Tuesday, July 15, 2014

VT: a Massive NUCLEAR attack... a _nuclear_ 'FALSE FLAG' Treason/TERROR-ATTACK ON AMERICA, in FINAL STAGES of Preparation, by our TREASONOUS and mass-murderous AMERICAN HIGH COMMAND...

"A massive terror attack in America, staged by right wing extremists, AIDED BY ISRAEL, is getting near.  The evidence is overwhelming.  It is becoming increasingly hard for them to suppress."

Well, the "good news" is the nightmare  that we have been so  *horrified*  to research in to &  learn about over the past dozen+ years  is NOW OUT IN THE OPEN,  in the well researched & easily seen pages of   VeteransToday and other genuinely informative news & strategic analysis sites on-line
  (including GlobalResearch.com, InfoWars.com, PaulCraigRoberts.com, commentary by Dr. Francis Boyle, foreign news sources that are waking up,  and many, many other excellent and dedicated researchers.)

   The  BAD NEWS is that the criminal, serially treasonous PERPETRATORS are like crazed animals, like MAD DOGS, like TRAPPED RATS - they  *MUST*  "move forward" with their massive, and massively mass-murderous  WAR AGAINST AMERICANS plans,

 because otherwise Americans will eventually  wake up to the treason and false-flag terror attacks of the past decade...
and those who are at the apex of American power & finance, would find themselves locked up in max-security prison  for life.

  So, while we may have trumpeted "THE END OF AMERICA" headlines before,
(notably those by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts)

you must understand that "the power elite,"   or  the ruling junta, or   "the dark" or "black government"  have had  the power to CRASH the financial system and  entire American economy - much less instigate & perpetrate massive  'false flag" terror attacks - for months if not years now...

 ...but  they -  who think they are in control of the ENGINEERED COLLAPSE of the American economy,  and looming "WAR ON TERROR" purges   __against the American people__ 

 - are simply  waiting  to get "all their ducks in a row" so they can *MANUFACTURE*  their critical,  TREASON/TERROR    "blame patsies & scapegoats" false-flag  __NARRATIVE__   without too many loose ends; to where they will have sufficient "plausible deniability",

 to where they can OVERWHELM and cow  the American public  to tolerate the IMMEDIATE SLAUGHTER of  10% of the American population without too much resistance,

....which is always the FIRST STEP in the Red Terror PURGES, 
which then allow the unelected 'COMMISSARIAT' (our term) 'elites' - the mega-wealthy dominated by the judeo financiers (Rotschields, et al)  and  jewish war-lobby  apparatchiks in the U.S. government and their bribed, blackmailed, and extorted gentile (or 'goyim') partners in crimes, treason, & false-flag, al-Qaeda-terrorist-supporting-sabotage-traitors
to get down to the real business:

ELIMINATING ENTIRE SWATHS of  the population,  as Kaganovich, Yezhov, Frankel (and Stalin) et al's "Holodomor"  wiped out over 1/4,  over one quarter of the Ukraine population, and completely wiped out entire communities and regions within the Ukraine.

 Those RED TERROR mass-murder and wholesale 'cleansing' purges  are, in turn,
 based on the JUDEO ENSLAVEMENTS, MASSACRES, BLOOD PURGES, and  "ethnic cleansing" premeditated GENOCIDES (allegedly)* perpetrated by Jews against the Canaanites, Amalakites, Moabites, Midianites, and so many other peoples,  
so proudly recounted in the jewish "holy" (sic) bible.** 


* note 1: the archaeological evidence _does not support_ the waves of massacres and wholesale destruction of towns and villages - much less walled cities and kingdoms - as reported  in the jewish bible's "promised land," Exodus, Joshua, & conquest of Canaan narratives... and so proudly recounted by jews who CLAIM DIVINE RIGHT to live in the region precisely because of the massacres & genocides they claim their forefathers perpetrated in the past!

...EVEN AS THEY WAIL about getting _the same_ "massacres & genocide treatment" they so happily & proudly dished out to other peoples,  
  from other people,
whether in Germany the 1940s, or from the Cossacks in the 1700s, or (allegedly)  by the Amalakites 2,500 years ago!

** note 2: the IRISH HOLOCAUST, more popularly known as the "Great Famine" or "the Irish potato famine of 1845"  was actually just one of a SERIES  of FAMINES that the Irish endured centuries of  under brutal, English occupation.  
   Recall that Jonathan Swift's famous English language satire, "A MODEST PROPOSAL"  describing FAMINE CONDITIONS in Ireland under English occupation, was written in 1729...

but the "real" GREAT FAMINE  didn't come along until over a hundred years later!

  The "great famine"  aka  THE IRISH HOLOCAUST   _preceded_  the Trotsky, Lenin, Kaganovich, and Stalin's  RED TERROR  man-made FAMINES and mass-murder purges  in the 'Soviet Union'  by over 6 decades... and actually used identical tactics,  including the critical tactic of  suppressing world opinion from condemning the atrocities, by putting up a ring of steel (embargo enforcing ships of the royal navy) to close off Ireland from the rest of the world, and
by CO-OPTING  world elites, and especially the elites who owned  the press/media worldwide...
  ...including even the  COMPLICITY of  the  clergy and high officials of the IRISH CATHOLIC CHURCH,  in Ireland and in Rome... at the very height of the British food seizures during the famine!

  Thus the anglo/judeo "Money Power" ALREADY HAS  ONE  MASS-MURDER FAMINE PURGE of  WHITE EUROPEANS under it's belt... not even counting the American Great Depression, or the rape of the German economy by British, French, & 'American' bankers after WWI, or the Armenian holocaust, or the Boer War and death camps for civilians in South Africa  (etc.) !!



     jewish hedge-fund operator and former GoddamnSachs 'trader'  Jim Cramer personally illustrates the FRANTIC, MANIC, PANIC of  hedge fund operators and market traders who HAVE MADE BIG BETS   __ON LEVERAGE__  (= credit, = debt)  that go badly, that go against them....
they will do ANYTHING to prevent GOING BANKRUPT on their bad trades  

 INCLUDING  ROBBING EVERYONE ELSE,   by "massaging" the markets to make the trades go in their direction, by LYING to the financial press, and SPREADING ORDERS around anonymously through different agents, in order to INCITE HERD BEHAVIOR;

  in order to INCITE either a market PANIC, or  a market buying spree.
 (That is, if the public saw ONE buyer purchase a huge quantity of stocks, they would know that something was up... so Cramer explains how market manipulators SPREAD their buying out over many anonymous traders & agents... a tactic the Rotschields perfected in London markets 200 years ago.)  


   You make  HUGE BETS simply out of GREED - you are not actually PRODUCING anything, you are NOT   _creating_ wealth, you are simply trying to suck-up the wealth other people have already created - and then, when your bets fail,  you go in to a head-smashing PANIC,  to where you will drag everyone  down with you, and try to lie, cheat, and steal your way out of the hole you put yourself in... as ferociously as the TRAPPED RATS of  Nazi propaganda!    
   It is  "zero sum game" - for them to "make money"  (take a profit)  means other people are LOSING money.
  Those "other people" are the peons, dweebs, savers, and pensioners who have no idea what is going on... the American public.

  If you successfully "massage" a given stock or financial asset long enough and hard enough, you will eventually SUCK  ALL THE WEALTH OUT OF IT... leaving "buy and hold" investors holding nothing but worthless scraps of paper
("diluting" a victim's share of stock ownership is exactly the same as diluting, or debasing, the money supply).

  Multiply the scenario Cramer explains - using several million dollars to artificially inflate,  "pump up" or 'dump' - "trash talk" a given stock or bond  to incite a buying spree or panic  - by a million (1,000,000)  times, to get the ROOT CAUSE of America's  current  'LEVERAGED' TO INFINITY financial crisis...
   'they' - the TREASONOUS,  SERIALLY LYING  'Fed' banksters and mega-millionaires behind the Fed -  CAN NOT  "pull back" on Quantitative Easing,  because  you CAN NOT  quietly end a Ponzi scheme until it crashes.