Tuesday, July 22, 2014

INSANELY CORRUPT Obama ALLOWS Detroit city officials to TURN OFF WATER to hundreds of city residents!

 INSANELY CORRUPT Obama ALLOWS Detroit city officials to TURN OFF WATER to hundreds of city residents - creates CONCENTRATION CAMP zones of 3rd world squalor in America's great cities! 
 (while exacerbating the problem with his intentional sabotage of America's borders!) 
Detroit residents fight back over water shutoff: 'It's a life-or-death situation.'  
"The beleaguered city says a WATER SHUTOFF is 'essential' to recoup $89m in 'overdue bills.'  But the decision has outraged thousands of Detroiters – who have taken matters into their own hands."
 The above nightmare scenario - killing people by depriving them of access to clean water - is the entirely predictable result of the process, pushed by treasonous financiers and their Congressional, presidential, and press/media bribed puppet partners-in-crimes over the past decades, of PUTTING the PROFITS of  a handful  of scheming, fraudulent, treasonous, criminal BAILED OUT  financiers    ahead of the lives, welfare, and economic productivity of the American population:
the murderous financial/economic  SIEGE of America's cities:
The insanely corrupt puppet president Barack Obama authorizes
his NY & DC bankers 
to just print themselves $80 billion per month  in so-called "QE"...
as cities across America EXTORT their homeowners
 to pay exorbitant INTEREST on the LOANS
that bribed & bought-off city, state, & other government officials take  
from those criminal, TREASONOUS NY bankers...
"QE"  =  BILLIONS of dollars of FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS"   
which they turn around and "lend" to American communities at EXORBITANT INTEREST, 
= THE STRANGULATION of the American economy.

The insanely corrupt and sell-out President Barack Obama allows the equally corrupt CITY OF DETROIT officials to... SHUT OFF WATER to hundreds of city residents!    This CREATES A HEALTH HAZARD in American communities... not to mention a health hazard for the children of the affected families!  
   WAY TO GO, BARAK,  YOU PUTZ!   You GIVE  $80 billion per month to your banker pals... as CHILDREN in Detroit are DEPRIVED of clean water!

This is the same result that TERRORISTS or  FOREIGN ARMIES would get, by BOMBING American water treatment plants!   

  (And, in fact, is a repeat of the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE that DHS Director MICHAEL CHERTOFF (in office from Feb. 2005), president george w. bush, and FEMA DIRECTOR Michael "Heckuv'a job, Brownie" Brown perpetrated against the disaster struck citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (August 23-Sept. 2 2005)  destroyed the federal, U.S. Army corps of Engineers levees that allowed flood-waters to poor in to the stricken,  under-sea-level city - as every genuine disaster expert predicted could happen - but not only did  the Bush, Chertoff, Brown  SABOTAGE TRIO  make sure that the BILLIONS of dollars of funding FEMA 'relief' agency DID NOT ANTICIPATE,  nor provide adequate fresh water for, the most impacted flood survivors, but FEMA and other government authority figures actually turned away a fleet of 100 WalMart trucks loaded with donated bottled water from the worst hit impact zone in the city  - citing "hazards" - even as heavy, vulnerable network news trucks drove straight to the New Orleans Super Dome, which had been transformed from a "disaster relief site" to a foul, mini,  death-zone CONCENTRATION CAMP, by Cheftoff's  DHS/Fema  MURDEROUS RACISM and INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of  U.S. government genuine, competent  disaster preparedness...)


 Homes without water are an IMMEDIATE HEALTH HAZARD....  under Barack Obama treasonous financiers who rule & ruin  America,  we are now importing  3rd world "bario" economics   to America's great cities & communities!


 There is a simple reason why DETROIT is BANKRUPT, and Chicago is a murderous wasteland of gang violence:    because in the past 5 years of his  INSANELY CORRUPT  & TREACHEROUS  presidency,  BARACK OBAMA and his puppet-master 'handlers'
HAVE DIRECTED 95% of America's wealth & income gains to the TOP 1% of the population, thereby starving the real economy of the wealth and "liquidity" an economy needs to function properly:

Those infernal "BAILOUTS" trillions of dollars to the failed, fraudulent, predatory, parasitic, criminal  bankers and hyper-wealthy - come at a COST:
 diverting wealth and limited resources AWAY FROM   genuinely productive enterprises,

STARVING cities and the rest of the population of the funds - economic resources and money - they need to start a genuine recovery &  keep a vital economy going.



Taking a page out of Michael Chertoff's  "SABOTAGE FEMA and genuine disaster preparation, after we hand billions of dollars in FRAUDULENT contracts to our financial fraudster buddies",

 The 'Fed' bankers (Greenspan, Bernanke) create 'money' out of thin air
which hand it over to mega-banks (jpm)  &  mega-funds (GODDAMN SACHS) which then dish out billions to 'earn' fees and interest from that freshly printed fiat money... 

Then, when the financial market finally crashes after serial "pump, & dump" market manipulations, 
the bankers go whining, crying, and bribing to Con-gress:

"GIVE US  _taxpayer_, government 'BAILOUTS' dollars for OUR PRIVATE LOSSES... or we will WRECK your pension funds,'securities,' (sic) 'Investments' (sic)... and the entire U.S. economy"!! 

top left - Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, bottom left - Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner 

 note how the jewish owned media* portrays three of these FINANCIAL PARASITES as "financial geniuses"
Jewish owned** corporate media INVERTS REALITY,  portrays SERIAL ECONOMY CRASHERS Rubin, Greenspan, and Summers as "economic geniuses"
  **(TIME is owned by judeo Hollywood media propaganda empire, WARNER Bros,
 ne polish/jewish immigrant Wonsakaler family.)  

 Obama's "economic team,"  the RUBINITES  (including current obama Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew),    "the B-team,"  are economy killing  SABOTEURS, who are now KILLING AMERICANS by SHUTTING OFF THE WATER,

even as they allow the TREASONOUS  'Fed' bankers to just PRINT THEMSELVES  $80 billion per month in fraudulent "QE bailouts" !

  "QE" is nothing more than license for the bankers to commit serial CHECK FRAUD !!

 Obama & the Con-gress have authorized the TREASONOUS, economy KILLING  bankers to just GIVE THEMSELVES  $80 billion per month...
  and now they want to SHUT OFF the WATER that AMERICAN families need to live and survive!



  The above  is all a diabolical REPEAT of the Fed bankers  first GREAT DEPRESSION ECONOMIC SABOTAGE,
the bankers INSTIGATED  the  MARKET CRASH of  "Black Tuesday" of  Oct. 29, 1929, and 


so  there was simply no 'money' in circulation for Americans to go about the business of being productive and rebuilding their businesses, communities, and local economies to get out of the depression
(The Great Depression didn't end until World War II,  when  the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor  forced the financial oligarchs behind the Roosevelt administration to now shell out billions of dollars to fund war production... where they reaped enormous profits.)  

Puppet president Roosevelt's JEW FINANCIERS,  ARCHITECTS  of the

(from left: Paul Warburg;     Communist 'revolution' in Russia mass-murder funding Jacob Schiff;
President Wilson's WWI Economic Czar & Wall St. insider-trading expert Bernard Baruch;
'Fed' CHAIRMAN at the height of the GREAT DEPRESSION Eugene Meyer
(would later purchase the Washington Post);  and

(who, not-so-incidentally wrote the post-WWII retribution plan "MORGANTHAU PLAN"  to STARVE GERMANS with below-subsistence calorie food rations, and who a decade previous to that,  had ordered the DESTRUCTION of  MILLIONS OF TONS of FOOD PRODUCTION IN AMERICA... as Americans were STARVING during the Great Depression!)
 Morganthau's CLAIMS  to want to "RAISE PRICES" to "stimulate the economy"  to justify DESTRUCTION of  FOOD supplies (and the demolition of  "free markets" supply & demand) were a pure SCAM,  a CON, a BAIT-&-SWITCH -   
with the FED BANKERS intentionally   
_CONTRACTING_ "the money supply," 
for anyone to spend!  

  TODAY, we see the SAME treacherous BAIT & SWITCH  con the financiers perpetrated back before & during the Great Depression:
         THEY -  obama's treacherous financiers -  TELL US that if we must "BAIL THEM OUT" -

 -  that we must let the FED BANKERS    JUST PRINT THEMSELVES  $80 billion per month in "QE"  "free money for bankers"  that  will "recover the economy"

  - but like MORGANTHAU's  FOOD DESTRUCTION, all that MONEY GIVEN TO BANKERS   has the OPPOSITE impact... 

  people  STARVING in the 1930s,  in today's case, water become essentially UNAFFORDABLE, EXORBITANTLY  EXPENSIVE,
(due to cities required to PAY EXORBITANT "INTEREST" on "money" the BANKERS CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR!)    
out of reach for homeowners who have seen jobs &  the economy CONTRACT around them...

 PUTTING the LIE to the government, financiers, & MEDIA WHORES" claims that "BAILOUTS" and "QE" are intended to "Strengthen" the economy! 

  Here is a good article on the DRACONIAN, STARVATION & MASS-MURDER consequences if the MORGANTHAU PLAN to "deindustrialize" post WWII Germany had been carried to fruition...
  a STARVING post WWII Germany that would have been driven STRAIGHT IN TO THE HANDS of Stalin & KAGONOVICH's  Red Terror Commissars' COMMUNIST "Soviet Union" !!  

  COMPARE  the plan to  INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE the economy of post- WWII German,

  to the RUBINOMICS plans of the Clinton-Bush-Obama era in America today -   

   with INTENTIONAL "OUTSOURCING" of U.S. jobs and entire industries to lower-wage foreign nations, 
  combined with  Rubin, Greenspan, Weil, bernanke, summers, Paulson, Geithner, Lew, Emanuel  (et al) plans to "DEREGULATE" America's critical financial markets.....

     i.e. CREATING AN INTENTIONAL  _INVITATION_  to vast FINANCIAL FRAUDS  in America's critical financial markets,  CREATING a FINANCIAL HAZARD, or incentive, to perpetrate vast financial frauds - see BERNIE MADDOFF and JON CORZINE _looting_ unsuspecting investors of billions of dollars!

  ...leading to the INEVITABLE "BAILOUTS"  which were nothing but EXTORTION - "bail us out or WE WRECK YOUR PENSION FUNDS & 'investments'!
("BAILOUTS" are now on permanent steroids in form of "QE" = "free money for bankers, just write yourself an $80 billion bad-check every_single_month!")

 read it and weep, America: the FINANCIAL CRIMES WHITEWASHING,  jewish owned BLOOMBERG  _notices_ that  RUBINOMICS - and Obama's Rubinite saboteur "economic team" - WILL BE A DISASTER for America...

  but since the entire purpose of "RUBINOMICS" is to STEAL FROM THE POOR, to GIVE TO THE RICH,    Bloomberg (amd ALL the other corporate whore media)  don't really pound it in to the American public's awareness - because they, Bloomberg & the jewish dominated corporate & financial media - have been  "IN" on the scam,  DEFRAUDING the American people with "BAILOUTS" and QE that benefit only the  'wealthy'** investors!!
 ** ("wealthy" only because they've been "bailed out" from their own financial greed, excesses, scams, ponzi-schemes, & failures!) 

below -  what was sold to the public as "Nancy Pelosi's $700 billion BAILOUTS" - was actually nearly DOUBLED that same week September 2008... when Rubinite economic hatchet man little Timmy Geithner, as George W. Bush's appointee to  the NY FED RESERVE PRESIDENT,   "authorized" - PRINTED UP (as digital 'money') ANOTHER $630 billion  in  "liquidity" =  FREE MONEY for bankers! 

    $700 billion + $630 billion =  1.3 TRILLION dollars in "free money for bankers" in ONE MONTH's worth of  CRISIS "bailouts,"  ALONE!

 below:   Larry Summers,Bob Rubin, HARVARD University, the Ivy League and all other major universities....and 
the SUBVERSION of ECONOMICS in America these past few decades:  

Larry Summers (Harvard Univ. hack, right) and
 fellow RUBINITE toady/protege little Timmy Geithner (left)
both represent the TOTAL SUBVERSION of Economics under the insanely greedy, treasonous,  ECONOMIES KILLING GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed (= rotschields, City of London, et al ) judeo financiers global credit/debt extortion loan-sharking cabal)  

  Harvard financial-crimes whitewashing Shyster lawyer, come GODDAMN-SACHS co-CHAIRMAN Bob RUBIN,    became Clinton's 2nd TREASURY SECRETARY in 1994... and in 1995 he used $20 billion in government funds to "BAIL OUT" GODDAMN-SACHS's  BAD BONDS written to Mexico.. by "bailing out" the Mexico government.   

  FOR TWENTY YEARS since, the ENTIRE  U.S. government, has been nothing but a SLUSH FUND and DUMPING GROUND for  GoddamnSachs bankers to LOOT, RAPE, and USE as an EXTORTION AGENT... today EXTORTING AMERICAN CITIES to "pay back" loans written to  American cities.. by American 'BANKS' that  just receive $80 billion in FREE MONEY "QE"  every single month!  

The TREASONOUS, gluttonously greedy  INSANITY is SIMPLE, and in-your-face
..and COVERED by EVERY  corporate media and financial "news" paper in America, if you look past the distraction fluff and useless media hype
the $20 billion in U.S. government funds that former GoddamnSachs Chairman, then Clinton's 2nd TREASURY SECRETARY Bob RUBIN used to "BAIL OUT"  GODDAMN-SACHS'  BAD LOANS issued to Mexico... amounted to almost the entire  "profit" of GoddamnSachs that year... which may & SHOULD HAVE GONE BANKRUPT, out of business, but for their ability to shoe-horn one of their CRIMES WHITEWASHING & PERPETRATING FRONT-MEN in to the U.S. Treasury...  a process to be repeated when president George W. Bush's FORMER GODDAMN-SACHS CHAIRMAN of a TREASURY SECRETARY,  Hank PAULSON, presided over the Sept. 2008 MARKET CRASH, and subsequent  $700 billion 1.3 TRILLION dollars  Pelosi Con-gress authorized "BAILOUTS" in Sept. & Oct. 2008!!  

On October 8th, 2010,  investigative reporter DAVID DeGRAW  outlined how  little TIMMY GIETHNER was not only an "economic hit man"... but an ECONOMIC  DEATH SQUAD LEADER who became quite EXPERT at DESTROYING Asian & South American economies
(by issuing PRIVATE loans that were INTENDED to drive foreign banks & businesses in to bankruptcy - usually through bribes, extortions, and use of fraudulent financial data).
 The prescient and insightful Mr. DeGraw  PREDICTED that GEITHNER's REIGN of ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  RUIN would soon come back to be visited on America...  

i.e. the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of America's economy,

 to BENEFIT THE BANKERS who now (via "bailouts" and wrecked local economies) own everything... as  the people  of America increasingly  LIVE IN 3rd world SQUALOR, 

  where today homeowners in Detroit, due to economic collapse around them and usurious property taxes,  CAN'T EVEN afford  FRESH WATER !