Monday, June 30, 2014

The DEGENERATE JEWS _OVER_ & _ABOVE_ Obama co. are UNLEASHING a WAVE OF CRIMINAL IMMIGRATION Through America's porous Borders... an OPEN INVITATION to HUMAN TRAFFICKING CARTELS, and well trained "Sleeper" TERRORIST cells...

BARACK OBAMA, at the DICTATES of  the ANTI-AMERICAN  JEWS  _behind_ Obama and the Obama presidency,  is  creating a TIDAL WAVE TSUNAMI of  ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, that is a  CASH COW for the CRIMINAL CARTELS  that traffic in human immigrants, in exactly the same way that they traffic in illegal drugs, or in sexual slavery (coerced prostitution):    Red Alert: Borders Wide Open To Terrorists

At the goading of their "MONEY POWER" puppet-masters, BARACK OBAMA (left) and DHS Commissar JEH JOHNSON (right), in the totalitarian name of "NATIONAL SECURITY" (sic);   CLAIM the old SLAVE CATCHERS powers to GUN DOWN AMERICANS  _designated_ as "fugitives"  by govt. officials... without trial or human rights! 
 & massive gang/cartel illegal immigration!
btw, NO ONE is as vulnerable to these WAVES of no-income immigrants... as BLACK Americans HAMMERED by Obama co.'s "low inflation" PROPAGANDA LIES, and  Bernanke/Yellen/Geithner/Lew ('Fed'/Treasury)
economic SABOTAGE &  INTENTIONAL  jobs-killing massive unemployment...  
exhibits unilateral CONTEMPT for US law,

  President Barack Obama - at the instigation of the JEWS BEHIND his presidency - is UNLEASHING a CRIMINAL WAVE of immigration  that is THREATENING LAW ABIDING American families, and entire American communities,  just miles inland from the border...

a criminal wave of  illegal immigration that is also 
AN OPEN INVITATION to  well trained TERRORISTS to slip in to America and create "SLEEPER CELLS" -  mocking the "expertise" of  DHS  puppet Commissar JEH JOHNSON, who in the name of "national security"  _CLAIMS_   the POWER  to EXECUTE  INNOCENT AMERICANS with NO trial or jury by DHS/cia/police/military assassins or military drones;
  but  does NOTHING to prevent TERRORISTS from just walking across the open U.S. border!
Puppet Commissar Jeh Johnson takes up where antebellum 'slave catchers' left off:  
SHOOT-TO-KILL, torture,murders, & EXECUTIONS  of ANYONE deemed "fugitives" - without trial or human rights.  That's 'PROGRESS'.... NOT! 
 USA Today reports: President Obama plans to nominate former Pentagon attorney Jeh Johnson as the next secretary of  "homeland security" [sic], officials said Thursday.  Johnson is a supporter of assassinations … even against American citizens.

 Well,  that's "progress" - NOT!  Instead of  White "SLAVE CATCHERS" exerting  'the right' to just gun-down (or torture to death) escaped Black slaves, as was practiced throughout America prior to the Civil War, we now have a BLACK COMMISSAR, who CLAIMS the EXACT SAME POWER to JUST KILL PEOPLE, without any judge, jury, trial, rights of the accused,  any basic human rights, or even need to inform the family survivors of the killings!

  This is a CRIMINAL FARCE  & TREASONOUS HYPOCRISY being rammed down our American throats, 
and even as Obama-Holder-Jeh-Johnson UNLEASH a CRIMINAL WAVE of  immigrants who could march across the borders, unopposed, with heavy weapons,

the criminal trio wants to OUTLAW Americans from owning the guns that would allow rural families to protect themselves from cartel or gang attacks!


It is time that Americans realize that BARACK OBAMA is a BLACKMAILED PUPPET of the demonic, anti-American, racist, judeo-supremacist WEALTHY JEWS who run the Obama White House,  in the same way that they ran the Bush-Cheney White House... as the absolute, undeniable, ruthless and all-pervasive POWER BEHIND THE THRONE

    CRITICIZING BARACK OBAMA will do NO good,  because "they" - the Jewish PUPPET-MASTERS _behind_ Obama -  ALREADY DESPISE HIM - they have milked him for all he is worth, they have  over-loaded, ridden, beaten, whipped, and flogged their rented mule as far as they could - and now they, the Jews behind Obama, have been openly heard broadcasting their discussions about  ASSASSINATING him - Barack Obama, the U.S. president !! 

     This means that if Obama were assassinated, THEY - who control the press/media; "they" the "Money Power" who control the banks, the Treasury department, the Fed, and the  titan 'banks' &  financial (rape!) institutions;  "they" who control the Con-gress along with the presidency and who control the government agencies that in Japan are called the "third leg of the iron triangle"
(the unelected government officials and government agencies whose policies endure from one presidency to another, regardless of  whichever party is in the White House or Congress;  e.g. Lois Lerner at the IRS, or Mary Schapiro at the SEC, or Gary Gensler at the CFTC, or Stuart Leevey at the "anti-Terrorism" (sic) department of the U.S. Treasury)

 - clearly, if  Obama were assassinated,  "THEY" would milk the assassination for all it would be worth,  ramming the last & final installment of their genocidal (= death-camps gulags!) totalitarian command economy and police dictatorship  atrocities down our American throats at warp speed.    

    IN SHORT,  those of us  who DESPISE the  "Neo-Con" radical,  anti-American, divisive, economy-killing and American social-fabric-rending policies that President Obama is  ramming down our American throats,  MUST HOPE THAT HE SURVIVES HIS TERM, because  the alternative is clearly the  JUDEO RULED state-of-emergency DICTATORSHIP POLICE STATE that they have been trying to impose on us all along,   and have been flogging their Obama/Holder/Jeh-Johnson rented-mule to ram down our throats from the nominally "LIBERAL" side,  ever since Obama has refused to use the U.S. military as  AL QAEDA's AIR FORCE to BOMB SYRIANS,  or  ATTACK IRAN,  both of which are the TOP-LIST items on the demonic Jew War Lobby agenda,  PRECISELY BECAUSE those "real wars" would  trigger the TERRORIST BACKLASH "blowback"
 (or, just as good, PROVIDE SUFFICIENT smoke-and-confusion COVER to HIDE ANOTHER FALSE-FLAG mega-terror attack on America, to be BLAMED on Muslims or "White supremacists)  
that would  ALSO  TRIGGER  the "crisis state of emergency" that would allow the despotic Judeo "elites" to role out their TOTALITARIAN,  GESTAPO police/military DICTATORSHIP that has been their end game ever since President Roosevelt ruled as a virtual dictator during the Great Depression.
(see Palestinians living under the guns of both the ruthless israel military and homicidal, genocidal, racist,  "brown-shirt" theocratic  jewish "settlers" in Occupied Palestine).  

   Well,  needless to say, we hate having to write such a long preamble, or introduction, to this particular post,  but the fact is that  reporting  "OBAMA CIRCUMVENTS CONGRESS and SCORNS  U.S. IMMIGRATION LAW" will do NO good,  because the JEWS DRIVING OBAMA  no longer care IF YOU HATE HIM or not;  indeed, the more DESPISED,  ANTI-AMERICAN POLICIES  they can RAM DOWN OUR THROATS behind their wholly owned "Obama mule" the better they like it - 
will be the SCAPEGOATS for the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE  DESTRUCTION of AMERICA & DEGENERATION  of America's social fabric !