Friday, July 18, 2014

Jewish MASS-MURDER HYPOCRISY: Demand killing of Airline Passengers is CAUSE FOR WAR against RUSSIA.. while the mass-murderous JEWS (israel military) KILL 200 Civilians In Gaza Over past week, alone...

Israel Invades One Of The Most Densely Populated Areas On Earth  -  
Over 200 killed in Past Week, alone... the demonic,   MASS-MURDEROUSLY HYPOCRITICAL JEWS in America CHEER the MURDERS of DEFENSELESS civilians killed by the massive Israel military assault on Gaza this week.

All the above, while they, America's demonic War-Pig  ' jews, DEMAND that the U.S.   & Nato institute an immediate  STATE OF WAR  against Russia over the 100 or so  passengers killed when an airliner was shot down over the Ukraine yesterday...

...which airliner the US/Nato high command may well have INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED to provide a "caussus belli"   EXCUSE,   
to panic and STAMPEDE the people of America** to war against the people of Russia.
 **("the herd" in demeaning Neo-Con war-pig parlance)


_KNEW_ that it was  SAUDI backed AL QAEDA OPERATIVES  that used POISON GAS

 to ATTACK and murder dozens of SYRIAN CIVILIANS  back in August of 2013...

but treasonous, mass-murderous  U.S. government officials and the TREASONOUS,  relentlessly LYING "Mockingbird," CIA controlled U.S. corporate media

for the specific purpose of MURDERING 
(bombing with U.S. military jets, drones, and cruise-missiles) 

even far more thousands of Syrian civilians by   an all-out U.S. military attack on Syria,

than had already been killed by U.S., NATO, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi (et al) funded & directed proxy al Qaeda terror, rape, extortion, and mass-murder armies!   
(And despite the fact that the Syrian army had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to use poison gas, in an area they controlled;  an action they well knew would immediately bring doom down on their own heads from the Israeli jewish controlled U.S. & Nato militaries.) 

  The U.S. HIGH COMMAND and TREASONOUS government officials, including puppet president Barack Obama's entire administration, at the beck and call of  the TREASONOUS, ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-HUMANITY AIPAC war-lobby  JEWS,

 is trying to turn millions of LIVING HUMANS across the world  in to bloody, burnt, butchered corpses;
they are trying to start new wars  to  turn a profit at hate-whipped, subservient, extorted,  cannon-foddder  European & American taxpayers' expense...

 even as these demonic, anti-humanity pigs UNLEASH a TIDE OF HUMANITY across America's SABOTAGED BORDERS, so they can DESTROY the Middle Class way of life in America, and DILUTE lifetime American citizen votes with millions of "amnestied" illegal alien voters....

 Soros Behind Ukraine Coup and U.S. Border Crisis
George Soros was a genuine COLLABORATOR with the NAZI 'Holocaust' authorities rounding up Jews in Nazi occupied Hungary... which just goes to show that the Judeo elites will  COLLABORATE with THEIR OWN HOLOCAUST COLLABORATORS, much less with Nazis and Ukrainian fascist neo-Nazis, if they can turn a dime, or amass power by sabotaging other people, in doing so...

 CREATING CRISIS in EVERY SECTOR of American life (and across the fabric of global cooperation of nations), is what the RAHM EMANUEL, GEORGE SOROS, PAUL WOLFOWITZ, JACOB LEW,  DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, ERIC CANTOR, Sheldon Adelson,  the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, TIME, and other jewish warmongers & traitors do
(it doesn't matter which party they claim affiliation with)...

  ....they can't help it, they are born and raised, indoctrinated, and
  as much as they are DRIVEN to  KILL their neighbors in Russia, the Ukraine,  Europe, now America, the Mideast, or elsewhere...