Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jewish WAR vs HUMANITY, as of July 2014.... serial TREASON and TERROR ATTACKS against the people and security of America...

 As the jewish war state (israel) high command was once again caught STAGING  a provocation - the alleged kidnapping of 3 israeli teenagers - to justify their  MASSIVE BOMBARDMENT of homes, apartments, and civilians caught in the judeo run DEATH CAMP Gaza this past week,  we take a quick detour to summarize the metastasizing  demonic JUDEO WAR LOBBY war on humanity this July, 2014:

    NETANYAHU ENDORSES ISIS INVASION OF IRAN  - profiting from wars, and the mass-murders (and enslavement) of humans, is what the demonic judeo elites and their war tribe are all about for the past 2,500 years... and now they are armed with nuclear weapons, and abjectly CONTROL the captured, blackmailed, puppet governments and militaries of England, France, other Nato countries... and America...

below video:
     The September 11, 2001 multiple  hijacked airliners terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C.  were the culmination of  MASSIVE  ISRAELI INVOLVEMENT in, and SABOTAGE OF,  America's genuine national security.   This video is an excellent primer to that massive Israeli participation in the 9-11 terror attacks against America.
If possible, download and save this video, for the time swiftly approaching when "they" -  the criminal, traitor saboteurs - BLACK OUT  _our_ American internet.

 If you don't want to believe the evidence presented in this video, you still have 2 major obstacles to overcome:  
#1.)  why did the WOLFOWITZ/perle/feith/libby/wurmser/zacheim/podhoretz/chertoff/mukasey   (et al) JEWS in the TOP RANKS of the Bush administration - every one of them a self-professed "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERT" -   do NOTHING to avenge the al Qaeda terrorist bombing attack on the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole in a Yemen harbor on October 20th, 2000 for over a year until after the 9-11 attacks?

 Not only did THESE TRAITOR   JEW  APPARTCHIKS in the highest levels of the U.S. government, White House, and Defense Department DO NOTHING to avenge the sailors killed by the  al Qaeda bomb-blast on the USS cole...  but they didn't even talk about it!

jew "PNAC"  "national security expert" TRAITORS in the
bush-cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby-Perle-Feith-Wurmser-Zackheim-Podhoretz-Bolton administration (et al) STONEWALLED, obstructed, and buried  _any_ American retaliation against al Qaeda for the suicide bomb attack on the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor in Oct. of 2000, for one reason:
so they could get their precious "NEW PEARL HARBOR" MASS-MURDER TERROR ATTACK on Americans, to allow them to unleash and direct a mass-murder & total destruction U.S. military invasion of Iraq in 2003....

NOT ONE of   these "national security experts"  PNAC  rat-finks  GAVE A RAT's ASS for 
an al QAEDA SUICIDE BOMB ATTACK on a U.S. navy ship for almost a year after that attack??!  


"BURY al Qaeda as a news story in America, UNTIL  9-11 goes down",
 the plot that would give the Jew Warmongers the excuse they were looking for to DIRECT the U.S. military to bomb, invade, occupy, loot,  destroy & extort Iraq.  

#2.)  EVEN ACCORDING TO THEIR - the treasonous jew "PNAC" warmongers and their press/media COLLABORATORS IN TREASON -  OWN  9-11 script... the 9-11 HIJACKERS WERE SAUDIS...
 yet the jewish owned media felled forests of trees, and spilled oceans of ink, to present IRAQ as the threat to America.
          Right there, alone,  demonstrates that jew warmongers WILL USE ANY EXCUSE to get their proxies,  puppet governments,  hired mercenaries and media propagandists,  to KILL ANYONE, anywhere in the world they want to!

 And our third video lays all this out... Dr. Francis Boyle, who earned his PhD in the same Strategic Affairs PhD programs that the most prominent Jewish War Pigs went through (notably Kissinger & Wolfowitz, among others)    explains how MANIPULATING GOVERNMENT to  engage in MASS-MURDER WARS - and INTENTIONAL TERRORIZATION of  entire regions -  IS THEIR DEMONIC GOAL, for them it is a game, always hiding behind their jewish propaganda myths of "innocence"  and "VICTIMHOOD" and "lovers of freedom & democracy" -

  SOMETHING that EVEN THE MOST OBTUSE   judeophile must notice, "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM" has now DEGENERATED in to...  BLATANT  U.S. government, obama administration, and demonic jew war state

in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and against Iran... and everywhere!!  


Harvard University Fellow Boyle discusses the preparations for war and the fallout of a possible attack on Iran and Syria.

 in this below video clip, Dr. Boyle discusses "the CONSTITUTIONAL state of DICTATORSHIP" the U.S. government can... and will... invoke AS SOON AS a major terrorist attack occurs in America.
 As we've stated in these two posts,  AMERICANS have been TOO STUPIFIED to CONFRONT their demonic war-pig overlords... and at any moment 'they'  can touch-off a FALSE FLAG treason nuclear terror attack and DECLARE A DICTATORSHIP...

Alex Jones responded to Dr. Boyle's comments, by noting that THEY HAVE ALREADY STAGED  ANOTHER  major, deadly TERRORIST ATTACK ON AMERICA - not counting 9-11 - the ANTHRAX ATTACKS which "just happened" to target the 2 senators in Congress who were most effectively holding up the so-called "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"  assertions of DICTATOR POWERS back mere weeks after the 9-11-2001 attacks...

 These were SERIAL, IN-YOUR-FACE ATTACKS on Americans and our American way of life, to further the demonic, mass-murder, genocide & extortion interests of  the infernal, diabolical, treacherous, treasonous, anti-humanity jew war lobby...

 below -  Dr. Boyle explains that the U.S. military high command knows that the ISRAEL MILITARY  INTENTIONALLY ATTACKED a U.S. navy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty in 1963
 - with the intention of sinking the ship, killing all survivors... and BLAMING EGYPT.

THOSE WHO  WHITEWASH and COVER UP these CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA are TRAITORS,  who deserve the very treatment they are lusting for and preparing via their DHS commissars  to dish out to innocent Americans in the swiftly approaching WAR TIME DICTATORSHIP  nuclear terror against the (late) United States of America...  


 and that was before the jews running the obama presidency, con-gress, defense department, cia, nsa, and treasonous media whore press decided to JUST BLATANTLY ARM AL QAEDA, not just in Syria and Libya... but  in IRAQ, IRAN, and anywhere they want to!