Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Jewish serial TRAITOR  DIANNE FEINSTEIN's  jewish perfidity, TREASON,  &  SERIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY exposed:     as the JEWISH WARS PROLIFERATE from Iraq & Afghanistan, to LIBYA, SYRIA, the UKRAINE, and all across the Mideast - anywhere the demonic "War Lobby" jews want to exterminate whole populations - the treacherous "ISRAEL OVER AMERICA"  senator goes on CNN to shed CROCODILE TEARS for airliner victims shot down by a missile over the Ukraine... 
 ...even as she IGNORES a CNN report from the same day  stating that ISIS TERRORISTS are EXTERMINATING CHRISTIAN POPULATIONS in Mosul, Iraq.. as they have long been doing in SYRIA,  at the INSTIGATION OF, and with the support & funding of,  the Israel high command and their PUPPET  U.S. government & military officials !!!

If Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks he is 'cunning' to FUND, INSTIGATE, and SUPPORT ISIS TERRORISTS to TERRORIZE AND MURDER WOMEN all across the Mideast, from Egypt to Syria, Iraq, & Iran...

evil Jewess War-Pig DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  the PERSONIFCATION of 2,500 years of  "anti-Semitic" FEAR AND LOATHING of Jews living among non-jewish populations...  
no less than the CHAIR of the Senate INTEL Committee, overseeing billions in "black ops" appropriations to CIA, NAS, and other secret agencies, and overseeing trillions of dollars of U.S. (jewish) wars funding..
sheds CROCODILE TEARS over airline victims killed by missile over Ukraine...
...even as she studiously  IGNORES the THOUSANDS of   ISIS,  ISRAEL PROXY TERRORIST army
 (= rebranded Al Qaeda) victims terrorized,  murdered, or forced to flee, their homes in Syria, Iraq...
or anywhere the demonic jews & their U.S. government puppets
want to UNLEASH their AL QAEDA PROXY TERRORIST mass-murder & genocide jihadi devil's spawn...
to KLL WHOE POPULATIONS  (read, RUSSIA, IRAN... next up, here in America!)  

   Demonic JEW STATE (israel) mass-murderous Prime Minister NETANYAHU  SHAKES HANDS with an AL QAEDA TERRORIST ("ISIS")  hired mercenary fighter wounded in ISRAEL's PROXY TERROR WAR AGAINST SYRIA...
DIANNE FEINSTEIN _knows_ that ISRAEL IS ALLIED WITH al QAEDA TERRORISTS,  and in fact, as a Jewish 'American' traitor SUBORDINATE to the insane Jews running israel,  she and all the other JEWISH Senators & Congress-critters DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO by the Israel High Command & AIPAC, Jewish 'American' war lobby genocidal, anti-American millionaires & billionaires...
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Shakes Hand with an Al Qaeda Terrorist
“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon
next to a wounded mercenary [wounded in ISRAEL's PROXY, TERRORIST WAR in SYRIA]

at Israeli military field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights’ border with Syria, 18 February 2014″  

 Professor  Michel Chossudovsky confirms the above Global Research article:  THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, INCLUDING the TREASONOUS  DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  is now ALLIED WITH  Sunni "ISIS" TERRORISTS, who have been GIVEN A GREEN LIGHT (indeed, financed & supported) to WAGE TERROR WAR & ETHNIC CLEANSING in EVERY nation in the region of Israel, the demonic, mass-murderously hypocritical jew war state:  the U.S. government is now following the ancient jewish ploy, of ARMING and FUNDING BOTH SIDES, in the hope that they will EXTERMINATE EACH OTHER, so the judeo war tribe can move in and fill the vacuum that years of mass-murder warfare have created!    This is actually a REPEAT of the PRETENDED "INCOMPETENCE" of the Wolfowitz designed U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003...   where the U.S. government and army left the massive Al Qaaqa ammunition complex UNGUARDED FOR OVER A WEEK - despite its close proximity to Baghdad - long after Baghdad had been captured by U.S. army units.  The former Iraqi soldiers - soon to be "terrorist insurgents" dutifully used convoys of trucks to empty the ammunition complex of explosives, convoys that could of course daily be seen by U.S. surveillance satellites.   What makes this (our) critique of the U.S. High Command's INTENTIONAL IGNORING of the huge al Qaaqa ammo complex in the first weeks after the U.S. capture of Baghdad, was that Al Qaaqa is where any precision grade explosives would have been held for any Iraq nuclear WMD program.    Had the U.S. invasion of Iraq been genuinely about "preventing Iraq from developing Nuclear Weapons" then AL QAAQA would have been among the FIRST TARGETS SEIZED by the High Command directed U.S. military.   That it was not seized at all for 2 weeks WAS INTENTIONAL - to provide the Iraq "insurgents" the explosives they needed to kill each other (and American troops as well)!
    So the TREASONOUS  U.S. military High Command - namely  VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY, and his two senior Jewish War Lobby 'handlers',  PAUL WOLFOWITZ  as the #2. man at the Pentagon and his, Cheney's WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF, Wolfowitz protege I. Lewis "Scooter" LIBBY and all their civilian 'PNAC' (mostly jewish) acolytes in the Pentagon,  WERE THE ONES MAKING THE DECISIONS:  to LEAVE AL QAAQA UNGUARDED, to leave the Iraqi Antiquities museum UNGUARDED (the collection of priceless ancient artifacts from the earliest recorded human civilization smashed or looted and sold on world black markets:   the senior and fundamentalist jews regard ancient history as "idolatry" and intentionally allowed the museum to be smashed), to INSTITUTE TORTURE at ABU GHRAIB prison; to order low-level  non-commissioned officers and privates to HUMILIATE, DEGRADE, and TERRORIZE prisoners there, as the REAL torture sessions were taking place in the "secret"   CIA run secured section of the prison...

(behind only Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld... who was ONLY A FIGUREHEAD,  Rumsfeld was already half senile,   and was kept "OUT OF THE LOOP" on all critical decisions, although he was the perfect front-man to say make THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS comments, and get away with it... backed up as he was by the traitor JEWISH OWNED U.S. corporate "Mockingbird" press/media whores.)

      The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq.
 Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham: An instrument of the Western Military Alliance
First published by GR on June 14, 2014.

Update July 1, 2014: The creation of the US sponsored Islamist Caliphate has been announced.  The Islamic State of Iraq and Al Cham (ISIS) has been replaced by the Islamic State (IS).  The Islamic State is not an independent political entity. It is a construct of US intelligence.  (M.Ch. July 1, 2014)

The Western media in chorus have described the unfolding conflict in Iraq as a “civil war” opposing the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham against the Armed forces of the Al-Maliki government.

(Also referred to as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS))

The conflict is casually described as “sectarian warfare” between Radical Sunni and Shia without addressing “who is behind the various factions”.  What is at stake is a carefully staged US military-intelligence agenda.

Known and documented, Al Qaeda affiliated entities have been used by US-NATO in numerous conflicts as “intelligence assets” since the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war. In Syria, the Al Nusrah and ISIS rebels are the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance, which oversees and controls the recruitment and training of paramilitary forces.

The Al Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) re-emerged in April 2013 with a different name and acronym, commonly referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The formation of a terrorist entity encompassing both Iraq and Syria was part of a US intelligence agenda. It responded to geopolitical objectives. It also coincided with the advances of Syrian government forces against the US sponsored insurgency in Syria and the failures of both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its various “opposition” terror brigades.

The decision was taken by Washington to channel its support (covertly) in favor of a terrorist entity which operates in both Syria and Iraq and which has logistical bases in both countries. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s Sunni caliphate project coincides with a longstanding US agenda to carve up both Iraq and Syria into three separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an Arab Shia Republic, and a Republic of Kurdistan.

Whereas the (US proxy) government in Baghdad purchases advanced weapons systems from the US including F16 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham –which is fighting Iraqi government forces– is supported covertly by Western intelligence. The objective is to engineer a civil war in Iraq, in which both sides are controlled indirectly by US-NATO.

The scenario is to arm and equip them, on both sides, finance them with advanced weapons systems and then “let them fight”.

Look on THE FACE OF EVIL,  the face of TREASON - this demon in in human form is DIANNE FEINSTEIN,   de facto CZAR, via her perch as Chairwoman on the Senate Intel Committee,  presiding over the billions of dollars of BLACK OPS, special forces, & CIA, NSA, Blackwater  (et al)  "dirty war" budgets, that now encompass OPENLY SUPPORTING AL QAEDA & ISIS TERRORISTS in Syria, Libya, Iraq and throughout the region...

  this EVIL, HORRIBLE WOMAN  _SUPPORTS_ the spending of $5 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to STAGE A MURDEROUS COUP in the Ukraine, and then to promptly support the GENOCIDAL WAR to "ethnically cleanse" millions of Russian speaking Ukrainians from the Ukraine/Crimea area.

 HOW is it that  AN "American" JEW, gets to DICTATE  WHO GETS TO LIVE IN,  and control the CRIMEA?

 And  HOW IS IT that the CHAIRWOMAN of the SENATE INTEL COMMITTEE  "does not know" that ISIS is EXTERMINATING or driving away CHRISTIANS, in Syria & Iraq?  Would her response (NON-response)  be so bland... if these USA & ISRAEL FUNDED TERRORISTS were attacking ISRAEL?

Deeply EVIL Jewess TRAITOR  DIANNE FEINSTEIN  _blames RUSSIA_ for Airliner shoot-down over Ukraine...
NEVER MIND that the ENTIRE Civil WAR in the Ukraine... and ALL the MASSACRES SINCE,  were INSTIGATED and CREATED by JEWS operating out of the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT, with full awareness (and, indeed, control) by the JEWISH HIGH COMMAND in ISRAEL.. and that the GOALS of the jews who are STILL DIRECTING the Ukraine (Kiev) coup regime, is the ETHNIC CLEANSING mass-murder annihilation/eviction of the millions of ethnic Russians living in the area.... PURE GENOCIDE, DIRECTED BY  TRAITOR JEWS like DIANNE FEINSTEIN... who shed CROCODILE TEARS for airliner passengers killed in the WARS & MASSACRES that THEY INTENTIONALLY whip up...

   Does anyone think for a moment that  Mrs. Feinstein would PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE ISIS ATROCITIES in Syria & Iraq.... if they were aimed at WHITE, EUROPEAN JEWS?? **
 (note: YES, the American High Command, which is to say it's AIPAC  jewish war lobby & MOSSAD overlords,  HAVE OVERLOOKED the  ISIS and al QAEDA ATROCITIES perpetrated against  JEWS in Iraq & Syria... the  American and Israeli Jews are RACISTS, they don't regard "Mideastern" Jews as "real" Jews... which is the same tactic,  PURE RACISM, they use to DUMB DOWN the AMERICAN population about  U.S. & Israel supported TERROR ATTACKS against  CHRISTIANS in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc....  "MIDEASTERN Christians' DON'T COUNT!") 


 When we say "another NUCLEAR 9-11 against America" WE ARE NOT EXAGGERATING:

 according to VT writers  Ian Greenhalgh and  Don Fox, and VT editor Gordon Duff,  not only was 9-11-2001 a case of "FALSE FLAG" TREASON TERROR attacks by the "Zio/Mossad operatives" attacking America  (with the complicity of large swaths of U.S. government traitors), but the devices used to IMPLODE the Twin Towers AND World Trade Center BUILDING 7  were a sophisticated new breed of "mini-nukes" -  NUCLEAR DEVICES with low yields, specifically 'tailored' to either melt steel and facilitate building collapse, or to create a huge crater for the buildings to collapse in to.
Q: How many types of devices were used in New York on 9/11? I see where a case can be made for 2 or 3 different types of devices. A: At least two different types of nuclear weapons were used. One being a standard micro nuke with a (W-54 Pit design) of less than 3 kiloton in size and greater than 500 ton minimum in blast size. 
VT editor Gordon Duff spells out the TREASONOUS THREAT by former Vice President Dick Cheney (that if we DO NOT  ATTACK IRAN & RUSSIA, as desired by the insane Jews, then an NUCLEAR ATTACK will destroy some American city.)

  Mr. Cheney is absolutely correct in his assessment - BECAUSE HE was "IN" on the 9-11 TREASON ATTACKS,  and he is undoubtedly  informed, at least in the most general terms, of the means that will be employed to TRIGGER A NEW NUCLEAR ATTACK on an American city, SO TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW in America, allow  Israel to engage in NUCLEAR ATTACKS against IRAN & RUSSIA,   which war would devastate world oil shipping, causing an even larger crisis to spread through Europe, Asia, and the American economy:

ISRAEL & Neo-Cons CONSTRUCTING a  _NEW_  9-11 [TREASON Terror Attack] AGAINST America
by Gordon Duff, Senior editor,
 Cheney says a new 9/11 is coming. We agree. We know because we would be total morons not to be tripping over the evidence. Others we pay to know about such things don’t know because they are total morons. Many of them are traitors.
Never has treason been such a big business in America as now. 9/11 began in a nuclear weapons laboratory in the US.
 THE NEW ATTACK  [plans]  has begun there also and the project is “well along.”
 When this one is done, the world economy will be in tatters, the money you think you have will be worthless and the American government, such as it is, replaced with a “hand picked” cabal of Zionist shills masquerading as “patriots.” The current set of affairs, the brutal attacks on Gaza using American aircraft and American supplied chemical and cluster munitions is being staged for a reason. A massive terror attack in America, staged by right wing extremists, aided by Israel, is getting near. The evidence is overwhelming. It is becoming increasingly hard for them to suppress.
 Control of an American nuclear weapons lab has fallen into the hands of terrorists. I can’t say this any more clearly. What makes this worse is that using new and custom designed tactical nukes, designed to be “deniable” has become
the methodology of America’s Zionist right wing terrorists. Frankly, calling them 'American' is wrong as well, we are dealing with not only the Secret Shadow Government but on an international scale that is unprecedented. Total control of the Department of Homeland Security helps make it possible

WE HOPE that Mr. Duff is completely wrong.. that he is "off his base,"  "a conspiracy nut,"  just shouting for attention.   But with the well known FACTS that the "United States" STATE DEPARTMENT  spend FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to whip up a murderous coup, and genocidal Civil War in the Ukraine, and with DIANNE FEINSTEIN  just acting like a demon ghoul from hell, trying to PROVOKE A LARGER WAR there than already exists - and with the EVIL, TREASONOUS  Dianne Feinstein IGNORING  SO MANY OTHER TROUBLING,  U.S. government instigated attacks against the American body politic (including the Attorney General CAUGHT RED HANDED, but NEVER PUNISHED, for "gun-running" SHIPPING GUNS DOWN TO MEXICO, with the intention of whipping up a mass-murder killing spree, to BLAME ON AMERICAN GUN-OWNERS, to OUTLAW guns for self-defense in America - and with DIANNE FEINSTEIN being an even more fanatical, anti-American gun-grabber than Eric Holder, who is obviously only a PUPPET for the forces that could easily BREAK HIM for his TREASONOUS conduct if  they wanted to)

  well,  we sadly fear that Mr. Duff's assessment is accurate, and that DIANNE FEINSTEIN  is  ACTIVELY COLLABORATING with the terrorists in government plans to DESTROY  freedom and democracy in America, with a nuclear blast - and DHS mass gulag arrests - somewhere around the corner in the near future.

   And even if we are "off the base," there is still the problem that the EVIL Mrs. Feinstein SUPPORTS KILLING CIVILIANS in GAZA, she SUPPORTS KILLING CIVILIANS in SYRIA,  she SUPPORTS KILLING CIVILIANS in the Ukraine, and she SUPPORTS DICTATORIAL  GESTAPO/COMMISSAR DHS powers here in America...

 DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  YOU are THE PERSONIFICATION - EVIL & TREASON IN THE FLESH -  of EVERYTHING  that have driven millions of people to be "anti-semites" over the past 25 centuries, you foul, disgusting, mass-murderous traitor...