Tuesday, July 15, 2014

update: DID the demonic NETANYAHU-Likud regime COLLABORATE with AL QAEDA, to KILL 3 Israeli (jewish) TEENAGERS? Judeo 'elites' can be NO LESS RUTHLESS against "fellow jews" than they are regarding other "enemies" - just look at the graves of jewish victims of the Jewish Mob...

Did the Jewish HIGH COMMAND (israel military, Mossad, and Netanyahu regime) 
CONSPIRE with AL QAEDA, to kidnap and  
MURDER  3 israeli,   JEWISH Teenagers??!!  
 A preponderance of evidence points to this dismal, horrible, ghoulish possibility... 
"Did the ISRAEL high command COLLUDE with AL QAEDA - 
ISIS terrorists -to KIDNAP & MURDER 3  _israeli_,  JEWISH teenagers?  
the preponderance of evidence suggests... yes... of course 
the israel high command WILL KILL "fellow JEWS" to get what they want.
"Did Israel COLLUDE with ISIS TERRORISTS  to create the pretext for the bombardment of Gaza, which has killed almost 200 people, most of them innocent civilians?    Israel [has been] previously CAUGHT WORKING WITH TERRORIST groups  to demonize Palestinians."
 In our previous report, we highlighted evidence that suggests that the demonic jewish regime of ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER 

of  THREE  ISRAELI (jewish) TEENAGERS...  

for the specific purpose of giving the JEWISH (israel) MILITARY the  EXCUSE they were looking for to BOMB Gaza, inflict massive casualties and terror, and continue to encroach on Palestinian lands and steal Palestinian property... 

as this below photo-montage from Jan. 2009 illustrates... 

  The Jews - given  BILLIONS  of dollars by American taxpayers - can't help  but want to  STEAL, ROB, and destroy the property of their Palestinian neighbors...  

  They can't help it!

They have been  INDOCTRINATED from birth to HATE and DESPISE 
(and thus want to kill & exterminate) their neighbors -  the non-Jews around them!

  AND DON'T FORGET:  While the demonic Likud/Netanyahu/AIPAC  JEWS have been SUPPLYING  & SUPPORTING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in SYRIA to KILL CHRISTIANS there over the past few years...
   ...back in 1982, the  evil, demonic  jews under Netanayahu's equally judeo supremacist predecessor of a Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, PLAYED THE OTHER SIDE of  "divide & conquer" instigate HATE  coin   in the region:
    they   INSTIGATED the MASSCRE of Palestinian Muslims BY  Christian killers in the Lebanese, Phalange Christian militia:

  "On the night of Sept. 16, 1982, the Israeli military ALLOWED a right-wing Lebanese militia to enter two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. In the ensuing three-day rampage, the militia, linked to the Maronite Christian Phalange Party, RAPED, KILLED, and DISMEMBERED at LEAST 800 civilians,  WHILE Israeli flares  illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways. Nearly all of the dead were women, children and elderly men."
'HARVEST' ofcorpses of the JEWISH ORCHESTRATED Sabra & Shatila massacres - 
the jewish 'holy' bible repeats  the theme that TURNING LIVING PEOPLE in to CORPSES... IS the  HANDIWORK, ACCOMPLISHMENT(s), and  divinely ordered (as "commanded by g-o-d") PURPOSE of the demonic judeo war tribe... even if, as in this instance, they have to hire and instigate PROXIES (Phalange Christian militia then... AL QAEDA Wahabi/Salafist terrorists today) to accomplish their bloody, diabolical purpose...