquility, and emotional determination to write a post, or column, or article that is essentially the obituary of America. 

   Well,  we apologize for the above 3 paragraphs of extended rant and emotional angst and anxiety, but we realized that we will never write 'the perfect post" on this horrid topic, and - as American bombs reign down on Syria, killing Syrians in yet another enlargement of the  JEWISH WARS to  "TAKE DOWN SEVEN COUJNTRIES in Five YEARS"  and  leave MASS-MURDER, RAPE, MASSACRES, and HIRED DICTATOR THUGS in their wakes,  we have to get back to the business of  documenting the end of America and the jewish war on humanity... so we might as well start at the top,  with two of the most  powerful and 'venerated' figures in the jewish SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of America...

  WHAT do  STEVEN SPIELBERG and  Evelyn de Rotschield,  aka Evelyn de Rothschild, have in common?    Well, they are both multimillionaires (or billionaires as the case may be) who have a lot more influence with the media and mass-media than you or we do....  and they are both clearly JUDEO SUPREMACISTS who don't give a rats ass for the people and nation of the United States of America,  and in fact, if you realize the context of  this story we are about to tell you,  you must come to the conclusion that for these powerful and influential millionaires/billionaires to  INTENTIONALLY  IGNORE this story means that they have an utter contempt, not only for the people of California and the nations astride the Pacific Ocean,  but a seething HATRED and CONTEMPT for the United States of America and her people.... and, indeed, for all the people of humanity.