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MILLIONS of Americans are NOW LIVING on BORROWED TIME: the DEMONIC 'SSG' "secret shadow government" IS PLANNING MASS-MURDER of AMERICANS in GREATER THAN Commissar RED TERROR numbers....  A  MASSIVE DEATHS From 'VACCINES' Report out of  usa/judeo OCCUPIED UKRAINE, may be a TRIAL RUN for what Awaits Americans... a MASSIVE BIO  WMD  ATTACK by the TRAITORS who RULE America's government... 

"Unconfirmed reports of large numbers of deaths from Vaccines in the Ukraine"
  Friday, Nov 20th, 2009

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that thousands of people in what appears to be a rural area under quarantine in the western Ukraine have been killed by vaccines.
A Ukrainian woman who crossed into neighboring Poland told people there that she had driven into the Ukraine to meet a friend but was stopped about 60 km from the border and told that parts of the Western Ukraine were closed at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the border with Poland.
These people allegedly told her that there were thousands of dead people lying on the streets inside those closed off areas...  (cont'd) 

While the above report is from 2009,  Veterans Today has recently been reporting on U.S. government "black ops" agencies of the multi-billions $$  funded "Secret SHADOW GOVERNMENT"  using vaccination studies and pesticide studies in Georgia, former 'Soviet republic', as cover for  BIO WAR experiments.    

This "conspiracy theory" may not be as "conspiratorial" as it first appears,
    for  everyone acknowledges that the "evil empire" (Soviet Russia) maintained a huge bio-war research community in the USSR  during the Cold War before the 'Soviet Union' (and the Berlin Wall) disintegrated in the early 1990s,

   and no one would contest that American & NATO intel & bio-war experts would want to "mine," or debrief,  former Soviet researchers about everything they knew regarding that  Soviet era bio-war research in the years and decades after the collapse of the USSR.   
    That Soviet era politicians, generals,  and power brokers would sell their own, local people into lives of terror and (de facto) slavery in the Gulags is not contested either.... 

    Thus, using only a minimum of extrapolation,  it is not hard to accept the notion  that multi-million dollars $$  western funded  intel agencies  & bio-war researchers could easily bribe politicians in the totalitarian environment of  Georgia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other former 'Soviet' countries
 (now ruthlessly controlled by the blatantly genocidal, DEMONIC  anglo/euro/amer/judeo  "elites") 
to sell  THOUSANDS of their citizens' lives down the river of  BIO-WAR 'experiments"...

   the by now routine   drum-roll of  serial MASS MURDER CRIMES & ATROCITIES of the "Neo-Con" ruled post 9/11  'war on terra'  era that even the most clueless and politically naïve  of Americans are becoming increasingly familiar with.

  Further well documented historical evidence that buttresses the contention that AMERICA'S "elites" in the SSG (secret shadow government) may be INVOLVED IN ON-GOING  CRIMES & ATROCITIES against hapless populations,
     is that the U.S. government  DID NOT ever PROSECUTE  JAPANESE WAR CRIMINALS  who  perpetrated similar BIO-WAR CRIMES, atrocities, & experiments in CHINA during the years of the Japanese conquest and occupation of China in WWII -
  -  those Japanese researchers GIVEN A FREE PASS by the U.S. high command and  military/intel establishments (the proto-CIA)  in exchange for releasing the gruesome details of  their mass-murderous experiments to the 1945 era American military  intel,  and  chemical- &  bio-war research communities. 

     FURTHER  UNIMPEACHABLE DOCUMENTATION of  the U.S. government's own "CONSPIRACY"  activities in regard to MURDEROUS  bio-war attacks were the ANTHRAX ATTACKS on the U.S. senate offices that "piggy-backed," or  followed shortly after the traumatic 9-11 terror attacks:  

      even if  you discount  the notion that the deadly anthrax attacks attacked the offices of   the two senators who were most effectively blocking the Bush administration's rush

to ram passage of the  DUAL usa/ISRAELI CITIZEN  CHERTOFF written  "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"
down Congress' throats in the immediate, panicked wake of the 9-11-2001 terror attacks
   (Senate Majority Leader Daschle,  and  Senate Judiciary Chairman Leahy's offices were attacked by those deadly letters - these were THE TWO SENATORS  holding up passage of the Bush-Cheney-'DUAL CITIZEN' CHERTOFF written  "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act); 

    and even if you DISCOUNT the (insane!) notion that  "TERRORISTS" who were sufficiently capable of "WEAPONIZING" such a deadly anthrax strain...
would go to all that trouble, and then INCLUDE A WARNING IN THE LETTERS! 

   (instead of FLOODING the White House & Pentagon mail-rooms with more banal, non-threatening letters to actually create a more deadly, mass-murderous terror affect) - 
 -  you still   MUST ACKNOWLEDGE that the U.S. GOVERNMENT  BLAMED TWO DIFFERENT PARTIES -  first  the IRAQ government's alleged "WMD  PROGRAM,"

  - before our vigilant  FBI watchdogs 

(who ignored the 1993 World Trade Center bomb plotters AFTER THEY SET  THAT plot  IN MOTION! - says the god-damned SULZBERGER, 'Neo-Con  wars, genocide, & police-state central'    jewish owned NEW YORK TIMES!) 

finally settled on their third  and final scapegoat victim  "anthrax terror suspect",
 U.S. AMRID  Bio-War scientist BRUCE IVINS  - who was probably "suicided" or  HOUNDED TO DEATH by an FBI and  state (usg)  TERROR apparatus  that was DESPERATE to stop 

further American public examination of the horrific possibility that the U.S. government was actively TERRORIZING and murdering ITS OWN subjects  'citizens' to provide the (jew) War Lobby with the excuse they needed to unleash the U.S. military to bomb, attack, invade, occupy, partition, and turn Iraq into an Al Qaeda run hellhole immediately after the 9-11 attacks went down

(while keeping Iraq's oil off the market, and thus boosting the prices the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and other Rotschield's "allied" Gulf Arab oil despots could get  for their oil - and their anglo/amer/judeo partners in crimes &  global energy extortion could 'earn' in profits). 


 IF the DEMONIC  TONY BLAIR would  advise the Kazakh dictator on how to WHITEWASH the   MASSACRES of  Kazakh citizens  protesting the regime's brutal corruption...

Tony Blair with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev
who he gave PR advice to over the massacre of civilians
...and if  the insanely evil TONY  BLAIR would profit  from the NATO BOMBING, al Qaeda/ISIS TERRORIST INVASION &  LOOTING and MASS-MURDER inflicted on the people of Libya... Blair's paymasters  at JP Morgan/Chase bank**   (and here, and here) could STEAL Libya's gold & oil...
** (a wholly owned subsidiary of the evil, vampire ROTSCHIELDS/WARBURG/Lazard global financial extortion shadow empire)

TONY BLAIR - hired as PIMP, WHORE & press/PR crimes  WHITEWASHER for

    ...does anyone for a moment doubt that Blair and his  successors in Britain and  U.S. governments  would  SEND THOUSANDS of  GEORGIANS, UKRAINIANS, (Russians, SYRIANS, Libyans, Iraqis  & & & ...) to their doom??? 

  For those who might believe the above sentence, "that Blair and his  successors in Britain and  U.S. governments  would  SEND THOUSANDS of  GEORGIANS, UKRAINIANS, (Russians, SYRIANS, Libyans, Iraqis  & & & ...) to their doom???"  

     might be an exaggeration, here is a sad reminder from just a few months ago,  when "Democrat" WHORES to the GENOCIDAL  BANKERS  "U.S."  Secretary of Defense "Smiling Leon" Panetta, and "U.S." Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were busy funding "REBEL FIGHTERS" in SYRIA.... also known as "I.S.I.S. TERRORISTS," 
or more simply as rebranded,  AL QAEDA,  SUNNI  FUNDAMENTALIST JIHADIS mass-murdering terrorists!

Despite the confusing sub-headlines, "Obama REJECTS calls to ARM REBELS in Syria" 

the grim fact is that the HILLARY, PANETTA, OBAMA, PELOSI
FEINSTEIN, SCHUMER, LEVIN,  and _all_ the 'Democrats'  have _all_ BEEN FUNDING 
mass-MURDEROUS jihadi  TERRORISTS in SYRIA... for YEARS!  (and here)

     Don't forget, the VICTORIA nuland KAGAN  judeo war-lobby/u.s. state department  concocted  _plan_ for  the Ukraine...

 is to get hapless cannon-fodder Ukrainians, backed by the U.S. NATO, and israel militaries,

   to KILL, WIPE-OUT, EXTERMINATE, or "ethnically cleanse"  EIGHT MILLION Russian speaking nationals from Eastern Ukraine!

who are certainly  CAPABLE of  MURDERING THOUSANDS of  hapless Ukrainians or Georgians in  BIO WAR 'experiments' -  

   these demonic TRAITOR PIGS in the USA & Britain governments are, as we speak, KILLING TENS of THOUSANDS of SYRIANS
with their 3 year  PROXY AL QAEDA/ISIS  TERRORIST invasion/ WAR there...  

Senator LUGAR DEFENDED  U.S. funded BIO-WAR LABS in (former USSR Soviet republic) Georgia as "preventing disease" and  "providing biosafety & security."

    Right.   And the "EXPERTS"  who DID NOTHING to prevent 9-11 going  down,
 (if, that is, the airliners weren't remotely piloted by Dov Zakheim's missile technology remote over-ride systems; = pure treason)

 have made America "SAFER" since their  titanic 9-11 treason 'failure' ....  

 IS THERE NOT ONE  honest, pro-American SENATOR  left in the house of  traitors, liars, thieves, and  genocidal whores that is the U.S.  ISIS/al-Qaeda SPONSORING  U.S. Senate???? 

  is there  NOT ONE  U.S. senator, who DARES STAND UP to OPPOSE FUNDING ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria... or BIO-WAR ATTACKS on CIVILIANS in Georgia, the Ukraine......and....  

           in the (late) U.S.  A...!!!

(former) Senator Richard Lugar DEFENDS U.S. BIOWAR LABS in GEORGIA...
it is quite amazing how "little money there is in DEBT RIDDEN AMERICA..
but how many BILLIONS of dollars $$  "U.S." Senators & Con-gress-critters will appropriate for SSG
"secret shadow government"   black-ops, WARS & TERROR/mass-murder programs across the globe..!!

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2013 (RIA Novosti) – A US-funded laboratory in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, accused by a prominent Russian official Monday of developing biological weapons, has been repeatedly touted by US officials as a key tool in guarding the region against dangerous infectious diseases.
“This laboratory has the potential to become a regional center for disease surveillance, research, as well as biosafety and security,” US Sen. Richard Lugar said in a speech last year at the christening of the laboratory that bears his name in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, several months before he retired from the Senate.
The laboratory, formally known as the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, became the target of a renewed attack by Russian authorities Monday when Gennady Onishchenko, head of the state consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, expressed “extreme concern” about the lab.
“According to our assessments, this laboratory constitutes an important offensive link in the US military-biological capability,” Onishchenko was quoted by Russian media as saying, adding that compounds developed at the facility could be secretly employed to destabilize the political and economic situation in Russia.
It was the latest in a series of accusations this year by Onishchenko that the research center could be used for nefarious purposes, allegations that US and Georgian officials have repeatedly denied.
“There still seems to be misperception that this laboratory is a military facility or is engaged in biological weapons research which is absurd,” Richard Norland, the US ambassador to Georgia, said in July.
Washington has funded the research center to the tune of $150 million since its groundbreaking in 2004, according to US officials, an initiative that came in the wake of the Rose Revolution that swept US ally Mikheil Saakasvhili to the Georgian presidency.
Saakashvili’s ascent rattled officials in Moscow, many of whom saw the revolution as engineered by the United States and its allies at the expense of Russian interests.
Years of diplomatic tensions between Washington and Moscow ensued as Saakashvili sought greater integration with the West, with the nadir coming during Russia’s crushing victory against Georgian forces in a brief 2008 war over the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
The laboratory opened in March 2011 as the Central Public Health Research Laboratory, with Lugar saying it will “serve as a manifestation of America’s commitment to Georgia.”
The US Army Medical Department’s Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) has been tasked with training Georgian scientists at the lab in areas such as “pathogen research, biosecurity, biosurety and facility operations and maintenance,” according to the USAMRMC.
The goal of the US military and the Georgian government “is to address the threat of infectious diseases at the source with approaches that utilize modern technological developments applied from the rapidly expanding knowledge base in public and animal health,” Jamie Blow, director of Overseas Operations for Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, said last year.
Onishchenko said last year that an outbreak of African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) in southern Russia was the result of “economic subversion” by Georgia
Swine fever outbreaks can seriously impair the animal breeding industry because the disease can neither be treated nor prevented by vaccination, and Onishchenko suggested in July that the virus had likely come to Russia from the US-funded laboratory in Georgia.
Russia’s objections to the lab have come from more powerful corners of the government than its consumer protection watchdog. In an apparent reference to the facility, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in July that it has “serious concerns” about “the US Defense Department’s biological activity near Russia’s borders.”
US officials have said the facility is run by the Georgian government and have dismissed accusations that secretive research is being conducted there.
“It’s an open, transparent facility,” Norland said earlier this year
  [The  TRAITORS running the U.S. government have  'NO MONEY'  for schools or to REBUILD AMERICA's CITIES... but spend unknown millions $$ and  BILLIONS of dollars  to fund "anthrax research" in Georgia and god-know-where else!] 
 “We believe there is interest, including from Russian scientists, in taking advantage of the resources of this state-of-the-art facility and we hope they’ll do that”...  (cont'd)

    Secret Bio-War Program Discovered in Georgia  (former USSR)
  by Jeffrey K. Silverman, Veterans Today,  Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Tbilisi GeorgiaFor years there was no program for the vaccination of livestock in the Republic of Georgia.
The Georgian government claimed that it had no money for a preventative vaccine program.
But all the while the US government was studying new strains of anthrax which were supposedly evolving in the wild here, among livestock herds.

Georgia should have enough vaccines and scientific knowledge of its own, without importing them from other countries.
It has a strong medical research tradition dating back to Soviet times, having been the home of institutes such as Biokombinat in Tabakhmela (near Tbilisi, the capital) which produced live vaccines against foot–and-mouth disease, and the Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, which manufactured vaccines against rabies, anthrax, etc.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 there was a significant outflow of military microbiologists and so-called “former weapon scientists”— professionals in the fields of weapons of mass destruction in general and bioweapons in particular—to other institutions, private companies and foreign countries.
But to replace them Georgia has turned to a dubious cadre of foreign experts who are tied to defence contractors and research institutions in the US and UK. They include university researchers and associates of Bechtel National, the company which sold gas to Iraq so it could use it against the Kurds...    (cont'd) 


  The U.S. bio-war, 'national security' and intel & military communities - all  abjectly controlled by the  _blatantly_  genocidal judeo elites in the 2 decades leading up to and following  the 9-11 NY/DC terror attacks -

   are like pigs wallowing in slop in their ability to wallow in billions upon tens of billions of dollars of "SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT"  U.S. taxpayers appropriated monies they spend...  

whether  the  demonic jewess traitor  Victoria Nuland KAGAN 
 (the HILLARY spokesperson nominally 'Democrat'  wife of  Bush-Cheney REPUPBLICAN   PNAC supporter Robt Kagan)

spending FIVE BILLION American taxpayer dollars to  FUND the MOST MURDEROUS, RADICAL  neo-Nazi UKRAINIAN FASCISTS in the mass-murderous COUP  she directed in the Ukraine,

     or her even more "off screen"  counterparts,   like Defense Department COMMISSAR of FRAUD & TITANIC EMBEZZLEMENT  Rabbi Dov Zackheim
mysteriously presiding over  2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in "missing"  Defense Department funds   in the  months before 9-11 went down...

     The more monies these insane  Neo-Cons amass unto their secret government 'war on terra' programs, departments, and agencies,  


  at  hiring terrorists to destroy nations, and  at perpetrating and covering up mass-murders...   

  just see the Netanyahu  jews and the DEATH CAMP they have made of GAZA,
   or the  ISIS/al QAEDA  PROXY TERRORISTS WARS they have launched  in SYRIA, Libya, Iraq... now spreading to Ukraine, Chechnya, Russia, and all across the globe! 

Genocidal jewish 'PNAC' traitor  rabbi Dov ZAKHEIM -
DoD COMPTROLLER  who presided over  $2.3 TRILLION 'missing' 
from Defense Department funds in the nine months before 9-11-2001...

certainly capable of doing to RUSSIANS, Ukrainians, Georgians, and AMERICANS,
what Netanyahu, et al, are doing  to Gazans;  or  their ISIS  proxy Terrorist wars
are doing to Syrians,  Iraqis, & & &...