Friday, June 6, 2014

The RAGING, DEMONIC FURY that STALKS America, and is DRIVING _ALL OF HUMANITY_ to Brink of "first strike" NUCLEAR WAR.... is the BLOOD-THIRSTY JUDEO ethnic/tribal/race/religion/ "faith"....

As ever, we apologize in advance:   no amount of research, skillful writing, or documentation can possibly do justice to the horror of the demonic fury that is bearing down on America and humanity:  
"they"  WANT to RULE BY TERROR, mass poverty, enslavement,  and the DEGRADATION of HUMANITY:  it's right there in the jewish bible...

Are You Ready For Nuclear War? 
Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China, in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world hegemony.   
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  June 4, 2014 
Pay close attention to Steven Starr’s guest column, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons.” The plan is far advanced, and the implementation of the plan is underway. As I have reported previously, US strategic doctrine was changed and the role of nuclear missiles was elevated from a retaliatory role to an offensive first strike role. US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases have been established in Poland on Russia’s frontier, and other bases are planned. When completed Russia will be ringed with US missile bases.Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “star wars,” are weapons designed to intercept and destroy ICBMs. In Washington’s war doctrine, the US hits Russia with a first strike, and whatever retaliatory force Russia might have remaining is prevented from reaching the US by the shield of ABMs.The reason Washington gave for the change in war doctrine is "the possibility that terrorists might obtain a nuclear weapon with which to destroy an American city."
[In fact, WASHINGTON and the JEWS RUNNING the U.S. military/industrial/congressional/corporate-media/financial complex  ARE SUPPLYING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS - in Libya, in Syria, in Iran, IN RUSSIA, and elsewhere across Africa, the mideast, and the world  as we speak - with BILLIONS of dollars in funding, as we have frequently reported - often using SAUDI, QATARI, and other Gulf Arab despots as proxies, but in case of Libya & Syria, the U.S. government and Jews are JUST OPENLY SUPPLYING  AL QAEDA JIHADIS with billions of dollars in guns, weapons, and funding.   There is no quicker way to get U.S. public approval to send U.S. TROOPS to SMASH some foreign nation, than to INSTIGATE an AL QAEDA TERRORIST ATROCITY there, and then call for the "HUMANITARIAN"  movement of troops to that now terrorized and blood-drenched civil war zone...  while the U.S. supports the SAUDIS and their blatant WAHABI/SALAFIST extremism with every billions-dollars shipment of Saudi crude to U.S. ports.]     
This explanation is nonsensical [PREPOSTEROUS].    Terrorists are individuals or a group of individuals, not a country with a threatening military.  To use nuclear weapons against terrorists would destroy far more than the terrorists and be pointless as a drone with a conventional missile would suffice.The reason Washington gave for the ABM base in Poland is "to protect Europe from Iranian ICBMs".   Washington and every European government knows that Iran has no ICBMs and that Iran has no... intent to attack Europe.No government believes Washington’s reasons. Every government realizes that Washington’s reasons are feeble attempts to hide the fact that it is creating the capability on the ground to win a nuclear war.The Russian government understands that the change in US war doctrine and the US ABM bases on its borders are directed at Russia and are indications THAT WASHINGTON PLANS a FIRST STRIKE  with NUCLEAR WEAPONS  on Russia.

  Even though archeological studies reveal that  the biblical conquest of Canaan Valley (Philistine) and therefore the "EXODUS" from Egypt were both PURE bible MYTH....

...STILL  jews ASPIRE  to what they see as the high point of their 'faith'  religion:  the cold-blooded MASSACRES of  tens of thousands of non-jewish victims,

    the most famous of which was the alleged  SLAUGHTER of the defenseless women and children of the doomed city of Jericho, but followed, the bible alleges, by many other Jewish MASSACRES and ENSLAVEMENTS of other non-jewish villages, towns, and cities.
  Jews may regard their rabbis and religious leaders of the diaspora era as objects of veneration, but there is something less than fulfilling in venerating leaders who lived under the rule of non-jewish overlords... the real jewish heroes are Moses, Joshua, David, and Solomon,  who, according to the jewish bible,   slaughtered and killed with NO remorse,  NO regrets, NO compassion, and NO restraint... in fact,  Saul is condemned specifically, for one  minor fault:  AFTER EXTERMINATING  ALL the AMALEKITES, he allows _one_ sole Amalek man to live - their king.. until he is hacked to death by the 'prophet' Samuel.

  JEWS ASPIRE to ENSLAVING  non-jews... and HACKING TO DEATH  anyone who resists said enslavement!  

THEY VENERATE  SAMUEL  for HACKING the prisoner Amalek to death -
he was "doing god's work"!!

Saul -  GOD'S ANNOINTED king of the jews! - CONDEMNED to DEATH by Samuel...
and the wholesale destruction of Saul's entire blood-line (sons & descendants), for ONE  failure:  he FAILED to KILL ONE  human out of the entire tribe of Amalek that he dutifully wiped-out!

demonic jewish 'prophet' Samuel CONDEMNS SAUL and his entire blood-line TO DEATH -

  jews VENERATE their men who SLAUGHTER DEFENSELESS PRISONERS - it is the CORE ESSENCE of judaism, being able to SLAUGHTER the non-jews around you...  
whereupon - after CONDEMNING Saul - Samuel grabs a sword, and HACKS the DEFENSELESS PRISONER to death.
This scene - and similar scenes - are THE CORE ESSENCE of JUDAISM... there is NO use in "being g-o-d's CHOSEN" if you can't have a little fun, and EXTERMINATE the "unpure" 'non-chosen' around you...  

which explains both the GREAT DEPRESSION in the United States of Ameria,  and the RED TERROR PURGES in Jewish Commissar ruled (formerly) Russian empire  of the 1930s...

and why the jews, via their USA and NATO mass-murderous proxy puppet politicians and military 'leaders' are today RINGING RUSSIA with NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and  FINANCING the UKRAINIAN, CROAT style "ETHNIC CLEANSING" of  Russians from  the new COUP REGIME ruled eastern Ukraine...  
another depiction of  THE HIGH POINT of the JUDEO 'faith' religion: 
HACKING PRISONERS and ANYONE the judeo elites label an 'enemy' TO DEATH... 

  THEY ARE INSATIABLE:  the Jews are NOT content to merely install  favorable ruling regimes... here in America they have, after all, installed a ruling regime that is doing EVERY ONE of the Jewish war-lobby's  wishes, bidding, and demonic dictates
(except that we Americans have not yet  attacked, invaded, destroyed, occupied, and laid waste to Iran...)

    but look what the Judeo financiers HAVE DONE TO OUR  captured, puppet, extorted, AMERICAN  economy in the past 2 decades since the "end of the Cold War" and "PEACE DIVIDEND" were SUPPOSED to give us Americans the blessings of peaces and prosperity...


  THEY HATE US,  even though we give them almost everything they ask for!

(and their hyper-wealthy "goyim" PARTNERS in GROSS FINANCIAL CRIMES & TREASON) 

 and we Americans were lucky... look at the TWENTY+  MILLION CORPSES the Jewish bolsheviks and their Red Terror Purges and GULAG SLAVE LABOR CAMPS made of the Russians, Ukrainians, and all other conquered and occupied peoples of the  "Soviet" former Russian empire & Mongolia !!  


post-sript:  THE REAL THING.   Think that GULAG DEATH CAMPS and MASS-TERROR and TORTURE were only a thing of the distant past?   Well, the  KISSINGER and WOLFOWITZ  orchestrated  EAST TIMOR GENOCIDE saw tens of thousands of terrorized.. and thousands brutally tortured, murdered, and starved - in the recent past,

  For those who think we are being "anti-semitic" for laying the TERROR, TORTURE, and MASS-MURDER of the EAST TIMOR GENOCIDE at the feat of those DEMONIC TRAITOR JEWS  Henry KISSINGER and PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  here's a preview of  some articles we will discuss  in the future...
  East Timor: US Backed Genocide [UNDER   the foul, evil,  TREASONOUS, BLOOD-DRENCHED  *SECRETARY of STATE*  HENRY K!] 

 and - GUESS WHAT?!!

   So-called "liberal Democrat" JEW INTERNATIONAL WAR-PIG  RICHARD HOLBROOKE, CONSPIRED with his FELLOW JEWISH INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES & ATROCITIES fixer & perpetrator the very REPUBLICAN PAUL WOLFOWITZ... to  KEEP the ATROCITIES of the EAST TIMOR GENOCIDE,  _out_ of the "news" that STUPIFIED, LIED-TO American public & voters were allowed to see and hear...!


   well,  we DO get SOME truth out of the American press/media! -
jews TELL their puppets obama & Con-gress - SLASH AMERICAN govt spending all you want..