Thursday, September 4, 2014

DICK CHENEY and JOE BIDEN are birds of a feather: ISIS SUPPORTING TERRORISTS & TRAITORS, Members of the 'American' "ELITE" Who USE the THREAT of ISIS / al QAEDA TERRORISM to JUSTIFY GLOBAL WARS of Military-Industrial-Financial Complex EXTORTION. The MORE MASS-MURDER TERRORISM They _ALLOW_ their SAUDI, Kuwait, Qatari (et al) PARTNERS in CRIMES & GENOCIDE TO WHIP UP, the MORE they can EXTORT the _AMERICAN_ PEOPLE to FUND WARS _AGAINST_ that "Threat" !

TRAITOR Vice President JOE BIDEN - HAS BEEN SUPPORTING ISIS TERRORISTS in SYRIA for the past 3 YEARS in America's diabolical proxy war to destroy the Assad regime (and all the minorities it has been protecting) so the Jews in Israel can ANNEX SYRIA to "Greater Israel" after Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists massacre and "ethnically cleanse" most of the population there, after Syria has been turned in to a partitioned, factionalized, terrorist run hell hole like Libya is today.

    Now  Biden THROWS AMERICA's BORDERS WIDE OPEN to INVITE ISIS TERROR ATTACKS _IN AMERICA_  - even as he claims he is going to chase ISIS terrorists to the gates of hell!       

    JOE BIDEN - demonic, satanic NAZI WAR PIG:  BLAMES the SAUDI FUNDED ISIS CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACKS that MURDERED DOZENS of SYRIAN CIVILIANS in August of  2013 on the Syrian army... 
 even though HE IS PART OF THE U.S./nato/judeo High Command that  ORCHESTRATED THAT MASS-MURDER POISON GAS ATTACK as an EXCUSE to get America to bomb and destroy what is left of Syria after 3 years of the PROXY TERRORIST WARS that  they have instigated there!    
All this mass-murder, terrorism, & horror to justify the NEXT RAMP-UP  in DHS  RED TERROR GULAGS and MARTIAL LAW in the ever expanding, 
 RUN BY TRAITORS, SABOTEURS, and callous mass-murderers 
"global war on terror"...  aka the ever metastasizing "JEWISH WARS"...

 INFOWARS reporter Joe Biggs DOCUMENTS TREASON: the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of America's borders by JOE BIDEN and the other insanely corrupted officials of the the JUDEO financiers DOMINATED  "Democrat" Party 
(and their across-the-aisles  subservient  Rethuglican partners his High Crimes, Treason, and on-going financial atrocities)  
   - even as these CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, TRAITOR SCUM  DEMAND THAT WE HUMILIATE OURSELVES  in TSA 'security' 'checkpoints'  every time we board an airliner, 

and as citizens are FORCED to SPEND BILLIONS upon trillions  of taxpayer obligated dollars on their DHS & domestic "war on terror" EXTORTION SCAMS...  and  
   "gwot" ever expanding GLOBAL WARS to "fight" 
  THE VERY SAUDI FUNDED TERROR 'THREATS' that these DEMONIC, SATANIC, TRAITOR, anti-American ghouls   INSTIGATE, fund, support, and DIRECT overseas!

NEO-CON TREASON & demonic, genocidal, ghoulish insanity has,  over the past decade, metastasized from merely the "PNAC"  'Neo-Con" radical right-wing of the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Chertoff-Mukasey  (et al) Rethuglican Party... 
   to OVERT, IN-YOUR-FACE control over the PELOSI-FEINSTEIN-SCHUMER-LEVIN-BOXER-hillary-panetta-biden-obama-reid-kerry "Democrat" Party... 

   and to ALL the TREASONOUS, COMPLICIT, CRIMINAL POLITICIANS &  "BRIBES, KICKBACKS, & EXTORTION R US"  corrupt government officials in London, Paris, in NATO and throughout & Europe  

 - the INTENTIONAL INSTIGATION of MASS-MURDEROUS COUPS  and  GENOCIDAL "ethnic cleansing" in the Ukraine...

 - the  INTENTIONAL COORDINATION of  ALL the "coincidences"  that happened on 9-11 that ALLOWED TERRORIST HIJACKERS  to hijack FOUR PLANES in ONE DAY...

      just 2 short months after ITALIAN POLICE  RINGED the city of Genoa, Italy, with surface-to-air missiles specifically to prevent Al Qaeda terrorists from hijacking airliners and using them as missiles to attack the assembled presidents attending the G8 Economic Summit in Genoa Italy in July of 2001;

-  the implementation of  BOB RUBIN's  TRIPLE SABOTAGE THREAT _against_ America's economy & critical financial markets:

  1.  "DEREGULATION" of those financial markets, allowing and inviting Wall Street Financiers to DEFRAUD MILLIONS;
  2.      "OUTSOURCING" of not only America's jobs, but entire industries to nations with cheaper labor...
  3.     and the subsequent "BAILOUTS" which were INEVITABLE after the markets COLLAPSED from ALL THAT TITANIC FRAUD  legalized by "deregulation"

the "BAILOUTS"  are merely a larger version of Rubin's  "Plunge Protection Team" on steroids,   
which would be the DIRECT GOVERNMENT EXTORTION of TAXPAYERS to HAND MONEY OVER TO FAILED, FRAUDULENT, markets destroying financiers like BOB RUBIN, JON CORZINE, and HANK PAULSON - all three GOLDMAN SACHS FINANCIAL TERRORISTS who have DESTROYED BILLIONS  $$  (upon trillions) of dollars of wealth of  those  American families and savers not connected to the insider-trading, pump-&-dump, HFT & "offshoring" tax dodges;  government insurance funds looting,  pension plans plundering, and other wealth extraction tactics of the TREASONOUS  financial insiders...

 The "ELITES" in America's government & financial system are WORKING TOGETHER to DESTROY AMERICA's ECONOMY, FUND ISIS TERRORISTS to justify vast "war on terror" spending, and SABOTAGING coal & ALTERNATIVE ENERGY,   so Americans keep throwing billions of dollars of OIL MONEY dollars at the SAUDIS,
   so the  ISIS/AL QAEDA TERROR THREAT song & dance keeps perpetuating itself...!

  Not only have the FINANCIAL CRIMINALS  ALLIED THEMSELVES with TERRORIST GROUPS across the globe;  NOT ONLY are WAR-PROFITEERS like DEMONS  FEASTING on the THOUSANDS upon tens-of-thousands of  CORPSES of VICTIMS of their ENGINEERED proxy terrorist wars...   not only are the JUDEO FINANCIAL ELITES, their  very junior anglo/euro/american financial/mil/govt "power elites"  wallowing like pigs in slop from the profits of all that SAUDI, KUWAIT (stolen Iraqi & Libyan) etc. CRUDE being pumped out of the ground...

       but the ruling class CRIMINAL 'financial elite'  here in America, and THEIR TREASONOUS  PUPPETS in Government, press/media, academia, and across American society


 by  first putting BOB RUBIN's "PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM" on  hundreds of billions of dollars of "BAILOUTS" STEROIDS, and then


i.e. "Quantitative Easing" whereby the TRAITORS in Con-gress ALLOW the privately owned Fed banking cabal  bankers TO JUST PRINT THEMSELVES  $80 billion in freshly minted cash each and very month 
(actually,  electronic digits on 'the Fed's' electronic data balance sheets at the Treasury and with member banks)

 This is like turning  PAPER IN TO GOLD,  exchanging.... 
  (backed up by the EXTORTIONATE powers of  the US government, conferred monopoly on Fed Reserve bank notes as the official currency of the nation;  currency that most financial transactions and all taxes to the IRS must be paid in) 

using BILLIONS OF WORTHLESS fiat PAPER  "bernanke" DOLLARS printed every month,  to BUY UP  ownership & CONTROL OVER _all_ the WEALTH ON PLANET EARTH.

  This is a titanic GEYSER of FREE MONEY pouring out of the ground that lands squarely in the pockets of  the  RULING ELITE BANKERSTERS,  shared with their political ruling class appartchiks...
    Not only does this GEYSER of  "QE"  FREE MONEY FOR BANKSTERS pouring out of the ground  insidiously DEVALUE EVERYONE ELSE'S 'money'...  but even more insidiously,  by convincing Con-gress, the public, and the bought-and-owned economics & academic institutions that they are giving us something of value,
               as  DEBT 'money' !!!

  This is a TRIPLE-DIP,  quadruple-whammy of  INSIDER CORRUPTION &  FREE MONEY for the connected elites.

  1. higher prices for the consumer public; 
  3. DIMINISHED VALUE for average Joe citizen's savings and assets,
  4. and   LESS and LESS CONTROL over the earth's resources for the vast majority of people alive..

  to the point where the GENOCIDAL "ELITES" can do from the "Conservative, FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" side  what the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK  COMMISSAR TERRORISTS, 
(aka 'Communists,' Commissars, Red Terror appartchiks, and slave-camp/death-camp prison gulag administrators)
 DID to millions of  Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Latvians, Kazakhs, Georgians, Chechans and other subjugated nationalities in the  "EVIL EMPIRE"  'Soviet Union'  from the 1920s to the 1950s - STARVE THEM by CUTTING OFF THEIR ACCESS TO FOOD, either by NAKED COMMISSAR EXTORTION, seizing all the wealth and food and executing and deporting the hapless victims;   or  TODAY's "MODERN" flavor of    JUDEO COMMISSAR  GENOCIDE,

    the ELITES CLAIMING THEY OWN _all_ the productive agricultural supplies today... and that there is "NO MONEY" to feed the starving peons -

     a tactic ALREADY tried & perfected  HERE IN AMERICA, in the  1930s during the Great Depression,

 so-called "liberal Democrat" President Franklin D. Roosevelt's very jewish Treasury Secretary,  HENRY MORGANTHAU,       ORDERED the DESTRUCTION of MILLIONS OF TONS of FOOD as millions of Americans were starving;   he DICTATED  that thousands of acres of grain crops be plowed under;   that  millions of tons of GRAIN 'surpluses' be BURNED; that apples and other fruits be left to rot;  the pouring of  millions of gallons  milk on the ground, the paid-for killing of livestock left to rot in the fields -

   all this SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of valuable food in the name of "boosting prices";  



   - NO AMOUNT of  FOOD DESTRUCTION would "boost food prices" because the treasonous, GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDEROUS  BANKERS at the Fed had  CONTRACTED the nation's  MONEY SUPPLY, INTENTIONALLY... to drive millions of Americans into destitution, so they could reign like feudal lords over the disposable serfs & peons... 

   - just as the stereotypical evil rancher in the old Western movies would purchase land upstream of  the farmers down in the valley...and then dam up and BLOCK OFF that farmers water supply.


INFO WARS CATCHES ON that the ENTIRE U.S.   "War On Terror" 
   is a SHAKEDOWN SCAM by AMERICA's "Elites".... 

SO WHY Does Alex Jones INSIST on using the word "GLOBAL ELITES"?    

 Why does he keep pretending that they are "overseas" 'GLOBALISTS" -  

  when the British and Europeans and Americans (and  the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qataris, et al)  

are all very much JUNIOR PARTNERS to the GODDAMN-SACHS + Fed + BoE  (= rotschields, warburgs, lazards, et al)  jewish financiers +  AIPAC, ADL,  UJC (et al) JEWISH WAR LOBBY    OVERTLY GENOCIDAL  MASS-MURDER, TERROR, EXTORTION, and anti-American (if you scratch their "chosen" judeo supremacy enough)  death-cult mob??  

Department of Homeland Security – 

A 240,000 Person Cancer on the American Soul 

[a CARBON COPY of the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK,  "RED TERROR COMMISSARS" that murdered 40 million souls in "Communist" hijacked former Czarist Russia empire...] 

Michael Krieger,  Liberty Blitzkrieg  September 3, 2014

  The TRAITORS  at the apex of  America's  "national security agencies"
(including the U.S. military & DHS  referenced in the 2 above headlines)  

  KNOW THAT  AMERICA is and HAS BEEN SUPPORTING ISIS  TERRORISTS  IN SYRIA, in LIBYA, in IRAQ, and EVERYWHERE   across the Mideast... whether at  the NSA, the CIA, the DHS, the White House, in Congress, in the Defense Department, or in America's 'private' academia  -


the MORE BILLIONS of dollars they can EXTORT out of the American public for  vast "WAR ON TERROR" government agencies and  'defense'/  WAR CONTRACTS, like building bombs, cruise-missiles, satellite systems, other weapons of war... and vast DHS, NSA, CIA, and police SURVEILLANCE AGENCIES,  that are all INTENDED to TURN AMERICA into TERRORIZED state like  East Germany was under  STAZI Commissar rule...

  In   a follow-up video,  Alex Jones spells out  and encapsulates  JOE BIDEN, BARACK OBAMA,  DICK CHENEY, HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN KERRY and other treasonous  politicians in the "Democrat" & Rethuglican parties'  TREASON against the American people, using the  "global war on terror" as a SHAKE DOWN SCHEME to TERRORIZE  & EXTORT  Americans,

  "That's government,  TRAINING US that  WE GET THEIR HANDS PUT ON US
[at TSA 'security' checkpoints at airports... now metastasizing across America at all public transport and entertainment facilities, nominally to "protect us"]... EVEN AS THEY   THROW THE BORDER WIDE OPEN"...  

 That's right - THROWING THE AMERICAN BORDERS WIDE OPEN,  even as TRAITOR Vice President Joe Bidens CLAIMS that he is going to pursue ISIS terrorists "to the gates of hell" !!

( whose son is a PROFITEER from the   JEWISH/STATE-DEPARTMENT  ENGINEERED FASCIST COUP and MASS-MURDER spreading across the  UKRAINE and now metastasizing U.S.,     NATO,  judeo (israel) WAR AGAINST RUSSIA) 
    is  actually PUTTING OUT A CALL TO ISIS to  ATTACK AMERICA  by infiltrating through that now open border !!

  VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN is an ISIS terrorism funding  
 just like his VP predecessor &   treasonous  PARTNER IN CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA, and  NUCLEAR TERRORISM EXTORTION agent,    former Vice President Dick Cheney:  

We will soon discuss the excellent investigative reporting that details that not only is Dick Cheney correct - America WILL FACE A NUCLEAR, CITIES-ANNIHILATING NUCLEAR TERROR EXPLOSION in the near future
DICK CHENEY COLLABORATED with the ISRAEL/mossad/jewish high command to PLACE finely-tuned nuclear devices - mini fisson/fussion H-bombs - INSIDE the N.Y. WORLD TRADE TOWERS, where they were detonated on 9-11 after the impact of hijacked airliners gave the 'the Neo-Cons' in the  U.S. military & High Command the EXCUSE they were DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR to attack, invade, destroy, and occupy Iraq.
 Whether those airliners were HIJACKED by "Arab terrorists" or  DOV ZAKHEIM's  remote missile guidance & control technology is the last chapter of this foul, demonic,  mass-murderous, INTENTIONAL TERROR & TREASON TO FOMENT WARS horrible story...
  but no one, not even the most rabidly pro-Zionist Neo-Con TRAITOR in Washington D.C.'s demonic, war- & mass-murder lusting 'think tanks' can deny:
  ACCORDING TO  DICK CHENEY and the U.S. government's OWN 9-11 "narrative" official story... the 21 hijackers were from SAUDI ARABIA or Yemen...
  yet Cheney, Wolfowitz, and the TRAITOR NEO-CONS  ATTACKED, INVADED, & OCCUPIED IRAQ... which, under Saddam Hussein, HAD NOT  Sunni AL QAEDA  (nor Shiite) terrorists in large numbers... TODAY,  AFTER the WOLFOWITZ-NETANYAHU  ENGINEERED 9-11 treason/TERROR attacks & subsequent U.S. invasion of Iraq,
 IRAQ IS SWARMING WITH AL QAEDA / ISIS  TERRORISTS... and that's exactly the way the fundamentalist "chosen ones" and their foul partners in crime, genocide, & treason WANT IT !!  

 teaser:  we have been so dumbfounded by these excellent, informative, insightful reports over the past few weeks, that we haven't even been able to address them:
"Did Israel** NUKE America on 9-11?" 
**[Mossad Jews in concert with the TREASONOUS DICK CHENEY and the complicitU.S. High Command] 
We won't even provide a simple hot-link.  
 Americans,  if you want to know what has happened to your country since the stolen election of 2000**  look up the entire collection of these "9-11 was finely-tuned nuclear devices planted prior to airliner impacts" reports at this on-line website;  finely tuned "mini" fission/fussion bombs, aka H-bombs, were used to bring the NY World Trade center buildings down, and to STAMPEDE the American public to support the "gwot" WAR ON HUMANITY that is Dick Cheney, George Bush's,  Paul Wolfowitz,Netanyahu, and the US & Israel high command's WAR ON HUMANITY...
**note:  While Al Gore would not have been as directly involved in NUCLEAR TERRORISM TREASON as Dick Cheney was,  it would have been an immaterial difference:  Vice President Gore's staff (and the entire Clinton-Gore administration) was INFESTED  WITH  the "Democrat" variety of  judeo supremacist "Zionist" Neo-Cons global extortionist 'Manchurian Candidates" & "5th Column saboteurs" ... including RAHM EMANUEL, BOB RUBIN, LARRY SUMMERS, JACOB LEW,  and just about the entire raft of  other Neo-Con traitors  (like Emanuel & Lew) who infested the first term of puppet president Barack Obama's administration
   We can see the awful legacy of these faux 'liberal',  "do-gooder" NEO-CON EXTORTIONISTS in the Democrats'  FRANTIC FERVOR to IMPOSE CARBON TAXES and an entirely new "GLOBAL WARMING" titanic extortion BUREAUCRACY on Americans...
just like DHS and 'the Fed' have been.
 The Gore/Hillary/Pelosi/RedKerry/Obama (et al)  'Democrats' approved  GLOBAL WARMING govt.  APPARATUS would be the holy grail of  judeo domination of life on earth: 

   - TAXING EVERY BREATH of every living carbon organism on planet earth, in markets that would be MANIPULATED and CONTROLLED by GODDAMN-SACHS...

     just as  "former' GODDAMN SACHS PARTNER  GARY GENSLER, IS STILL CONTROLLING WHO GETS AWAY WITH FRAUD in America's critical financial markets, from his perch as  CFTC  CHAIRMAN within the Obama administration's SEC & Treasury Departments... the later of which is CONTROLLED by  GODDAMN-SACHS former CHAIRMAN  BOB RUBIN PROTEGE, and fellow CITI-BANK BAILOUTS EXTORTION APPARATCHIK, orthodox jes Jacob Lew
 (current US TREASURY SECRETARY - i.e. COMMISSAR of GLOBAL FINANCIAL & strategic resource EXTORTION...)  

 update: InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs, in the video at top of this post, demonstrates HOW MASS-MURDEROUSLY HYPOCRITICAL I.S.I.S. TERRORISM SUPPORTING  Vice President Joe Biden really is:  Mr. Biggs dresses up as an I.S.I.S. jihadi terrorists - complete with black garb, face shroud, and a Halloween replica of a decapitated human head as a stage prop,  and simulates an ISIS INVASION OF AMERICA...
  a TERRORIST INVASION that would, in real life,  MEET WITH    the WILLING APPROVAL of  our our TRAITOR, SUBSERVIENT TO NEO-CON & ISIS TERRORISTS  treasonous, greedy pig of a vice president, JOE BIDEN....

[or, potentially, a terrorist "wmd" bomb planting]  
 Stunt took place in exact spot where feds say ISIS terror attack is imminent