Monday, July 28, 2014

JEWISH Israelis PROTEST GAZA WAR!! A CHINK in the Genocidal Judeo elites' "HATE & DEMONIZATION = license to perpetrate cries & atrocities" armor ??

 We will take good news where we find it!  JEWISH Israelis PROTEST Netanyahu's MASS MURDER 'war' & state terrorism & genocide against Gaza!  
Is there a CHINK in the demonic armor of the Genocidal Judeo elites'
(and their bribed, blackmailed, & extorted "U.S." & European politicians, press/media, & govt. officials)
HATE & DEMONIZATION propaganda narrative that fuels MASS-MURDER warsPROXY TERROR genocide worldwide??

Unfortunately, of course,    the demonic  judeo supremacist  "elites" need only kill their own people -  stage FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS and blame them on Palestinians or terrorists -
to  reverse the above, slowly forming opposition to the Judeo Supremacist mass-murder attacks on Gaza  (or elsewhere in Occupied Palestine; against Syria, Lebanon, & etc.):

Gaza Attack: Team PEOPLE Winning Battle for Humanity

 Humanity is Rejecting Mass Murder as a Tool for National Ambition while Social Networking and Alternative Media Continue to Lead in Exposing War Crimes  
by Johnny Punish,  contributor
Today, War Criminal and Extremist Murderer of Children, the self-appointed Warden at his Gaza Maximum Security Prison, Israeli Prime Sinister Benjamin Netanyahu invaded and occupied the US Sunday morning talk show circuit. 
He gave us his best propaganda-posing-as-truth to re-sell his case to the older generation Americans that still watch these antiquated corporatocrazy platforms.  As usual, it was another weekly attempt to circle jerk over the American public.
Warden Bibi was his usual self blaming everyone but his murderous gang of ambitious serial killers for the horrific mass murder at his Gaza facility. 
[ = NAZI style BLAME THE VICTIMS for their wholesale _extermination_ at the hands of state organized killers.]
What is beating up the snaring serial killer is the alternative media and social networks around the world who are not lobbied by AIPAC and their gang of thugs 
  The miscalculating and arrogant Warden of the largest prison in the world still does NOT understand that power has shifted from the elite propagandists to us; we the global people...