Thursday, July 31, 2014


We had heard from our neighbors that there were Jewish Americans waving signs and banners from the corners of a busy local street corner  saying "NOT IN OUR NAME!" about  Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu & the Israeli High Command's continued massacre of hundreds of Civilians in DEATH CAMP GAZA - where the intent is to eventually KILL ALL Palestinians 
in Gaza, so the jews can acquire the blood-drenched properties there for themselves - that is, the intent of the insidious & insane judeo High Command is to _exterminate_ the people of Gaza and Palestine... right before the eyes of  the people of America, Europe & the world!        

 Unfortunately, the next day we saw for ourselves the street protests...  and, to our dismay, the entire crowd of adults and teens were waving ISRAEL and American flags.... and CHEERING the INDUSTRIALIZED, high-tech MASS MURDER of  civilians in  DEATH CAMP Gaza as
(of course) "Israeli jewish self-defense."

below:  "American"   jews  cheer & CELEBRATE INDUSTRIALIZED MASS-MURDER 
in Netanyahu's judeo High Command run DEATH CAMP GAZA yesterday. 
 Woman on far right holds sign that states "Israel = Peace" 
as Orwellian a lie as anything Hitler or the Communist propagandists ever put out
as the thousand posts on this blog attest (and see below)
CHEERING the BOMBING of civilians and the INDUSTRIALIZED MASS-MURDER of children...
"honk" if you like being a member of a "Chosen" tribe... and secretively DESPISE your neighbors & "fellow countrymen" in AMERICA,  as much as you loath and despise your neighbors in Gaza... or Egypt, or Persia, or Spain, or Russia, or Germany...

 below:    WHAT is IN STORE for ALL the nations around  the demonic jew war state (Israel) - right there in this week's news, though buried in the international pages, far away from the front pages of American corporate traitor whore media: 

  - THIS WEEK - this July 2014 -

by USA, Britain, France,  JEWISH STATE (Israel),  Nato, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari (et al)  FUNDED & SUPPORTED  AL QAEDA / I.S.I.S. / I.S.  TERRORISTS,

installed by the NATO BOMBING of  Libya's government forces,
 a  'war'  that was sanctioned by the above  states'  TERROR & MASS-MURDER WAR pimping CRIMINAL 'leaders' whose TERRORIST PROXY ARMIES  destroyed Libya's Qaddafi government in  2011... the government which had until then provided the HIGHEST PER CAPITA INCOME in ALL of Africa for its citizens
 regardless of the demonic jew-owned corporate media's relentless demonizing of Qadaffi's government...

  This, above picture of terror, chaos, MASS-MURDER, MASSACRE, & DEVASTATION

of the insane judeo war-pigs and their bribed, extorted, blackmailed, corrupted, & serially treasonous   "Western leaders" partners in crimes, genocide, massacres, mass-murder, rape, mutilation, torture, terror, & human misery,

 those bribed, co-opted, extorted, blackmailed, & treasonous politicians in support of   all of   the ever expanding, never ending  JEWISH WARS....


  There is no mystery: 
   we know EXACTLY why LIBYA is in a state of CHAOS, TERROR, rape, carnage, and rampant MASS MURDER this July 2014:

 because the CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, crimes-against-humanity 'leaders' of the United States, Britain, France, & other NATO countries unleashed NATO jet aircraft to BOMB & smash   the government, military, and infrastructure of Libya to charnel house ruin in 2011...

... with the INTENTION  of  KILLING AS MANY LIBYAN PEOPLE as possible,

so the  western financiers - the criminal fiat-money banking cartel  _behind_
the bribed & extorted politicians and government agencies -
   would not have to share the profits from Libya's natural resource exports with the (now) bombed, terrorized, tortured, mutilated massacred, divided, and dispossessed people of Libya...

there is NO mystery why LIBYA is in a state of TERROR and RUIN and MASS MURDER this July 2014...
because back in 2011  the DEMONIC  JEWISH WAR-PIGS who saturate & INFEST America & Britain's governments  used STRONG-ARM TACTICS - relentless bribery & extortion, backed up by a relentless tsunami of corporate mass-media PROPAGANDA LIES - to get the national leaders of NATO countries to AUTHORIZE NATO 
to BOMB the S*** OUT OF LIBYA....  

in the Hague as  Slobodan Milosovic was.....

Even as America's  SERIALLY TREASONOUS  CORPORATE WHORE mass-media IGNORES the  DEVASTATION & MASS-MURDER the JEW WARS have unleashed on SYRIA, IRAQ, LIBYA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and now the people of Eastern Ukraine...
  the demonic  jewish owned US corporate  media is up to it's old tricks... 

PIMPING NEW WARS, this time against Russia!

  Make no mistake, "SANCTIONS" are A STATE OF WAR,  

   governments SEIZING companies or finances of persons or corporations that continue to trade with the "sanctioned" nation.

   THIS IS THEFT & EXTORTION, as surely as if you were robbed at gunpoint on the street...

demonic, treasonous editors at USA Today PIMP WAR against RUSSIA -
Sanctions ARE a STATE OF WAR.
  Do the traitor war-pigs at USA Today NOT KNOW that US, Britain, Saudi, & ISRAEL FUNDED  "IS"  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS are MASSACRING CHRISTIANS all throughout ISIS  occupied  Iraq, Syria, & the Mideast?
Do they not know that the TERRORISTS JIHADIS we funded & supported in LIBYA,
 have turned that nation into a CHARNEL HOUSE?  

OF COURSE they know these facts... which is why their ADVOCACY of a NEW WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, 
 is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY as egregious as anything that Hitler & the Nazis perpetrated...  

- no exaggeration:  Hitler did not have stockpiles of Nuclear weapons!! 
  USING THE "TEMPLATE" they  designed in SERBIA,  today's SANCTIONS against Russia are INTENDED to be but  A PRELUDE to DRAGGING the people of America & Europe IN TO A SHOOTING WAR  AGAINST RUSSIA... 
WITH THE INTENT, not of "humanitarian relief" for the Ukraine puppet regime,

     but of KILLING AS MANY MILLIONS of people in the region as possible 

  note:  (the demonic jew "architects" of  the mass-murderous Ukraine coup, and the even more mass-murderous  Ukraine-Russia _war_,   have no more love for Ukrainians, than they have for Russians;   both of  whom are viewed as perpetrators of the "pogroms" that were a result of the jews siding with the POLISH-LITHUANIAN OCCUPIERS of the Ukraine, who were ousted by Urainians in the Khmelnytsky uprising of 1648... the jews sided with the brutal Polish-Lithuanian occupation & genocidal extortion against Ukrainians  in that conflict... 
but WHINE & WAIL  TO THIS DAY, about the "pogroms" which were their just rewards with siding with the oppressors who ended up on the losing side of  a brutal & protracted war!

  but today remember ONLY the "pogroms" that were the result after the Ukrainians defeated the Polish & Lithuanian armies and exacted their revenge for the ruthless Jews who had SUPPORTED A BRUTAL and mass-murderous  ENEMY!

  In the 1920s and 1930s, the Jews INFESTED THEMSELVES into the RUSSIAN "Communist Party" leadership (especially the CHEKA,  NKVD and state terror bureaus) - and USED THE MIGHT OF RUSSIA to WIPE OUT MILLIONS of UKRAINIANS in the Kaganovich, Yezhov (et al) "HOLODOMOR" intentional famine against Ukrainians,  1929-1932...

 TODAY, the JEWS ARE once again PLAYING  OPPOSITE SIDES in a conflict they are whipping up...   this time siding with UKRAINIANS AGAINST RUSSIANS... 

Cossack-Polish War 1648–1657
The conflict began in 1648 as a typical Cossack uprising but quickly turned into a war of the Ukrainian populace, particularly the Cossacks and peasants, against the Polish Commonwealth. 
[and their JUDEO "arendator"  TAX-COLLECTORS, LOAN-SHARKS, and generally speaking BRUTAL, MASS-MURDEROUS hired & despised  ENFORCERS.]  
   Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky assumed leadership of the Ukrainian forces.... 

Khmelnytsky Uprising 1648
Before the uprising magnates
 [= POLISH-LITHUANIAN NOBILITY & estate holders;  i.e. CATHOLICS steeped in INQUISTION VIOLENCE against the Protestant Reformation on-going elsewhere in Europe at the time]
had sold and leased certain privileges to Jewish arendators for a percentage of an estate's revenue. By not supervising their estates themselves directly, they left it to the Jewish leaseholders and collectors to become objects of hatred to the oppressed and long-suffering [UKRAINIAN]  peasants. 
Khmelnytsky told the [Ukrainian]  people that the Poles had sold them as slaves "into the hands of the accursed Jews." With this as their battle cry, Cossacks and the peasantry massacred a large number of Jewish and Polish-Lithuanian townsfolk  as well as szlachta during the years 1648–1649. 


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mass-Murder Dictator Thug Barack Obama RATCHETS UP his jew war lobby WAR vs RUSSIA & East Ukraine GENOCIDE, his I.S. TERRORIST WAR vs SYRIA & IRAQ, and BORDER SABOTAGE WAR against the people of the (late) United States...

 The cowardly, craven Republicans in Con-gress... who answer to the same JEW WAR LOBBY,  foreign "money power"  & insidious "5th column"  sabotage traitors that Barack Obama and the "Democratic" (sic) Party do -
 fail, abjectly refuse to call to account the president or his thuggish administration & government agencies  for   SERIAL HIGH CRIMES & TREASON against the people and Constitutional governance of America...
  ....which means that we have a de facto DICTATORSHIP  here in these late  'United' States of America.
  We will briefly run down the precedents, antecedents, and historical parallels to this new, u.s. govt. REIGN OF TERROR dictatorship coup junta, a 'brief'  outline that will take several dozen screen-captures and illustrations, the tentacles of which stretch back well over 200 years..

Yiddish speaking jew  Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, aka Leo TROTSKY, was first to use INTENTIONAL FAMINE - seizure and deprivation of food supplies -
as part of  the RED TERROR  Communist  Revolution & genocidal, mass-murder TERRORIST PURGES against regime opponents 
during the 1917-1920s revolution & Civil War era... 
long before the 1930s "Holodomor" INTENTIONAL FAMINE GENOCIDE against the farming people of the Ukraine**   came along... and killed somewhere between six million and 10 million Ukrainian, Russian, & other nationals farmers, land owners, and regime designated "enemies"... 
**(derided as "PEASANT FARMERS" to this day in 'WESTERN' media & academia!) 

LABELLING, 'tagging' or targeting people as "enemies" is the core of the judeo religion, stretching back 2,500 years, whether living in Egypt, Persia, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, the Ukraine... or today in (the late) U.S.A... 

where over the preceding centuries & decades  the British army seized productive estates from Catholic Irish landholders,  and extorted at bayonet point extortionate taxes (in form of agricultural produce)  out of those Irish farmers who remained, SHIPPING IRISH GRAIN PRODUCTION to ENGLAND  (even at the very height of the 1850s famine!) as trade for wealthy merchants, traders & Anglo financiers who 'owned property' in Ireland but lived in England... all  while a British naval blockade enforced the reign of terror and INTENTIONAL FAMINE GENOCIDE that killed somewhere between 2 million and 6 million Irish souls... in just one of several famines, alone!

  The essence of Obama Co.'s jewish designed and jewish directed WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, and GENOCIDE MASSACRES and (looming) EXTERMINATION of  the Russian speaking people of  east Ukraine,   is  WHITEWASHING from American public consciousness the fact that, over the preceding decades under "Soviet" Communism,   millions of Russian speakers now live in the eastern part of the Ukraine.
Russia as octapus devouring Ukraine... or EUROPE (usa, & Jews) as INTERLOPERS, SABOTAGING the region?
Russian claims to Crimea go back 5 centuries... in 1850s  CRIMEAN WAR, the  French and British allied with Turkey to attack Russians at Sevastaopol...  so anglo/franco/judeo aggression against Russia of the 1800 is, today, reinforced with the anglo/american/franco/euro/judeo empire's (NATO)  disposable troops..
TODAY's  JEWS, Brits, & Americans ARE ON SAME SIDE as

below: Obama Co.'s GENOCIDAL WAR of MASS EXTERMINATION vs Eastern Ukraine's millions of Russian speaking population... driven by the demonic Netanayahu/Likud jews in israel, their treasonous, insidious  '5th column sabotage'  traitor partners in crimes & treason in AIPAC, ADL, UJA, Bnai Brith, and other judeo supremacist war-lobby front groups in America,  and by the global (London/euro/US etc.) judeo "money power" elites who have used their privately owned "state central bank" fiat money trillions to  bribe, buy-out, extort, blackmail, & cow every politician of major import anywhere  in America & Europe (and most of the rest of the world).
map - you have to give them 'credit" - the demonic jews running America's State Department, CIA, Con-gress, War Department, White House, press/media, financial system, and  control over _all_  U.S. government agencies have won for themselves CONTROL OVER the hotly coveted CRIMEA and Ukraine ... without spilling a drop of their own blood!  This is a coup of historical dimensions...

     And THEIR  demonic, genocidal judeo blood-lust 
FRENZY to RATCHET UP the WAR and mass-murder bodycount in the Ukraine-Russia war is  matched only by their (till now frustrated) 
The more PEOPLE THEY MURDER - the bigger, deadlier, and longer the wars they supply - the MORE THEY PROFIT from trillion dollars U.S. government (= extorted taxpayers) WAR PROFITEERING  blood money contracts & financing...  

 below, BBC map confirms Eastern Ukraine's  MILLIONS of RUSSIAN SPEAKING NATIONALS,  CENSORED, whitewashed OUT of the 'news' by the traitor whore corporate media...

 who lust for  metastasizing GENOCIDE, TERROR,  EXTERMINATION, and EXPANDING, NUCLEAR TRIGGER WARS in their evil, treasonous black hearts...

BBC's (British propaganda) "Ukraine SHARP DIVISIONS" map CONFIRMS the huge population of Russian speaking nationals in Eastern Ukraine that the GENOCIDAL,
NAZIesque  U.S. corporate whore media is TRYING TO WIPE OUT. 

Notice the position of CRIMEA in the inset map... by using the U.S. government as their MASS-MURDEROUS PROXY, the DEMONIC JEWS have WRESTED CONTROL OF CRIMEA away from Russia... who won the Crimea in wars stretching back to the wars between Moscovy and the Tatars (Mongols) of the 16th century... 

The American corporate whore media CENSORING,  whitewashing out of the 'news' the existence of millions of Russian speakers in East Ukraine, along with PAYING, PRODDING, and WHIPPING the army of the Ukraine bloody COUP REGIME to MURDER _ALL_ those Russians... is a demonic  jewish designed policy,  based on ancient jewish hate and loathing for Russians and all nationalities in the region, the fertile "breadbasket of Europe"  that Germans (Teuton knights), Swedes, Poles, Lithuanians, Ottomans (Turks), Persians, Mongols, Khazars, and other tribes, kingdoms, and empires have fought over for centuries...  the jews, who migrated here from the Mideast over the preceding centuries, now believe that THEY ARE ENTITLED to RULE Russia & the Ukraine.. and to EXTERMINATE everyone else in the region...  

  who set up  BERLIN WALL style huge concrete edifices to keep "those other races" OUT of israel... but want DESTROY _AMERICA's_ borders as a PRELUDE to DESTROYING the UNITED STATES as a sovereign, independent nation!  YOU TRAITOR, "5th Column" SABOTAGE PIGS!!
below: sole Jewish Republican Con-gressman "DUAL CITIZEN" traitor  ERIC CANTOR  (with exception of "pretend Latino" jewish Repub. Illeana Ross-Lehtinen)  OPENLY PIMPS  the SABOTAGE of America's borders, and thus the SABOTAGE of  LAW &
RESPECT for RULE of LAW in America... as PRELUDE to the SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION FROM WITHIN of AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY & the END of the United States of America as a sovereign nation... 

 jews portray uncle sam as a demonic GENOCIDAL JUDEO SUPREMACIST
bent on EXTERMINATING EVERYONE  - all neighbors in vicinity - the bronze-age/iron-age judeo "chosen ones" template for genocide & perpetual war...

cheney-bush  PNAC  9-11 TRAITORS & genocidal WAR PIGS

below:  bush w... at instigation and direction of his  JEW WAR LOBBY
"handlers" (who are merely hired apparchiks, front-men for the BILLIONAIRES of the jew MONEY POWER  behind the scenes)  follows in footsteps of HITLER.. who used Reichstag burning as excuse to IMPOSE DRACONIAN DICTATOR LAWS,
Germany's "ENABLING ACTS" of 1933. 
  In Bush's case, the PNAC/jew War Lobby written "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" was even more insidious: DESIGNED FROM THE START to TARGET AMERICANS, while pretending to target "foreigner" (islamic, al Qaeda) terrorists. 
  Today in IRAQ, in SYRIA, in LIBYA, and all through the Mideast, the U.S. govt., at instigation of the same treasonous Jew War Lobby appartchiks (now as deeply infested in "Democratic" (sic) Party as deeply as they were in bush-Cheney admin. in 2002)   IS NOW JUST OPENLY FUNDING  ISIS, rebranded Al Qaeda - with BILLIONS of dollars in money, supplies, coordination, direction, weapons, & funding...

bush w KISSES his REAL FRIENDS - Saudi despots & jew WAR PIGS (Lie-berthug)
 (much less the extorted, gassed, raped, mutilated, terrorized, tortured, burned, bombed, & blasted people of Iraq, Syria, Libya, elsewhere in the Mideast, Africa, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, etc. etc. etc. etc.....) 
today's "Democrats" ARE AS SADISTIC, MASS-MURDEROUS, treasury looting, warmongering, genocidal, and police-state authoritarian as Bush w. & CHENEY!!  
Even bush & Cheney didn't dare JUST OPENLY SUPPORT AL QAEDA!

 whether from the  "marxist, 'soviet' commissar 'LEFT' - "in name of the working  proletariat of the world"  (= "internationalism")

 or from the anglo/amer (judeo!)  "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM"  right...
actually =  slavery based IMPERIALISM & genocidal colonial subjugation
run by banker/financier/slave-owners RADICAL RIGHT WING...    

 THE RESULTS are THE SAME -   millions of people disenfranchised,  dispossessed, economically ENSLAVED,  subjugated, and DISPOSSED of...   and that doesn't even include the WARS  which _intentionally_  grind millions more humans in to "soylent green"  bloody meat & rotting corpses
for the cannibalistic war god !! 
  (the god of jews, having supplanted the ancient bronze-age titans and national war-gods, now assumes those roles  of CANNIBALISTIC god of war) 
the god of jews, whom jews claim is "god of the universe"  IS KILLING MORE CHILDREN TODAY, than any of 'his' predecessor gods in past (given our much larger populations today, and the ____ children who die every day.)

  The above "PNAC"  "Conservative Republicans" are intellectual heirs of the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK agenda (international communisn) of their  fathers & grandfathers  aka "TROTSKYITES"  - now that they are wealthy, they pose as "conservatives" but they are at core GENOCIDAL JUDEO SUPREMACISTS who feel they are ENTITLED to EXTERMINATE their neighbors, whether from the Commissar "workers proletariat" left, or the GoddamnSachs/Fed/Rotschields "privately owned" SLAVE PLANTATION right...

 although the English kings did a pretty good job of fighting France during Middle Ages WITHOUT help from jews
(after Edward I evicted his jew money lenders in ____ )
the "modern" British empire is very much built on monies that originated in Amsterdam and the Netherlands during the Protestant Revolt against Catholic Spain...
  a revolt which ATTRACTED  JEWISH BANKERS who were forced to flee Spain after the 1492 Edict of Expulsion (= Spanish Inquisition... which was only one of many different "inquistions" in to "true faith in holy mother church for hundreds of years before and after 1492).   As this illustration shows,  EVEN BEFORE Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent his future world's wealthiest man son,  Nathan Rothschild, to England as a textile buyer & trader.. there were already JEWISH BANKING HOUSES in England which were  FINANCING.... = running,  the military wing of the British empire!   As the illustration portrays, "no money from bankers to purchase supplies" =  "no ships leaving port" !! 

close-ups: (left)  Sign above doorway reads "MOSES LEVY, MONEY LENT"
(right) British navy Admiral, or ship captain, from window in tavern,
 casts his spyglass on... JEW MONEY LENDERS' widow!

even BEFORE the Rothschilds came on the scene...
 (= the EXTRACTED wealth from SLAVES captured in AFRICA, and shipped to mass-murderous 'New World' agricultural  SLAVE PLANTATIONS
  Slave raids are of course a FORM OF WAR,   so even then "money lending" SLAVE LABOR, and WARs PROFITEERING were all SYNONYMOUS, 
were all THE BASIS of the judeo financial 'money power'')  
(which enriched allies through bribery, favors, & profits, and destroyed opponents. )

 bankers STEAL DEPOSITOR FUNDS - "block", "bail-ins"  "negative interest rates"
 to fund GLOBAL THEFT SPEE,  massive "derivatives" FRAUD 
                          (= FRAUDULENT claims on OTHER PEOPLE's wealth)
 straight out of bronze-age/early-iron-age judeo bible GENOCIDE EXTERMINATION of  Canaan Valley 'promised land'

   BANKERS  CONTROL  BOTH parties by legalized BRIBES "campaign donations" - 
  (note:  while GS is "only" #3 on the McCain  top donors list... CitiGroup under Sandy Weil  & Bob Rubin was practically an extension of GS, and SHELDON ADELSON and other insane war-pig jew billionaires take up for whichever dimes the GS war-pigs fall short) 

 what's OLD IS NEW:  bankers have established a de facto ONE PARTY DICTATORSHP  to suit their needs for OVER 100 YEARS... by  BRIBING  "top" - most visible - politicians in BOTH PARTIES since first decade of 1900s.

 'NEWS" stories by  banker/financier (jewish!)  owned 'news' papers, magazines, radio (and later TV)  REPRESENT ADDITIONAL banker FUNDING of candidates & incumbents -   the cost of BUYING  similar good publicity would be in the millions.

 #1.  millions of dollars of FAVORABLE media coverage for candidates & issues the bankers support;   
#2. MILLIONS of dollars of NEGATIVE news, press, radio (tv) coverage AGAINST those candidates they oppose,   including SCANDAL MONGERING that may not seem to have any bearing on the issue at hand...

    #4.  all the above was BEFORE  _jewish minorities_ starting exerting their influence in American elections,   i.e. 'Fed' created, Brandeis installed on USSC,  Warburg presided over Fed,   Bernard Baruch overlord of US World War I economy - all by "money power" ability to BRIBE (and mold,  create the media image of)  America's leading politicians,  BEFORE  the creation of Israel, and the massive CONSOLIDATION of "American" jews as a monolithic, ISRAEL UBER amerika" voting block. 
   JEWS in America are the "FIRST IN LINE" (after top financiers & connected insiders) BENEFICIAIRES of  both the Fed Reserve fraudulent LOAN SHARKING system,  AND the WARS PROFITEERING, AND global EXTORTION...
   ...which is why so many jews are part of "the elite" and SEEM "SMARTER" than average Americans.    for all their ostensible "BRILLIANCE"  JON CORZINE drove MF GLOBAL in to 1.6 billion  dollar LOSSES,  and his fellow GODDAMN SACHS 1993 co-CHAIRMAN, BOB RUBIN,  participated in first making Citi-bank into Citi-group (by TRASHING the Glass-Steagall SEPARATION of  commercial/retail LENDING BANKS, with 'investment banker'  PURE SPECULATORS,  _and_  INSURANCE dealers - an open sore INVITATION for bank insiders to PERPETRATE FRAUDS at their own bank's expense... to which you can add that further MASSIVE INDUCEMENT TO FRAUD, "BAILOUTS" - 

"loot the bank as much as you can -  WE, the EXTORTED American taxpayers and BRIBED & BLACKMAILED usg officials - will make you whole, or allow the Fed to just PRINT UP MONEY to fill in your titanic losses" !!

  the NADIR of   American 'democratic liberalism" -   so-called "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT"  Bartcop (independent 'blogger' Terry Copeland)   
TAKES UP where DICK CHENEY, PAUL WOLFOWITZ, don rumsfeld, george w. bush, et al LEFT OFF: 
    PIMPING MORE US BOMBING of innocent civilians in Mideast  in metastasizing,  unlimited support of GENOCIDAL JEWISH WARS...  
 calls for "SKY MISCHIEF" =  BOMBING of SYRIANS already besieged, MASSACRED, &  TERRORIZED by the demonic jew-state/(israel)/usa  PROXY  AL QAEDA TERRORIST ARMY INVASION...

Monday, July 28, 2014

JEWISH Israelis PROTEST GAZA WAR!! A CHINK in the Genocidal Judeo elites' "HATE & DEMONIZATION = license to perpetrate cries & atrocities" armor ??

 We will take good news where we find it!  JEWISH Israelis PROTEST Netanyahu's MASS MURDER 'war' & state terrorism & genocide against Gaza!  
Is there a CHINK in the demonic armor of the Genocidal Judeo elites'
(and their bribed, blackmailed, & extorted "U.S." & European politicians, press/media, & govt. officials)
HATE & DEMONIZATION propaganda narrative that fuels MASS-MURDER warsPROXY TERROR genocide worldwide??

Unfortunately, of course,    the demonic  judeo supremacist  "elites" need only kill their own people -  stage FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS and blame them on Palestinians or terrorists -
to  reverse the above, slowly forming opposition to the Judeo Supremacist mass-murder attacks on Gaza  (or elsewhere in Occupied Palestine; against Syria, Lebanon, & etc.):

Gaza Attack: Team PEOPLE Winning Battle for Humanity

 Humanity is Rejecting Mass Murder as a Tool for National Ambition while Social Networking and Alternative Media Continue to Lead in Exposing War Crimes  
by Johnny Punish,  contributor
Today, War Criminal and Extremist Murderer of Children, the self-appointed Warden at his Gaza Maximum Security Prison, Israeli Prime Sinister Benjamin Netanyahu invaded and occupied the US Sunday morning talk show circuit. 
He gave us his best propaganda-posing-as-truth to re-sell his case to the older generation Americans that still watch these antiquated corporatocrazy platforms.  As usual, it was another weekly attempt to circle jerk over the American public.
Warden Bibi was his usual self blaming everyone but his murderous gang of ambitious serial killers for the horrific mass murder at his Gaza facility. 
[ = NAZI style BLAME THE VICTIMS for their wholesale _extermination_ at the hands of state organized killers.]
What is beating up the snaring serial killer is the alternative media and social networks around the world who are not lobbied by AIPAC and their gang of thugs 
  The miscalculating and arrogant Warden of the largest prison in the world still does NOT understand that power has shifted from the elite propagandists to us; we the global people... 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

NSA - 'America's' "National SECURITY Agency" (sic) - IS HELPING SAUDI royals EXTERMINATE any opposition. BECAUSE the JEWS RULING America, HATE democracy, freedoms, & human rights.... SLAVES HAVE _NO_ RIGHTS!

 Well, this is an easy post to write:  the next WP, NYT, TIME, or CNN
 (Washington whore lying post, Sulzberger New York Slimes, or Time/Warner Hollywood mega-media propaganda whores) 
lying 'reporter'    (dictation taking stenographer!)  who writes that
"the war on terror is about PRESERVING FREEDOM & LIBERT"   deserves...

  As this video explains, "putting considerations of A FOREIGN POWER, AHEAD of considerations of the United States and its citizens, has to be considered Treason...  it could not be described as anything else."
"Putting considerations of the governments of foreign powers, AHEAD of the considerations of laws, rights & freedoms of the United States and its citizens, HAS TO BE regarded as TREASON.   It could not be described as anything else."
  All the more so, because the relentlessly lying,  CORRUPT,  SELL OUT WHORES in America's 'news' rooms, in Congress, and in government,
work so diligently to pretend they are supporting "freedom," "democracy" and American rights...
when they know damn well that the actual  foundation of  American power they are working & writing in support of   is GROTESQUE  WAHABI style MEDIEVAL Saudi misogynistic theocracy in the Gulf Arab oil states;  and the even more vile, demonic Talmudic theocracy,  foreign genocidal (judeo) supremacy,  which posits the ruthless, serial, and relentless _extermination_  of  entire tribes in vicinity of the "chosen ones"...

both of which ruthless dictatorial ideologies &  parties have a twenty-plus centuries plus history of participation in the cruel, ruthless, mass-murderous slave trade.... 

  The WOLFOWITZ/cheney/bush/libby/wurmser/feith/podhoretz/
zackheim/boton/bolten/Chertoff/mukasey/kristol/kagan/ (et al)
 2003 War & invasion of Iraq  had nothing to do with "democracy" and "freedom"
 despite rivers of ink in the corporate newspapers, and reams of video propaganda from  the PNAC hijacked U.S. military's Orwellian IRAQ INVASION  "Operation Iraqi Freedom" code-name - 

   ... the WOLFOWITZ et al PNAC Neo-Cons'  INTENT  during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003  was to  SOW AS MUCH MASS-MURDER, DESTRUCTION, GENOCIDE, carnage, & devastation in the region as the world would let them get away with...

...and ten years later, their evil plans are once again blooming in to awful genocide & MASS EXTERMINATION,    with the U.S. government & demonic jew war state (Israel)  supplying BOTH SIDES to kill each other, via either the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Qataris supporting the Sunni jihadists in Iraq;  or the U.S. government supplying similar weapons to the Shiite majority government in Iraq...
...a job - getting both sides to kill each other -  "well done" if you are a demonic jewish war pig....

  NSA  is ACTIVELY HELPING  SAUDIS to CRUSH DISSENT [in the women's head-chopping misogynistic feudal run Saudi empire]
 by Michael Kreiger, Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,  July 26, 2014
It is not an exaggeration to say Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive, authoritarian regimes on the planet.  Despite having been the main foreign instigator pushing for conflict in Syria, as well as its increasingly disturbing ties to the attacks on 9/11, it remains one of the U.S. government’s  "closest allies."
I’ve covered some of the human rights abuses of the Saudi regime on several occasions due to the fact that it so clearly exposes the total hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy. The most recent example was the recent sentencing of human rights lawyer and activist Waleed Abu Alkhair to 15 years in prison for “inciting public opinion,” i.e., effectively utilizing free speech.   I covered this in detail in the post: Saudi Human Rights Lawyer and Activist Jailed for 15 Years for Free Speech Under New “Anti-Terror” Law.
Thanks to revelations from Edward Snowden, we now know that our taxpayer money is directly funding the ability of this autocratic regime to brutalize its citizenry. The Intercept reports that:
The Saudi Ministry of Interior—referred to in the document as MOI— has been condemned for years as one of the most brutal human rights violators in the world. In 2013, the U.S. State Department reported that “Ministry of Interior officials sometimes subjected prisoners and detainees to torture and other physical abuse,” specifically mentioning a 2011 episode in which MOI agents allegedly “poured an antiseptic cleaning liquid down [the] throat” of one human rights activist. The report also notes the MOI’s use of invasive surveillance targeted at political and religious dissidents.

  In the past 2 decades of demonic jew war-pig whipped HATE & HYSTERIA in the (jewish owned) American corporate media,  Americans are too brain-dead and confused to understand that IRAN is AN OASIS OF CIVILIZATION in the region
(as were Syria & Libya until the jew-state & US sponsored al QAEDA TERRORIST INVASIONS there)
 compared to the ghastly SAUDI & other U.S., Europe, & Israel supported  Gulf Arab oil despots in the region

   JEWS AROUND THE WORLD JUSTIFY THEIR SUPPORT for the NETANYAHU/likud/ROTSCHIELDS  cozying up to  THE SAUDIS,  they justify pure hate,
because they don't think twice for a moment that SUPPORTING  SAUDI and ISRAEL totalitarian, and-democratic theocracy and racial supremacy UNDERCUTS and DESTROYS  not only human rights in that region, but AMERICAN RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, LIBERTIES, genuine democracy, and the American social contract here at home in the United States. 
 AND THAT IS THE DEFINITION of  TREASON.... no matter how much the ruling elites might play on our insecurity about oil prices and the debases U.S. dollar.
 (Cheap DICTATORS supplied foreign oil, is the last prop under the U.S. dollar which THEY, the ruling class oligarchs, kleptocrats, and "money power" Fed bankers HAVE DEBASED.)

  BECAUSE SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS, according to FUNDAMENTALIST JEWS and their Saudi head-chopping partners in crimes
(backed up for the past 2 decades by  THE ENTIRE  jewish diaspora,  aka all "international jewish groups.")

  In the name of MURDERING EVERYONE in the region who might have a claim on natural resource rights... or who might impede the INSANE judeo supremacist  "GREATER ISRAEL" designs to annex all lands "between the Nile (Egypt) and Euphrates (to Iran border) - the U.S. government, under its demonic JUDEO  RULING overlords,  is  just blatantly supplying & arming BOTH SIDES in Iraq's  Sunni vs Shiite fighting:


U.S. government, driven by insane late bronze-age judeo supremacist ideology,
is supporting and arming both sides in Iraq's Sunni vs Shia conflict...
...with the _intention_ of massacring as much humanity in the region as is possible


HUMANITY RUNNING OUT OF TIME: the JEWS who OWN America's politicians, government, & corp. Media ARE in FRENZY to Get AMERICA & NATO to ATTACK RUSSIA... to TRIGGER WWIII and Cover-UpVast Financial Crimes.... and to MAKE PLAUSIBLE their NEXT, NUCLEAR 9-11 FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS in America that will be BLAMED on Russians or Iranians,...

 "THE WORLD IS DOOMED"  by Western - U.S. & Europe - COMPLICITY (even 'merely' apathy)  with the insaneGENOCIDAL,  NUCLEAR ARMED, JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda of  treachery, treason,  and serial demonic ghoul  blood-lust global annihilation warmongering  collective INSANITY...  

  notice the second headline link, on  the right in our above screen-capture,  
from  PrisonPlanet's home page this morning: 
because the insane warmongers running America's government, are shoving their hired, DISPOSABLE NATO, Ukraine, and U.S. proxy troops & armies, in to what will soon be  
an ever ESCALATING NUCLEAR WAR  that will make World War I (and WWII) 
 look like  a Civil War skirmish in comparison.

   THIS year,  2014,   is,  after all, the 100 year anniversary of  the European 'leaders' fratricidal descent into the WWI meat-grinder  war that  consumed millions of corpses &  human souls like so much firewood tossed into a furnace...

  and this time around (1914 > 2014)  any local commander of a nuclear missile battalion can issue a launch command ("push the button") the moment he believes his missile site is under attack, missile launches that will wipe out the populations of entire cities.

 Just as with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when the short- and medium-range 'Soviet' nuclear armed ballistic missiles in Cuba were already operational and on wartime footing, regardless of the U.S. military high command telling President Kennedy that the missiles could not possibly be operational, "because the Russian/'Soviet' forces were not that competent"...
   in the tradition of Russian/Sov. military ruggedness & simplicity of operation,
those nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at Miami, Washington, New York, and cities in between
were armed, ready, loaded, and under wartime conditions... ready to fire at the press of a button,  their missile battery commanders _ordered_  to fire their cities-annihilating missiles  if those batteries were attacked by U.S. bombers during the hair-trigger Cuban missile crisis in May 1962....

AMERICA IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME: the  TERRORISTS & TRAITORS  running the U.S. government, are in a FRENZY to ATTACK RUSSIA, to  COVER UP  (make plausible) 
their NEXT  9-11  "FALSE FLAG"  TREASON, massive TERROR ATTACK _in_ AMERICA.....

Running out of time: Will the "black ops" shadow rulers behind the US government STAGE another MASSIVE "FALSE FLAG" terror attack against the American people... AGAIN?  by Dennis Cimino, U.S. Navy electronics combat contractor

Above headline & story link = the price we all will pay for TOLERATING  2+ decades... an entire century! -  of serial judeo FINANCIAL CRIMES, terrorist acts, WAR CRIMES, TREASON 
(USS Liberty attack, OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE for USS Cole attack survivors;  9/11 treason;  anthrax attacks treason; , Boston Marathon bombing treason;  Sandy Hook massacre hoax;  Libya & Syria proxy terrorist wars;  GAZA mass-murder, and now the final straw: U.S. goading  fierce whipping of Ukraine fascist coup regime war against Russia, the trigger the Demonic Neo-Cons are already GLOATING OVER  on their way to instigating a massive US & Nato war against Russia 8& global holocaust) 


 The  writer of our first headline/link,   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains:  the   CRIMINAL TRAITORS in the U.S. government,  Israel War Lobby, and corporate press/media INVERT REALITY,

 they BLAME the thousands of   ethnic RUSSIAN VICTIMS in the Ukraine,
for the AMERICAN INSTIGATED  "AGRESSION" against the ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine...

 a story CONFIRMED by 1980s Iran/Contra TREASON & WAR-CRIMES reporting independent news outlet
Ethnic Russians Are People, Too
by Robert Parry,, May 13, 2014
 There’s an odor of prejudice [= RACISM, mass-murderous HATE & VIOLENT DEHUMANIZATION]   in how the [evil]  mainstream U.S. news media treats the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, as if they are mindless beings, easily duped “minions” of Vladimir Putin. But this bias reflects more negatively on the U.S. press than on the people who are being insulted....

 they DEMONIZE the VICTIMSeven as  the U.S. government  RELENTLESSLY WHIPS their UKRAINE JUNTA  (and captive, cattle, cannon-fodder people of the Ukraine)  to ATTACK RUSSIANS, to give the traitors running America's government & military

 the EXCUSE they are looking for  to USE the U.S. & NATO troops that have long been stationed AROUND RUSSIA, to ATTACK RUSSIA:

Notice how quickly Washington escalated the orchestrated   [the U.S. INSTIGATED MASS-MURDER COUP]   Ukrainian “crisis”  WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE of  “Russian aggression.”  OVERNIGHT we have the NATO commander and US senators taking actions against “Russian aggression” of which no one has seen any evidence.
"NATO commander General Breedlove and [U.S.] Senate bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is organizing itself and Europe for war against Russia."   
"The US Senate’s Russian Aggression Prevention Act, about which I reported in my previous column, does even more mischief than I reported. If the bill passes, which it likely will, Washington becomes empowered to bypass NATO and to grant the status of “allied nation” to Ukraine independently of NATO membership. By so doing, Washington can send troops to Ukraine and thereby commit NATO to a war with Russia [without a U.S. declaration of war] "    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 2014 

  That is, the DEMONIC, TRAITOR  JEWS  will use the letter of the "laws,"  SENATE RESOLUTIONS, and  presidential decrees they pass or issue BY BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY, and COERCION of America's political 'leaders'

to  DO AN END RUN AROUND the Constitutionally demanded process of bringing a vote for a state of war to the 2 bodies of Congress,  _BEFORE_ launching a war.  

    AS ALWAYS, the judeo elites  THINK THEY ARE CLEVER,   whenever they use he latest political & media bullying tactics to GET AWAY WITH SERIAL CRIMES, whether serial economy-gutting financial crimes,  or  false-flag terror attacks,  or  creating a state of War against Libya & Syria by hiring proxy terrorist armies... all of which are a prelude to this instance,

 (and massive U.S. funding of US  & NATO military operations)
TO DO AN END-RUN around the Constitutionally mandated  Congressional authorization of war, to ATTACK & WAGE WAR AGAINST RUSSIA.

   ONCE AMERICAN TROOPS ARE UNDER ATTACK - as will happen the moment they are deployed to the HELL ON EARTH COMBAT ZONE the 'Neo-Con'  national security TRAITORS have made of   Eastern Ukraine -  
  the Congress, in a state of corporate media whipped hate and faux patriotism,

 will then authorize the state of war  that will already be on-going by then - giving the WAR CRIMINALS their  final fig-leaf for their massive WAR OF AGGRESSION  & EXTERMINATION against Russia - whom the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK COMMISSARS _ALREADY_ KILLED between 40 million & 60 million souls in the 4 bloody decades after the Lenin/TROTSKY/Sverdlove/Yezhov/Frenkel (et al)  Communist revolutionaries & mass-murder terror Commissars....


The  _next_ FALSE FLAG treason terror ATTACK in AMERICA will be MASSIVE, and will make 9-11 look like a childrens' cup-cake party in comparison.

 Both Senator  LINDSEY GRAHAM  and FORMER VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY -  SERIAL TRAITORS  in the employ of the JEW WAR LOBBY -  have indicated that the NEXT  "terror attack" IN AMERICA, WILL BE A NUCLEAR ATTACK...  they know this,  BECAUSE THEY ARE PART of the  MOSSAD/NSA/cia/DHS  "BLACK OPS"   or "OPERATION GLADIO"  style of CRIMINAL PERPETRATORS  _PLANNING_  this huge new "operation" -  WHICH IS ALREADY IN PLACE,  as the KENNEDY CONSPIRATORS  HAD THEIR COVER-UP  CONSPIRACY well in place, and finely honed, the night before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The Ukraine/RUSSIA WAR  will give the traitors in the government who perpetrated the attacks the license they need to divide America into balkanized FEMA EMERGENCY REGIONS of  absolute dictatorship, martial law, complete with CONCENTRATION CAMPS and US MILITARY & NATO  INVASIONS of  American cities, towns, and communities in the name of "looking for terrorists."

    AS WITH the ANTHRAX ATTACKS  that PIGGY-BACKED on the hijacked airliners used as massive flying  bombs on 9-11,  the NEXT FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACKS  against America will see MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS  (almost certainly nuclear)


 Because, even as our economy craters around us due to serial financial rapes & economic sabotage, those Americans who still have money have been lulled in to thinking that the most important function of their lives is to go out and have a good time,  spending billions of dollars on America's well honed, massively profitable, but ultimately distracting and hate-whipping  mass-media  sports/ENTERTAINMENT complex.

As during the Great Depression, the nation's economy may be in tatters... but you can show support for America by going to a ball game, and cheering the home-town team in their run for the World Series.

Paul Craig Roberts: the TRAITORS and SERIAL LIARS and WAR CRIMINALS in America's government and corporate media are IN A FRENZY to  get the U.S. military and NATO to ATTACK RUSSIA,  inverting reality by claiming the victims are the perpetrators of  "AGRESSION",
  when in fact it has clearly been AMERICA'S GOVERNMENT which is DIRECTING  the UKRAINE JUNTA COUP to  MASSACRE ETHNIC RUSSIANS in the former Ukraine...

   General Breedlove:  another HIRED ASSASSIN  paid and promoted in the U.S. and NATO militaries to KILL PEOPLE.  
The Demonic War Pigs are bringing back the VIETNAM WAR era trick of  gauging the success of  America's war in that bomb-blasted nation by BODY COUNTS -  never admitting for a moment that the millions of  people in a far-away land had any rights,  and might have preferred NOT to have the American war machine turn their homeland into a machine-gunned, bombed, and poison gas ('Agent Orange' and other defoliants poured on a nation's rice fields and jungles certainly acted as POISON ATTACKS on that target nation's food and water supply... or as POISON GAS to hapless people caught in underground bunkers at the U.S. cargo aircraft spewed their deadly cargo, inhaling life-damaging if not lethal doses of the most powerful toxic cocktails of herbicides U.S. science and corporate America could concoct)

The evidence is compelling, and in fact piling-up everywhere.... and, indeed, is now blaring & screaming out loud that the TREASONOUS JEWS  who  OWN  AMERICA's politicians, government, &  corporate press/media   are IN A FRANTIC, demonic FRENZY,
  to  get AMERICA & NATO in to a huge new war against Russia -  a "real" war,  not just the huge U.S. military running search-and-destroy missions against outgunned 'insurgents' in Iraq, Afghanistan (or hiring proxy terrorist armies to take out Libya and Syria) -  because the entire world is waking up to the SHEER CRIMINALITY of  judeo run finance (the jewish bankers & financial rapists behind 'the Fed'  have cheated millions of people out of their wealth & life savings... by counterfeiting,  debasing, trashing the value of the U.S. dollar by fiat, digital money-printing alone - not including serial financial crimes like Jon Corzine's looting of  $1.6 billion from depositors at MF Global
(again, papered over by 'Fed' banker money-printing to cover insurance claims), or George Soros & co.'s  COUNTERFEIT ATTACKS on the wealth of people whose savings were held in British pounds sterling  (using huge quantities of "naked shorts" to drive the apparent value of a currency like the pound down - "naked shorts" that are not backed up by real stock or currency are illegal, but if a financial cartel can issue enough of them to drive the trading price of a stock or currency down at any given moment, then EXIT their trades,  the COUNTERFEIT nature of the financial attack will never be seen.   NAKED SHORTING  financial attacks, are the unofficial financial cartel means of COUNTERFEITING  the currency that represents other people's wealth....   bribing, extorting, & blackmailing Congress, parliaments, and governments to tolerate, or authorize, Central Banker money printing - usually as a response to an ECONOMIC CRISIS that they ENGINEERED, is the "official" way to COUNTERFEIT the claims on other people's wealth.)

    The "secret" to NEO-CON politics and the TREASONOUS  Judeo SUPREMACIST hijacking of the 'Democratic" (sic) Party and thus the entire U.S. government & American society...

  PUT A  SMILING,  "normal" human HAPPY FACE, on the serial economy gutting, war-crimes pimping,  terrorist proxy armies supporting  SERIAL ATROCITIES and crimes-against-humanity that are the Neo-Con, judeo supremacist  "ALL people on earth ARE NON-HUMANS to be ENSLAVED or DISPOSED OF at the whim of   "g-o-d's chosen"  master-race" insanity...

(left) The 'secret' to moving up in 'Democrat' party power & politics:
put a HAPPY FACE, a "normal," contented, competent American face,
 on the serial "NEO-CON"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST ATROCITIES, insanity, treachery, treasons, & wars..
(right) - from Vietnam War era "peaceniks" GENOCIDAL, PSYCHOPATHS, global extortionists,
and  nuclear- & high-tech industrialized wars pimping insane politicians and 'national leaders' (sic) grow...   

HILLARY - the REAL secret to her success:  PERPETRATE & WHITEWASH whatever _ATROCITIES_
her Jew war-lobby & 'Money Power'  PAYMASTERS tell her to...

Radio Islam cartoon captures the cold, cruel essence of  'AMERICAN' politics:
the  evil, demonic, treasonous, treacherous JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR LOBBY's support...

The GENOCIDAL JEW WAR LOBBY caricatured above,
 are like pigs WALLOWING IN SLOP this July of 2014
 through demonic patience and a little evil luck,  they are now on the brink  of
but of getting the U.S. military & NATO to WAGE WAR ON RUSSIA, a nation that has been steadily ENCIRCLED by not only INSANE,  JUDEO RUN,
nations-destroying TERRORIST PROXY ARMIES
 but US & NATO  nuclear armed 'western' army groups preparing for 'the kill' of 100 million Russians...
 AEGIS anti-missile system ("ABM" or anti-ballistic missiles)  being DEPLOYED ON RUSSIA's BORDERS... an ACT of  NUCLEAR armed MILITARY AGGRESSION every bit as murderously hostile and as blatant as Hitler massing German army armored divisions on Poland's borders in September of 1939.    This photo represents just a small slice - one particular system - of MASSIVE, NUCLEAR ARMED MILITARY MIGHT being positioned by the jews (which is to say, their USA & NATO puppets)  AROUND  Russia.

  What is critical to understand in all this -  all this  STATIONING the MOST AGGRESSIVE, high-tech,   nuclear trigger-happy weapons systems ever devised by man - in close proximity to Russia, is that not only are these deployments INTENDED to be AGGRESSIVE - to make any knowledgeable Russian pee in his pants at the prospect of US, NATO, and israel nuclear missiles raining down on their heads -
 -  but not only do the Judeo 'elites' driving this blatant nuclear (& Ukraine hired proxy terrorist) aggression insanity NOT PAY A DIME for all this demonic saber rattling...

....BUT THEY GET PAID FOR IT!   in huge, titanic, multi-billion dollar GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS to America's premier (all)  "defense contractors" -

 The valient (hounded out of America by the murderous Jewish mob and their "American" police undercover thugs)  Christopher Bollyn deconstructs  billionaire JEWISH PROFITEERING from the AMERICAN PERMANENT WAR STATE,  aka "America's defense contractors & defense industry":

   "THE FRAUDULENT WAR ON TERROR" = a never-ending SLUSH FUND GRAVY TRAIN for those who run America's WAR PROFITEERING "defense contractors" - who just happen to own America's corporate media!  
(General Electric co., much makes JET ENGINES along with computerized weapons systems and nuclear warheads, OWNS  NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.)  

Chicago's Elders of Zion and Obama's War for Profit

and  "Obama's CHICAGO JUDEO SUPREMACIST Mob - & DEFENSE CONTRACTING beneficiaries - benefactors"

  for a taste of what we mean by "OBAMA's WARS are DESIGNED to BENEFIT  Obama's  JEWISH PUPPETMASTERS,"  here is a very small sample:

 below -  OBAMA THE CANDIDATE was created by David Axelrod - Zionist Chicago jew mob commissar of  reality-inverting propaganda -  who wrote Obama's 2008 campaign speeches and managed his political career.
 above: Rahm Emanuel, first CHIEF OF STAFF  of the Obama White House, served in the Israeli army and is the son of a real Zionist terrorist. The late Sherman Skolnick of Chicago called  EMANUEL the "Acting Deputy Chief for North America of the Mossad -­ Israeli Intelligence."

Skolnick reported that Emanuel's father Benjamin had been "part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden's Count [Folke] Bernadotte" in 1948.
   Bernadotte was the United Nations envoy who was sent to Palestine to find a solution to the UN Partition Plan that gave Palestinian land to Jews from Poland and Russia.

OBAMA's BROKEN PROMISES... and LIES to the country on his every 2008 campaign stop....

   show that DAVID AXELROD is a demonic jewish genius at taking the issues, fears and government excesses  AMERICANS ARE MOST CONCERNED WITH... and then
RAMMING them down our American throats,

 to support BUSH  style EXPANDING WARS, METASTASIZING POLICE STATE, police brutality, &  STAZI/nsa/DHS surveillance,

and in particular "NO BID CONTRACTS" and "LOBBYISTS IN WASHINGTON" - that IN TANDEM with the so-called "Federal Reserve"  LICENSE TO EXTORT the ENTIRE American economy,

sees the massive preponderance of American wealthy delivered to perpetrators, allies, & collaborators of "THE MONEY POWER"  which for 2,500 years has been synonymous with The JEW WAR LOBBY....
words are cheap... especially when you GET PAID to LIE  on core issues and concerns of the American people!   as the below video highlights....  


RAHM EMANUEL, DAVID AXELROD, and the other CHICAGO JEW MOB   puppet-masters RUNNING the obama WHITE HOUSE FOR MOSSAD.... were LYING through their teeth!!  
Their CAMPAIGN SOUND-BITES of what they would OPPOSE and NOT do  from the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration.... were actually 
  the BLUEPRINT of  what the treacherous, treasonous, anti-American obama/EMANUEL/summers/KAGAN/ross/BERNSTEIN/sutphen/SUNSTEIN/   (et al)  administration WOULD DO _TO_  Americans...  

 -  economically RAPE, politically SUBJUGATE, and socially ENSLAVE Americans.....
  just see GAZA under  DHS/fema/nsa/cia/dea/fbi   MOSSAD & IDF mass-murder bombings...