Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SLAVERY - PRISON LABOR and the govt/corp. INCENTIVE to KEEP PRISONS FULL - is NOW HERE, and Firmly ENTRENCHED in the late "U.S.A."...

SLAVERY MAKES A RETURN to America:  corporations 
(via their criminally corrupt, bribed, blackmailed, and extorted Con-gress,  presidents, judges, and other politicians)
now use PRISON LABOR to UNDERCUT American wages.

The PRESSURE on COURTS, POLICE, JUDGES, and government officials to FEED THE SLAVE MARKET - keep prisons full - is relentless.
Thanks to the WHORE, TRAITOR presstitute media in America,  "our" government, police, & courts now WANT TO THROW US IN PRISON, to MAKE SLAVES of us... just as the demonic jewish bible (Old Testament) COMMANDS jews to do to "the heathens around them."

The Stealing of America by the Cops, the Courts, the Corporations and Congress:
America's METASTASIZING PRISON LABOR force, FUELED by CORPORATE GREED and CORRUPT government officials...
by John W. Whitehead, the Rutherford Institute, July 22, 2014

...93 cents an hour for forced, prison labor in service to for-profit corporations such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Walmart, and Victoria’s Secret.    What this forced labor scheme has created, indirectly or not, is a financial incentive for both the corporations and government agencies to keep the prisons full to capacity. 
A good portion of the 2 million prisoners in public facilities are forced to work for corporations, making products on the cheap, undermining free laborers, and increasing the bottom line for many of America’s most popular brands. “Prison labor reportedly produces 100 percent of military helmets, shirts, pants, tents, bags, canteens, and a variety of other equipment. PRISON LABOR  makes circuit boards for IBM, Texas Instruments, and [JEWISH OWNED] Dell. Many McDonald’s uniforms are sewn by inmates. Other corporations—Microsoft, Victoria’s Secret, Boeing, Motorola, Compaq, Revlon, and Kmart—also benefit from prison labor.”
 In sum, AMERICA's COURTS, police departments, judges, and other government officials are now CONSPIRATORS, COLLABORATORS,  COMPLICIT in the BREAKING OF LAWS  to FORCE AMERICANS IN TO PRISONS.... for  SLAVERY. 

   In particular, EVERY POLICE DEPARTMENT IN AMERICA engages in the tactic of  EXAGGERATING the "criminal offense" they charge arrested suspects with.
  A woman in handcuffs, restrained by police, is charged with AGGRAVATED ASSAULT if she kicks out at police who are dragging her around like a rag doll.
 In many tens of thousands of cases, this includes arresting officers simply MAKING CHARGES UP -    under the doctrine that ANYONE who even ATTRACTS  POLICE ATTENTION is "a suspect," criminal, and... TERRORIST !!  
 MAKING UP, or EXAGERATING charges is  THE CRIME OF PERJURY.. which happens in every court house in America, every single day....


Nathan Rothschild, founder of the British branch of the family bank and undisputed wealthiest man in the world, got his start in England as a textile trader 
(a german/judeo importer based in Frankfurt,  he moved to England to be closer to the scene of production; where he became  AN EXPORTER of  textiles to Germany & Europe)
 in the industrial town of  Manchester, England.  Much of Britain's burgeoning textile trade came from SLAVE GROWN COTTON, indigo, hemp, and other products,  including from the United States, so there can be no doubt that much of the palatial wealth seen in this picture was from funds that "trickled upwards" from slave hands worked to death in the fields. 
The notion that the Rothschilds  would not, or did not, actively participate in the FINANCING of SLAVERY, and slave produced products, is naive - as late as the late 1800s, on the very eve of World War I,  the Rothschilds bankers were indisputably profiting from the SLAVE COLLECTED rubber & ivory of close family ally King Leopold II's so-called "Belgian Free State Congo" - which Leopold ran as a slave plantation, torturing, terrorizing, and extorting the entire region, and ultimately EXTERMINATING up to 40% of the population.... 

In the past 200 years, there has only been one great issue where the London branch of the Rothschilds genocidal, loan-sharking, wars & colonial  extortion financing judeo  'banking' house actively confronted the British public, and was forced to back down:  and that issue was SLAVERY.

 The British public well understood that their treasonous elites
(the british nobility/aristocracy, who btw since William the Conqueror in 1066 have been descended from FOREIGNERS and their heirs)
would love to profit from, and command the power over, slaves & slavery 
IN  1800's ENGLAND,
so the public demanded an end to slavery, the abolition of slavery throughout the British empire.

   Nathan Rothschild (the 'wunderkind' founder of the British branch) was forced to back down from his SUPPORT for the expansion & continuation of slavery 
(slavery would of course proceed apace in the United States  Deep South right  up to the Civil War in 1861)

but he got his revenge:   Parliament authorized government "REPARATIONS" for slave "owners" who were forced to free 'their' slaves.

      i.e. A   TAX ON THE PEOPLE,  handed to THE ELITES who owned the SLAVE PLANTATIONS... with wealthy jews like the Rothschilds having long before learned to keep their names out of the limelight of slave plantations, and operate behind Christian partners & front men.

 Thus the Rothschilds supported the notions of   both SLAVERY - some men "OWNING" other men, women, & children as SLAVES  by dint of MURDER, TORTURE and the applied terrorism (that is slavery).. and  supported   EXTORTING, via gov't. taxes,   the people and governments of 'modern', democratic nations like 19th century Britain to make up for the "property rights" accrued to wealthy elites 
 from the violence, murder, terror, & torture of slavery! 

Despite the British abolition of slavery,  
the JEWISH BANKING HOUSES  _continued_ to PROFIT FROM SLAVERY for the remainder of the 19th century...

not least because the British East India Company conquest, subjugation, and occupation of India and in particular Bengal's fertile fields was slavery in all but name
(and the OPIUM that British merchants exported to China  ENSLAVED and subjugated  that entire empire to brutal economic RAPE and serial,  genocidal wars & revolts)
and of course EVEN AGAINST WHITE EUROPEAN farmers in South Africa,
 where the Rotschields and their Anglo front man,  CECIL RHODES,  hired PRIVATE MERCENARIES to INVADE the Boer Republic,  which PROXY, TERRORIST INVASION was suitably played by the ROTHSCHILDS OWNED  LONDON PRESS, to whip the British people into a frenzy supporting an all-out,  British military invasion of South Africa against the Boers
(complete with British run CONCENTRATION/death CAMPS for the families of Boer fighters).

The outstanding 1 hour historical documentary video, "MONEY'S PROPHETS"  outlines the close ties between the judeo ROTHSCHILDS  banking houses in London and Europe, and the "minor" European nobility  House of Sax-Coburg-Gotha... which, with judeo financial support,  would go on to provide heirs and consorts to the great thrones of Europe,
including British Queen Victoria and all of her descendants:

Partners in crimes, wars, brutal exploitation, and genocide:
 coat-of-arms of House of Sax-Coburg-Gotha (left) and the Rothschilds judeo global  extortion banking cabal (r) 

Belgian financiers (and, presumably, the Belgian people) may have PROFITED from King Leopold II's
"unknown" RAPE, ENSLAVEMENT, and GENOCIDE of  the Africa Congo river basin...
 but WWI would soon erupt and devastate the Belgian landscape...  

as with the Rothschilds, much of the  palatial wealth, riches, & power  of Belgian King Leopold II (seen here as young prince standing next to his father, Leopold I) of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was gained from WARS... or from BRUTAL EXPLOITATION of labor, in this case, the ENSLAVEMENT of MILLIONS of 'Belgian' Congo Africans, and genocidal extermination of up to 40% of the population... in the late 1800s just before turn of century!

Belgian 'Free State'  Congo ATROCITIES - notice the EUROPEANS behind the next victims

Grim details of a GENOCIDE - perpetrated in the "modern" era just 50 years before World War II"s so-called Jewish 'holocaust.'    THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT that WEALTHY JEWISH BANKERS  PROFITED FROM the  SLAVERY, TERROR, TORTURE, RAPE,   brutal EXTORTION... and  GENOCDE  
that Belgian King Leopold II's agents perpetrated in the so-called Belgian Free State Congo"  in the African Congo River basin in the late 1800s...
 up to 40% of the entire population of the region EXTERMINATED, as the Rothschilds counted their blood-drenched profits in their London, Amsterdam, Belgium (& etc.) banking houses...

OF BELGIAN KINGS, Past & Present  
by The Cotton Bowl Conspiracy,  7-22-2013     http://southcarolina1670.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/of-belgian-kings-past-and-present/

Under Leopold’s rule, Belgium exploited the Congo Free State for decades, resulting in the deaths of millions of native Africans in a harrowing bit of colonialism that is all but forgotten today.

Leopold was envious of the colonial empires of other European nations and spent 20 years trying to acquire territory to satiate his desire for a far-flung realm.

He finally found it in 1885 when he finagled control of the Congo Free State, much of which is today’s Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But instead of having Belgium control the vast African colony, Leopold was himself the founder and sole owner of the Congo Free State.

British editorial cartoon showing Leopold II as a rubber vine entwined around African native.
British editorial cartoon showing Leopold II as a rubber vine entwined around African native.

From the outset, Leopold, employing his own mercenary army known as the Force Publique, ran the Congo for his personal gain.

Leopold operated the territory as little more than an expansive, brutal work camp  [SLAVE PLANTATION], exploiting its people and resource to a degree almost unimaginable.

He earned a fortune from the Congo; at first from the collection of ivory, then later, after a rise in the price of rubber in the 1890s, by forcing the population to collect sap from rubber plants.  
Villagers were required to collect massive amounts of rubber, and workers who failed to meet quotas had their hands cut off.
Many Congolese were beaten to death, starved, executed outright or died of disease in addition to being mutilated.

According to author Adam Hochschild in
  King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa,
the Congo Free State lost approximately half its population between the mid-1880s and the early 1900s, about 10 million people. Other estimates have ranged as high as 15 million dead.

 There can hardly be any doubt: 
IN AMERICA today,  much less in the outright war-zones of Afghanistan,  Libya, Syria, Iraq (again), Sudan, Russia-Ukraine,  


from the massacres and murders of millions 
 are all making a comeback...
 under well groomed but  genocidal psychopath overlords,  
in the name of "freedom, liberty, and democracy" of course.