Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The EVIL Judeo HIJACKING of America is now COMPLETE: U.S. military ADMITS Plans for MASS EXECUTIONS... of AMERICAN Protesters, in the next INSTIGATED CRISIS...


    The DEMONIC TRAITORS running, ruling  America's government  are  polishing and FINE-TUNING the last facets of 
their WAR ON AMERICANS as we speak...
   using the "TRIP WIRES" of  INSTIGATED WARS  OVERSEAS,  and  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE & repression at home (intentional market crash)   to  INCITE PROTESTS  here in America... 

   which will be dealt with in the usual,  
manner;   directed by the INSANE, TREASONOUS  JEWS and their  stupified, bribed, extorted, & complicit "goyim" partners in crimes, mass-murder, and TREASON - both in and out of government -  against the people & Constitutional governance  of the (late) U.S.A.... 


The evil  JUDEO HIJACKING of America is NOW COMPLETE - awaiting only the  last "TRIGGER" which the evil Jews of the "money power" &  War lobby - deeply embedded in America's government, financial system, and all American social institutions - are frantically polishing up  the last refinements as we speak.

    These DEMONIC GHOULS running America's overseas WARS,    now  have  THREE TRIP-WIRES  to launch NEW WARS overseas which will  INCITE  PROTESTS in America....
 war against Russia in the Ukraine;   war against Iran launched by a jew-state (israel) nuclear attack;  or a U.S. war against Syria
 (which is the back-door to the Iran war the insane jews are so lusting after) 
and the potential for a MASSIVE,  9/11  "black ops" "false flag"   NUCLEAR ATTACK  and/or BIO ATTACK here in America that would  immediately sweep away any public resistance to this judeo bolshevik RED TERROR   reign of Martial Law terror in Amerika.

    Following the model they already established in Ukrainethe  DEMONIC, TRAITOR PIGS  running our "BLACK OPS"  shadow government  will use  hired mercenary  SNIPERS TO SHOOT & KILL POLICE... blame it on the protesters, and then start MASSACRING and MASS-MURDERING those AMERICAN protesters... 

    American,  lawful, constitutionally protected  protesters ACCUSED by the TRAITOR WHORE MEDIA  of  being (or just 'HARBORING')   terrorists, even though this entire vile plan was  [is being!]   concocted deep within the bowels of the U.S. government and Jewish War lobby "think tanks" as we speak...
   exactly as the  Victoria Nuland KAGAN DIRECTED COUP did in the Ukraine back in
   a bloody & mass-murderous coup regime installed by the Jew War Lobby & its puppet USG ("united states" government) minions,    now well along the process of  ETHNICALLY CLEANSING - murdering, wiping out, chasing off -    EIGHT MILLION  Russian speakers from Eastern Ukraine.
  MEET THE TRAITORS  in our State Department,  and in & out of other U.S. gov't.  agencies,  WHO CREATED A MASS-MURDER COUP IN the Ukraine... to  FEED the DEMONIC BLOOD-LUST of the VAMPIRE JEWS who rule America with an evil, genocidal  fist:
          Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

   "CRISIS INITIATION" - Recall the Jewish owned "think tank" war-pig at the Washington Press Club, caught on video ADVOCATING mass-MURDER of  Iranian sailors, by the sinking, underwater, of an Iranian sub to be attacked with a U.S. navy torpedo, as an EXCUSE to PROVOKE the WAR AGAINST IRAN that the treasonous JEW WAR LOBBY is so lusting for.,,,

  The insane, evil, demonic JEWS* HATE EVERYONE
(as directed and manipulated by the "money power" elite who rule over  _even_  the jew war lobby and jewish religious 'leaders')

     -  Russians, Ukrainians, Palestinians, Syrians,  Egyptians, Iraqis, Iranians,   GERMANS, GREEKS,  Spaniards, even harmless Icelanders
(recall that  the financiers who OWN Britain's & Holland's parliaments and political parties  tried to proclaim  Icelanders as "TERRORISTS"  for Iceland voters REFUSING to  "bail out" the bad loans made by those Brit & Dutch  financiers  extortionists)
                                      ...including AMERICANS - 

so it is only because of our COLLECTIVE  STUPIDITY as Americans -
(we define  "STUPIDITY"  here  as "GROSS IGNORANCE about something that THREATENS YOUR LIFE and the lives of your family members;   the details of which are available  IF YOU DECIDE to look in to them") 

     that this  INSANE  JUDEO WAR on humanity - AND AMERICA - is made possible and will proceed in the near future.

   Judaism, the Judeo "g-o-d,"  and the Jewish bible are EXPERTS at BLAMING THE VICTIMS  for being massacred...  
(e.g. the residents of the Canaan Valley,  EXTERMINATED by an evil "g-o-d,"  so he   can make a gift of the "promised land" to his "CHOSEN" demonic ghouls) 

In this case - the stupified American public being herded into an abattoir of gross hatred and ever expanding wars - the victims will deserve their fate, for being parties to the ENGINEERED HATE,  ever expanding WARS OF GENOCIDAL  EXTERMINATION,  and WAR PROFITEERING;  and for being ignorant parties to economic manipulation, financial terrorism, and social  & sabotage;  almost exactly a half century after similar means were used by the "establishment" elites to launch the Vietnam war  and smash heads of war protesters at home...
  Ferguson, Missouri 
  (the most important points that Dr. Ron Paul leaves out, is that these are  _all_  JUDEO WAR LOBBY instigated foreign wars, DIRECTED by  JEWS whose FIRST LOYALTY IS TO ISRAEL, who control the U.S. government & corporate press/media;   and made possible by the TREASONOUS, MOSSAD DIRECTED  terror attacks of 9-11-2001 that swept away rational American public and "national security" discourse...)

 Alex Jones doubles-down on Dr. Paul's warning: 

      The U.S. Military ADMITS to PLANS
   Mr. Jones fails to point out that this is simply the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK RED TERROR of the Russian Communist Revolution,  and it's mass-graves containing tens of millions of murdered souls COMING TO AMERICA...
  because, over the past century,  millions of  jews have migrated from Russia, Ukraine, & Eastern Europe to America... and they have brought their ANCIENT HATREDS and PREJUDICES,  and have BROUGHT THEIR  their RED TERROR  MASS-MURDER, HATE, GENOCIDAL extortion, and  blood lust with them....

  None of the above is surprising... or "anti-semitic." 
   The evil jewish bible ('old testament')  tells JEWS that they should  ENSLAVE  the "heathens"      - non-jews -  around them:

Leviticus 25:44-46    King James Version (KJV)

44 Both thy bondmen [MALE SLAVES]  and thy bondmaids [FEMALE SLAVES], which thou shalt have [OWN], shall be of the heathen [NON-JEWS]   that are round about you;  of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. 
45 Moreover,  of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession.
 [you shall  KIDNAP the CHILDREN of non-jews who dare come to visit  among you,  or trade through JEWISH CONTROLLED TERRITORY, and MAKE THEM YOUR SLAVES]
  46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.
 [the SLAVES you make of non-jews SHALL BE SLAVES FOREVER... and THEIR CHILDREN shall be SLAVES unto YOUR  CHILDREN... FOREVER.]

 THIS PROCESS - of MAKING SLAVES of  those Americans not part of the "CHOSEN" elites - IS WELL UNDERWAY in America, where the thuggish police can ARREST YOU... and the courts and prison system will BURY YOU in the judeo run "criminal justice" legal system prison gulag ... with NO TRIAL  or right to face your accusers:
Chicago police jailed two innocent men for 17 months with no evidence   
Police State USA    August 26, 2014
CHICAGO, IL — Two men were held in jail for nearly a year and a half with no evidence against them, prompting a judge to criticize the “pathetic” police investigation 

   And as we reported long ago, "WHEN ISRAEL IS MIGHTY"  when Judeo elites have sufficient power, wealth, and authority to ATTACK THOSE AROUND THEM... THEY DO!

 Since   "modern"  Judaism is stuck 1,800 years in the past - where  RABBINIC JUDAISM HATES HUMANITY - none of what we have just outlined, above, is the least bit surprising.

 Speaking of  "1,800 years ago" the KITOS WAR - where Jews MASSACRED their  Roman and Greek neighbors - fully  TWO THIRDS of the population of  Cypress and Cyrene  WIPED OUT, and wherever else Jews had been permitted to live in the Roman provinces of the Med.  & Near East WIPED OUT -  by genocidal judeo supremacists on the rampage in 115 AD  - 
   has now come to America...

Army Admits Plan To Execute Americans en masse    Prison Planet.comAug 19, 2014
Special Report: Alex Jones reveals the US military’s plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests. He reveals the documentation that proves how   the protests in Ferguson MI, are JUST THE START  of MARTIAL LAW  tactics in America. 

[i.e.,   the GOD DAMNED  JUDEO BOLSHEVIK  RED TERROR  MASS-MURDER PURGES, and  kissinger/CHERTOFF/sunstein/ross/Emanuel/feinstein/levin/schumer  dhs  GULAGS ARE HERE, and OPEN for business,  in 'ZOG'  occupied America !!! ]


  (the demonic, god-damned jews have a 3,000 year history of MURDERING and TERRORIZING their neighbors,  and AMERICANS are NOW UP for being MARCHED down the SLAUGHTERHOUSE CHUTES...)


                                      (screen-shot from video)  
"Rabbinical Judaism is Judaism THAT HATES HUMANS" 


 bonus:  "How Tyranny Arises" - By GROSS IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, GREED,  SELFISH pursuit of  entertainment & luxury, and  by being manipulated to become SADISTIC & FEARFUL by a treasonous, SABOTAGE, treacherous ruling elite.  

    What Dr. Roberts fails to mention is that those "ELITES" have a well-recorded  2,500 year history of  WANTING TO EXTERMINATE,  ENSLAVE, and EXTORT  the neighbors around them...  as we just outlined above... 
   and as specifically ordered, instructed, directed, nay COMMANDED  by "g-o-d"  in the horrific  pages of the blood drenched bible !!

 How Tyranny Arises
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  8-22-2014

  Law & Order Conservatives continue to shill for police as goon thugs continue to violate constitutional protections and abuse the public:

Gullible Americans have been trained to be fearful of crime, blacks, Muslims, terrorists, “domestic extremists,”  [WHITE SUPREMACISTS, i.e. non-jewish Radical Right-Wing supremacists]   and now Russia. These fears result in the public accepting illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral actions by police and government. With the passage of time the wrongful police and government behavior become institutionalized as the young are born into the system and know no different and the old who remember accountable government and liberty pass away. This is how liberty and freedom die, citizens become serfs, and the rise of tyranny is accomplished.


 When Israel Is Mighty - when Jews are no longer bounded by RESTRAINT,  by the ability of any nation, kingdom,  empire or peoples to resist their dictates   
(much less bounded by any notions of human decency, human dignity or human rights!)
  THEY ARE  IMMEDIATELY ENGAGED, compelled, driven, to first the ENSLAVEMENT, and then the GENOCIDAL DESTRUCTION, of those around them...

as the bible (much less the demonic Talmud)
details  in blood-soaked chapter after grisly, blood-drenched chapter...