Tuesday, July 22, 2014

International Red Cross CONDEMNS the JEWISH MURDERS of 600 Gaza Civlians "IN THE STRONGEST TERMS" - the TREASONOUS, loyal-to-foreign-bankers "U.S." Presstitute media pretends not to notice...

ANYONE in America who states that "ANTI-SEMITISM IS RACISM" are themselves RACIST,   because the undeniable element of the bloody, mass-murderous  'Israel' military's  KILLINGS of  600 Gaza civilians over the past 2 weeks,  is that ISRAEL is a JEWISH STATE,

 and JEWS CLAIM  'the right'  to KILL ANYONE _they believe_  is "a threat" to them.... and claim "the right" to live in the contentious region, specifically because they claim their forefathers MASSACRED the preceding residents, there, some 2,500 years ago!  
THIS IS IN-YOUR-FACE STUPIDITY - trying to evoke sympathy for wrongs perpetrated against them in the past -   even  AS they SIMULTANELOUSLY  WAVE their BLOODY FLAG OF ancient, GENOCIDAL CONQUEST in everyone's faces!!
 "ANTI-SEMITISM" is the flag, or banner,  that TREASONOUS  jews in America and across the world hide behind, or wave,   whenever they want to avoid criticism for their bloody deeds.

    The JEWISH MILITARY in Israel is like a pack of  drunken cowboys stumbling in to a hapless cowtown... shooting everything in sight,  claiming "self defense"...

  Another 200 Gaza civilians murdered, as the jews exercise their BLOOD LUST FRENZY,
their  ancient,  "god" given  'right'   to  "slay their enemies" -

 because, apparently,   "g-o-d" is TOO LAZY to "kill idolaters"  himself, and  prefers to see his barbaric, treacherous, two-faced, savage little hypocrite  jewish war tribe  do the dirty work,
up close & personal...

The "G-O-D" of the jews is LIKE A SADISTIC ROMAN EMPEROR at the gladiator games! 
  -  sitting in his imperial box, WATCHING, cheering THE BLOODY SLAUGHTER take place below!  

 IF THE JEWS have "a right" to mass-MURDER PALESTINIANS with IMPUNITY... what is to stop the Jews from MURDERING AMERICANS with impunity?