Thursday, July 31, 2014


We had heard from our neighbors that there were Jewish Americans waving signs and banners from the corners of a busy local street corner  saying "NOT IN OUR NAME!" about  Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu & the Israeli High Command's continued massacre of hundreds of Civilians in DEATH CAMP GAZA - where the intent is to eventually KILL ALL Palestinians 
in Gaza, so the jews can acquire the blood-drenched properties there for themselves - that is, the intent of the insidious & insane judeo High Command is to _exterminate_ the people of Gaza and Palestine... right before the eyes of  the people of America, Europe & the world!        

 Unfortunately, the next day we saw for ourselves the street protests...  and, to our dismay, the entire crowd of adults and teens were waving ISRAEL and American flags.... and CHEERING the INDUSTRIALIZED, high-tech MASS MURDER of  civilians in  DEATH CAMP Gaza as
(of course) "Israeli jewish self-defense."

below:  "American"   jews  cheer & CELEBRATE INDUSTRIALIZED MASS-MURDER 
in Netanyahu's judeo High Command run DEATH CAMP GAZA yesterday. 
 Woman on far right holds sign that states "Israel = Peace" 
as Orwellian a lie as anything Hitler or the Communist propagandists ever put out
as the thousand posts on this blog attest (and see below)
CHEERING the BOMBING of civilians and the INDUSTRIALIZED MASS-MURDER of children...
"honk" if you like being a member of a "Chosen" tribe... and secretively DESPISE your neighbors & "fellow countrymen" in AMERICA,  as much as you loath and despise your neighbors in Gaza... or Egypt, or Persia, or Spain, or Russia, or Germany...

 below:    WHAT is IN STORE for ALL the nations around  the demonic jew war state (Israel) - right there in this week's news, though buried in the international pages, far away from the front pages of American corporate traitor whore media: 

  - THIS WEEK - this July 2014 -

by USA, Britain, France,  JEWISH STATE (Israel),  Nato, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari (et al)  FUNDED & SUPPORTED  AL QAEDA / I.S.I.S. / I.S.  TERRORISTS,

installed by the NATO BOMBING of  Libya's government forces,
 a  'war'  that was sanctioned by the above  states'  TERROR & MASS-MURDER WAR pimping CRIMINAL 'leaders' whose TERRORIST PROXY ARMIES  destroyed Libya's Qaddafi government in  2011... the government which had until then provided the HIGHEST PER CAPITA INCOME in ALL of Africa for its citizens
 regardless of the demonic jew-owned corporate media's relentless demonizing of Qadaffi's government...

  This, above picture of terror, chaos, MASS-MURDER, MASSACRE, & DEVASTATION

of the insane judeo war-pigs and their bribed, extorted, blackmailed, corrupted, & serially treasonous   "Western leaders" partners in crimes, genocide, massacres, mass-murder, rape, mutilation, torture, terror, & human misery,

 those bribed, co-opted, extorted, blackmailed, & treasonous politicians in support of   all of   the ever expanding, never ending  JEWISH WARS....


  There is no mystery: 
   we know EXACTLY why LIBYA is in a state of CHAOS, TERROR, rape, carnage, and rampant MASS MURDER this July 2014:

 because the CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, crimes-against-humanity 'leaders' of the United States, Britain, France, & other NATO countries unleashed NATO jet aircraft to BOMB & smash   the government, military, and infrastructure of Libya to charnel house ruin in 2011...

... with the INTENTION  of  KILLING AS MANY LIBYAN PEOPLE as possible,

so the  western financiers - the criminal fiat-money banking cartel  _behind_
the bribed & extorted politicians and government agencies -
   would not have to share the profits from Libya's natural resource exports with the (now) bombed, terrorized, tortured, mutilated massacred, divided, and dispossessed people of Libya...

there is NO mystery why LIBYA is in a state of TERROR and RUIN and MASS MURDER this July 2014...
because back in 2011  the DEMONIC  JEWISH WAR-PIGS who saturate & INFEST America & Britain's governments  used STRONG-ARM TACTICS - relentless bribery & extortion, backed up by a relentless tsunami of corporate mass-media PROPAGANDA LIES - to get the national leaders of NATO countries to AUTHORIZE NATO 
to BOMB the S*** OUT OF LIBYA....  

in the Hague as  Slobodan Milosovic was.....

Even as America's  SERIALLY TREASONOUS  CORPORATE WHORE mass-media IGNORES the  DEVASTATION & MASS-MURDER the JEW WARS have unleashed on SYRIA, IRAQ, LIBYA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and now the people of Eastern Ukraine...
  the demonic  jewish owned US corporate  media is up to it's old tricks... 

PIMPING NEW WARS, this time against Russia!

  Make no mistake, "SANCTIONS" are A STATE OF WAR,  

   governments SEIZING companies or finances of persons or corporations that continue to trade with the "sanctioned" nation.

   THIS IS THEFT & EXTORTION, as surely as if you were robbed at gunpoint on the street...

demonic, treasonous editors at USA Today PIMP WAR against RUSSIA -
Sanctions ARE a STATE OF WAR.
  Do the traitor war-pigs at USA Today NOT KNOW that US, Britain, Saudi, & ISRAEL FUNDED  "IS"  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS are MASSACRING CHRISTIANS all throughout ISIS  occupied  Iraq, Syria, & the Mideast?
Do they not know that the TERRORISTS JIHADIS we funded & supported in LIBYA,
 have turned that nation into a CHARNEL HOUSE?  

OF COURSE they know these facts... which is why their ADVOCACY of a NEW WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, 
 is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY as egregious as anything that Hitler & the Nazis perpetrated...  

- no exaggeration:  Hitler did not have stockpiles of Nuclear weapons!! 
  USING THE "TEMPLATE" they  designed in SERBIA,  today's SANCTIONS against Russia are INTENDED to be but  A PRELUDE to DRAGGING the people of America & Europe IN TO A SHOOTING WAR  AGAINST RUSSIA... 
WITH THE INTENT, not of "humanitarian relief" for the Ukraine puppet regime,

     but of KILLING AS MANY MILLIONS of people in the region as possible 

  note:  (the demonic jew "architects" of  the mass-murderous Ukraine coup, and the even more mass-murderous  Ukraine-Russia _war_,   have no more love for Ukrainians, than they have for Russians;   both of  whom are viewed as perpetrators of the "pogroms" that were a result of the jews siding with the POLISH-LITHUANIAN OCCUPIERS of the Ukraine, who were ousted by Urainians in the Khmelnytsky uprising of 1648... the jews sided with the brutal Polish-Lithuanian occupation & genocidal extortion against Ukrainians  in that conflict... 
but WHINE & WAIL  TO THIS DAY, about the "pogroms" which were their just rewards with siding with the oppressors who ended up on the losing side of  a brutal & protracted war!

  but today remember ONLY the "pogroms" that were the result after the Ukrainians defeated the Polish & Lithuanian armies and exacted their revenge for the ruthless Jews who had SUPPORTED A BRUTAL and mass-murderous  ENEMY!

  In the 1920s and 1930s, the Jews INFESTED THEMSELVES into the RUSSIAN "Communist Party" leadership (especially the CHEKA,  NKVD and state terror bureaus) - and USED THE MIGHT OF RUSSIA to WIPE OUT MILLIONS of UKRAINIANS in the Kaganovich, Yezhov (et al) "HOLODOMOR" intentional famine against Ukrainians,  1929-1932...

 TODAY, the JEWS ARE once again PLAYING  OPPOSITE SIDES in a conflict they are whipping up...   this time siding with UKRAINIANS AGAINST RUSSIANS... 

Cossack-Polish War 1648–1657
The conflict began in 1648 as a typical Cossack uprising but quickly turned into a war of the Ukrainian populace, particularly the Cossacks and peasants, against the Polish Commonwealth. 
[and their JUDEO "arendator"  TAX-COLLECTORS, LOAN-SHARKS, and generally speaking BRUTAL, MASS-MURDEROUS hired & despised  ENFORCERS.]  
   Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky assumed leadership of the Ukrainian forces.... 

Khmelnytsky Uprising 1648
Before the uprising magnates
 [= POLISH-LITHUANIAN NOBILITY & estate holders;  i.e. CATHOLICS steeped in INQUISTION VIOLENCE against the Protestant Reformation on-going elsewhere in Europe at the time]
had sold and leased certain privileges to Jewish arendators for a percentage of an estate's revenue. By not supervising their estates themselves directly, they left it to the Jewish leaseholders and collectors to become objects of hatred to the oppressed and long-suffering [UKRAINIAN]  peasants. 
Khmelnytsky told the [Ukrainian]  people that the Poles had sold them as slaves "into the hands of the accursed Jews." With this as their battle cry, Cossacks and the peasantry massacred a large number of Jewish and Polish-Lithuanian townsfolk  as well as szlachta during the years 1648–1649.