Monday, June 16, 2014

ZERO-HEDGE, on-line 'insider' financial commentary web-site alleged to be Composed by FORMER LEHMAN Bros. financial analysts, IS A PROPAGANDA FRONT for the JEWISH WAR LOBBY & Wall St. hyper-wealthy "Money Power"... which is to say, they are a MOSSAD/cia MASS-MURDEROUS, treasonous, WARMONGERING MOUTHPIECE...

  Infowars inclusion of  'news' reports in &'s  reporting is troubling... because it is 'obvious',  or readily apparent, that ZeroHedge is following the New York Times, Washington Post, TIME magazine, other major corporate jewish owned media, and more recently, the  BusinessInsider and HuffingtonPost  "news reporting" model" -

  pretend to be "hip,"  pretend to be in support of the American ideals of equality, liberty, constitutional rights, and genuinely representative democracy and government...

while, actually,  always insidiously working to undermine, SUBVERT, and SABOTAGE those ideals, and replace them with a JUDEO SUPREMACIST theocratic dictatorship,
a judeo supremacist goal that would be similar to, a mirror reflection of, a Saudi run Caliphate ruling the entire Mideast...
 or, more simply,  a mirror reflection of the Saudi Arab style ABSOLUTE DESPOT DICTATORSHIP,  masquerading as "religious purists" and fundamentalists...
(all while the Saudi rulers themselves rule far above the religious dictates (like abstinence from alcohol) that they IMPOSE on their "subjects" and victims far below them).

   In this particular glaring case we caught,   ZeroHedge,
like all the corporate media and jewish owned press/media,  
is desperately trying to 'SPIN' the outbreak of  WELL FINANCED & COORDINATED  AL QAEDA terrorist ARMIES  ALL OVER the Mideast...
an outbreak of mass-murderous violence & terror  that is a DIRECT RESULT, not only of  U.S. GOVERNMENT  SUPPORT for those  MASS-MURDEROUS   Sunni fundamentalist "JIHADI"  ARMIES  in  EGYPT, LIBYA, and SYRIA....

   but, even more hideous than  'merely'  OUR OWN U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPPORTING  AL QAEDA TERROR ARMIES, is the crime and awful fact that  
 and EVERY jewish lobbying front,
and  EVERY  PRO-ISRAEL POLITICIAN, opinion-maker, and government official  in America....
those  demonic WAVES of  AL QAEDA TERRORISM,
in order to  DEMOLISH the  secular nations and states in the MidEast... so the  jewish financiers,  "the money power" and their European & American financial allies & proxies,
  can move in and ASSET STRIP the natural resources from those conquered, terrorized lands
(now rump, divided, racial strife & sectarian violence torn former nations),
 and  RULE THEM on the CHEAP  via subsidies to AL QAEDA  TERRORIST, THUG ruling regimes - for pennies-on-the-dollar of what democratic nations would demand for the sale of those same  natural resources to 'Western'  (judeo!)  traders & financiers on truly "open" or "Free" market exchanges.
("TERRORIST THUG rulers" is actually  a good definition for  the entire Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, and other Gulf Arab oil despot regimes.)

 Here (below), in a ZeroHedge article cross-posted at InfoWars &, the anonymous ZeroHedge writer outlines  a claimed MASSACRE, by Al Qaeda terrorist armies in Iraq, of  some  1,500   one-thousand  five hundred   captured (and thus defenseless) government, civilian, and Iraqi army prisoners.

  HOWEVER,  in their "accurate" reporting in which they are 'only'  reporting ISIS  (Sunni terrorist/Al Qaeda army)  _claims_,  the ZeroHedge author
 NEVER EVEN MENTIONS  _the CRUX_  of this latest outbreak of Civil War in U.S. conquered Iraq -   that the "rebels" and "ISIS Jihadis"  
ARE BEING FINANCED & SUPPORTED BY the SAUDIS (and all the other Gulf Arab Sunni dictatorships)!

  NICE!    TYPICAL  Sulzberger jewish-owned New York Slimes and (until recently) MEYER/graham jewish-owned WASHINGTON WHORE POST  "reporting" tactics -  deluge  the reader   with facts, names, places, events, and outlines of grand strategy, but conveniently and carefully  OMIT  _the crucial pieces of the story_, thereby  leaving a STATE OF CONFUSION in readers minds across America & globe, a state of confusion & misinformation -

 "a state of confusion" = INTENTIONAL PROPAGANDA! -  in which bloody, mass-murderous U.S. imperial hegemony [= _blatantly_  genocidal Zionist judeo supremacism!]
 can wreak havoc across the globe, without getting their fingers bloody.

   NOT ONLY do the ZeroHedge authors  FAIL to mention THE CRUX of the story - that these WAVES OF Sunni JIHADI TERRORIST ARMIES  wreaking havoc all across the MidEast are ALL SPONSORED BY "our American allies"  [retch!]  the SAUDIS & other Sunni Arab gulf oil despots -


    By which we mean,  we have just caught ZeroHedge  producing a textbook example of NAZI PROPAGANDA:  BLAMING THE VICTIMS for their own mass-murders!

 ISIS Jihadists Release Shocking Photos Documenting Slaying Of 1700 Iraqi Soldiers published by Zero Hedge  June 16, 2014 order to further demorallize the local population, ISIS militants boasted on Twitter that they had executed 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers, posting gruesome photos to support their claim, the NYT reported.The authenticity of the photographs and the insurgents’ claim could not be verified, and Iraqi government officials initially cast doubt on whether such a mass execution took place. There were also no reports of large numbers of funerals in the Salahuddin Province area, where the executions were said to have been conducted.
If the claim is true, it would be the worst mass atrocity in either Syria or Iraq in recent years, surpassing even the chemical weapons attacks in the Syrian suburbs of Damascus last year, which killed 1,400 people and WERE ATRIBUTED [by JEWISH OWNED  HATE-MONGERING MEDIA,  and  U.S. government & European PUPPETS  crimes-against humanity PERPETRATORS!]  TO the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT. Remember that particular attack nearly culminated in a US land invasion of Syria,and led to a US vs Russia standoff in the military with dozens of warships prepared to fire at each other at a moment’s notice.

     While InfoWars/PrisonPlanet was among the foremost new-aggregate sites in the world to document that the POISON GAS ATTACKS on SYRIAN CIVILIANS  in August of last year (2013) was  absolutely launched by  the SAME flavor of  SUNNI JIHADIST  (= al Qaeda terrorists)  who CLAIM to have massacred  1,500  victims in Iraq this week...

  ZERO HEDGE   PRETENDS  NOT TO KNOW THIS STORY,  and   BLAMES the SYRIAN ARMY for the   MASS-MURDER ATTACK on SYRIAN CIVILIANS    by  outsider (non-Syrian) Sunni Jihadist... supported by not only the  Saudis & Gulf Arab oil despots, but by  BRITAIN, FRANCE, TURKEY, NATO, the U.S. GOVERNMENT, and the  GOD-DAMNED MASS-MURDEROUS  JEWS (israel &  'American'-jewish War Lobby, AIPAC et al)

  THE GOD-DAMNED  ZERO-HEDGE WRITERS  WELL KNOW about the FURY whipped up by the INSIDIOUS  AL QAEDA  POISON GAS ATTACKS on Syrian CIVILIANS... but here they not only pretend not to no, but do so WITH THE INTENT of BLAMING THE SYRIAN ARMY,  many of whom undoubtedly had family members among those MURDERED VICTIMS.

    THE GENOCIDAL JEWS  _LOVE_  BLAMING THE VICTIMS  whenever they (the jews) are able to perpetrate a MASS-MURDER EXTERMINATION of those victims... just read the god-damned jewish "holy" (retch!) bible,  the  FERVOR with which jews GLOAT about the MASSACRES their bible claims their armies & leaders have perpetrated in the past


 Here's a basic classroom or home-work assignment for any high school or college journalism student:

  LIST the names, places, faces, government, issues, and 'facts'  ZeroHedge crams in to this article...

  and then COMPARE that list of  names, places, issues,  strategic outlines, and 'facts'
with the TWO MOST IMPORTANT  FACTS  that  ZeroHedge  conveniently omits:
#1. that the CURRENT  wave of  Al QAEDA TERRORIST CIVIL WAR in IRAQ is BEING FINANCED BY  "our American allies" THE SAUDIS...  ...and,
 #2.    informed news readers know that it was _NOT_  the SYRIAN ARMY or Assad government which ATTACKED ITS OWN PEOPLE with POISON GAS... but instead IT WAS   the same above mentioned SAUDI, KUWAITI, QATARI,  TURKEY, British, French, NATO,  U.S. & ISRAEL  supported  Sunni 'rebels' who perpetrated the MASS-MURDER ATTACK on Civilians in Syria last year! 


     What we have is a TYPICAL  example of JEWISH OWNED MEDIA 
(yes - we will say it:  ZERO HEDGE, whether it is former Lehman bros. analysts or not, IS JEWISH OWNED 'media' propaganda mouthpiece!)

On-line readers who read this, today's ZeroHedge  article for the first time, without knowing the terrible  back-history, the real story behind the  Syrian Aug. 2013 poison gas attacks,  will just assume that ZeroHedge knows what they were talking about, when they insinuate that the Syrian army attacked its own people with poison gas,  even though the Syrian army had NO need to do so,
and  Syrian army commanders well knew that to be caught using poison gas or any other "WMDs" would spell their own immediate DOOM and destruction  at the hands of a  JEWISH INSTIGATED   NATO  INVASION of Syria...  exactly as the diabolical  Jews used their U.S. government, NATO, and  AL QAEDA PROXIES to TAKE DOWN & DEMOLISH LIBYA...

below screen-capture:
The foul,  DEMONIC  'American'  JEWS - the AIPAC Lobby -  fully supported the JEWISH (israel) government & Mossad instigated plan, to USE  SAUDI FINANCED  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to execute POISON GAS ATTACKS on SYRIAN AN EXCUSE  to  BLAME the SYRIAN ARMY, and whip of  a Libya style NATO BOMBARDMENT OF SYRIA...

FOUL, DEMONIC  'American' JEWS - the AIPAC lobbyists -  USE the  AL QAEDA POISON GAS ATTACK on SYRIAN CIVILIANS that the JEWS in MOSSAD INSTIGATED  in August of 2013, as a DIABOLICAL EXCUSE to BLAME THE VICTIMS for their own MASS-MURDERS... and Jewish lust to  double-down on that MASS-MURDER, by getting U.S. & NATO  air forces to BOMB the surviving Syrians into oblivion !     
This is a JEWISH owned 'news' source, in essence  BRAGGING that  the JEWISH WAR LOBBY _OWNS_  the (late) United States Con-gress, White House, military,  & 'intel' agencies - ALL of which KNEW that  it was AL QAEDA TERRORISTS,  NOT the Syrian army, which perpetrated the foul,  ISRAEL INSTIGATED MASSACRE of Syrian civilians  !! 


 bonus:  we apologize for the disgustingly graphic nature of this below (bottom) image,   but the entire 'shtick'  of  ZeroHedge is their snarky mode of poking holes in the  "conventional wisdom" of   financial analysis,  in a manner similar to that which this cartoon, "Media Whores INVERT REALITY, Imply that the U.S. Dollar 'is Strong'" elicits.
(when in fact the bribed, extorted, & terrorized Con-gress &  White House have allowed the bankers behind 'the Fed' to just PRINT THEMSELVES TRILLIONS of dollars,  so-called "Quantitative Easing" - which would totally DEMOLISH the value of the dollars that ordinary Americans and savers across the world hold,  except that "The Big Boys"  have been restrained from "DUMPING" all their dollars on open markets, and instead use them to artificially inflate stock prices - which makes them look like they know what they are doing, and hides their theft of trillions of dollars of real wealth at the expense of the DEBASED "judenfetzen" U.S. dollar..)  
While America's corporate media WHORES  are selling the stupified American public on the notion that "the dollar is strong," in reality, the  treasonous bankers hold TRILLIONS of   fiat money "Federal Reserve notes" dollars on their balance sheets.. which if they unleashed them at any one time, would TOTALLY WRECK, absolutely DESTROY the value of anyone's life savings held in the form of  those U.S. dollars...

Our above capture of ZeroHedge "SPINNING" the SAUDI FINANCED, USA & JEWISH (israel) SUPPORTED AL QAEDA TERRORIST INVASION across the Mideast,   where ZeroHedge FAILS to mention that SAUDI & US government SUPPORT for the JIHADIS, and  CONFLATES  SYRIAN VICTIMS with the MASS-MURDER AL QAEDA PERPETRATORS of  last summer's POISON GAS ATTACK... is a classic,
TEXT-BOOK  example of the AMERICAN MEDIA WHORES  dumping  entire  truckloads of SH*T  on their readers.. while _posing_ as "humanitarian," concerned, &  "informed"